10 Possible Signs That You Are More Than Just Friends

10 Possible Signs That You Are More Than Just Friends. 

Have you ever wondered if you and your friend might be more than friends? Well sometimes, there can be many signs that can tell the possibility. In this article, I will be providing you with some of the signs that you and a friend might possibly be more than just friends. 

Signs That You Are More Than Just Friends

  • Wanting to Spend More Time with Them 

Whether it’s once or twice a week, you find yourself wanting to hang out with them more and the feeling’s mutual. It could be that both of you just genuinely enjoy each other’s company as a friend or perhaps it could be something more. Also, it can actually be both. While it is natural for us to want to spend more time with the person we like because it makes both people happy, it could be a sign that they have feelings for each other. 

  • Missing Them More Than Usual 

So, you guys just hung out a day ago but you already miss them. Although it is usually normal to miss people we haven’t seen in a while, missing a particular person you’ve seen recently is most likely a sign of something more than friendship. With relation to the first point, it also makes you want to see them more. If the other party seems to be in a similar position as you, it could be that they view you as more than a friend.  

  • Lingering on Your Mind A Lot 

Do you find yourself thinking about them a little too much? Or have they told you that they are thinking about you a lot? Unless something memorable has happened between either of you, thinking of each other a lot may probably involve some form of genuine feelings. (Phen375) Additionally, people tend to get the butterflies when they think of someone they adore. So, if you have someone in your mind a lot or vice versa, it’s probably more than a sign of friendship. 

  • Getting Butterflies 

This means getting a nervous feeling when you’re around another person. If you find yourself behaving slightly differently, it could be that you are attracted to them in some manner. Also, if you notice a friend who appears to have the butterflies around you, they might be viewing you as more than a friend.   

  • Dressing to Impress 

This can be a sign of wanting to be more than friends as we are putting in more effort to make ourselves appear more attractive to the other person. However, individual intentions and the situations do vary as well. What’s your reason for wanting to look more attractive? Are both parties mutually attracted? 

  • Getting Jealous Easily 

What is meant by this is you get jealous easily when you see them with someone else. People may try to downplay their jealousy as they could be trying to hide their true feelings for that “friend”. Thus, jealousy could be a sign that the interested individual(s) wants to be more than just friends. 

  • Seeing Them Differently 

Instead of seeing them as a good friend, the individual may begin to see the person as something more. The way they feel about them starts to grow as well. Interactions with them and others start to be different. They end up wanting to be more than just friends with them. If the other party receives it with mutual feelings, then it is a sure sign of more than friendship. 

  • Feeling Closer to Them 

Whether it is having deeper conversations or talking all day, the bond between two individuals ends up growing. Although good friends are close to each other, it can also be a sign that they are close to being more than just good friends. However, it also does depend on how both parties perceive the situation and each response may vary. 

  • Flirting with Each Other 

Flirting is probably one of the bigger signs of being more than friends. This is because it can be a way of gauging interest to see if the opposite party shares the mutual feelings for them. I mean do normal friends flirt with each other? Maybe. However, if they both share mutual feelings for each other, it might be time to discuss those feelings and maybe take the friendship to the next level. 

  • Having Physical Contact 

So, what do I mean by this? It depends on what kind of physical contact to be honest. Some friendships have more physical contact than others. However, actions like holding hands, kissing or cuddling, is a pretty big sign of being more than friends. If it’s a pat on the back or a normal hug, it could be just friendly gesture. Then again, who knows? It can be difficult to tell. 

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