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18 Tips on How to Keep the Girl you Love Forever 

18 Tips on How to Keep the Girl you Love Forever.

It is easy to get a girl you love, but keeping her by your side forever, is another thing. Several men end up losing their girls because they don’t know how to cherish them. But you don’t need to go through the pain of losing the girl of your dreams, because below are some useful tips on how to keep the girl you love forever. 18 Tips on How to Keep the Girl you Love Forever.

How to Keep the Girl you Love 

  • Leave no doubts 

Let her know that you’re 100% into her and not just because of her physical features. Let her feel how much you love her every day, encourage her to achieve her goals, and lend support whenever she needs it most. 

  • Never go to sleep angry 

Don’t let the day pass by without fixing your problem. Instead, continue until both sides have had enough, and decide together that the argument has ended, then forget the issue. Just learn to forgive each other, if you want to maintain a good relationship with her. 

  • Spend quality time together 

Take a relaxing walk around, have a drink together, go for a weekend drive to a cafe or restaurant, disconnect from the internet, laugh, relax, and have fun together. 

  • Appreciate her 

If she prepares meal for you tell her outright that you appreciate the things she does. Always express gratitude and acknowledge her sacrifices when she helps you out even in the smallest things. 

  • Listen to her 

If you just keep on talking instead of listening, your girl will feel unwanted. Put down what you’re doing, give her your full attention, listen carefully, and try to give her advice if she needs it. 

  • Talk about the future 

This will not only let your relationship feel stable, but this act also shows commitment from each other. 

  • Give your support 

Encourage her to reach her dreams, let her know that you are happy and proud of her achievements, applaud her success, always be present at important events, boost her confidence when she’s struggling, and don’t forget to compliment her. 

  • Avoid using words that might hurt her 

Try not to say something painful that you will regret in the end. It may be difficult for you, especially when you’re extremely angry but always remind yourself that it can ruin your relationship. You can walk away or stay silent from the argument until you cool down, this will help you keep your relationship intact. 

  • Stay positive 

If you’re in a bad mood, chances are your crappy mood will rub off everyone around you, including your girlfriend. It may be unavoidable, but try to do your best to stay positive. Let go of negative thoughts, accept and find solutions, let her see that you are approaching each challenge with a positive and happy attitude. 

  • Include her in your life 

Include her in every decision you make, ask her opinion, invite her when you want to spend time with your friends and family, or offer to spend time with her friends. 

  • Always be kind to her 

Always do random nice things for your girlfriend. It could be as simple as helping her with one thing on her weekend to-do list, bring her things she loves or get the ingredients to make her favorite dish. Whatever the situation is, always show her kindness. Love is kind, thus, being kind to her all the time will make her feel more loved. 

  • Compliment her 

Take time to notice different things like the outfit she picked out, the way she does her make up, or tell her you like her new haircut. However, compliments also don’t have to be purely physical. You can also compliment her on getting good grades at school, on her promotion at work, or tell her how much you admire her emotional bravery. 

  • Work as a team 

You are not just a couple but you are a “team”. Think of your joint success and use it to motivate each other, support each other through discipline, and pull each other through the hard stuff. 

  • Be honest 

More severe actions like being unfaithful can end a relationship, so as much as possible be honest and upfront even if you think it will make you look bad. If you did something wrong, it’s best if you let your girl know it sooner or later. And if she doesn’t trust you because of your previous acts, make an effort to show her your sincere apology and that you’ve changed. 

  • Don’t play the blame game 

Assigning blame when having an argument will only ruin your relationship. So as much as possible, avoid blaming each other and work through the situation like partners. 

  • Talk about the tough times 

Do not ignore serious issues in your relationship, as much as possible, acknowledge that tough times exist. Sit down and have a hard conversation with your girlfriend about how things have been and be willing to fix them. 

  • Treat her with respect 

Value your girlfriend as a woman and as a human. Respect her opinions, emotions, principles and beliefs which may be different to yours. Show to your girlfriend that you are mature and open-minded. Be considerate and learn to accept new things and be humble enough to adjust yourself for the happiness and growth of your relationship with her. 

  • Show your affection 

There are actually a lot of ways to show love to your girlfriend, either through your actions, words and behavior. Send her flowers, cook her favorite dinner, take her out, surprise her, and tell her you love her while looking into her eyes, are only few ways on how to be affectionate to your girl. 

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