50+ Totally Cheesy Valentine’s Day Sayings for Your Loved Ones

50+ Totally Cheesy Valentine’s Day Sayings for Your Loved Ones.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but why not for laughs too? Besides the standard flowers, chocolates, and dinners on Valentine’s Day, there’s truly nothing more romantic than making your loved one laugh with a sweet hilarious message from the heart. Check out these collection of cheesy Valentine’s Day sayings below. 

Animal Pun Valentine’s Day Sayings

  • Will you bee mine? 
  • I can’t bear to be without you. 
  • You give my life porpoise. 
  • ain’t lion when I say I love you. 
  • I love you like no otter. 
  • Will ewe be my Valentine? 
  • Let’s spend some koala-ty time together. 
  • I’m so very fawn-ed of you. 
  • Will you be my significant otter? 
  • I’ll owl-ways love you. 
  • I think you are porcu-fine. 
  • Meow and forever. 
  • You’re the bear-y best. 
  • I whale always love you. 
  • turtlely love you. 
  • We bee-long together. 
  • puggin‘ love you. 
  • You are otterly wonderful. 
  • You’ve got me feline fine. 
  • Whale you be my Valentine? 

Food Pun Valentine’s Day Sayings

  • You’re the loaf of my life. 
  • You’ve stolen a pizza my heart. 
  • We’re mint to be. 
  • I love you from my head to-ma-toes. 
  • We make a great pear. 
  • I yam in love with you. 
  • I want to spend more thyme with you. 
  • Words can’t espresso how much I love you. 
  • Don’t go bacon my heart. 
  • You’re my everything bagel. 
  • You’re the one pho me. 
  • We’re butter together. 
  • I donut what I would do without you. 
  • Hey Valentine, you’re a gouda one! 
  • I love you berry much. 
  • You make my heart skip a beet. 
  • I love you a latte. 
  • Here’s my number, so kale me, maybe? 
  • Olive you so much. 

Nature Pun Valentine’s Day Sayings

  • Aloe you vera much. 
  • Wood you be my Valentine? 
  • I can’t beleaf you’re my Valentine. 
  • You’re my bam-boo. 
  • I’d never leaf you. 
  • So glad I pricked you. 
  • I’m very frond of you. 
  • Thistle be the best day ever. 
  • Aloe! Is it me you’re looking for? 
  • Our love is unbeleafable. 
  • So mushroom in my heart for you. 
  • I love you so moss. 
  • Life would succ without you. 
  • I’m ready to take it from “cacti” to “cactus.” 
  • I’ll never desert you. 
  • You had me at “aloe.” 
  • Pining for you. 
  • I’m water-falling for you. 
  • I lava you. 
  • I’ll always root for you. 

Crafty Valentine’s Day Puns 

  • You’re the highlight of my day! 
  • You’re sew special to me. 
  • I love you sew much! 
  • Wool you be mine, Valentine? 
  • I wool always love yew. 
  • You color my world. 
  • I think you are just write, Valentine. 

Math and Science Valentine’s Day Puns 

  • I sulfur when you argon. 
  • You’re as sweet as Pi. 
  • When I tell you how much I love you, I’m not overreacting. 
  • Are you a 90 degree angle? Because this feels just right. 
  • You’re acute Valentine. 
  • We’ve got serious chemistry. 
  • My love for you simply radiates. 
  • I’ve been thinking of U periodically. 
  • I aorta tell you how much I love you. 
  • Are you a 30 degree angle? Because you’re acute-y. 
  • You’re the ruler of my heart. 

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