55 21st birthday wishes That Are Filled With Love 2020 Update

55 21st birthday wishes That Are Filled With Love 2020 Update.

21st birthday wishes: Regardless of which angle you look at it from, age 21 is amazing! So if you happen to know someone who just turned 21, don’t let their Big Day get to an end without brightening it with a fabulous birthday message.

21st birthday wishes

And thankfully, our collection of well-composed 21st Birthday Wishes below can help you do just that.

21st birthday wishes

Congratulations on blissfully overcoming two decades of your life. Welcome to the phase of youth & make the best of your life by reinventing yourself. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations on your 21st birthday! For you only today is a special day but because you were part of our lives every day of these past years have been special for us. Love you princess.


Congratulations to you, on your birthday. Remember that it is not just another year that we are celebrating, but we are being grateful for the gift that God gave to our family and friends 21 years ago.

Happy Birthday my brother. I pray that your path will always be full of bright happiness. I want you to always be this kind, magnificent and strong man like you became in past 20 years. I love you very much.

Happy 21st birthday dear. May you always be happy, may it be greater than it already is & may your path be wonderful & smooth!

21st birthday, may it let the girlish-self abandon her life by giving you the way to femininity. Keep being this good girl and become what you desire to be in the future. Always know that you can count on your parents & we are always here to help whenever you need. Happy Birthday our baby girl (you’ll always be).

To complete 20 years is the most meaningful of all birthdays and along with it come many more responsibilities, new dreams, and other loves. Receive my best wishes for a happy birthday.

21st birthday, such an important date especially for a woman. Today is your day, and you have been a special, wonderful sister. Congratulations, beautiful sister!


Happy 21st Birthday Quotes

Happy birthday and best wishes for more years of life with health, peace, and love! Thank you for being who you are & always be like that.

I just want to thank you for being with me & bringing countless joys in my life all these 21 years. I am grateful for our endless conversations, the partying, the countless advice, and your shoulder to rely on. I love you and have a Happy Birthday sister.


May God replenishes your life with blessings, and no matter what happens, happiness never leaves your path! Today is a special day and it’s your 21st birthday beloved daughter, and I want to wish you all the best for your life.

Happy Birthday! I wish that in your life there is only room for good and that you continue to yield only what really matters & want, may it be filled with friendships, feelings& blessings.

Happy 21st birthday, beautiful niece! I pray for you to have all the beautiful dreams in the world & the greatest achievements. I wish you a gulf of opportunity and positivity to see life lightly, with a heart full of peace and love.

Twenty beautiful years already passed but for us, you will always remain this little girl that we nurtured & brought up. We are proud of you to become this beautiful & intelligent woman and the road you traveled and wish you a beautiful 21st birthday.

Today on your 21st birthday I want you to have the best birthday party of all past years to make it special. May your coming years be jam-packed with good deeds and blessings! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, buddy. You are a kind man and deserve all the happiness of this world. Your friends are lucky to enjoy your friendship and companionship. Have great health and many years of life in the future.

Today is a very special day because you complete another birthday & stepped into adulthood. And you did a great job to deserve a colossal celebration. Congratulations and best wishes!

21st birthday wishes

Congratulations on starting your journey of the 20s! May God bless you with fulfilling every desire of your heart, protecting you, and giving you wisdom and I pray that happiness be your eternal guide.

Happy 21st birthday I wish that nothing and no one take away that smile, which infects everyone around you! Be happy always.

Every birthday is a new beginning, I wish this special day brings you innumerable positive changes & opportunities. May there be only good energies, good people around you and never lack faith, health, peace, money and happiness. Happy Birthday.

You are on the bridge of your 20s, it’s your 21st May this decade brings you the greatest achievements for you & makes you happy. Best wishes.

May these flowers and cards finds you well with all of my prayers & wishes that you be happy in your life & be the good person you always were. You deserve a prosperous life. Happy Birthday.

It’s your 21st birthday! And you want to celebrate? You must be the only one to be happy to grow to 365 days in one day! Happy birthday anyway!

It’s great to celebrate another year of your life and realize that God has given you, once again, 365 new opportunities in the coming year. I just want you to enjoy & face the new opportunities and challenges that will come, with the good & strength inside you. Happy Birthday!

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes

Today on the verge of your 21st birthday as your best friend I vow not to disclose your true age to anyone. This my gift to you & happy birthday!

You are a golden boy & today you complete the man of yourself and I will always make every effort to be by your side. Congratulations, my beloved nephew, enjoy the day and every minute of your entire life. Happy 21st Birthday.

Today is your birthday and you have been a generous, wonderful brother. I hope God brims your life with happiness & that your path will always be full of light and successful in the coming days. Happy birthday, my brother.

Happy 21st Congratulations on making the world better for everyone who knows you, my friend! I hope you have a blast and always be happy.


On your birthday I wish you an ocean jam-packed with happiness and success to take you beyond your expectation. May your life be long, light and happy, healthy, loving, and full of blessings!


Happy Birthday! Since the day you were born you brought a lot of happiness in our life & we pray that you will continue to make us proud of you in future years too. God bless you precious daughter.


Good job on living the past years with wisdom and for starting another phase that is sure to get only better! May the life bestow you upon with nice moments and surprises, you live a long & prosperous life.

Congratulations for you have entered the beautiful age. Let go of the childishness, concentrate on the journey full of adventures, surprises, lessons & make this experience exquisite. Happy birthday.


Here you already completed twenty beautiful years of journey in your life. Always remember your loved ones will always be on your side for the following years & that the lessons you learned will guide you in your journey.


Congratulations on blowing off your twenty-first candles! I hope going through the steps of this new life will be smooth & easy. This magic of goodness in your heart will bring you success & happiness. Happy birthday, dear.


21st Birthday Quotes

21st birthday wishes

Happy 21st year birthday. I hope the next decade will fetch opportunities & accomplishments in your life. I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration because you deserve greatly to have fun.

I wish you a very happy birthday! I hope with all my heart that, during the coming 365 days of your life, you will meet joy, luck, happiness and you will enjoy life.

On the occasion of your 21 years birthday, I wish happy moments to load your life with joys to share, a lot of love & blessings to be showered upon! Happy Birthday. Big kisses, my dear.


Happy Birthday! I wish you good health, great happiness, and inner peace. That you do not have space for negativity & only have love to offer to the world. Make the most of your 20s!

On your 21st birthday, I would like for you to become the best, kind-hearted & most successful man. To live life gracefully you will always have us by your side. We will always love you son.

Happy birthday, my niece. Your birthday always fills our hearts with countless happiness. In my prayer today I asked God to keep everything you already have safe & to keep you sound & healthy.

21 years is the youth of youth & congratulations on entering into the phase. Have a birthday filled with affection and surrounded by loved ones & have a successful life. Happy birthday.

Today is not a day when you have aged but only one more day towards the end of your youth! So be quick take advantage & let’s party! Happy Birthday my friend!

If age comes with wisdom, this birthday will make you the wisest person amongst us friends! Because you became 21 years old today! Happy birthday big guy!

For a few moments there I thought you did not have a birthday cake. Moments later I realized that it was hidden under these 21 of candles! Happy 21st Birthday.

May this 21st birthday brings you all the strength you need to acquire all of your desire & fulfill your dreams & shower your life with peace, love & happiness! Let’s celebrate the day with joy and excitement because your life is worth it.

Turning 21 is a big thing & congratulations. You have become someone responsible, mature and so worthy. Happy Birthday and let’s continue together for the next 21 years!

All of us have gathered here to say thank you for your existence. Many best wishes for many more years of life ahead! We want to be with you on your joy or even your sadness. Happy 21st Birthday.

Many Congratulations on your 21! You are beautiful and sweet & become mature. I hope you will continue to improve yourself with each passing year. Happy birthday!

Your 21st birthday, the long-awaited date has finally come and now you are a man. Happy birthday, son! Reaching manhood is an important milestone in life and today what I wish for you to have is maturity, awareness of new responsibilities, much judgment, and, of course, much happiness.


Unique 21st Birthday Quotes and Wishes

21st birthday wishes

Congratulations my daughter, you’ve passed the twenties and entered a wonderful age. Every parent dreams of a child like you and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks to the Almighty that you’ve grown up well. Have a happy, healthy, and blessed life!

Happy 21st birthday, my son! Today you’ve come to a beautiful moment of life and I’m so happy to see your healthy growth. May every day of your life brings new hope for you! My blessings and good wishes are always with you.

21st birthday wishes

21st birthday! OMG, I can’t believe that you’re getting old, buddy! Btw, many congratulations! On this special day, I want you to know that you are my best friend, my true brother and I can do anything for your happiness. Enjoy every moment of life. Love you a lot!

21 years have passed since you were born and it is like a dream to me. Happy birthday, my princess! Thanks a lot for giving me the best 21years of my life. May you always be surrounded by all the people you love! Many blessings for you!

Finally, the long-awaited day has arrived. Happy 21st birthday, my child! You’re the most precious gift of my life and the biggest reason for my happiness. Thanks for making me a proud mother. May you have many years of healthy life and God give you the strength to win your goal! Lots of love to you.


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