9 Diaper Raffle Wording That Are So Perfect 2020 Update

9 Diaper Raffle Wording That Is So Perfect 2020 Update.

Diaper Raffle Wordings That Are So Perfect: If you are hosting a baby shower and you want mom to get more diapers, have a baby shower diaper raffle. All you will need is the perfect diaper raffle wording and a great diaper raffle prize!

diaper raffle wording

Considering how many diapers a baby goes through in the first year, new parents need all the help they can get! A diaper raffle, along with its cute diaper raffle poem, is an effective strategy to increase the number of diapers you would otherwise receive.

How To Set Up A Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

As a baby shower host, there are few baby shower activities that are easier to set up, than a diaper raffle. Here are your easy instructions:

Step 1: Send out baby shower invitations with your chosen diaper raffle wording, (see below). The best and easiest option is to simply include a (business card sized) diaper raffle ticket in the invitation envelope. (Some people print or write cute diaper raffle sayings on the invitation.

While this is certainly an option, the separate diaper raffle card is preferable because that card would be the guests’ diaper raffle ticket.)

Step 2: Offer your guests complete instructions so that they know exactly how the game will be played. For example, you could say: “Each package or diapers equals one diaper raffle ticket. The more diaper packages you bring, the more diaper raffle tickets you get.

Step 3: Offer an awesome diaper raffle prize. A great prize will entice people to participate. If at all possible, let people know what the diaper raffle prize would be. This could further encourage them to participate.

Step 4: Have a diaper raffle bowl for people to throw their raffle tickets in. Also, have extra diaper raffle tickets on hand in case people bring extra diaper packages.

Short and Simple

diaper raffle wording

Here’s some straightforward diaper raffle wording that’s ideal for adding to the text of a shower invite.

P.S. We’re having a diaper raffle! To enter, please bring one package of diapers (any size) in lieu of a card. In return, you’ll get a chance to win a semi-fabulous prize package!

Optional Diaper Raffle: To participate, please bring one small package of diapers for a chance to win a prize.

Bring a package of diapers any size

For a chance to win a special prize!

Diaper Raffle: For each package of diapers you bring, you will receive one entry in our prize drawing. The first diaper raffle is getting the baby named after you. Just kidding – it’s a gift card!

[Ticket Insert] Bring this ticket and a package of diapers (any size) to be entered into the Diaper Raffle.

Diaper Raffle Poems

Here are a few longer poems that might be more appropriate for an insert, depending on how much space you have.

A Small Request:

Keeping baby changed is really hard

So please consider diapers instead of a card

Just bring a pack other than newborn size

And you’ll be entered to win a prize


We hope this isn’t too much to ask

But diapers for babies go really fast

If you wouldn’t mind bringing a package or two

You’d have mom and dad’s gratitude

In exchange for these diapers of any size

You’ll be entered to win a cool prize


We’re having a raffle

Entering is not hard

Just bring a package of diapers

Instead of a card

diaper raffle wording

If you could do this for us

That would be super

If not, you’ll give new meaning

To the words “Party Pooper”


A Message From the Parents-to-Be:

Diapers never last

So if it’s not too much to ask

Bring a package for the diaper raffle

So we can cover that ass

If the diaper raffle is part of a baby sprinkle, you might also want to check out these wording ideas.


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