Highly Spirited Alcohol Puns to Expel the Cold and Give you a Raise

Highly Spirited Alcohol Puns to Expel the Cold and Give you a Raise.

Alcohol Puns : You will definitely agree that the spirit is always high around any table with alcohol on it. A lot of witty exchange and playing around with words. The source of inspiration we can all guess. You can get your own highness from these great alcohol puns too.

Highly Spirited Alcohol Puns to Expel the ColdAlcohol Puns about Drinking

All kinds of alcohol have special treat to them but here we give you a general list of funny alcohol puns.

  • Liquor might not solve all your problems, but it’s worth a shot.
  • I noticed my wife was drinking a lot, so I took all the alcohol in the house away from her. She wined all night
  • cleaning with alcohol doesn’t work… …NOTHING gets done after that first bottle.
  • I drank alot of alcohol at the airport last night. I now have a terminal hangover.
  • Alcohol makes you smart. It made bud weizer
  • What is a Toddler favorite alcohol? Whine.
  • I say alcohol is my enemy. God says love your enemy
  • Why did the drunk climb up on the bar roof? He heard the next one was on the house!
  • Let’s make like a ghost and get sheet-faced.
  • What should you order if you just want a small drink? A marteenie!
  • Where’s the best place to order a marteenie? A mini-bar!
  • I promise not to drunk dial you. Alcohol you later.
  • Why don’t they allow dogs in bars? Because most of them can’t hold their licker!
  • Why don’t they allow dogs in bars? Because most of them can’t hold their licker!
  • Like a bear drinking honey from a bee hive, I’m getting really buzzed.
  • What do ghosts like to drink? Oh, they’ll drink anything with boo’s!
  • Some people say I drink like a fish, but I just tuna them out.
  • What kind of drink does Chuck Norris order at the bar? Sock-ee!
  • Why does going out in the cold kill your buzz? Because it makes you so-brr!
  • Why did the Easter Bunny show up at the bar? He heard it was Hoppy Hour!
  • I didn’t black out. I just got a little absinthe-minded.
  • What is a chickens favorite alcohol? Hennessy

Alcohol Puns about Whiskey

If you mention alcohol without mentioning whiskey, then something is definitely missing in your spirit.

  • I like my whiskey straight and my bars gay.
  • What kind of whiskey is best served in wintertime? Brrr-bon!
  • Whiskey vs. vodka – now that’s a spirited debate!
  • How do you fix a broken bottle of Johnnie Walker? By using Scotch tape!
  • My relationship with whiskey is on the rocks.
  • Did you know that the celebrityJonathan Ross was making illicit alcohol? It was a whisky business

Alcohol Puns about VodkaAlcohol Puns about Vodka

Vodka lovers, here’s your brand of alcohol puns.

  • “Sobriety” is not in my vodkabulary.
  • My spirit animal is Grey Goose
  • What do carpenters like to order at the bar? Screwdrivers!
  • What’s the best vodka to order if you’re in a hurry? Rushin’ vodka!

Alcohol Puns about TequilaAlcohol Puns about Tequila

You can’t deny the heat this sizzling drink sends down our systems.

  • Drinking too many margaritas is liable to tequil-ya.
  • Drinking too many margaritas is likely tequil-ya.
  • What kind of tequila do geometrists drink? Jose Squarvo!
  • Did you hear there’s a Mexican version of Harper Lee’s classic novel? It’s called Tequila Mockingbird!
  • I like drinking, but tequila is where I draw the lime.

Alcohol Puns about Beer

Some of us fan beer among all the variant of alcoholic drinks. You will be greatly attracted to these puns.

  • What kind of beer do lumberjacks drink? Loggers!
  • I was going to get a 12-pack of beer, but I got 24 just in case.
  • Beer cures what ales ya.
  • What kind of dance is most popular at a keg party? Tap dance!
  • Hoppy Octo-beer!
  • What did the dark beer say when it was getting brewed? I’ll be bock!
  • Take a pitcher – it’ll last longer.
  • What kind of beer is always served in a bucket of ice? Pail ale!

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