Amazing Saying to Write On Retirement Cake 2021 Update

Amazing Saying to Write On Retirement Cake 2021 Update.

what to write on a retirement cake: Yes let’s make retirement fun! So you have been thinking of what to write on a retirement cake to your loved ones, or your boss in the office. Here we have provided exactly an amazing saying to write on a retirement cake.

Simple and Sincere what to write on a retirement cake

Here are some straightforward wording vibes for a retirement cake. Some are on the formal side and thus more appropriate for a workplace event, while others are more casual.

  • On to New Adventures
  • Now the Real Fun Begins
  • Having Fun is Your New Job
  • Retirement is the Icing on the Cake
  • You, Will, be Missed
  • Best Wishes For a Happy Retirement
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Retirement is Sweet
  • [Name], You Take the Cake!
  • Thanks For the Memories
  • You Made It!
  • The Best is Yet to Come
  • And… You’re Off!
  • The Future Is Yours
  • Lazy Days Ahead
  • Thanks For Your Years of Service
  • Off the Clock… For Good
  • Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  • The Rest of Your Life
  • Is the Best of Your Life
  • One Chapter Ends…
  • Another Begins
  • We Miss You Already
  • Life Starts at Retirement
  • [Name] is Outta Here!
  • Wishing You All the Best, [Name]
  • Enjoy Your Retirement
  • You’ve Earned It!
  • So Much Fun is Coming Your Way
  • Newly Retired
  • Ever Admired
  • Congrats, [Name]!

Funny Saying

what to write on a retirement cake

Funny retirement cake sayings are always a big hit (though not always appropriate for a workplace event). Here are some humorous options.

  • Unemployed and Loving It
  • Take Us With You!
  • Goodbye Tension
  • Hello Pension
  • Retirement is a Piece of Cake
  • Showering is Now Optional
  • (But Still Recommended)
  • Piece at Last
  • Happy Retirement… You Old Fart
  • PTO = Permanent Time Off
  • Enjoy the Shit Out of Your Retirement
  • Goodbyes Are Hard So… GTFO
  • Who Needs Weekends? You’re Retired!
  • Now You Can Sleep In
  • We Will Miss Your Bad Jokes
  • Eat Up, [Name]
  • You’re on a Fixed Income Now
  • Work is Gonna Suck Without You
  • Now You Have No Excuse Not to Work Out
  • Enjoy Those 7-Day Weekends
  • Now is When You’re SUPPOSED to be Lazy
  • Who Will Bring Us Donuts Now?
  • Congrats on Your Escape
  • Rock Those Sweatpants
  • You’re Retired!
  • Your Last Office Party Evah
  • There’s a Park Bench With Your Name on It
  • You’re Retiring? No Fair!
  • Work is For Chumps

For Teachers

Here are some short sayings to put on a cake for a retiring teacher.

  • School’s Out Forever
  • Thanks For Making a Difference
  • Effort: A+
  • Kindness: A+
  • Compassion: A+
  • You’ve Graded Your Last Paper!
  • Assignment: Relaxation

For Nurses

what to write on a retirement cake

Finally, here are some cake messages for a retiring nurse.

  • RN – Retirement’s Nice
  • [Number] Years of Compassion
  • Rx Many Years of Relaxation
  • ER – Enjoy Retirement
  • Your Shift is Over. Congratulations!

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