Unique and Lovely Asian Names for your Beautiful Kids

Unique and Lovely Asian Names for your Beautiful Kids.

Asian Names: Let’s say you are like me who has a lot of fantasies and you are attracted to Asia and Asian names, the thought of giving your kids one of these names must have come to you.  We love exotic stuff and it’s not a bad thing this.

Unique and Lovely Asian Names for your Beautiful Kids

Speaking of Asia and Asian names, you will agree with me that this is one continent that holds an array of splendor and fun.

You will never get bored of what Asia offers in all aspects including their names. Some of these Asian names can be just so hilarious while others are simply soothing. Study this article carefully if you are planning to give your child one of them.

Some Interesting Asian names and MeaningSome

Interesting Asian names and Meaning

To give you a good idea of Asian names and what they stand for, we are going to drop below, a list of some Asian names for both boys and girls.

Asian Names for Male Kids

1. Aiguo   

Aiguo is a modern Chinese name for baby boys. Ai means ‘Love’ or ‘Affection’ while Guo translates to ‘Country’ or ‘Nation’. If you are a patriotic person, you may choose Aiguo, as it means ‘patriotic’.

2. Akito    

Akito is a masculine name that translates to ‘Bright Person’. Kids who are smart or have genius intellect have this name and it is of Japanese origin.

3. Aizen   

Aizen is a Buddhist Deity who was known as the God of Love. It is a name of Japanese origin.

4. Aki

Aki is used both for boys and girls, but sounds good for boys. This Japanese originated name means ‘autumn’ or ‘bright’.


This name defies the traditional Asian boy names. We typically choose power, strength, and valiance for boy names. But Akeno means ‘beautiful sunrise’ or ‘dawn’.

5. Asnee  

Asnee stands for ‘Lightning’ and is a name of Thai origin. It is given to boys who grow up to be ambitious and possess skills great enough to be leaders

6. Bayani 

Bayani is a Filipino name for boys and it stands for ‘The Hero’. This name is ideal for kids with strong but just personalities.

7. Chongan

Chongan is a name of Chinese origin and translates to ‘Second Brother Peace’.

8. Chenglei

Chenglei is a Chinese name for baby boys that translates to ‘Become Great’.

9. Dingxiang

Sounds quite melodramatic, isn’t it? But the name has a deep meaning – ‘stability and fortune’.

10. Don

Don is a shorter version of Donald, and means ‘proud chief’. The famous namesake is the major league American baseball player and coach Don Wakamatsu.

11. Duke

Duke means ‘leader’. Surfing and swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku is its famous namesake.

12. Elison   

Although of Greek origin, Elison is used by many parents for naming their baby boys. The meaning of Elison is ‘My God is the Lord.’

13. Eric        

Eric is a name that translates to the ‘Ever Ruler.’ It is often associated with Eirikr inn Rauda who was a 10th-century navigator responsible for discovering Greenland.

14. Feng     

Feng is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Maple.’ It also means ‘Phoenix’ or ‘Peak’ and comes from China.

15. Fai         

The meaning of Fai is ‘Growth or Beginning’ and it is from China.

16. Guozhi

Guo Zhi was a politician of the People’s Republic of China. The name Guozhi (one-word) means ‘Fruit Juice’ or ‘Syrup’ and is a really cutesy name for Asian baby boys.

17. Guangli               

The meaning of Guangli is ‘Making Propriety Bright.’ Not many babies get this name and it is often tied to Li Guangli who was a Chinese General of the Han Dynasty.

18. Hiromi

Hiromi is a Japanese name meaning ‘widespread beauty’. Its namesake is the former Japanese football player, Hiromi Hara.

19. Ichiro

This Japanese name is ideal for your first born because it means ‘the first son’.


Isamu is a sophisticated name originating in Japan. It means ‘courageous or warrior’.

21. Jackie

It’s a shorter version of Jacqueline, and means ‘supplanter’. The popular namesake is the Hong Kong martial artist, actor, and film director Jackie Chan.

22. Jiang

It is also spelled as ‘Jeong’. Jiang, a Chinese name, is a unique and attractive name, and is the name of ‘Yangtze river’.

23. Ken       

Ken is a baby boy name which means ‘handsome, born of fire healthy and strong’. It is of Scottish Gaelic origin and is also a Japanese name which has different meanings based on the kanji characters used to write it.

24. Lei         

Lei is a Gaelic baby boy name and translates to ‘Handsome, near the chapel, strait, and narrow channel.’ It is also used in China and means ‘Flower bud’.

25. Lek        

Lek is popularly used in Buddhism and translates to ‘Small-built person.’ It is of Thai origin and is also an ancient Scottish name.

26. Munni

It sounds like an Indian household name, but this Cambodian name means ‘wise man’.

27. Niran

This is an attractive Thai name meaning ‘eternal’.

28. Norio

Parents who want a meaningful and deep should consider Norio. It means ‘man of principles’.

29. Norman

Norman means ‘Norseman or rule’. The famous namesake is the 14th secretary of the US Department of Transportation, Norman Mineta.

30. Osamu 

Osama means ‘Discipline, study’ in Japanese. Osamu Tezuka, the creator of the Black Jack manga series was noted for this name.


Park is a common name used in Korea for baby boys. When it comes from the Korean noun Bak, it translates to ‘Gourd’.

32. Phirun 

In Khmer, Phirun refers to ‘rain’ and references the rain God from the Southeast Asian mythologies.

33. Ping      

Ping is a name used by both boys and girls and refers to ‘Even, peaceful’. It is of Chinese origin and it also refers to the Chinese herb duckweed.

34. Qiu        

Qiu is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Hill, mound.’ Children with this name often have clarity and go far ahead in life.

35. Quon    

Quon is a baby boy’s name and comes from China. It means ‘bright.’

36. Ryota   

Ryota is a name of Japanese origin and it means ‘clear, refreshing, good’.

37. Ryuu     

Ryuu refers to Dragon and is used commonly in Japan.

38. Seiji

If you want to bestow a rightful name for your son, then choose ‘Seiji’. It is a Japanese name and means ‘lawful and just’.

39. Shin

Shin is a popular Japanese name meaning ‘truth’.

40. Shirong

If you belong to a family of academicians, choose Shirong. It is a Chinese name meaning ‘scholarly honor’.

41. Takeshi

Takeshi is used amongst common Asian first names and translates to ‘Military’ or ‘Martial’ in Japanese. You must have heard the popular Japanese program ‘Takeshi’s Castle’. Now you will know why it is called so, Takeshi means ‘fierce or warrior’.

42. Taran

If you are an adventure lover or a trekker, then this is the name for your champ. Taran means ‘rocky hill’ in Sanskrit. Tarun is used in many South Asian boy names and comes from Sanskrit. It means ‘Young male’ and is popularly used by many Hindi cinema actors.

43. Thang

Thang is a Vietnamese name that means ‘victory’.

44. Tomio

Tomio sound like a typical boyish name. It means ‘treasured man’.

45. Tung

Tung is a Vietnamese name meaning ‘coniferous tree’.

46. Tuyen

Tuyen is a unique name meaning ‘angel’ in Vietnamese.

47. Utsav   

Utsav means ‘festival’ or ‘celebration’ and has its origins in Sanskrit.

48. Varun   

Varun is a name with many origins from Bengali, Indian, Oriya, and Tamil. It translates to ‘Lord of the Sea’ and also means ‘Infinite’.

49. Veasna

This is a swanky Cambodian name meaning ‘luckily’.

50. Virote

Virote means ‘power’, and the name comes from Thailand.

51. Vishal  

Vishal stands for ‘Great’ and ‘Powerful’. It is a common name given to Hindu baby boys.

52. Wing

“Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king!” What better way to welcome your baby than to give a name which means ‘glory’? Wing is a name of Chinese origin and means ‘Glory’

53. Xiu

This name is everything you ever wanted in your child – beauty, elegance, and grace. Xiu is a Chinese name that stands for ‘Beautiful, elegant, or outstanding’

54. Xueyou

This can be the perfect name for your boy. This Chinese name means ‘studious and friendly’.

55. Yasushi

If you are a peace lover, Yasushi is the name you must choose. Yasushi means ‘honest and peaceful’ in Japanese.

56. Yoshiaki

Getting lucky can perhaps start with a name. Yoshiaki means ‘shining luck’.

57. Yoshiro

Simple and straight, this Japanese name means ‘good son’.

58. Yo-yo

Yo-yo means ‘bright’ in Japanese. Its namesake is the French-born Chinese American cellist, Yo-yo Ma.

59. Yuan

Yuan is a Chinese name meaning ’round’. The famous namesake is the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry,

60. Yuichi

More power to your firstborn! This Japanese name means ‘courageous firstborn son’.

61. Yukio

If you want your boy to be a go-getter, then consider Yukio. It means ‘one who gets what he wants’.

62. Zen       

Zen is one of the best unique names for baby boys. It means ‘Religious’ or ‘Living’ n Japanese.

63. Zhen

This Chinese originated name means ‘greatly astonished’.

64. Zian

Zian is a unique Chinese name meaning ‘self-peace’.


Asian Names for Female Kids

Asian Names for Female Kids

1. Adeline

This French name means ‘kind and noble’.  Many Chinese people name their daughters so.

2. Akemi  

Bright beauty and the sunshine in your lives? Akemi sounds perfect.

3. Aika      

In Japanese, this is a love song and is fast becoming popular abroad.

4. Asha     

An Indian name for ‘desire’ or ‘hope’ and a good name for your darling daughter.

5. Bedisa

There could be a reason why your girl arrived into your family. If you want to represent that, choose Bedisa which means ‘fated to be here’.

6. Bo

‘Bo’ may be used to scare someone n a funny way but this Chinese name means ‘precious’.

7. Cam

Some names sound as fresh as fruits. ‘Cam’ is one of them! This Vietnamese name means ‘sweet citrus’.

8. Chowa

Harmony is what we want in our lives. You can start that by giving the name Chowa to your girl, as it means ‘harmony’.

9. Chiharu

A lovely name with a splendid meaning, Chiharu means ‘one thousand springs’.

10. Eui         

Eui denotes ‘righteousness’. The short and simple ways of Japanese spirituality can be your source of inspiration too!

11. Jade

Another jewel-inspired name, Jade is a ‘green gemstone’. The famous namesake is Chinese-American artist and author, Jade Snow Wong.

12. Jhumpa

Jhumpa is an Indian name meaning ‘charming’. The famous namesake is the author and winner of Pulitzer Prize for fiction Jhumpa Lahiri.

13. June

June is a name that comes from the month ‘June’. It’s perfect for June-born babies. The famous namesake is the Japanese-American musician and lyricist, June Kuramoto.

14. Hana

More popular as ‘Hannah’ from the ‘Hannah Montana’ series, this Japanese word means ‘flower’.

15. Haya

Haya is a soothing and pleasant name. It is a Japanese name meaning ‘quick or light’.

16. Kimiko

Kimiko is a Japanese originated name. It means, ‘senior, noble, empress’. Kimiko Hahn is a famous poet.

17. Ki

Ki is a short name, nevertheless, has a deep meaning. It means ‘arisen’.

18. Maya/ Mia/ Miya           

The name means an illusion and sounds exotic and mystical in Sanskrit and its derivative Hindi. In Latin, it is meant to denote the word ‘great’. And on a spiritual note, Miya is a nice Japanese baby girl’s name meaning a temple, shrine or palace.

19. Manjusha           

This feminine name means ‘lady with a sweet voice’ and is a great Indian name if singing talent runs in the family.

20. Nirantara

Nirantara is an unusual name with a lovely meaning – ‘all-pervading’.

21. Niyati

This is a unique Indian name, and means ‘destiny’.

22. Patsy

Patsy is a shorter version of Patricia. It is a Latin originated name. Its famous namesake is the first Asian American woman of the US Congress, Patsy Takemoto Mink.

23. Phoebe

Phoebe means ‘radiant or shining one’. This name has become extremely popular after the FRIENDS television show in which Phoebe Buffay character almost became a household member.

24. Reena

Reena is a timeless and classic name meaning ‘gem’. Its other variant is Rina.

25. Ren

Another nature-inspired name, Ren in Japanese means ‘water lilies and lotuses’.

26. Riddhi

Riddhi is an Indian name meaning ‘fortunate or wealthy’.

27. Sakhae/ Sakhi  

This name means ‘a true friend’ in Hindi and ‘prosperity’ in the Japanese dialects.

28. Seiko    

The name means ‘a force to reckon with’ or the ‘power of truth’ and hails from Japan. Heard of the elegant Seiko watches? Bestow your baby girl with a blessing in her name.

29. Shigeko

Another Japanese name for ‘a child endowed with luxury’ and used quite often by the rich and famous.

30. Shima/ Seema 

The name means ‘limitation’ and pushing the limits. Seema is very popular in India and originates in Sanskrit.

31. Toshiko

Toshiko is a mesmerizing name with an unusual meaning – ‘alert child or valued child’. The famous namesake is Japanese jazz pianist, composer, and band leader, Toshiko Akiyoshi. (Fcsn.org)

32. Tai

Tai is a short, sweet, and unique name of Chinese origin. It means ‘great or extreme’.

33. Tama

Your girl is as precious as a jewel, so consider bestowing the name ‘Tama’. It means ‘a precious stone’ in Japanese.

34. Tenshi

Tenshi is a distinctive Japanese name meaning ‘heaven’s child or angel’.

35. Tye

Parents who want a short girl name can consider ‘Tye’. It is a simple and sweet name meaning ‘valley field’. The famous namesake is Tye Leung Schulze. She was the first Chinese American woman to vote when she cast a ballot in San Francisco in May 1912.

36. Upma

This name can be embraced by parents who want the best for their child. It is an Indian name meaning ‘best’.

37. Vanida

Vanida is a sweet and elegant name. With Thai origins, Vanida means ‘girl’.

38. Vanna

Vanna is a charming name. It is a Cambodian name meaning ‘golden or gracious’.

39. Vera

Vera is a simple name with a deep meaning. It is a Latin name meaning ‘true’. Its famous namesake is an American fashion designer, Vera Ellen Wang.

40. Vienna

Vienna is such an endearing name meaning ‘chosen one’. The famous namesake is a Taiwanese-American pianist and singer, Vienna Teng.

41. Wenquian

Wenquian sounds like a sophisticated name, and the meaning comes close to that. It means ‘refined matter’.

42. Wendy

Wendy is a catchy and stylish name. It means ‘fair one’. The famous namesake is an American economist, Wendy Lee Gramm.

43. Xiang

Xiang has a delicate and fine quality. It means ‘fragrant’ in Chinese.

44. Xueman

Sounds like a superwoman name, doesn’t it? But, it means ‘snowy grace’ in Chinese.

45. Yoshiko

Yoshiko is a Japanese name meaning ‘good or noble child’. Yoshi and Yosh are its nicknames. The famous namesake is a Japanese-American writer, Yoshiko Uchida.

46. Yuet

If you are looking for a celestial-inspired name, ‘Yuet’ is the one. It means ‘moon’ in Chinese.

47. Yumiko

If you want your child to be helpful, then consider ‘Yumiko’. It has its origins in Japanese, it means ‘beautiful or helpful child’.

48. Zhenzhen

A precious name for your little one, Zhenzhen means ‘precious’ in Chinese.

We hope you loved these names and are spoilt for choice!

49. Zhu       

In Chinese, it means ‘like the bamboo’. It is strong, tensile, good looking and evergreen which are good blessings to invoke for a baby girl. 

We humans surely love variety and a little bit of taste and weirdness. I am sure for you to be reading this; the idea of assigning Asian names to your kids isn’t very strange to you.

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