Stout Baby Boy Names Starting with S and Having Insightful Meanings

I wish to say cheers to you. I am certain you are aflame with joy in the anticipation of your baby boy. So, it is baby boy names starting with S that you want to go with? Definitely, this is a beautiful choice. Sometimes, deciding on a baby boy’s name can be very tricky. So it is wiser to narrow down the search area to a particular letter.

Stout Baby Boy Names Starting with S and Having Insightful Meanings

Obviously, people have their reasons for picking a particular letter from which their kids’ names will come from. Some of those choosing baby boy names starting with S do so for the swag that comes with the letter. Others simply have a fascination for the letter and love seeing and reading it. Likewise, others choose baby boy names starting with S because they make up some very spectacular names.

Among the list of baby boy names, those starting with S seem to carry some special air with them. Over the years, many parents have opted for baby boy names starting with S. Accordingly, this article are geared towards providing you ample samples of baby boy names starting with S. Maybe, you are considering what names to pick for your kids, then you might want to check these ones out.

Special Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Special Baby Boy Names Starting with S

From multiple cultures and origins, these sweet baby boy names starting with S have been collated and listed here for you.

Saaadat – A person who is blissful and happy      

Saabiq – Antecedent, prior, former         

Saabir – A patient person

Saacha – A person who helps and defends people           

Saad – A blissful, happy person                                 

Saadaat – People who are lords, leaders and superiors  

Saadah – A feeling of hapiness, blissfulnes and elation   

Saadalla – A joy of God 

Saadar – Respectful, respected                 

Saade – A blessing, profit or laughter                                      

Saadee – The lord or the master                               

Saadhik – Winner            

Saadhin – Work or achievement               

Saadi – A person who is destined for happiness

Saadia – To recieve help from God          

Saadin – The feirness an justice of religion                           

Saadiq – One who is honest and trustworty        

Saaduddin – A justice and success of Islam religion                          

Saadullah – One who is Blessed of Allah                

Saadya – God’s helper   

Saafi – A person of pure and clean nature                            

Saafir – A person who is an ambassador, a pretty one    

Saagar – An English surname meaning wise                                         

Saagarik – Belonging to the ocean.          

Saagh – One who is a good listener                          

Saaghir – A person who is os submissive, yielding nature                              

Saahib – One who is a follower, a companion                     

Saahir – A magical, enchanting person                              

Saajid – A person who worships God                                      

Saakaar – The manifestation of God        

Saaleh – A person with good heart                          

Saaleha – A pious, good and correct person                        

Saalih – One of good nature       

Saalik – A person who is on the spiritual path     

Saalim – The feeling of safety and security                          

Saaloot – The first King of Israel and Judah                          

Saamel – God has heard               

S Looking Road

Saami – A high, exalted, praised person

Saamir – Productive, fruit-bearing                           

Saanjh – An evening, a latter part of the day       

Saaqib – Arabic name for Boys meaning Piercig, sharp, keen                       

Saar – One who is like the storm

Saarang – The Moon and the Sun             

Saaras – A swan-like person                        

Saarthik – The noble man                            

Saary – Quicksilver          

Saatatya – Endless, never ending             

Saatvik – Name of Lord Krishna

Sab – A lion         

Sabaah – Light of the morning

Salit – A strong and solid man    

Saliym – One who is safe and at peace                  

Sallam – One who brings peace and safety                          

Salley – Surname, meaning servatns in the hall                  

Sallsbury – A place name, town name    

Salm – Eldest son of Fairdoon

Salman – He who is safe and peaceful

Salo – He who brings luck and fortune                   

Salokh – A name representing friendship             

Salomao – One who likes peace, peaceable                        

Saloso – A cry of the wild goose

Salove – He who is a saviour       

Salsaal – The purity of the water

Salsabil – An enjoyable drink     

Salsal – One who is pure as a spring water           

Salton – He comes from the place of the willows              

Salus – A healthy person              

Salvador – The savior of men                     

Salvino – He who saves the men, a defender and redeemer       

Sam – The child of the Sun, a bright one                

Samaah – One who pardons and forgives

Samabashiv – A name for the Lord Shiva               

Samad – One of the 99 names of the God. An immortal one        

Samadhan – The feeling of pure satisfaction                       

Samael – Name of the mythological archangel, it means Blindness of God or Venom of God or Poison of God                     

Samaj – A name of Lord Indra    

Samajas – Another name of Lord Indra                  

Samaksh – To be in front of something or someone                        

Samalya – A strand of material, garland 

Samama – A person who is a campanion of the Prophet                

Saman – A plece that is a home 

Samang – Lucky or fortunate      

Samant – To feel whole, or universal      

Samantbhadra – Samantbhadra is the name of a famous Jain Acharya from ancient India. It means to feel complete or whole.                


Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Samarajit – The one who came from the war as victorious            

Samarbir – A man who is brave in the war                            

Samardh – A personf who is poferful                      

Samarendra – The Lord of the War, or the name of Lord Vishnu                 

Samarjeet – The winner of the war, or a battle  

Samarjit – The victor of the war

Samarpan – To dedicate something,or set is aside fot a special use

Seaburt – One who is glorious at sea                       

Sead – Fortunate, happy                              

Seadon – One who comes from the hill by the sea           

Seager – A seaman                         

Seain – God is gracious

Seal – A dweller by the small wood         

Sealey – He who is blessed                                         

Seamas – Irish variation of James, a supplanter 

Seamus – A supplant      

Sean – Jehovah has been gracious

Seanan – One who is old and wise                           

Seane – God is gracious

Seanix – American modern invented name         

Searle – Armor 

Searlus – Manly                

Searu – A quick learner who is blessed with an active mind          

Seath – Wolfish

Seaton – One who is from the farm by the sea

Seaver – A fierce stronghold       

Seaward – A sea guardian                            

Seaxwulf – Wolf of the sea                         

Seb – God of the earth                  

Sebald – A brave victory                               

Sebastian – He who is from Sebastia

Sebastiane – The revered one                   

Sebastion – One who is from Sebastia   

Sebbe – A victorious one                              

Sebbi – A sea bear          

Sebert – Glory at sea                      

Sebestian – The revered one     

Sebo – Hungarian short version of Sebastian, means revered     

Secg – A swordsman                      

Secgwic – One from the sword grass place                                           

Sed – Latin name meaning tree 

Handsome Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Sedemay – The servant of the victory day                            

Sedge – A swordsman                   

Sedgeley – One from the swordsman meadow 

Sedgely – Sword meadow           

Sedgewic – Sword grass               

Sedgewick – From the sword grass place                              

Sedgewyck – One from the place where the sword grass grows

Shadeed – A lover                           

Shaderr – Shaderr is a Dominican Republic spelling of German name Schader. It means tailor.     

Shadey – A man who sings                          

Shadhan – A joyful, happy person            

Shadid – A very strict, severe man           

Shadie – He is a singer                   

Shadin – He is like a young deer

Shadley – The skull or one with peculiarity of skull                            

Shadmankhan A cheerful and glad person        

Shadwell – One who comes from the shed spring                            

Shady – A person who sings                        

Shae – An admirable man, from the fairy fortress             

Shaeen – A royal white falcon

Shafa – An advocate who mediates                                         

Shafaat – One who is recommended                      

Shafeek – One who is compassionate and merciful                                          

Shafeer – One who is a messenger                          

Shafer – A handsome god            

Shafiq – Compassionate, tender                               

Shafraz – The one who is an intelligent leader of others 

Shagun – Auspicious                       

Shah – Brave or prince                   

Shahaab – He is like a shooting star          

Shahaba – One who shines like a shooting star                                   

Shahadat – To be a witness                         

Shahaka – One who is a prince                                   

Shahalad – Joy  

Shahalam – He who is the King of the world                        

Shahanshah – The King of the Kings, The Shah of Shahs                 

Shaharyar – He is a King

Shahazad – A man who is a King

Shahbaaz – He who is like a WHite Falcon                             

Shahed – A Boy sweet as honey               

Shaheed – He is a witness and a martyr                                 

Shaheem – An intelligent man                                   

Shaheer – Someone who is well-known, famous                              

Shaheryar – He is the king                            

Shahid – A martyr                            

Shahil – One who is leader and ruler of men

Shuo – A great achievement that brings wealth                                 

Baby Suckling

Shuqran – A man of blonde hair and fair complexion                       

Shura – He who defends people               

Shurlock – An English name meaning a shear lock             

Shurwood – A Boy from the bright forest             

Shushan – A lilly flower, or rose                 

Shushil – Pleasant           

Shushruth – One who is a healer of Gods                             

Shvant – Placid                  

Shveta – A loveble white woman             

Shvetang – Fair complexioned                   

Shvetank – Having a white mark                               

Shvetanshu – Moon                                       

Shwar – A musical tone, musical notes, tune, a sweet voice         

Shway – Gold                                    

Shwetambar – One who wears white clothes                     

Shwetanshu – A man of the Moon          

Shyamal – Dark blue, black                          

Shydee – One who has a very beautiful voice and sings                 

Shyheim – A gift of Jehovah                       

Shyloh – Variation of Shiloh which means Tranquil           

Si – One who is listening, one who hears everything                       

Sial – A man of equal status, or competition                        

Siamak – Silver flame     

Siaosi – Siaosi is a form of George. It means farmer                         

Siarles – A trusted, humble and affectionate individual                                  

Siavash – One who is a keeper of dark horses                    

Siavosh – A name of the character in Shahnameh                             

Sibbe – A surname that means a famous victory               

Sibbi – A victorious hero, a warrior who won                      

Sibert – A famous victory                             

Sibghatullah – One who is the color of Allah        

Sibota – A surname that means Saturday                             

Sibt – One who is a grandson. Also means to be a member of a tribe                       

Sicel – A quick, able and clever minded individual; casual

Sicela – A likable, able and self righteous individual                          

Sid – One who is from a wide island                        

Sidak – Wish

Skule – One who likes to remain hidden                               

Sky – Sky             

S Shaped River?

Skyden – He who is a scholar                      

Skye – Cloud      

Skyelar – He who is an academic               

Skylah – A person who is an intellectual, a scholar                            

Skylan – One who loves learning, an academic   

Skylar – The isle of sky   

Skyler – To be interested in education, a scholar               

Skylor – One who is an academic              

Slade – He who is from the valley                             

Sladefield – A man from the field            

Slaeet – A man with a sharp tongue        

Slaid – A person who comes from the valley

Slaide – He comes from the field                              

Slamet – Peace and security                       

Slate – A fine-grained gray                          

Slater – One who is a slate maker             

Slaton – He who is from the farm in the valley    

Slava – Person of fame                 

Slavco – One who brings glory to the family.                       

Slaven – From a serbian; croatian word “slava”, means Glory                      

Slavik – One who finds glory in the army                                               

Slavko – Glory

Slavomir – Glory and peace        

Slawek – He is a glorious one                      

Slawomir – He who brings the glorious peace                     

Slayden – To be from the field, valley     

Slayton -One who is from the farm near the valley

Slean – He who strikes  

Sledda – An old English name, meaning a valley 

Sliden – An inquisitive, pleasant and restless natured     

Slim – A thin, slender person     

Sloan – One with the nature of a warrior, a fighter in heart          

Sloane – He is a warrior in heart

Slobodan – A man who is free                   

Sly – Short from Silvester. The name means a man of the forest                

Smarajit – One who has conquered lust                

Smaram – A man who is a God’s gift        

Smaran – Remembrance              

Smarta – A name of the movement in Hinduism                

Smedleigh – He who is from the flat valley                          

Smedley – Flat meadow                               

Smedly – One who comes from the flat lands     

Smeer – One who is the most entertaining companion                  

Smetheleah – A person who is from the flat lands                            

Smiren – A person who is impossible to forget

Sonith – One who has good conduct or manners.                             

Sonja – Wisdom               

Sonnagh – One who is like the Rampart’s mound              

Sonnen – One who is just like the Sun                    

Sonny – A familiar form similar to Grayson                           

Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Sontosh – Sontosh is the Assamese for Santosh and means content, satisfaction and gratification.           

Sonu – Beloved or familiar with gold.                                      

Soofi – A name of the Islamic mystic                       

Sookraj – A kingdom od the kappiness   

Soor – A Boy who is like the Sun                

Sooraj – He who is a good King  

Sopaan – Stairs, steps    

Sopath – One with soft and gentle demeanor.   

Sophaep – Intelligence or wisdom                           

Sopheaktra – One with a gentle face.                     

Sopheap – One who is proper and gentle.                            

Sopheara – A man who is handsome and attractive.        

Sophocles – A man who is clever              

Sophronia – One with a prudent and just mind                                  

Soppa – A woman with knowledge or wisom      

Soran – Kurdish princedom                         

Soren – Stern

Soriandes – An individual who is creative and versatile   

Sorin – He is like the Sun              

Sorishu – Hope of Jesus

Sorley – He is a summer sailor                    

Sornegruex – An enduring, happy and is from bright stream        

Soroush – He who is a happy man                                            

Sorrell – A man of reddish-brown hair                   

Sorya – Sun        

Sosimo – Likely to survive            

Soso – Diminutive of Ioseb, which means he will add                      

Sosthenes – One who has safe strength               

Sostratos – The safe army.                          

Sothea – Compassion and purity                               

Sothy – Scholar or an intelligent person.

Sotiris – He is salvation  

Soto – He who is a forest grove                 

Sotsona – One who is like a fox 

Sou – Adore, Bright, Sincere, The sound of the wind                       

Souban – One who is a returning companion      

Souhail – A man who has no trouble and is easy to interact with                                

Souji – One who is a general director      

Souma – Moonlight, a woman as beautiful as the moon.               

Soumava – Moon’s light

Soumil – Friend

Stacey – One who shall rise again             

Staci – Resurrection        

Stadler – A person who lives and works near the barn                    

Stadtler – He lives near the barn                                               

Stafford – One who is from the landing near the ford                     

Stafforde – He who is from the landing-stage next to the ford                    

Stahley – One who comes from the open place in the woods     

Stallford – One who stands tall                  

Stamburc – He who is from a stony land                

Stamford – One who comes from the stony ford                                              

Stamm – One who is made of stone        

Stamos – A person who is crowned with laurel crown     

Stan – A short form of stanley                    

Stanaway – One who lives near the stone road  

Stanbeny – He who comes from the stony fortress          

Stanberry – He who is from the fortification made of stone                         

Stanborw – He who comes from the stony hill                    

Stanburghe – Bright and enthusiastic being                        

Stanburh – He who is from the stone fortress    

Stanbury – He is a man from the stone fortress 

Stanciyf – He is from the rocky diff                          

Stancliff – He who is from the stony slope                                           

Standish – A location surname, one who comes from the city of Standish                                             

Stane – Stand, become                 

Stanedisc – A man who is from the stony park                   

Stanfeld – One who comes from the hardy field                               

Stanfleda – A man who is from the hardy field   

Stanford – One who comes from the hardy stone ford   

Stangiue – He who comes from stony lands                        

Stanhild – battle on the stony land                          

Stanhope – A person who is from the stone hollow                                         

Stanild – To come from the lands of stone                           

Stanimir – One who became peaceful and glorious                          

Stanislas – A man who achieves glory     

Stanislav – He who is destined to become glorious and famous                 

Stanislaw – He is going to become glorious                          

Stanko – Diminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.                   

Stanleigh – He who is from a stony clearing         

Stanley – Stony meadow

Stiabhna – He holds the crown                  

Stian – One who wanders

Stieg – One who steps forward                                 

Stig – To be on a path                    

Stijn – A person with a constant, steadfast personality                                   

Stiles – One who is from the steep scent                                              

Stillman – A man with a gentle nature                   

Stilwell – He who comes from the calm wells                     

Sting – A name f the famous musician, means to pierce with a sharp object                         

Stipe – Croatian diminutive of Stjepan. It means crown.

Stirling – A man who refiners silver                         

Stjepan – A person who has the crown                  

Stock – He who cmes from the tree stump                          

Stockhard – He who is like a hardy tree                  

Stockley – One who is from the meadow of tree stump                

Stockman – He whose home is near a large tree

Stockton – One who comes from the town of tree trunks             

Stod – One who loves horses                     

Stodd – A person who is like a horse                                       

Stofn – To be crowned  

Stohn – A surname; popular and reasonable                       

Stoian – Stay or remain, or one who stands firmly.                           

Stojan – One who stands             

Stok – One who comes from the tree stump                       

Stoke – An old English word that means place    

Stokely – To come from a place 

Stokkard – One who is strong and firm like a tree              

Stone – Stone   

Stoner – One who is firm like a stone

Stonewall – He who comes from the place of stone walls                             

Stoney – A form or similar to a Star                          

Stonild – He who can be comapred to the stone               

Stonildi – He who is stony           

Storm – Tempest, storm               

Stormalong – He who is born during a long storm             

Stotra – A praiseworthy man who is famous        

Stowe – Hidden, packed away                   

Stoyan – He who stands firmly                   

Strang – A man of great strength                                              

Stratford – One who lives at the bridge over the river     

Stratton – He who is from the town that is on the Roman road   

Street – A word name, meaning the street, one who is street-smart

Boy and Dad

Sudir – Bright                                     

Sued – He who is a master                           

Suetto – He who is free                

Sufi – A name of the Islamic mystic                          

Sufian – A man who makes a great companion and friend

Sufiya – He who is a mystic                          

Sufjan – He who comes with a sword     

Sufsuf – One who walks very, very fast                 

Sufyan – One who walks as fast as the wind                        

Sugandh – Sweet smelling, fragrance                     

Sugata – A name of the buddha                

Suggut – He who is from the south gate                

Sugharan – He who is small in statue                       

Sughosh – One with melodious voice                     

Sugriva – One with graceful neck                              

Suguru – An eminent person                                      

Suhaan – One who is very pleasant and beautiful                             

Suhaib – A Boy of red hair and complexion                          

Suhail – Gentle, easy, the name of a star                              

Suhaili – He who is a trusted companion                       

Suhaim – A Muslim name that means an Arrow                 

Suhas – Laughter                             

Suhash – One with a sweet smile, sweet smiled.                               

Suhayb – Of reddish hair or complexion                

Suhayl – One with no troubles   

Suhaym – A name of Muslim origin that means Arrow                    

Suheb – One who is in love         

Suhrit – Well-disposed                  

Suhruda – Good hearted                              

Sujah – A bold, brave, fearless Boy                          

Sujal – Affectionate        

Sujan – Honest 

Sujash – Illustrious                          

Sujat – Belonging to a good clan                

Sujay – Victory                  

Sujendran – Universal being                       

Sujit – Victory                    

Sujith – One who brings victory                 

Suk – A variation of Seok, meaning like a rock.                    

Nice Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Suka – Wind       

Sukant – Handsome

Sukarma – One who does good deeds                   

Sukarman – Reciter of 1000 samhitas

Sukesh – With beautiful

Suketu – Of good banner, flag   

Sukh – One with an axe

Suzu – A man who lives long       

Suzuki – A common surname in Japan, means bell of wood         

Svang – Good looks                        

Svanik – Handsome                        

Svante – Celebrating people                       

Svaramaya – He who is good looking                       

Svarg – Heaven                 

Svartur – The color black                               

Svein – One who is young in age and spirit                           

Sveinn – A Boy or a lad, one who is young

Sven – One who is a Boy, a chap               

Svend – A young man, a lad                        

Sverre – To spin and swing wildly                              

Svetopolk – Blessed people                        

Svetoslav – Blessed glory                             

Svojas – He who is very strong and powerful      

SvyatopolkCelebrating people              

Swab – One who is true and does the right things             

Swabhiram – He who is very delightful                                  

Swabhu – Self born                         

Swadhin – Independent and free                            

Swagat – Welcome         

Swain -Herdsman, knights attendant

Swaine – A Boyish person, young in spirit             

Swajith – Self-victory     

Swale – One who comes from the wild river                       

Swaley – Winding stream                             

Swami – Lord     

Swaminath – The Lord almighty

Swan – One who is like a swan   

Swapan – Dream              

Swapnadeep – The king of dreams, dreamer                                      

Swapnesh – King of dreams                        

Swapnil – Seen in a dream, dreamy        

Swaraj – Liberty or freedom       

Swaran – One who has a golden heart   

Swaranjeet – One who is a golden winner                            

Swaranlal – A dreamy person                    

Swarga – A heavenly person       

Swarit – Towards heaven             

Swarnapurishwara – Lord of the golden city

Do you have a special attraction to baby boy names starting with S? Certainly, you have no stress in figuring out which name to assign for your kids. With the wide range of options, you are at liberty to pick any suitable one.

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