Humorous Baby Puns and Clever Sayings to Nourish your Soul

Humorous Baby Puns and Clever Sayings to Nourish your Soul.

Baby Puns: To imagine that as tiny as these lovely creatures are, they cause so much quake and create lots of torrents. If as a parent you fail to watch them, this is wholly to your detriment.

with all the fuss about babies it wouldn’t cause any harm to have a good time with some humorous baby puns. Treat yourself to some cool laugh with these sweet baby puns.

Humorous Baby Puns and Clever SayingsBaby Puns Sayings

Just as lovely as the baby are these cute baby pun sayings.

  • You can’t just ignore a lady with a huge belly.

  • It’s the elephant in the womb.

  • We decided to have a baby just for shits and giggles.

  • For an expectant mother, having a baby is worth the weight.

  • A mother’s milk is the newborn’s breast friend.

Baby Pun Riddles

Funny is an understatement for these baby pun riddles.

  • Did you hear about the baby turkeys that were all upset? They were crying fowl!

  • How did it work out for the lady who had a sea section? She gave birth to a bouncing baby buoy!

  • How do you get a baby from Krypton to go to sleep? You rocket!

  • What’s a breast-feeding baby’s least favorite holiday? Hallo-wean!

  • What do you do with a fussy baby girl? You pacify her!

  • Do you remember what you used to call your security blanket when you were little? No, I’m drawing a blankie!

  • Did you hear about the pear who had triplets? She became a pear-ant and enjoyed the fruits of her labor!

  • What did the father say to his baby boy before killing him with a vacuum cleaner? Dyson

  • Did you know that you can get a wooden car seat? It comes with a sign that says “Baby on Board!”

  • What did the new mom say to her newborn baby when he bit down her nipple? You suck!

  • Tell me, does the stork deliver babies with their diapers on? No, they’re stork naked!

  • What did Mommy Spore & Daddy Spore name their first Baby Boy?? FunGus

  • How do you make a baby ghost laugh? Play peek-a-BOO!

  • Did you hear about the lady who traveled to the ocean to have her baby? She needed a sea section!

  • How did the two babies end up getting switched at the hospital? Someone was told to change one of them!

  • Did you hear about the collie pup who liked to give kisses? She was col-licky!

  • Did you hear that the Pillsbury Doughboy’s wife is pregnant? Yep, she’s got a bun in the oven!

  • How did Batman decorate baby Robin’s crib? With a bat mobile!

  • Where do baby fish sleep? In a bass-inet!

  • Why did the man bring his pregnant wife a small lizard? She told him to pick up a baby monitor!

  • Why didn’t the baby want to be born? Because she didn’t want to give up her free womb and board!

  • How can you tell an adult snake from a baby snake? The baby snake has a rattle!

  • What did the statistician’s baby call his father? Da-ta!

Baby Pun Jokes and Witty LinesBaby Pun Jokes and Witty Lines

Get as much as joy as there is with these excellent baby pun jokes.

  • Baby boy birthed on an airplane Cabin crew says he was air-born.

  • My friend named her baby boy Santiago. I made sure to buy a blanket because he will always be Chile.

  • I’m driving my wife to the hospital since shes in labor, Unfortunately she gives birth in the car to a baby boy. I named him Carson

  • A couple expecting a baby girl made a long list of possible names for a girl child, but only one name in the event that they have a boy. They ended up having a boy. He was named Justin Case.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch announces that his baby boy doesn’t need his nappy changed, his wife replies…’no shit, Sherlock’

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