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Beautiful Thanksgiving Invitation Wording to Send Out for Guests

Beautiful Thanksgiving Invitation Wording to Send Out for Guests.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Invitation Wording: Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday worthy of celebrating with a food-filled party.

thanksgiving invitation wording

From football to family, friends, and delicious concoctions, Turkey Day is a cause to gather and give thanks for all that you have and are thankful for.

Rather than relying on word of mouth, send lovely thanksgiving invitation wording to your family and friends this year.

Don’t waste even a moment stressing about Thanksgiving invitation wording! With a little help from WordingVibes, you’ll soon be sending out invitations that bring a smile to everybody’s face.

Thanksgiving Invitation Wordings Tips

Like any other party invitation, an invite for Thanksgiving dinner should give invitees the basic information about the event without overwhelming them with details.

Seasoning your invitation wording with a little Thanksgiving flavor is also recommended. Here a few quick tips:

Careful who you invite! This might not matter as much for larger social events where people can easily avoid each other, but for an intimate dinner party, you should only invite people who are likely to get along.

Small gatherings + clashing personalities + copious amounts of wine = more stress for you and everyone else in attendance.

Of course, if you’re hosting family, arbitrarily excluding people may not be an option (that is, if you want to stay on speaking terms with everyone).

Set the RSVP deadline strategically: There are a couple of advantages to setting an RSVP date well in advance of the big day.

One, it gets people to commit to your party before they have a chance to make other plans for the holiday.

And two, knowing how many people are going to be there makes it easier to plan the meal. These points are especially pertinent if you’re hosting Friendsgiving, as many of your invitees may not be able to attend due to family commitments.

Handle the potluck and other details separately: If dinner is a potluck, you should mention it on the invite so people know what they’re getting into.

But beyond that, there’s no need to go into details, which are much better handled in follow-up communications with confirmed guests.

The same goes for information about food allergies, travel plans, and other details you can work out later.


thanksgiving invitation wording

Join Us For A

Thanksgiving Feast

November 26 at 4 PM

The Longfellow Residence

1234 Waddle Road, Glendale

RSVP to Tammy (123-4567 / [email protected]) by Nov. 11


Please Join Us For

Thanksgiving Dinner

November 26 at 2 PM

The Smith Home

1234 Stuffing Street, Glendale

RSVP to Jack (123-4567 / [email protected]) by November 9

Drinks, Football & Board Games to Follow

thanksgiving invitation wording

Give Thanks & Eat Turkey

Please Join Us For Our Annual

Thanksgiving Dinner

November 26 at 4 PM

The Simon Residence

1234 55th Street Southwest, Glendale

RSVP to John (123-4567 / [email protected]) by Nov. 9 


Get Your Fat Pants Out!

You Are Invited To Our

Friendsgiving Dinner

November 24 at 5 PM

Hosted by Kim and Betsy

1234 Pumpkin Road, Glendale

RSVP to Kim (123-4567 / [email protected]) by Nov. 12



Join Us For A

Thanksgiving Potluck

November 26 at 3 PM

Hosted by William and Jen Worthing

1234 Gravy Way, Glendale

RSVP to William (123-4567 / [email protected]) by Nov. 10

We’ll make the turkey – you bring your favorite dish to share!

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