Best Skittle Sayings, for Teachers, Romantic, and Everyone 2020 Update

Best Skittle Sayings, for Teachers, Romantic, and Everyone 2020 Update.

Ready for skittle sayings to have such an Irresistible test of its sensation? So, what makes Skittles so irresistible? Is it the sensation of biting through the hard candy shell into that chewy, fruity, sugary center? (

skittle sayings

Is it a variety of colors and flavors? Or maybe it has something to do with the oddball and wildly successful “taste the rainbow” marketing campaign?

It’s like asking what the best Skittle color is. There’s no right answer (however, there is a wrong answer: green).

Because Skittles are so popular, they make great token gifts for holidays, teacher appreciation, or almost any other occasion.

All you need is a cute or funny Skittles-related quote to top it off. To give you some ideas, here’s a mouthful of Skittles puns and sayings to chew on.

skittle sayings For Teachers


Here are some clever Skittles puns and sayings for a special teacher.

  • I’m over the rainbow to have you as a teacher.
  • Thanks for brightening my horizons.
  • You make learning colorful.
  • Thanks for coloring our school with kindness.
  • Color me grateful to have had you as a teacher.
  • A teacher like you is worth more than a pot of gold.
  • Taste the appreciation!
  • Thanks for encouraging me to find the end of the rainbow.


skittle sayings


Here are some cute Skittles sayings for someone you’re sweet on. If it’s for Valentine’s gift, you might also want to check out this list of cheesy Valentine’s Day sayings.

  • You’re the treasure at the end of my rainbow.
  • Just like Skittles, you can be hard on the outside… but always sweet on the inside.
  • You taste much sweeter than any rainbow.
  • I see your true colors, and that’s why I love you.
  • I want a kiss for each one of these you eat.
  • Just thought I would give you some sugar.
  • The leprechaun can keep his gold – all I want is you.
  • Taste the love.
  • A Skittle for each time I’ll be thinking about you today.
  • I would taste your rainbow any day!

So, did you find this list of Skittles puns to be sweet, or did they leave a sour taste in your mouth? Regardless, there are many more possibilities in the area of candy-related wordplay. If you’re open to giving chocolate as a gift instead of Skittles, check out our big list of candy bar sayings.

Skittles Sayings For Anyone

skittle sayings

Here are some funny punny sayings that are appropriate for friends, coworkers, or just about anyone else you find to be Skittles-worthy.

  • True friends show each other their true colors.
  • Never stop chasing rainbows.
  • Thanks for adding color to my world.
  • They say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. Thanks for being there for me when it rains.
  • Thanks for always brightening my day.
  • I couldn’t afford the pot of gold, so I got you the rainbow instead.
  • Color me happy to have you as a friend.
  • Chew on this: You’re one of the sweetest people I know.
  • Just a SKITTLE something to sweeten your day.
  • [Sour Skittles] Thanks for being sweet even when I’m sour.
  • For someone who has many colorful opinions.
  • Taste the friendship!


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