Famous Boy Names that Start with P that are very Outstanding

Definitely on seeing this topic I am certain some names have already popped up in your mind. Boy names that start with P are quite prominent and bold. This might be a reason why boy names that start with P are becoming highly sort after. In all cultures and even religions, there are famous boy names that start with P.

Famous Boy Names that Start with P that are very Outstanding

Christians are well familiar with the name Paul, which happen to be a very complex and equally pivotal character in the New Testament. This particular name, in terms of popularity, ranks quite high, even among non-Christians. Have you resolved to pick a boy name that starts with P for your coming kid?  What options are you looking at?

Truly, we know that some parent just nurse some fantasies about some letters of the alphabet and this sometimes influence their choice of names for their wards. So, if you are seeking to have a boy name that starts with P for your handsome son, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will be able to see a grand compilation of boy names that start with P that you can choose from.

Cute Boy Names that Start with P

From the above, you can tell that picking a suitable name requires some work. As such, you need to take your time to select which boy name that start with P that will best fit your kid.

Paal – A great keeper or a protector

Paamannan – King of Poetry; One who is talented with words;          

Paandu – A pale yet intelligent individual      

Paandurang – Name of Lord vishnu; a deity 

Paaninee – A scholar; an easy going individual                            

Paanini – Name of a great scholar; grammarian         

Paaras – Name of a stone whic turns metal to gold   

Paarbrahm – One who is born with supreme spirit   

Paarth – One of many names of Arjuna given by Lord Krishna signifying his skills in archery; One who never misses his target                           

Paartha – Name of Son of Pritha; Pandavas 

Paarthav – One who is born with stable, expressive and cool nature; Earth   

Paarthiban – A name of King Arjunan; brave and powerful   

Paarthiv – Name of the Prince of Earth; brave            

Paarush – A person who is born with a quick and active mind                              

Paarvendan – Leader; Ruler of the World; King of the world; Emperor of the world  

Paavak – One who is pure, brilliant and majestic like fire        

Paavaka – One who can judge; has the power to purify                         

Paavan – Pure; Sacred; Holy; Divine; Innocent            

Paavana – Purity; Holy; Divine; Innocent; Sacred       

Paavendan – One who is called the King of poetry

Paavo – Another word for small        

Paawan – One who is clever and clean sighted; wind                               

Paawanjeet – Victory of the Pure; Victory of Innocence; Sacred or Divine Victory      

Pabitra – One who is born pure and sane     

Pablo – Borrowed; A variant of Paul which means small, humble,      

Pabok – One who is born out of fire

Pace – One who has a peaceful nature          

Pacen – Son of Peace; A variant form of name Payson            

Pacey – Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of Pacy                             

Pachai – A youthful person who is joyous in nature 

Pachaimani – A resourceful person; very noble at heart        

Pachaimuthu – A young and resourceful person                       

Pachak – Another name of digestive powder              

Pachim – One who is fat       

Pachima – One who belongs to the west town                          

Pachua – Feathered water snake                     

Pacifico – Peaceful and serene; Peace Loving;            

Packard – French – From Picardy, France; A variant of Picard                

Packer – A professional name for a wool packer        

Packston – One who belongs to the peaceful farm   

Paco – Germanic – Frenchman; Free One; A diminutive of the name Francisco                            

Padak – A medal; one who is very precious                  

Padam – Lotus; The beautiful flower marked on the right foot of Lord Krishna                            

Padamadev – One who is Lord of Lotus; Lord Vishnu                               

Padamjit – Victory of the Lotus; Victory of Lord Krishna;        

Padamjot – Light of the Lotus; Brilliance and Radiance of Lord Krishna                             

Padampal – Protector of the Lotus; One of the many names of Lord Krishna

Peet – Rock or stone

Peetambar – A name given to Lord vishnu; yellow garment                 

Peetamber – Yellow Silk Cloth; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his form wearing yellow silk cloth         

Peeter – Peeter is a form of Peter and means rock or stone.               

Peetu – A nickname for Lord Shri Krishna                      

Peeyush – One who is like milk and nectar                                   

Pefen – It has individuality and confidence                  

Pegalesharro – A person who is like a man’s chief                     

Pegan – A follower of polytheistic religion who is humble     

Pehlaj – First born; Eldest; A child first in order of birth                           

Pehuen – Araucaria                

Pehzan – A holy and efficient person              

Peik – A troll boy; stone or rock         

Peirce – Name given to the son of Peter       

Peithon – The one who persuades. 

Pejman – Desire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name Pezhman          

Pekelo – Name for a stone or a rock

Peketi – One who is like an award winner    

Pekko – One with a sensitive and practical nature     

Peko – A variant of Peka; A form of Greek name Petro’s which means stone or rock                

Pelagia – A dweller of the sea; efficient        

Peleg – A division or a channel; a little river  

Pelenato – Pelenato is the variant of Bernard. It means one who is brave, hardy and strong.                               

Pelham – One which is derived from a place in Britain             

Peliandis – A diplomatic and systematic individual    

Pell – One who is the dealer of furs

Pella – One who is the marvel of God; Peter               

Pellam – A person who is the father of Pelles             

Pelle – One which is the variation of Peter   

Pelleas – Name of a fisher King                         

Pellegrino – A name for the pilgrim; holy man            

Pello – Has spiritual matters; stone man       

Pellogris – A versatile and quick minded individual   

Pelltun – A person from the pool farm                          

Pelson – A sensitive and idealistic natured   

Pelton – A name for a settlement    

Pembroke – One who lives in headland         

Pemota – Native American – One who walks emotional spectrum                                     

Pendle – Hill               

Pendragon – Cheif Dragon   

Peneet – The warrior; Defender; Fighter; Guardian                 

Penetiketo – Penetiketo is the Tongan form of Benedict. It means blessed.

Peng – Name of a grandson of a king Zhuan xu                          

Peni – A form of Ben; a loyal and adventurous one  

Peniel – Face of God; Vision of God; One who sees God                       

Penka – The one from an enclosed meadow                               

Penko – Bulgarian diminutive of Peter, meaning rock.                            

Penlea – One who belongs to the settlement of meadow                    

Penleigh – An enclosed meadow; pasture

Phaedonas – Old Greek – Bright; Shining; A variant of name Phaidros;             

Phaethon – Name given to the son of Helios               

Phaeton – Someone with shining bright personality                                

Phagun – Name of a hindu month    

Phaindra – A powerful and divine snake       

Phala – Prosperous 

Phalak – Name given to the heavenly sky     

Phalaksh – To have an eye on brow in India 

Phalgum – Name of a hindu calender month

Phalgun – Name of a Hindu month; Snowy Season; Red, Reddish; One who was born under the star Falguni; One of many names of Arjuna                         

Phaneendra – King of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;                    

Phaneesh – One who is named after the king of servants     

Phani – One who has power of snake                            

Phanibhusan – Another name for Lord Shiva                              

Phaninath – King of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;        

Phanindra – Name given to Sheshnag; the divine snake                        

Phanindranath – One of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying him as Lord of Serpents;        

Phaniraj – A quick minded King of serpants                 

Phanish – A cosmic serpant; very powerful                  

Phanishwar – King of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;

Phaon – Name provided to the ferryman     

Pharaoh – One who spoils; a great hose or a palace

Phariance – One who is filled with fun and is expressive        

Pharien – A strong and responsible individual             

Pharrell – A superior and heroic man

Pharris – A heroic man; A variation of Pharis

Pharvesh – Name given to the God of celebration                    

Phassakorn – Sun                    

Pheakdei – Loyalty and honesty

Phelan – One who is like a wolf                         

Phelot – An intelligent and generous person                              

Phelps – One who is born to love horses      

Phenil – A person who is foamy

Phibes – A Surname of possibly from Italian or Eastern Europe Origin; Possibly derived from surname name Fabi or Fabe       

Phichit – To win, one who is habituated to winning.

Phil – One who is the friend and lover of horses       

Philana – The individual who is the lover of mankind                               

Sweet Boy Names that Start with P

Philander – One who is a lover and loves mankind   

Philbert – Much Brightness; Very Brilliant; A variant transcription of Filibert                 

Phileas – An affectionate and quick minded individual           

PhilemonOld Greek – Beloved; Dear most; Loved one; Derived from the Greek philos or philema; A Greek mythological name                 

Philibert – A friend and a passionate lover                   

Philip – A great person who is the lover of horses    

Philipa – A horse’s friend and a lover                              

Philipp – Old Greek – Lover of Horses; Friend of horses; Horse Lover; A form of the English name Philip         

Philippa – A lover and friend of horses                          

Philippos – Lover of Horses; Friend of horses; Horse Lover; Derived from the Greek philos or philema;

Pierluigi – It means Peter Louis         

Piero – Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Pietro; A form of Peter               

Pierre – One who is tough as a rock                 

Pierrel – A little rock               

Pierrick – Bretons form of Peter, meaning rock or stone                       

Piers – Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Pierce; A form of Peter                               

Pierse – One who is very strong; a rock         

Pierson – Another form of Peter; a friendly and compassionate person                         

Piet – Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Pietro; A form of Peter                                  

Pieter – Rock; another form of Peter                              

Pietro – The one who is solid like a rock         

Pignores – One who is sensitive and friendly person                               

Pihu – A loving chattering of birds    

Pijush – A likable, social and easy-going person         

Pike – English – A Spear; A derivative of Pike is Pyke

Pikesh – A strong, ambitious and creative person     

Piki – Indian Cuckoo; A Ngati-Koura chief;    

Pileca – A locational name; independent      

Pilesha – A full moon on the sky                       

Pilheard – A name of the tribe in Midlands and North of England      

Pili – Second child   

Pilip – Inuit form of Philip. It means lover of horses.

Pilis – The second born son

Pillaines – One who is capable and enthusiastic                                        

Pillaiyar – One of many names of Lord Ganesha       

Pillan – The God of stormy weather                               

Pilot – French – An excellent Man; A derivative of the name Pillion                   

Pilu – A great bilberry                            

Pinak – Divine Bow of Lord Shiva; In Hindu myth, the bow was gifted to King Janak by Sage Parashurama for being a great disciple            

Pinaz – A souvenir that belongs to the leader             

Pinchas – The mouth of the serpant                               

Pinchos – A prophecy or an oracle   

Pinchu – Small; A Malayalam name used as nickname for calling little ones                   

Pindara – Religious Medicant; Almsman; Religious beggar; A variant of name Pindar

Pinel – A man who is as tall as a pine tree, mostly used as a surname              

Ping – One who is peaceful and has a leveled mind                  

Pingakshi – A brown eyed Boy          

Pingal – A reputed sage; A variant is Pingala; Golden; Of yellow hue; Brajbhasa as used in Rajasthan during Mughal period                          

Pingalaksha – A Boy with pink eyes                 

Pingalan – A Hindu baby Boy name                 

Pingesha – A male name of Hindi origin         

Pinkal – A mindless, oblivious person

Pittesh – One who has high expectations from life   

Pittman – A person who lives in a ditch                          

Pittney – An islnad that belongs to the stubborn one                              

Piu – A form of Pius, meaning pious or dutiful.           

Piuda – One with a wart or a blemish on the skin      

Pius – A pious, dutiful person                             

Piyush – A drink that makes a man immortal                               

Placid – Latin – Calm, Untroubled; It is a derivative of the name Placido                          

Placido – A man who is calm and quiet                           

Placidus – A silent, peaceful, mild person     

Plaine – One who lives on a Plaeau, or low lying meadows                   

Plamen – Slavic – Flames; Fire; Fiery                

Plat – From the flat land, one belonging to the flat land         

Plato – A man who is broad-shouldered                        

Lovely Boy Names that Starts with P

Platon – A broad-shouldered person                              

Platt – One who comes from the flat lands                  

Plechelm – A patron Saint of Netherlands    

Pleghelm – One who is carefree, who has no worries             

Plegmund – Name of the Archbishop of Canterbury                               

Plenorius – A male name of English origin    

Plinio – A skilful person        

Plucca – From the name Lucca, means one who is full of light                              

Plummer – He who lives near plum trees

Plutarco – Old Greek – Rich Prince;   

Pluto – One who has great wealth   

Poatri – Admired; Praisable Man; A varaint spelling of Poetry                              

Pocel – One who is like a little rock  

Poduri – A male name of Hindi origin              

Podury – A Hindi male name

Poe – A person who is like a peacock              

Poeu – The youngest one.                   

Pogge – A fish, also called an armed bullhead             

Pogula – Nam of the Lord Venkateswara                      

Pohha – He is like a small rock                            

Pohhel – He comes from the small rock                         

Poindexter – English name meaning right fist             

Pol – Small and humble person         

Polam – A Boy gentle as the flower 

Polemon – The one who is fighting in a war.

Policarpo – Old Greek – He who produces abundant fruit;    

Polidor – One who is a much wanted gift      

Polilan – Handsome; Charming; Appealing; Attractive; Good Looking; Beautiful                         

Polk – One who will achieve grat glory in life               

Pollack – A surname meaning a person who is from Polland                

Pollard – One with a shorn head                                       

Pollerd – A short-haired man                             

Polloch – A Royal Headdress              

Pollux – Old Greek – Crown; Very Sweet; Pollack is a variant of Pollux

Pooranbir – Perfect and Brave; A complete warrior; An absolute defender                  

Pooranjit – Victory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absolute

Pooranjot – Light of the Perfect; Radiance and Brilliance of the contented; Brightness of absolute    

Pooranpreet – Perfect Love; Complete love; Contented Affection; Absolute happiness; Whole and completely satisfied life 

Poornachandra – Full moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Beautiful like a full moon   

Poornamrut – A person who is the sweetest              

Poornanand – One who bring complete joy and happiness  

Poornapragna – One who knows everything; Comletely Knowledgeable                       

Poornayu – A person who is filled with, full of life     

Poorv – A singing voice that is heart from the East when the sun rises                             

Poorvaj – An ancestro or an elder person     

Poorvansh – He who is like the Sun 

Poorvash – Full moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Beautiful like a full moon                               

Poorvesh – He who is like the Earth                 

Poorvith – One who is a complete person                    

Pooshan – A variant of Pushan; God of fertility; One who causes people to thrive                     

Poovan – God of Flower; Wind or Purifier                     

Poovannan – Forest of Flower; Garden of Flowers                   

Poovendan – A person with qualities of a leader       

Popat – One who is like a parrot                        

Popatlal – Refers to the parrot which is red in color 

Popatraja – King of Parrot; A derivative of name Popat which means Parrot 

Popo – A very tall grass of rye            

Porfio – Argentinian version of Porfirio, meaning purple clad.                             

Porfirio – Greek – Purple Coloring; A variant form of the Greek name Porphyrios      

Porgav – The one having abundant cattle.    

Poria – A Persian mythical Warrior’s name

Porivs – An English male name

Porkael – Hindu name meaning Zulu                                               

Porsche – An offering or a contribution         

Port – One who works or lives near a harbor               

Porter – One who guards the gates

Porteur – A gatekeeper or carrier

Portier – A variation of Porter, meaning gatekeeper or carrier.                           

Porunan – A male name of Hindi origin          

Porush – The power of the man        

Poseanye – The dripping dew            

Poseidon – God of the Ocean and the Sea

Posha – English American – A fancy young woman; A variant of name Posh   

P Sign

Poshan – One who serves the God  

Poshita – Dearly Loved; Beloved; One who is close to heart 

Poss – A pet form of Peter, which means rock                            

Possa – A small, little rock

Possel – Mostly used as a surname, means rock                        

Pothagan – One who desires success and individuality                                           

Pothraj – A brave young man                             

Potriya – Son; Grand-son; Offspring; Descendants; Children

Prabhcharan – One who shelters himslef in the feet of God

Prabhcheet – Remembering the Lord by heart; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God’s thoughts    

Prabhchet – One who is consumed in God                   

Prabhchetan – One who is aware of God; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God’s thoughts               

Prabhchit – Remembering the Lord by heart; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God’s thoughts        

Prabhdas – Slave of God; Servant of God; One who serves God         

Prabhdaya – One for whom God is Merciful; One who recieves God’s Grace; Kindness of God                            

Prabhdeep – A person who is dear to God   

Prabhdhan – One for whom God’s love is wealth; Richness of God’s Love; Prosperity of God’s Blessings         

Prabhdharam – God is the Religion; Lord is Divinity; Sacred teachings and principles of God  

Prabhdheer – Steadfast in God’s Love; One who is immersed in God’s Love                 

Prabhdhian – One who contemplates on God; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God’s thoughts        


Prabhgeet – Songs of God; Hymns of Lord; One who praises God through his songs                                 

Prabhgiaan – Divine Knowledge; Holy and Religious Brilliance; Sacred Wisdom                            

Prabhjas – Lord’s Praises; Tributes to Lord; God’s Commendations;  

Prabhjeevan – One for whom remembrance of God is Life; Lord is Life; One who loves God dearly as life      

Prabhjodh – God’s Warrior; God’s Defender; Guardian of God                           

Prabhjog – He who is worthy of God                               

Prabhjote – Light of God; Brightness of Lord; Brilliance, Radiance and Glory of God                   

Prabhjyot – The God’s light                                 

Prabhkamal – Flower of God; God’s Lotus;   

Prabhkeerat – Lord’s Praises; Tributes to Lord; God’s Commendations;          

Prabhkirpal – God’s Grace; Mercy of God; Kindness and Benevolence of God                             

Prabhlok – Godlike Person; God in man; God for the men    

Prabhmehar – One blessed with God’s Grace; One who is showered with God’s Kindness; Blessed with God’s mercy                       

Prabhmel – Union with God; One who is one with God; Together with the Lord         

Prabhnaam – Absorbed in God’s Name; Immersed in the name of God; Engrossed in meditating on God’s Name      

Prabhnirmal – One who is Pure Like God; Innocent like God;                              

Prabhoat – Lord’s Support; Guidance of God; Solace in God; One who seeks comfort in God                

Prabhparvaan – One who is accepted by God; One who is acknowledged by God; Recognized by God            

Prabhraman – One absorbed in God’s Love; One who is immersed in God’s Love; Engrossed in God’s Love   

Prabhrang – A person who is coloured by the love of God    

Prabhras – Nectar of God’s Love; Divine Nectar; Sweet Honey of God’s Love                               

Prabhratan – One who is the God’s precious stone  

Prabhsaihaj – Attaining tranquillity through God; One who attains enlightment through God; Attaining peace through God              

Prabhsangat – One who loves being with God; Loving the companionship of God; Like’s to be in God’s presence                               

Prabhseetal – Attaining peace through God; Attaining tranquillity through God; One who attains enlightment through God                              

Prabhsev – He who serves the God                 

Baby Boy Names that Start with P

Prabhsevak – God’s Servant; One who serves God; Slave of the Lord              

Prabhsharan – One who takes the shelter of God; Refugee in abode of Lord; One who serves at the feet of God              

Prabhsimar – One who Remembers God; One who meditates on God; One who thinks about God always   

Prabhsukh – Attaining peace by remembering God; One who attains tranquility by meditation on God           

Prabhteerath – One for whom God is the holy place; Divinity and Sacredness of Lord                              

Prabhu – General meaning of the name is God          

Prabhuh – One who is the Master of the city                                              

Prabhut – A powerful and mighty master                                     

Prabhvichar – He who reflects on God           

Prabindh – Hindi name meaning the whole world

Pradyut – One who is like a light

Praen – An English baby Boy name                  

Praful – Blooming; Brilliant; Glowing; Splendid; Magnificent                 

Prafuldeep – Blooming Lamp; Brilliant light; Splendid brightness; Brilliant Radiance                                   

Prafuljeet – Blooming Victory; Brilliant Triumph; Splendourous Success; Magnificent Victory

Prafull – One who is blooming. A playfull and cheerful person            

Pragalsingh – Radiant; Glowing; Bright; Luminant; Brilliant; Splendid; Magnificent                      

Pragdeesh – A person who will progres and advance in life                  

Prageet – Song; Lyric; Brilliant Song;                

Pragnan – A brainy, very smart person           

Pragnay – Famous; Scholar; One with Fame; One of many names of Lord Ganesh signifying his knowledge and wisdom

Pragnesh – A very wise, brainy, intelligent person    

Pragnya – A well known, famous scholar       

Pragnyan – One who is full of wisdom, an intelligent one      

Pragra – One who is on the highest point, on the top              

Pragritya – A famous person, a celebrety     

Pragun – A straightforward person, someone who is honest                               

Pragunya – A clever, intelligent individual                     

Pragyan – One who posesses the greater knowledge

Prahabat – A forth that is shining. Also means morning, dawn.                                           

Prahalad – Bliss; Happiness; Ecstasy; Joy; Pleasure; Harmony              

Prahalathan – One who is the best disciple according to Indian Mythology                    

Prahald – Prayer; Spiritual Bliss; Divine Wisdom;                        

Prahallad – An excess of happiness and joy 

Prahallada – The feeling of happiness and bliss          

Prahan – An extremly kind and generous person      

Prahar – An attack, agression, charge                                             

Praharaj – King of happiness; King of Bliss; Joy and Cheerful Ruler                     

Praharsh – Extreme Happiness; Joy; Delight; Cheer; Glad                      

Prahas – A person who has a lot of qualities. An upright individual                    

Prahasan – Good Smile; Contenment and Peaceful; Happy and cheerful; Joyful                                         

Prahasit – Famous; Always Laughing; Always Happy and cheerful; Joyful                       

Prahasta – Means long-head; Name of powerful rakshasa warrior; Chief commander of Ravana’s army of Lanka        

Prahaval  – To have a magnificent form                         

Prahil – To be a part of the God                        

Prahlad – Bliss; Happiness; Ecstasy; Joy; Pleasure; Harmony 

Prahlada – A person who is filled with joy     

Prahladan – A jouful person, one filled with happiness          

Prahor – An eight part of the night or a day  

Prahsith – Famous; Always Laughing; Always Happy and cheerful; Joyful       

Prailes – A surname of German Origin           

Prairie – A person who comes from the flatlands                      

Praiv – Brave; Mighty; Strong; Courageous  

Prajai – One who is a citizen, a civilian             

Prajakanth – Light to People; Brightness; Brilliance; Radiance                              

Prajakt – The God of all the creation                               

Prajal – Shining; Glowing; Brilliant; Radiant; Bright                     

Prajana – Wisdom; Knowledge; One of many names of Goddess Saraswathi               

Prajapala – Protector of Creatures; Defender of Creatures; Guardian of men                              

Prajapati – King of Men; Lord of Men; Lord of creatures; One of many names of Lord Brahma

Prestley – One who lives on the meadow of the priest

Preston – One who is from the priest’s settlement, town                     

Pretoria – A place name, the city in South Africa                        

Pretvan – Moving along; One who looks forward and moves ahead                                 

Prewitt – The brave and courageous little one                           

Priadan – A masculine name of English origin                                              

Priam – A very brave individual, the name of the King of the Troy

Priamus – A very courageous person, latinized version of the name Priam, the King of Troy                 

Priansh – The son that is the most loved                       

Pribhakta – A devotee that is the most loved             

Pribislav – Broken glory.       

Price – Old Welsh – Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Pryce         

Pridbor – First in battle                          

Pridon – Georgian form of Fereydoun, meaning third in Persian                        

Priel – The God’s fruit                            

Priesh – Lord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme Love        

Priestley – One who resides in the priest’s meadow               

Priestly – A resident of the priest’s meadow               

Prihaans – Loveable Swan; A derivative name from the word Hans which means Swan in Hindi           

Priidik – Estonian form of Frederick. It means peaceful ruler.                              

Priit – Short form of Priidik. It means peaceful ruler.                                               

Primal – A primeval a primary person                             

Primitivo – The first one                                       

Primo – Latin – First; First Born; A variant of the name Primus                              

Primoz – First                            

Fresh Baby Boy

Primus – He who is the first                

Prina – Content, Satisfied; Pleased; Happy; Feeling fullfilled

Prinan – A gratifying person

Prince – Royal Son; Heir to Throne; Royal Descendant; Offspring of the Royal family

Princeton – One who comes from the princely town               

Prineet – Content, Satisfied; Pleased; Happy; Feeling fullfilled            

Prinit – A very pleased and gratified person                

Prior – One who is the head of the monastery           

Prisco – Latin – Old; Aged; Wise;        

Prish – The one that was God gifted. Also means the loving one                                        

Prishita – One that carries the name of God

Prit – A feeling of love                           

Pritam – A darling, loved one             

Pritambir – A beloved brave person                               

Pritamjit – Victory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;        

Pritamjot – The beloved one’s light 

Pritampal – Protector of the Beloved; Defender of the much loved ones; Guardian of Love 

Pritesh – Lord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme Love       

Prithamdeep – Light of Love; Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance and Luminance of flame of Love            

Prithipal – Protector of Earth; Defender of Earth; Guardian of the World       

Prithish – One who is the Lord of the entire world                   

Prithiv – One who is the piece of the earth

Proctor – One who is a steward                         

Prodan – Sold or pledged to a monastery                     

Profit – A Scottish and English Surname; A variant spelling is Proffitt

Progyan – To be wiser than the others

Proinsias – Italian – Frenchman; Free One; Proinsias is a form of the English Francis  

Prokhor – Old Greek – Chorus Leader; One Who Leads the Singers   

Prokshan – Sprinkling water on someone’s head who is doing the Pooja        

Proloy – A man who is just like the storm

Prometheus – The forsighting, forethoughtful person                            

Promod – Happy; Delighted; Joyful; Glad; Cheerful; 

Promode – One who gives meaning to things                             

Pronoi – Love                            

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Pros – Boy or man                   

Prosad – One who is the blessing of the brightness                  

Prosenjit – The spreader of happiness and joy           

Prospero – Latin – Properous; Lucky; Wealthy; According to ones wishes; Derived from Latin word Prosper                   

Protec – One who givs people protection, shelter                    

Prothsah – One who encourages others to act                           

Protik – To stand as a symbol for something                

Provakar – One who is the Lord of the light  

Prudhvi – Earth; World; Universe;    

Prudvi – One who is the king of all the land                  

Prujvall – Brightness; Shining; Radiant; Brilliant; Luminance  

Prunal – A masculine, baby Boy name of Hindi origin                               

Pruthu – Name of a king who looked after earth as his daughter                       

Pryce – Old Welsh – Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Price          

Pryderi – Welsh – Caretaker; Variant forms of Pryderi include the names Pryderea, Pryderee, Pryderey, Pryderie, and Prydery.                      

Pryor – One who is the head of the priory                                    

Psalm – A song. A song-like person 

Psarlay – The name denotes the month of spring                     

Ptolemeos – One who is aggressive or war like.         

Ptonomy – Variant of Ptolemy which means Aggressive or War-like                 

Pubba – He is like the small rock                        

Publius – Latin – Public ; Common; A hero who saved Rome 

Puck – Mischievous; A Shakespearean baby name; Name of a mischievous spirit in the English Legend                           

Puda – One whi is like the little rock                                

Pudel – Splash; engraving on the pool                            

Pudhumai – One with an inovative and creative mind                             

Pugal – To have glory or fame            

Pugalendhi – An admirable man who reached glory

Pundarikakshya – One who is an epiteth of Lord Vishnu        

Pundarin – White Lotus; One with brilliance, radiance and beauty of a Lotus

Pundir – A Hindi name for Boys                         

Pundra – White Lotus; One with brilliance, radiance and beauty of a Lotus                    

Pundrik – One like the white lotus flower     

Puneet – Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; Faultless 

Puneeta – Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; Faultless                               

Puneeth – A person who is pure inside and holy       

Puneetinder – One sacred as the Lord                           

Puneetpal – A supporter of the purity           

Punidhan – Blessed; Moralist; Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Faultless; Most sacred heart person 

Punika – Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; Faultless                  

Punit – A sacred and pure one                           

Punith – Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; Faultless                                  

Punithan – Blessed; Moralist; Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Faultless; Most sacred heart person  

Punniya – One with most sacred heart; Blessed; Moralist; Sinless; Saint; River            

Punnoose – An Indian name goven to Boys and girls                               

Punyabhajin – Partaking of Virtue; Blissful; Heavenly; Peaceful                                          

Punyabharita – Filled with Virtue; One with good qualities; Good natured

Punyabrata – One who dedicated himslef to the God             

Punyajit – Something that was gained bu virtue                                        

Punyakoti – A holy cow’s name         

Punyaloka – A name meaning Sita and Druapadi       

Punyashila – One whose character is virtuous                            

Punyasloka – A verse that is sacred and holy                               

Punyatam – One who has a virtuous, pure soul                          

Punyatva – A male name of Indian origin      

Punyavan – A person with a virtuous character                          

Pupinder – Lord’s Love; God’s Affection; Kindness and compassion of the Lord                                          

Pupinderjeet – Victory with Lord’s Love; Triumph with God’s Love; Success of Lord’s Love    

Purab – Eastern, oriental person                       

Puradchi – Revolution; Uprising; Upheaval; Rebellion                             

Purahan – A complete person            

Purajana – The Embodiment of Life; Personification of Life; Incarnation of Life; Epithet of Life             

Puran – To be a complete individual

Purandara – Another name of Vasudeva; Also has meaning as King of Mythology(Puran) signifying Lord Indra            

Purandu – A name derived from the Sanskrit word “Purandar” which means King of Mythology         

Purangian – Complete Knowledge; Wisdom; Brilliance                           

Puranjan – He who embodies the essence of the life                              

Puranjana – The Embodiment of Life; Personification of Life; Incarnation of Life; Epithet of Life          

Puranjeet – Perfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;     

Puranjot – Perfect Light; Complete brightness; Brilliance and Radiance           

Puranpreet – Complete Love; Perfect and kind Love                               

Pushyaraag – A person resembling the precious stone Topaz                              

Puskar – One who is like a blue lotus flower                

Puskin – A name that originates from Russian surname Pushkin, meaning the canno               

Pussa – A tipsy person           

Puta – A mythological person             

Putakini – One who is full of life; Full of energy                          

Putera – Son or prince                           

Puthyrith – Merciful power                 

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Pution – Star                              

Putnam – A kite’s homestead            

Putra – To be someone’s son             

Putta – A baby that is small and petitte                          

Puttal – One of pure heart  

Puvarasu – One who is the ruler of the flowers                          

Puviarasu – King of the World; Lord of the world; Ruler of the earth

Pwyll – A male name from the Welsh Mythology, King Pwyll               

Pyara – A person who is loved                           

Pyas – Thirsty; One who always seeks for something                              

Pybbi – A person who is like the small stone                               

Pyers – One who lives near a pier, near the boats                     

Pylyp – One who is fond of horses.                 

Pyn – One who comes from the bunded area                             

Pyralis – One made of fire                   

Pyrrhus – A person that has the color of the flames, the red one                    

Pyt – A man from the pit                                      

Pythagoras – Python market                              

Pythios – To Rot                                       

Pytta – One small rock                                           

Pyttel – A hawk-like person

Narrowing down our choices to certain letters of the alphabet makes it much easier to decide on a proper name for our kids. So, if it is a boy name that starts with P that you desire, this article must have solved your problem.

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