Gummy Mawkish Candy Bar Sayings: Laughable Examples

Gummy Mawkish Candy Bar Sayings: Laughable Examples.

Candy Bar Sayings: Can we really do without these yummy sweethearts. Candy bars are the stuff of variety and spice, different colors, different shapes, different flavors. Make these variety part of your days by adding some viscid candy bar sayings and puns.Gummy Mawkish Candy

Mr. Good bar Candy Bar Sayings

MR, you’re one GOOD teacher!

Your GOOD work really raises the BAR

Looking forward to a GOOD year

Mounds and Candy Bar Sayings

Wishing you MOUNDS of happiness and fun this summer!

You deserve MOUNDS of thanks

For someone who does MOUNDS of work everyday – thanks!

Crunch Candy Bar Sayings

When it’s CRUNCH time, I want you on my side

Let the number CRUNCHing begin!

You always help out in a CRUNCH – thank you!

Thanks for coming through in a CRUNCHCrunch Candy Bar Sayings


She mint everything to me.

The victim needed medical treatmint immediately.

The Employmint Minister announced that new jobs would be generated by the reforms.

Thanks for all your commit-MINT

I was MINT to be in your class!

Kit Kat Candy Bar

My girlfriend is the Kit Kat’s meow.

You deserve a break today

You are one cool KAT

M&M’s Candy Sayings

Many & Many thanks for all you do>

I love you More & More each day

You are Marvelous & Magnificent

Chocolate Bar Sayings

You are the best teacher, BAR none

Thanks for your help

Your teaching raises the BAR

Candy Bar Wrapper Printable for Teachers

Milk Duds Candy Sayings

As a teacher, you’re no dud!Milk Duds Candy Sayings

Milky Way Candy Bar Sayings

Don’t MILK it, but I think you’re WAY cool

You’re the best teacher in the galaxy

Your work is truly out of this world

Nutrageous Candy Bar Sayings or Nuts

I would go nuts without your help

I’d have to be nuts not to appreciate all you do!

Twix Candy Bar Sayings

Twix can not be played by me when I express my fondness for you.

Thanks for teaching us some new TWIX

Whoppers Candy Sayings

You’re a WHOPPER of a teacher

I won’t lie: You’re a great teacher

Reese’s Pieces Candy Sayings

You will never be allowed by me to pass through my Butter Fingers.

It is not possible for me toI Resse-ist you.

There are a lot of ‘Resse’ ons why I adore you so much.

I love you to PIECES

Without you, I would fall to PIECES


You’re an awesome teacher for so many RIESENS

Why do I think you are the best teacher? Let me count the RIESENS

Pop Rocks

You Rock!

Rolos or Tootsie Rolls Candy Sayings

I like how you ROLL

Thanks for ROLLING up your sleeves and helping

You’re on a ROLL – great job!

Let the good times ROLLSnickers Candy Bar Sayings

Snickers Candy Bar Sayings

Don’t SNICKER, but I think you’re the greatest teacher!

Skor Candy Bar Sayings

I really SKOR’ed getting you as a teacher

Musketeers Candy Bar Sayings

Being around you is always an adventure

Your class has been an adventure

Almond Joy

For all the JOY you bring

It’s a JOY to be in your class!

With you as my teacher, every day is pure JOY

You hit this school year out of the park!

Butterfinger Candy Bar Sayings

You make things BUTTER by working your FINGERS to the bone – thanks!

Life with you just keeps getting BUTTER

When it comes to teaching, there’s no one BUTTER

We hope you can relax this summer and not lift a FINGER

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