Sharp and Stout Chinese Male Names Having Wonderful Meanings

I am certain that the first thing that enters most of our minds on hearing the mention of Chinese is combat. No thanks to the numerous motion pictures from the Chinese film industry, kung fu has been made synonymous with China. Chinese male names, just like the martial art, are just lovely. Do you have any favorite Chinese male names in your head?

Sharp and Stout Chinese Male Names Having Wonderful Meanings

Chinese male names follow a certain trend that is common to Chinese culture. According to the traditions and customs of the Chinese people, male children mostly acquire family names, which come from ethnic groups. Children have names that follow their culture due to the availability of different cultures in the country.

Just like the years’ old Chinese heritage and cultures, even Chinese male names symbolize virtue, ancient treasures, and serenity. There’s extreme diversity in Chinese names due to the different dynasties, religions like Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, and of course, Mandarin and Cantonese dialects.

Apparently, I have a few Chinese male names I happen to love. Actually, my likeness for these Chinese male names is from film characters. I have Chan and Xing as my preferred Chinese male names. Maybe you also have these choice Chinese male names or you are looking to name your kids with one. Truly, that will be a great idea. Chinese names make one of the most sought-after exotic names.

Astonishing Chinese Male Names

Astonishing Chinese Male Names

So, here you have it, list of some of the most interesting and profound Chinese males you can hope for.

Ai: Ai is a name of Chinese origin and it means ‘affection’ or ‘love’.

An Na: An Na is a name which means ‘quiet and graceful’.

An: The one who is gracious and satisfying                          

Bambang: The name means a knight or a soldier.             

Bao: Bao is a common Chinese name and it means ‘treasure’.

Barde: Barde in Chinese means ‘someone who sings ballads’.

Bartek: Son of Talmai; Farmer’s Son                        

Bartolomeo: Son of a Farmer; Both Surname and Given Name; Farmer’s Son     

Beaufort: From the Beautiful Fort                           

Bence: Victor    

Bengt: Blessed,to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holy                    

Benjimen: Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Son of the Right Hand                   

Benyamin: Jacob’s Youngest Son; Son of the Right Hand                               

Bergin: Spear-like; Lives on the Hill                         

Berndt: Brave Like a Bear            

Berthold: Brilliant Ruler; Bright Strength; Renowned Leader                       

Biaggio: One who stammers      

Bik: Stride,Strong                            

Biming: As clear as jade; a homestead provided for people         

Binyamin: Ploughman                  

Blaike: Light

Bolin: An elder brother of the rain          

Caihong: A really cute name you can give your baby boy is Caihong. It means ‘someone who is colourful like the rainbow’.

Cao: A Chinesee surname           

Chang: Another popular name in China, Chang means ‘an unhindered spirit’.

Chao: Chao means ‘someone who surpasses and forms his own journey’.

Chaun: The one who has financial and emotional security            

Chen: A common Chinese name, Chen means ‘someone with a great personality’.

Cheng: An accomplished person                              

Chenric: Amazing morning          

Cheung: Cheung is a name that means ‘fortunate man’.

Chia-Hao: Chia-Hao is another nice name for your Chinese boy and it means ‘someone who has a great objective in their lives’.

Chin: Variant of Jin         

China: Filled with affection         

Chun: A name that pays tribute to the season of blossoms.

Chung: The person who is wise and has deep understanding in various matters

Cong: Intelligent; one who has lots of wisdom and excels in every aspect                             

Delun: This is a Chinese name that means ‘someone who lays down the law and gives justice’.

Dingbang: A name for a patriot, Dingbang means ‘a person who is willing to protect his proud nation’.

Dishi: A cute name for a kid, Dishi means ‘someone with a high virtue’.

Disung: A worthy and truthful person                   

Fai: This is a Chinese name that means ‘beginning’.

Fan: Short from Francis, a famous bearer                             

Fang: A pen for sheep  

Feng: A Chinese word for someone who is like a phoenix. This name also means ‘maple’.

Fu: Refers to well to do and prosperous.

Gang: Hard, rigid or strong          

Guang: Guang means light and is a name given to someone who guides and shows the path forward.

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Hao: A Chinese name that means ‘perfect’ or ‘good’.

Haoran: A cool sounding Chinese name for boy, Haoran means ‘a person who is grand in manner and has a great goal’.

He: A harmony and peace the river brings

Holwell: Lives by the Holy Spring                             

Hong: Hong is a common Chinese name that means ‘large and someone with a big heart’.

Horacio: timekeeper     

Hou: One who is a lord, a nobleman                       

Hu: Tiger; Vigorous; A Nature God                          

Hua: A popular Chinese name that means ‘prosperous’.

Huang: Bright yellow     

Hui: This is a name given to someone who is quick, smart and clever.

Hyson: Chinesee – Flourishing spring; A name after an English tea merchant                       

Jia: Jia means the outstanding, great person who is everyone’s favorite.              

Jian: Jian the condition of being agreeable, sound, or upbeat.                   

Jiang: In Chinese, Jiang means ‘a flowing river at constant speed’. It is a name given to someone who is determined and focused.

Jiao-long: Dragons are an important part of Chinese culture and Jiao-long represents someone with dragon-like qualities.

Jie: Chinesee – One who is Pure; Chaste                               

Jiei: Jiei is the variation of name Jie which means a prominent and succefull person.                       

Jig: Jig means quickly. A person with quick speed.           

Jin: This is an exotic but common name given to Chinese boys. Jin means ‘gold’ or ‘someone who is wealthy’.

Jing: Chinesee – Essence, Perfect; Clear, Crystal; Capital City                       

Jing-sheng: Chinesee – Born in the City; Born in Beijing  

Jonah: it means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.     

Juan: God is gracious. People with this name have the fun side and can convince people with their nice and jolly attitude.               

Judaala: people with this name have absolute thinking and joyful in nature. They look life in a unique way . They are bee-keeper or monk.

Ju-long: Powerful and gigantic ; Strong and mighty like a dragon                               

Jun: Truth; Japanese – Obedient; Latin – Younger; Young Child    

Kaili: Kaili is the name of Hawaiian Deity, also means Beautiful and Victorious in Chenese                             

Kang: Kang name means Health in Chenese       

Keung: Keung name means Universe    

Kong: Kong means Void                               

Koshing: Step by step upwards

Kueng: The name means Universe                         

Kun: Kun means Universe                           

Kuo: Kuo means Vast in Chenese                            

Lan: Another pretty and stylish name for Chinese boys is Lan. It means ‘orchid’, which is an important flower in the Chinese culture.

Le: Chinesee word for joy           

Lee: Healer, the one with the power to heal      

Li Jie: Li Jie is a popular boy’s name in China and it means ‘reason’ or ‘beautiful’.

Li Jun: Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Jun means Talented, Handsome, King, Ruler                     

Li Qiang: Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Qiang means Strong, Powerful, Energetic                      

Li Wei: Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, Extraordinary

Li: Chinesee name meaning logic                             

Liang: Liang is another popular Chinese name for boys and it means ‘someone who is brilliant and bright in nature’.

Lim: Lim is a Chinese name for boys that means ‘an evergreen forest’.

Ling: Ling is a common Chinese name and it means ‘the unbreakable spirit’.

Lok: Joy in Chinesee

Luo: Chenese name that means Camel 


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Manchu: Manchu is a popular and exotic name for Chinese boys that means ‘purity’.

Mei-hui: A popular name that is given to Chinese kids all across the world, Mei-hui means ‘someone who is wise and beautiful in nature’.

Mencius: Mencius is a name for Chinese boy which means the ‘eldest son’ or ‘power’.

Ming: A common and popular name for Chinese boys, Ming means ‘shining’ or ‘bright’. It is generally given as a surname.

Ning: There is none like the spirit.           

Peng: Peng is a name given to someone who is a grandson of the Great emperor Zhuan Xu.

Ping: If your boy exhibits calm qualities, then this is a good name to give to him as it means ‘someone with a level mind’ or ‘peaceful’.

Qiang: A name given to someone who possesses immense strength. It’s a popular name for Chinese boys.

Qiao: Pretty, handsome person                               

Qing yuan: This is a popular name in China for boys and it means ‘deep water’ or ‘a clear spring’.

Qiu: The name is popular as it means ‘autumn’, which is an important time in the Chinese calendar.

Qu: Interesting, delightful person           

Rong: Rong is a unisex name and it means ‘someone who brings prosperity and honor to his family’.

Ru: Another popular name, Ru means ‘someone who is like a scholar’.

Chinese Male Names

Shan: This is a nice name to give your boy as it means ‘an old and wise man’.

Shen: A spirit or something supernatural             

Sheng: Chinesee name meaning victory                               

Shing: A proud name you can give your boy, Shing means ‘to be victorious’ or ‘to achieve victory’.

Shuang: To be clear and bright  

Shufen: Shufen is a cute name you can give your baby boy. It means ‘someone with a good fragrance and who is well-liked’.

Shu-hui: This is another nice name you can give your baby boy. Shu-hui is someone who has great intelligence and spreads happiness with his knowledge.

Shui: This name means ‘someone who is like water’.

Shuo: Shuo is another popular Chinese name and it means ‘a unique and great achievement that brings wealth’.

Susu: A very slight sound. A quiet person                            

Syaoran : He who is a little wolf

Lovely Chinese Male Names

Taio: Taio is a great name for a Chinese boy and it means ‘a distinguished or a great person who will achieve a lot’.

Tong: In Chinesee it is a title given to a public officer. In Ditch it refers to tongue that means a chatterbox            

Tu: This is a name that is given to someone who exhibits qualities of intelligence and learns anything fast.

Wang lei: Wang means King, Monarch, Lei means Thunder, Bud, or Pile of Stones                                           

Wang Yong: Wang means King, Monarch, Yong means Brave, Eternal                    

Yan: Bulgarian form of Ioanne, meaning Jehovah has been gracious.

Zhang Wei: Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Wei means Power, Pomp, High, Extraordinary                             

Zhang Yong: Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Yong means Brave, Eternal                 

Zhen: Zhen is a common Chinese name that can have several meanings. Some of them include ‘real’, ‘virtuous’ or ‘precious’.

It is speculated that Chinese parents generally consult an astrologer to suggest a good name for their babies. They use charts to determine which of the elements (water, wood, fire, gold, and earth) can be associated with the baby’s time of birth.

Traditionally, Chinese male names connote prosperity, strength, and characteristics that parents hope their babies to inherit. Meanings of names are very significant to the Chinese people, which is a reason for these Chinese male names having unique names.

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