Church Signs Sayings for Easter Season you will Definitely Muse over

How often do you get a good laugh off some religious sayings? Have you ever read an incredible thought displayed on the post of a church? Church signs sayings for Easter have been posted by many Christian denominations over the years.  Interestingly, there are many congregations that display lovely sayings for Easter on their boards.

Church Signs Sayings for Easter Season you will Definitely Muse over

Apparently, church sign sayings for Easter are mostly coined with some funny and thrilling contents. Assuredly, you will have a good chuckle reading some of these church sign sayings for Easter. Recently, some churches don’t display church signs as much as it was done in previous years.  However, some still do and regularly update the signs to fit the particular religious season or celebration.

Fortunately, these church sign sayings for Easter have not faded. Accordingly, our article today is focused on bringing to you a compilation of great church sign sayings for Easter. You can as well mark some of them out as your favorite because you will definitely have one.

Outstanding Church Signs Sayings for Easter

Outstanding Church Signs Sayings for Easter

1. Eternity is a long time to think about where you went wrong.

2. Death has no power over the believer.

3. Lord, help us be the people our dogs think we are.

4. You may party in Hell, but you will be the barbecue.

5. Wrinkled with problems? Come to the Lord’s House for a faith lift.

6. Jesus is the Sonrise.

7. The Beauty of New Life is found in the Easter Death of Christ!

8. What did Adam say to Eve? I’ll wear the plants in this family.

9. Body piercing saved our souls.

10. Three days dead, He lives again!

11. Walmart is not the only place for savings.

12. His crucifixion in stead, resurrection He shares.

13. We are not Dairy Queen, but we do have great Sundays!

14. No SPF needed to spend time with the Son.

15. Feeling warm? This church is prayer-conditioned.

16. If your life stinks, we have a pew for you.

17. Can’t sleep? Counting sheep? Talk to the Shepherd!

18. Your name may be on a bottle of Coke, but is it in the Book of Life?

19. Practice thanking God for more than elastic waistbands.

20. Exercise daily. Walk with the Lord.

21. Confess and believe; in Glory He lives!

22. Looking for “Mr. Right”? This is His house!

23. Easter revealed the spiritual timeless quality of eternity.

24. Easter is a story, a grand redemption story.

25. Forecast for tomorrow: God reigns and the Son shines.

26. Two visits a year will not save your soul, commit to Jesus!

27. This heat wave is temporary. You certainly don’t want to face an eternal one!

28. Easter comes once a year. How often do you?

29. Keep using my name in vain, and I’ll make rush hour longer. – God

30. The manger was the first king-sized bed.


31. Sonrise, a gift from God.

32. Jesus is the Easter story… told again, and again, and again!

33. Jesus said “I’ll be back” way before Arnold did.

34. Addicted to the Hokey Pokey, so I turned myself around.

35. Need a lifeguard? He walks on water.

Church Sign Sayings for Easter

36. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

37. I was going to waste, but Jesus recycled me.

38. I find your lack of faith disturbing. – Darth Vader

39. God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.

40. How do we make Holy Water? We boil the Hell out of it!

41. What could this sign say to get you here on Sunday?

42. Does your spiritual house need spring cleaning?

43. We have a prophet-sharing plan.

44. Church parking only. Violators will be baptized.

45. Read the Bible. It will scare the Hell out of you!

46. Passion of the Lamb, compassion for the lost.

47. If God is your copilot, switch seats.

48. Jesus is coming… Look busy!

49. Download your worries and get online with God.

50. Under the same management for more than 2,000 years.

51. Believe in the Resurrection, walk in new life.

52. This is your sign to come to church.

53. iPod? iPad? Try iPray! God is listening!

54. Sinners wanted. Apply within.

55. What is missing from ch__ch? U R!

56. Christ paid! You keep the change… New Life!

57. Trust in God, but lock your car.

58. Jesus: Your get-out-of-Hell-free card.

59. God didn’t create anything without purpose, but mosquitoes do come close!

60. No body’s perfect, but a Jesus workout could help.

61. I hate this church. – Satan

62. Our church is like fudge: sweet with a few nuts.

63. An Easter visit is just a start, Commit your life to Jesus!

64. Resurrected life, Christ offers you.

65. God recycles. He made you from dust.

66. You wanted a sign? Here it is!

67. Always remember that Hell is really un-cool.

68. Whether you believe or not, He lives today!

69. Dust on your Bible leads to dirt in your life.

70. Maury isn’t the only place where people find their Fathers.

Church Sayings

71. ATM inside: Atonement, Truth, Mercy

72. I am also making a list and checking it twice. – God

73. Born in a manger, died on a cross, rose from death at Easter!

74. Jesus: Your get-out-of-hell-free card

75. God wants full custody, not just weekend visits.

76. What happens in Vegas is forgiven here.

77. Don’t make me come down there. – God

78. In His death we walk in new life.

79. The best vitamin for a believer is B1.

80. Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

81. Life is cray cray. Jesus is the way way.

82. Free Coffee! Yes, membership has its benefits!

83. Less hate, more pancakes.

84. Our sign broke. Come inside for the message.

85. Our sins took Christ to the Cross! God’s Love kept Him there.

86. God loves you whether you like it or not.

87. Give Satan an inch and he’ll become your ruler.

88. Don’t give up! Moses was once a basket case!

89. Thou shalt not steal copper from our A/C unit.

90. Son screen prevents sin burn.

91. If you’re praying for a blizzard, please go to Dairy Queen.

92. Once dead, He rose again, to bring new life to you.

93. God is our wireless provider!

94. Visitors welcomed. Members expected.

95. A sealed tomb now open… the Joy of Easter.

96. Prophecy class cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

97. Gossip is the Devil’s radio. Are you his DJ?

98. Jesus will love the Hell out of you.

Church Signs Sayings for Easter Season

99. Crucified to conquer death.

100. Our sins took Christ to the Cross!

101. Jesus has power over death.

102. Easter unveils the way to eternity.

103. Hate corny church signs? Amen!

104. He Lives ! Jesus Lives today and talks with me.

105. He Lives ! Jesus Lives today and walks among us.

Can you picture yourself walking past these signs and not giving them a good thought? Certainly, you must have enjoyed these church sign sayings. They are simply fantastic. We have put together, the deep, funny, canny, strong and even smart ones. Truly, the church has variety for everyone.

Don’t hesitate to share these love church sign sayings for Easter with your friends this coming Easter season.

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