Complete Guides on How to Write a Party Invitation 2021 Update.

Complete Guides on How to Write a Party Invitation 2021 Update.

Complete Guides on How to Write a Party Invitation 2021: Writing a party invitation is an art. There are important details that should not be skipped when preparing an invite.

Most party planners and coordinators will agree that once you get the hang of it writing an invite is easier than expected. It just takes some practice and tips from the pros to be in the know-how.

Here’s all of the information you will want to include on your next party invitation. By including all of the facts about your party, guests will have an easier time deciding whether or not they can make the event, and get to the right place at the right time.

Preparing an invite correctly might seem specific, but the party invitation wording can be crucial in guests‘ attendance.

Knowing if a guest will be able to attend the party ends up being a huge help to the host in preparing. Understanding the number of guests in attendance assists in estimating the amount of food and drink to have on hand, as well as seating arrangement details, gift bags, and more depending on the occasion.

Feel free to be creative as you want with the design and copy of the invitation but make no mistake some facts must be present on each invitation to garner a positive and helpful response.

Follow the instructions below for an easy to follow how-to on writing party invitations.

Party Purpose/Theme: You probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but it’s important to indicate what kind of party it is (birthday, Christmas, retirement, etc).

If it’s a lesser-known theme with special rules/requirements (white elephant gift exchange, costume party), be sure to give invitees the ground rules or at least tell them where they can learn more.

Who’s Hosting: This may be obvious, but somewhere on the invitation, it should say who’s hosting the party. Include a phone number and/or email address in case people have questions.

Who’s Invited: In particular, guests want to know if they can bring a date or other family members. For children’s parties, parents want to know if it’s a drop-off event or if they need to be there as well.

Time and Date: The time and date of the event should be prominent. Include the day of the week, and make sure everything is in a familiar format that your guests will have no problem understanding. If the party ends at a certain time, be sure to include that too.

Food and Beverages: You should give potential guests some idea of what you’ll be serving and what, if anything, you expect them to bring. Even if the word “potluck” is right on the invite, it’s best to make it absolutely clear (ex. “Bring a dish to share”).

how to write a party invitation

RSVP Instructions: If you expect people to RSVP, leave instructions at the end of the invitation on how to do so – and what the deadline is. If guests should RSVP by mail, you should also include a phone number or email for those who have questions.

Any Other Pertinent Information: There are so many different types of parties, it’s impossible to create a single checklist that adequately covers all of them.

For more detailed tips and wording suggestions, dig a little deeper into Wordingvibes to see if there’s a page on the specific type of party you’re hosting.

Wording Guidelines on How to Write a Party Invitation

how to write a party invitation

Grab Their Attention: A great invitation should generate excitement and have an immediate impact on anyone who receives it.

You can do this through a slick design, or through clever wording: The more casual the party, the more playful you can get with the invitation.

Make Your Words Match the Images: Ideally, the words should tie in with the look of the invitation. For example, if you’re hosting a Halloween party, you could use the words “I’m feeling thirsty – let’s have a drink!” next to an image of a vampire.

Keep it Short and Clear: If you’re trying to make your invite clever, visually appealing, and chock-full of useful information, you may find that turns into a confusing mess. Don’t let style get in the way of giving your invitees the basic info they need.

And if your invite gets loaded down with too much information, consider a follow-up message with further details – possibly to only those who ask for it or have RSVP’d.


Final Tips on How to Write a Party Invitation

Always send written invitations for formal events such as business gatherings, formal dinners, and special occasions like showers, weddings, or events honoring someone.

how to write a party invitation

If guests are not from your local area, then include a map to the location of your event.

Send invitations anywhere from 8-2 weeks in advance depending on the formality of the occasion. Weddings require the longest lead-time; casual dinners and brunches require the least.

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