A List of Cool Last Names Very Suitable as First Names

A List of Cool Last Names Very Suitable as First Names.

Cool Last Names: in recent years, there has been a surge in the use of last names and first names. This last names or surnames as some persons know, are usually quite catchy and have deep meanings.

Fitting Cool Last Names for Male Kids Used as First Names

Have you observed these recent trends of reinventing last names? Maybe like me, you have also been drawn to this practice and love the concept. We want to ease your stress if you’ve got plans.

While considering what wonderful last names to use as first names for your kids, you might want to take a look at this unique compilation we have put up for you. Trust us, these surnames are epic!

Fitting Cool Last Names for Male Kids Used as First Names

In no particular order, here are a list of great last names as an expectant parent and a few things about the names.


There are countless of distinguished bearers of this name as well, such as Sir Arthur Sullivan and Annie Sullivan. And you get the nickname option of Sulli. Could it get any more adorable than this?


This English occupational surname has nothing to do with martial or military. Instead, it stems from Norman French name for ‘someone caring for horses’.


It’s a shame that Duncan is not used as much as it was now a few decades ago. It’s confident, jaunty, has a Scottish appeal, and brims with folksy charm. Duncan means ‘dark warrior’.


Mason, another occupational surname turned baby name, owes its popularity to 60s and 70s American pop culture. Even today, it sits high at the third spot. Mason means ‘stone maker’.


Scottish surname Dixon, meaning ‘son of Dick’, has a tough guy vibe to it, which we really like. It’s also an innovative way to honor your uncle or ancestor named Dick or Richard. And the ‘x’ form is a lot livelier than the traditional spelling Dickson.


If you’re an ardent fan of the Beatles, using the last name of one of the band members would be a nice baby name choice. Lennon is an Irish surname, meaning ‘small cloak or cape’.


This is one of the most obvious last names as a first name option. This stylish English occupational name is currently the 7th most common surname in America. Miller means ‘grinder of grain’. (ambien)


You can never go wrong with the last name of one of the most beloved American presidents as the first name for your son. Lincoln is a unisex name but would sound better on a baby boy than a girl. Lincoln means ‘town by the pool’.


Which kid wouldn’t want to share his name with the guitar legend Jimi Hendrix? Hendrix is basically a version of Hendrik but sounds way cooler than the former. Hendrix means ‘estate ruler’.


If you want something distinctive than Shawn, try Shaw, an English surname meaning ‘dweller by the wood’. It doesn’t sound like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill name, but a memorable and distinctive one.


If you’re still trying to figure out how to use your family name Tom for your son, you can safely go for Thompson. The meaning of Thompson is ‘son of Tom’.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that out of all the last names crossed over to become given names, Cooper is one of the most attractive. This friendly and playful name, meaning ‘barrel maker’, is currently in the 77th spot.


This common surname sounds way more unique when used as a first name. In fact, it’s beginning to be used as an alternative to David. Davis means ‘beloved’.


This particular name is becoming quite popular. Anderson means ‘son of Andrew’. If we go by the records, Anderson is now used more as a first name than the surname. And we feel it would be an excellent twist on regular, and even slightly common name Andrew.


This Celtic surname Griffin, meaning ‘strong lord’, is also the name of a mythological creature, which is a half lion and half eagle, making the moniker even more mysterious and attractive. And it has been climbing the charts since the year 1983.


Here’s another potential last name as first name option. Wilson apparently, has been growing in popularity than its variation William. It also has an advantage of friendly nickname Will. Wilson means ‘son of William’.


Carson, a Scottish name, meaning ‘son of marsh dwellers’, began as a surname, but is now more popular as a given name. While Carson is an androgynous name, it hasn’t caught on with girls yet.


Smith, one of the most common American last names, will look and sound fresh when used as a first name for your little one. This sophisticated English surname means ‘blacksmith’.


Parker is also one of those of those surnames that can easily transition into a given name because of its boyish and easygoing charm. Parker means ‘park keeper’.


This mellow sounding name, meaning ‘cart driver’, will make a winning first name for your son. This name broke into the top 25 list last year, leaving several other upscale surnames behind.


Not many may agree, but we find Gibbs incredibly cool as a first name. One of the notable bearers of this name is Cory Gibbs, the football player. Gibbs means ‘son of Gibb’.


This is one name that has achieved so much usage in recent times. It has a high acceptability and usage.
Walker This particular name has been used quite frequently as first names. Walker is being used as a first name. It was extremely popular as a first name at the turn of the 20th century, reaching the 296th spot.


Coleman, we feel, is an excellent twist on the commonly used name Cole. This moniker was one of the top 1000 names from the 1960s and 1970s but has been a mainstay even since. So it’s the right time to pick this name for your son. Coleman means ‘son of Nicholas’.


This name has been borne by some great personalities. As much as like some Spice, we love the sound of this surname. It’s is fresh, modern, and sounds stylish even today. Beckett, meaning ‘stream’, has been steadily climbing the charts since the year 1998 and is currently on the 244th position of Social Security Administration list.


We agree that Jones reminds us of one of the most common baby boy names John, but it packs a lot more punch than the former. And contrary to what most people think, Jones is not a version of John, but Jonah, which means ‘dove’.


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Last Names that are Girlish as First Names

Last Names that are Girlish as First Names

Here are also some wonderful last names for the girls.


Bellamy, meaning ‘fine friends’, is emerging as a first name for girls.


A name with a distinctive Irish sense, Quinn sounds like a smart first name option in more ways than one. The popularity of Quinn for girls rose in the mid-1990s. Quinn means ‘wise’.


This is a directional surname, with the rise of the directional names, people won’t even raise eyebrows hearing this name.


Nature loving parents will find Rowan appealing, which is derived from the Rowan tree. Meaning ‘little redhead’ in Gaelic, Rowan comes from an Irish surname


This can be used for any sex, but we’ve picked it for girls as it’s a pretty alternative to the super-popular and common names Emily and Emma. This German surname, meaning ‘son of Emery’.


This long-established surname, meaning ‘dweller near the ash tree meadow’, began as a boy’s name, but soon fell to the girl’s territory, some obvious factors may have led to this.


Delaney is an offbeat option when you look for surnames as first names. This Irish surname, meaning ‘dark challenger’, has a feminine feel to it along with buoyant enthusiasm.


Langley is a common English surname but is a lot less common as a first name. Langley means ‘long meadow’.


Cameron means ‘crooked nose’.


This Spanish last name, meaning ‘bear‘, will also double up as a girl’s first name. It’s funky, cool, and has the perfect ‘ia’ ending for a girl’s name.


This upbeat and friendly Irish surname/name, meaning ‘courageous’, is super popular for girls, in all its spelling variations. And it’s used for boys as well.


Being one of the top 10 names during the 20th century, Taylor has 90s feel to it, which makes it even more charming. And for the nickname, you can pick from a variety of possible names twists.


Owing to great icons who had this name, it has become commonplace. But today, the name ranks higher for females. Peyton means ‘royal or farm of Paega’.


The surname Kennedy, meaning ‘misshapen head’, has managed to stay trendy and classic at the same time. This Irish moniker is commonly associated with late President John F. Kennedy but is now the 54th most popular name for girls.


Yes, even Rose is used as both first and last names for baby girls. As a first name, Rose reached the pinnacle of its popularity in 1896 to 1921. But as a surname, it’s been in use for centuries.


Campbell, the Scottish surname, meaning ‘crooked mouth’, has officially drifted to the female side now.


Most of us have come to know the character of Marilyn Monroe who is the most notable bearer of this name. This feminine name with unique sound is currently in the 787th spot on the list of most popular baby girl name list. Monroe means ‘mouth of the Roe river’.


This Irish name means ‘curly haired’. It has been fancied for the females in recent years.


Bailey, the occupational surname meaning ‘bailiff’ or ‘law enforcer’, was used for the first time for a female character in the year 1974 in the show “WKRP in Cincinnati”.

More Options for Cool Last Names as First Names

More Options for Cool Last Names as First Names

Do well to bring your friends to this page to check these great last names out.

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