17 Cool Ways to Make Her Feel Special with Words 2021 Update

-Ways to Make Her Feel Special with Words-

Every woman needs to feel like her guy is a rare and unique treasure. How can you show her how special she really is to you? Other than a guy treating her as his queen, nothing impresses a woman.

Ways to Make Her Feel Special with Words

There are tactful ways to help make her feel special whether you are in a fantastic relationship with your girlfriend or wife or even if you have occasions when the relationship could be stronger.

Any aspects can be taken for granted while two people are in a relationship. There might be moments when one or both of you need a pick-me-up as a reminder that you are important to the other person.

Effective ways to make her feel special.


There are times in a relationship when we can all do better at listening. She may have had a bad day at work and when she says she is OK, she really might want to talk about things but you don’t push her.

Instead, be assertive and get her to open up about things and really set aside everything so she has your undivided attention so you can communicate more effectively.

It is important that when you are in a relationship, you are a friend to her first and foremost.

Write Sweet Quotes or Texts

Just shows that you are thinking about her with a nice and unexpected gesture. It will make her day. It is a simple way to show her that she is special to you and that she is on your mind.

 Compliment Her

Does she look absolutely stunning even though she has just sweatpants on and her hair is up? Tell her how beautiful she is.

If she is dressed up for a special occasion, make sure you tell her that you notice the beautiful dress she has on.

Tell her little things to offer encouragement and to show how proud you are of her. She may have had a monumental promotion or been working on a huge project. Just let her know how much you appreciate her. (https://morrisvillecathospital.com/)

 Tell her that you love her

If you really do love her, she should not have to guess. You should tell her when you feel the urge to.

Telling her is one thing but showing her that you really do speaks volumes too.

Sometimes when it is unspoken, people can take it for granted. It is important to remind someone that they have your heart.

 Buy Her Things That She Wants

Instead of big ones, women also value tiny tokens of gratitude. Relationships do not have to be focused on materialistic stuff, but every now and then, sometimes a little surprise that is unexpected is very thoughtful and can show her that when you saw it you were thinking of her.

You took your hard-earned cash and purchased something to demonstrate a way of being affectionate.

 Remember Important Dates Such As Anniversaries and Birthdays

It can be hard to remember your first date or the first time you said ‘I love you,’ but if you do not remember the anniversary of when you first became exclusive or got married, you might be in the dog house. Birthdays are also a big deal.

Plan ahead to do something, even if it is just a card to tell her what she means to you. It is at least a gesture to show she is special to you.

Call Her

Even if you do not have anything to talk about, calling her just lets her know you care, are thinking about her, and she is on your mind.

That will definitely make her feel special. It might be the first thing in the morning or right before bedtime, but it is nice for her to know that you are thinking about her.

If you are going to be working late and you are married, you still need to consider her feelings and let her have a heads up that you are thinking about her.

Do Things Together That You May Not Normally Do

If she has certain interests that you usually do not share with her, go ahead and buy tickets for her to go to her favorite band’s upcoming concert or go to the ballet, art museum, or take a cooking class together.

It may be something that you would not normally do on your own but if you are willing to do it with her, you are scoring big time brownie points.

Take Her to Dinner or Make Dinner

It may have been a long and stressful day or week for her with a lot on her plate. Give her a break and take her out to a nice relaxing dinner where you can just enjoy time together. You might make dinner instead so she can just have a break from having to do it.

Don’t Expect One Person to Do All 

There should be an equality of giving and taking in the relationship where you help each other. You have to take turns being there for each other.

She cannot always be the one who calls, cooks, talks, or makes things happen for the both of you. Help her out even if it is as simple as picking up around the house.

 Communicate Using Your Eyes and Your Ears

Make her feel special by looking at her when she speaks and reiterating to her what she says. Use face to face forms of communication for discussions because sometimes using texts or other forms of media are less personal.

Utilize methods of communication that uses multiple senses so you can truly connect on what it is you are communicating about.

Notice the Little Things

She may have gotten her nails done or her hair is different. She may even have a hair out of place that you gently move out of the way. It is so often the little things that make her feel those butterflies in her stomach.

 Hold Her Hand

Over the top displays of affection are not necessary but sometimes just a man’s touch to know that is he right there means so much.

You can go out on the town and it is a kind gesture to show that she is yours and you are proud for others to see so.

Ways to Make Her Feel Special with Words

Laugh Together

A couple that stays together, laughs together. Even if you are gently teasing or laughing at a silly moment, it is amazing just to be able to make light in some situations. Laughter is one of the ultimate keys to happiness.

 Enjoy the Occasional Romantic Date Night and Actually Stick To It

Eliminate the distractions within your day-to-day lives. Set aside a special date night together and make sure to keep it so that you are showing her that you are valuing the relationship.

Continue to do so throughout your marriage or relationship so to always keep a spark in the romance. One of the most important things you can do to make her feel special.

Make Her a Priority and Set an Objective for Your Relationship

Focus on it and nurture it. Just like most things in life, good things can often take time. Relationships are no exception.

 Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

We all make mistakes and even in relationships, we should all know when to apologize, when to show respect and when to show one another the attention they deserve.

 Appreciate the Small Things in Life Together

The things that actually have less value are those that are most sentimental. Being unable to do so may show a lack of compassion and could hurt her feelings.

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