Distinctive St Patrick’s Day Words to Acknowledge the Esteemed Patron

Not only did the honorable St Patrick spend his days as a slave in Ireland, he graciously returned there after his escape to share the good news of Christianity with Irish people. Over the years, special words have been identified with this day and this great icon. St Patrick’s day words are peculiar because they carry the unique significance of the holiday.

Distinctive St Patrick's Day Words to Acknowledge the Esteemed Patron

After the declaration of St Patrick’s day as a holiday in Ireland and other places with people of Irish origin, the has also been a rise in the use of some words on this day. St Patrick’s day words are now special features on this day as you will hear them being widely used.

Due to predominant usage, some words have come to be tightly associated with St Patrick’s Day. If you are curious about the diction of Irish observers of St Patrick’s Day or wish to join in the celebration, then you will find this article very useful. Carefully, we have sorted out some distinctive St Patrick’s Day words you will of fail to hear or read on St Patrick’s Day.

Peculiar St Patrick's Day Words

Peculiar St Patrick’s Day Words


Alcohol, Ale, Ancestor, Apparel, Authentic, Awe


Bagpipe, Balbriggan, Balmy, Banshee, Battlements, Belleck, Biscuits, Blackthorn, Blarney, Bog, Bonnyclabber, Boondoggle, Boycott, Brambles, Brawl, BROGUE, Burr


Cabbage, Cally potatoes, Camagie=field hockey, Cap, Capriciousness, Castles, Catholic, Celtic, Celtic cross, Charming, China, Claddagh, Clan, Cliffs, Clover, Coffee, Colcannon, Colleen, Companionship, Corned beef, Cottage, Countryside, Cricket, Crosses, Crubeens, Crystal, Curragh


Dartboard, Dazzling, Diversity, Donneybrook, Dramatic, Draught, Dreamer, Drumlin, Dulse


Elf, Emerald Isle, Emigrant, Expectation


Faerie (prince), Famine, Fanciful, Fascination, Feast, Fenians, Fibbar MaGee, Fiddle, Fiddler, Folk music, Foolishness


Gabled, Gaelic, Gardens, Ghost, Ghra=my love, Glimmer, Grandeur, Guinness


Hallowed, Hallucination, Hand-knit, Harp, Harpist, Headlands, Hedgerow, Heritage, Historic, Horses, Hospitality, Humble, Hurling


Illusions, Imagery, Imagination, Indulgence, Inn, Insight, Interaction, Ireland, Irish coffee, Irish stew, Irish sweepstakes


Jig, Jolly, Joy


Keen, Keg, Knight, Knits


Lace, Laughter, Legends, Leprechaun, Lilt, LIMERICK, Local, Loiter, Lorry, Lotteries, Lough, Luck


Machree, Magic, Majesty, Matriarch, Mist, Moonflowers, Mulligan stew, Music, Music and dancing, Musical, Mutton, Mysterious, Myths


Nimble, Nonsense



St Patrick


Paganism, Parable, Parochial, Passionate, Peat bog, Pint, Pints, Pious, Pipes, Pixie, Plaice, Poetic, Pot pie, Pot-of-gold, Potatoes, Poteen, Prince, Pub (public house), Publican


Quaint, Query, Quest, Quiet


Rainbow, Rambling, Rebel, Rebellion, Reels, Relatives, Religion, Rituals, Rogue, Romance, Rosy-cheeked, Roundabout, Rugby, Rustic


Saint Patrick, Scones, Seanachais, Shamrock, Shananchie, Shillelagh, Shimmer, Shrine, Silkies, Sinn, Smithereens, Soda Bread, Sorrow, Spell, Spongeware, Steep, Stew, Storyteller, Storytelling, Stout Stroll, Stunning, Sweaters, Sweepstakes, Symbolism


Tanistry, Tankard, Tea, Tea pot, Thatch, Thoroughbreds, Tory, Tradition, Troubles, Turf, Tweeds


Unique, Universal


Valiant knight, Vitriol, Vivacious


Wail, Wake, Wee, Whiskey, Whiskey, Wizard, Wonder, Woolens, Woven       


Yarn, Yellow




Fantastic St Patrick's Day Word Phrases

Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Word Phrases

  1. A blessing for you

  2. A hundred thousand welcomes

  3. A little bit of blarney

  4. A pint of cheer

  5. A pot full of st. Patrick’s day wishes

  6. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  7. A special irish greeting

  8. A st. Patrick’s day wish for luck

  9. A toast from ireland

  10. A wee willy

  11. An honorary irish lad or lass

  12. Beauty of the emerald isle

  13. Because everyone is a little irish on st. Paddy’s day

  14. Celebrate irish pride

  15. Celebrate the luck o’ the irish

  16. Celebrate your irish heritage

  17. Celebration and cheer on st. Patrick’s day

  18. Driving out the snakes

  19. Erin go braugh

  20. Everybody’s irish

  21. For the love of irelan

  22. Go to the pub

  23. Good luck and good cheer

  24. Green eggs and ham

  25. Green river

  26. Green, gold, and irish

  27. Happy shamrock day

  28. Happy shamrocks

  29. Happy st. Paddy’s day

  30. Happy st. Patrick’s day my pot o’ gold

St Patrick's Day Words
  1. Happy st. Patty’s day
  2. Have a shamrockin’ time

  3. Have a sham-rocking day

  4. Health, wealth, and good luck to you

  5. I love being green

  6. I’m genuine irish

  7. I’m looking over a four leaf clover

  8. I’m lucky to know you

  9. I’m the lucky one

  10. In honor of st. Patrick

  11. Inspire irish smiles

  12. Instant irish: just add beer

  13. Ireland forever

  14. Irish at heart

  15. Irish eyes will smile

  16. Irish magic

  17. Irish whiskey makes me frisk

  18. Irish you would kiss me

  19. It’s easy being green

  20. It’s good to be irish

  21. It’s time for the wearing of the green

  22. Join us for a wee bit of fun

  23. Kiss me, i’m irish

  24. Kiss the blarney stone

  25. Leprechauns made me do it

  26. Let’s give a clap and dance a jig

  27. Looking for a leprechaun

  28. Love, luck, and laughter on st. Patrick’s day

  29. Luck of the irish

  30. Luck of the leprechaun

St Patrick's Day Words
  1. Luck o’the irish to ya
  2. Lucky four leaf clover

  3. May st. Patrick guard you

  4. May the luck of the irish be yours today

  5. May you find the rainbow’s end

  6. May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow

  7. Murphy’s irish pub

  8. My pretty irish girl

  9. No blarney allowed

  10. O ireland

  11. Oh danny boy

  12. On st. Patrick’s day, we are all a wee bit irish

  13. Only good luck: today, tomorrow, always

  14. Póg mo thóin

  15. Protection and blessings

  16. Rainbows above you, shamrocks below

  17. Show me your shamrocks

  18. Spread some paddy magic

  19. St. Patrick’s day is here

  20. Takin’ me hat off

  21. The joyous spirit of st. Patty’s day

  22. The patron saint of ireland

  23. The spirit of st. Patrick’s day

  24. The wearing at the green

  25. Tiocfaidh ár lá

  26. Today i’m irish

  27. Top o’ the mornin’

  28. Topped with fun

  29. Travel to the end of a rainbow

St Patrick's Day Words
  1. Warm st. Patrick’s wishes
  2. When irish eyes are smiling

  3. Whether irish by blood or irish at heart

  4. Wishing you irish luck

  5. You are magically adorable

  6. You are my lucky charm

  7. You’ll find me at the pub

The culture of St Patrick’s Day has witnessed a great rise in prominence as it marks both the spiritual revolution and the cultural advancement of the Irish people. If you have any familiarity with the traditions of Ireland, you will agree that those words above don’t fail to pop up on St Patrick’s Day.

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