15 Effective Tips to Stop Falling In Love with the Wrong Men

 -Falling In Love with the Wrong Men-

It can be an awful relationship mistake to falling in love with the wrong men, but it’s one that happens frequently. You end up having a relationship filled with heartaches, disappointments, and the opposite of all you wished for when you fall for the wrong guy.

Falling In Love with the Wrong Men

You must be a woman who constantly falls in love with the wrong men over and over again if you are reading this post.

“I should understand better, but I continue to make the same mistake,” you have to think.

has been proven from recent research that most women find themselves falling in love with the wrong guys. Before realizing it some people have fallen in love with the wrong people, some have tried to handle it to see if things will change, but only for the whole thing of love to get worse.

Every single time, why do you want to fall for the wrong men? In order to avoid falling in love with the wrong men, here are some effective tips you can keep in mind.

Tips to Stop Falling in Love with the Wrong Men

Below are some tips on how to stop falling in love with the wrong men;

1. Know How History Repeats Itself

History has its unique way of repeating itself and it is up to you to figure that out. It is all about learning from the mistakes that you have done in the past. (tgigreek.com)

After evaluating the qualities of men that you have dated in the past, you can figure out what type of partner you prefer. Always keep in mind that you don’t end up in a relationship by accident.

On the other hand, you don’t end up with the same type of partner because of a coincidence. If you learn from your mistakes, you will get a clear understanding of what type of guy you should date in the future.


2. Learn To Suppress Attraction

In terms of romance, all of us aware of what is healthy and what is not. However, we fail to figure it out when an attraction can’t be suppressed.

It has been identified that women think in a totally different way when it comes to attraction. In order to keep yourself from falling in love with the wrong men, you need to figure out how to suppress your attraction.

It would be better to pay attention to mate-worth qualities such as reliability and loyalty before starting a relationship.

3. Stop Falling For Trivial Things

A lot of people keep falling for the wrong person because they keep falling for trivial things; they place priorities on things that don’t matter over things that really matter.

When you place priority on beauty, looks, body shape, class, wealth, background, race, tribe over other important things then you might never get it right in the relationship.

Not that looks and wealth are bad, but they should never come before compatibility, love, respect, understanding, value, and everything else that matters and would lead to you having a loving and successful relationship with that person.

Dont fall for words

4. Don’t Fall For Words

Talk is cheap, but surprisingly people fall for words a lot. Don’t fall for what he/she says, rather fall for what they do. Don’t judge by mere talks, but by action.

5. Feel Motivated

When women get into relationships with the wrong men, again and again, they feel demotivated or depressed.

However, you should not be demotivated under any circumstance because a lot of chances are available for you to figure out the perfect partner.

You need to be impartial, objective and fact-driven when you evaluate someone to make him as your partner. If you aren’t motivated, you will not be able to evaluate that person in an effective manner.


6. Don’t Be Too Optimistic

It has also been identified that most of the women are optimistic about the success of their plans in an unrealistic manner.

In other words, women tend to derive predictions based on their aspirations and hopes

However, you need to keep in mind that your brain is not in a position to deter the pursuit of your heart.

Therefore, you should not make conclusions based on your hopes. You need to live in the reality and make conclusions accordingly while incorporating the behavior.

7. Start Listening To Your Intuition

The intuition of a woman is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, most of the modern world women tend to ignore it. Some women get attracted to men based on their personality, stature, appearance or whatever it might be.

If you want to get into a relationship with the perfect partner, you need to pay special attention to his inner qualities. That’s where intuition comes into play. When predicting the future of a relationship, you need to play the role of a therapist.

Then you would not run into the mistakes that you have done in the past. The effectiveness of these tips are proven and any women who is looking to date the perfect guy can think about following them.

We’ve brought you signs that you have fallen for the wrong person and the things you must do if you have fallen for the wrong person; but why do you fall for the wrong person in the first place?

8. Know What You Want

You ought to know what you want and what is good for you in a relationship. Search deep into your mind, think about who you are and the kind of person that would fit into your life.

For example, if you are a very neat person and cannot stand a dirty partner, you only have two choices here: only date a partner that’s neat or be ready to tolerate a partner that doesn’t take neatness too seriously.


9. Be Genuine

Don’t change who you are or pretend to be someone else just to attract a partner into your life; how long would you pretend to be who you aren’t in that kind of relationship? Be real, be original and let your partner love you for who you truly are.

10. Let That Person Also Show an Interest

A relationship is lovely only when the love is mutual. What does this mean? If you are in a relationship where you are the only one in love and your partner is just playing catch up, then you are in a wrong relationship.

Choose a partner that would love you just as you love them; never force yourself into a relationship, it would never work.

11. Value

Never enter a relationship with someone who wouldn’t value you or who doesn’t value you. It’s shocking when I see people devalue themselves just to be in a relationship with someone who take them for granted.

12. Listen To Advice

Normally, you shouldn’t let your friends and family choose your partner for you, but when you keep making the same mistakes over again then it shows that something is wrong with

your decision-making and you need to at least take some advice from those who care. You should be the one to decide, but be open to advice.

13. Take Your Time

Don’t rush, don’t be in a hurry; take your time, study your intended partner, know what they want from a relationship, know what they want from you, know more about their kind of person and if such a person would fit into your life.

If you’ve made the wrong choices over and over, then you need to take your time before entering the next relationship.


14. Use Your Heart and Your Head

If your heart keeps falling for the wrong partner, maybe it’s time to start using your head also; let your heart do the falling and let your head do the thinking.

15. Choose Differently

Normally, we tend to fall for partners within the same box; our hearts kind of have a certain variable to choose from and this is one of the reasons you fall for the same kind of person over and over.

Try to choose someone different from your personality trait, someone different from the kind of persons you have been with.  Try to free yourself from the circle of moving around the same partners.

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