Timeless Ethiopian Names with Rich Cultural Heritage

Timeless Ethiopian Names with Rich Cultural Heritage. 

Ethiopian Names: There is absolutely no way you must have not heard of Ethiopia. This nation has existed for several million years. Mention of Ethiopia has been made in renowned encyclopedia of history. From trade to religion, to cultural endeavors, to artistic mastery, Ethiopia had been at the forefront of human existence.

Timeless Ethiopian Names with Rich Cultural Heritage

Likewise, Ethiopian names have had a stand-out place in history. These names have unique characteristics that make them very special. The prominence of Ethiopia as a nation has also given prominence to kinds of names borne by Ethiopians.

Interestingly, Ethiopian names do not follow regular trends as seen with other nations. They pay very little regard to last names. Ethiopians don’t also operate family names or generational names.

Some Ethiopian names come with such high prestige due to the personalities that bore these names in the past. Just like the abounding physical features of hills, mountains, and rifts, such as the peculiarities of some timeless Ethiopian names. In this article, we are focusing on furnishing you with an authentic list of significant Ethiopian names that you can pick for your kids.

Precious Ethiopian Names for Girls

Precious Ethiopian Names for Girls

1. Abena – Ethiopians frequently name their children after the day of the week and the order in which they were born. The meaning of Abena is ‘born on Tuesday’, which make it a great option for girls born on this day.

2. Afia – A unique and classic choice of name, which means ‘born on Friday.’

3. Aida – This melodic name is associated largely with a Verdi opera about an enslaved Ethiopian princess who gives her life to save her people. The other namesake is Aida Turturro, who played Tony Soprano’s sister “The Sopranos”. The meaning of Aida is ‘happy’.

4. Aisha – Aisha is the name of Muhammad’s most favorite wife, which makes it a lovely name. It’s popular all over the world, within the Muslim community, including Ethiopia. What makes Aisha cooler is the myriad of variations it has, like Aicha, Ayesha, and Ayishah. Aisha Tyler, the famous television personality is its most famous namesake.

5. Akosua – Here’s another excellent option for people looking for a day-inspired name. Akosua is a Twi origin name, meaning ‘born’ on Sunday.

6. Amara – A trendy feminine name that has been introduced as a name in recent years. It’s an elegant variation of the name Mary, it means ‘immortal’ in Sanskrit and ‘peaceful’ according to Mongolian dialects.

7. Anika – Anika is an adorable name tied with several cultures of Africa. It means ‘sweetness of face’.

8. Ayana – A beautiful name which means ‘a beautiful flower.’ Make sure that you get the pronunciation correct that is ‘uh-ya-nuh.’

9. Baraka – Baraka is the female variant of the name Barak. Its positive meaning and resonant rhythm have made it hugely popular with the African families.

10. Bathsheba – This name belongs to the daughter of the queen of Shea, the ruler of Abyssinia. The meaning of Bathsheba is ‘daughter of the oath’. It was also the name of the central character in Hardy’s novel “Far from the Madding Crowd’.

11. Behati – Behati is the African version of Beatrice. It got a boost in popularity via the Namibian supermodel Behati Prinsloo. Behati means ‘she who brings happiness’.

12. Belkis – An unconventional Ethiopian name meaning ‘Queen of Sheba.’ A royal touch to this delicate feminine name makes it all the more appealing!

13. Cheren – Cheren is a cute and unique Ethiopian name, which is the name of a town in Eritrea. Quite an unconventional name for those looking for exclusivity.

14. Dani – Dani, the feminine form of Daniel and the diminutive of Danita and Danielle. It started as a short form, but now stands strong on its own for its androgynous and friendly quality.

15. Desta – Desta is a happy Ethiopian name for your daughter, meaning ‘happiness.’

16. Diarra – Diarra is a beautiful sounding Ethiopian name with a lovely meaning (gift).

17. Edna – With the rise in the names honoring ancestors and dead family members, even Edna has resurfaced in the baby name list. This name is semi-biblical. It’s the name of the loving mother in the Apocrypha.

18. Eshe – Eshe is a classic combination of the name Asha and Aisha. It means ‘life.’

19. Faizah – An excellent pick for parents looking for exotic names for their daughter! Faizah is an Arabic and African name, which means ‘victorious.’ It’s getting more popularity in the Ethiopian baby girl names list.

20. Fana – Fana is a simple, unusual and delicate name, meaning ‘jungle’.

21. Gabra – An unusual Ethiopian name, which means ‘almighty is my strength’ or ‘gift of the offering.’

22. Genet – A well-known Africa-Ethiopian name meaning ‘heaven.’

23. Habiba – The name Habiba is popular in all Muslim dominated African regions, including Somalia and Ethiopia, and stand for ‘beloved’. Or you can choose Hababah, the daughter of Ajlan and the narrator of Hadith.

24. Halima – This African, Muslim name refers to the nurse of Prophet Muhammad. It means ‘gentle and humane’.

25. Heloisa – A strong and influential baby girl name, which means ‘famous warrior.’ Heloisa is a common Ethiopian name that has a French and German origin.

26. Ife – Ife is a simple Ethiopian name that is practically unknown in Europe and the United States, and that’s why we think it will make a perfect choice. You can say it’s similar to Eva, Ava, or America. The meaning of Ife is ‘love’.

27. Izara – Izara is a beautiful and rhythmic baby girl name, meaning ‘section of tree’.

28. Jahzara – Gift the bliss of a royal name to your little princess with this classic name Jahzara, meaning ‘beloved princess.’

29. Jamila – Jamila is a widely popular Arabic name, which is also famous in African countries. The name Jamila means ‘beautiful,’ just like your little princess!

30. Jazarah – Jazarah means ‘princess,’ it’s a trendy variation of the name Jahzara.

Nice Ethiopian girls

31. Kadida – Kadida is the African variation of the Arabic name Khadija. This name was used by Peffy Lipton and Quincy Jones for their daughter.

32. Kamali – Kamali is an African spirit that protects babies from illness. It means ‘protector or spirit guide’. Its namesake is Norma Kamali, the famous designer. For boys, you can use Kamal, one of the 99 names of Allah.

33. Kayla – This Arabic name came into popularity via the soap opera, “Days of our Lives”. It went on to become the 12th most popular name in the 1980s. Recently, it was heard in “Desperate Housewives’.

34. Kia – Kia is a simple and sweet Ethiopian girl name that is now associated with a Korean car label. In the year 2013, 2100 girls were named Kia. And it’s way fresher that Thea, Nia, or Keira. The meaning of Kia is ‘season’s beginning’.

35. Liya – Liya is essentially a Hebrew name familiar with the Ethiopians. Some even consider it as the Russian variant of Lily or Lia. It’s the first name of Ethiopian supermodel and philanthropist Liya Kebede. English speakers can spell this name as Lia or Leah.

36. Lola – This name is inspired by the Ethiopian hip-hop artist Lola Monroe. She was also nominated for the best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards.

37. Louam – A cute rhythmic Ethiopian baby girl name, which means ‘sleep well.’

38. Makda – Makda is the Ethiopian version of the Hebrew name Magda, meaning ‘high tower’. The name feels a bit dated in front of its sisters, Magda, and Magdalene, but will make a unique moniker for your daughter.

39. Mariam – As Mary is sailing further out of style, her variations are becoming more and more popular. Mariam is the African and Arabic variant of the Biblical name Mary. Its alternate spelling variation is Maryam.

40. Marjani -The name Marjani is associated with Arabic name Marjina and is perhaps its variation. Its namesake, Marjani Satrapi is an Iranian graphic novelist best known for her work ‘Persepolis.’ The meaning of Marjani is ‘coral’.

41. Maya – This mystical and exotic name has been steadily climbing the popularity charts. It’s the name of Greek mother of Hermes. Gate Maya Samuelsson, the Ethiopian-born model, is a famous bearer of this name.

42. Mazaa – Maaza is an Ethiopian term for the pleasant scent the yellow daisy flower, which is widespread in this country. Pronounced as ‘mah-zah’, this name came into the spotlight via the Ethiopian-American novelist Maaza Mengiste. The meaning of Mazaa is ‘aroma’.

43. Melesse – Melesse is an excellent choice of name if you are looking for unique Ethiopian girl names starting with M. The name means eternal.

44. Neela – Neela, the variation of the name Nila, is spread throughout Ethiopia via the Indian population living in its vicinity. It’s a Sanskrit origin name and means ‘sapphire blue’. You can also consider its spelling variation Neila or Neala.

45. Nuru – Nuru is an evocative Ethiopian version of the Muslim name Noor. It means ‘born during the day’. The name is favored all over the world for its simplicity and its resemblance to the stylish, Western name Nora. Nuru Kane, the Senegalese singer, and songwriter, is the famous bearer of this name.

46. Nyala -Nyala is one of the most exotic sounding baby names. This Ethiopian name was given to a sultry character in a 1940s movie and has been popular ever since. The meaning of Nyala is ‘mountain goat’.

47. Qwara – A rare Ethiopian name starting with the letter ‘q.’ Qwara was the ancient name of Ethiopian tribe and the people of Ethiopia,

48. Selam – Introduce the bliss of peace in your little daughter’s life with this fresh Ethiopian name meaning ‘peace.’

49. Senalat – A happy go luck Ethiopian name meaning ‘happy.’ One of the best names you can choose for your daughter.

50. Subira – Subira is an attractive Ethiopian name with a usual ‘S’ zest that is virtually unknown in the western world. Subira is both strong and soft and means ‘patience’.

51. Taci – A short, sweet, and exotic Ethiopian baby name, which would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for stylish names! The correct pronunciation of this name is ‘Tah-shee.’

52. Tenagne – Not everyone would agree when we say that Tenagne is an exotic feminine name! Tenagne means ‘I was given gold.’

53. Winta – A famous Swahili name which means ‘desire.’ Winta is common in many countries, including America, Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Precious Ethiopian Names

54. Yeshi Emebet    A perfect pick for those looking for classic Ethiopian orthodox baby girl names, Yeshi Emebet essentially means ‘mistress of thousands of people.’

55. Zala – Zala is a simple, but sultry name, meaning ‘a person from southwest Ethiopia.’ Zala is the name of the character in the video game “Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom”, and it is quite easy to spell and pronounce as well.

56. Zanah – Zanah is an Arabic origin name that is popular in Africa and America. It means ‘gifted god.’

57. Zeenat – Zeenat is a traditional name that has an Arabic origin and is popular among the Muslim population of India and Africa. The name Zeenat has many beautiful meanings like ‘decoration,’ ‘beauty,’ and ‘the number 8.’

58. Zeina – Zeina is a variation of the name Zena, which means ‘auspicious or good news.’ A cute nickname of Zee would go well with this name!

59. Zoya – Zoya is an East African origin name, meaning ‘dawn’. It’s popular not just in Ethiopia, but also Arabic countries. The whites consider Zoya as a Russia and Greek version of the name Zoe, and it’s widely used in the U.K, and the U.S. One poll says that it’s the number one name in Whales.

60. Zuri – A classic, attractive name that is common amongst Africans and Americans. The Swahili meaning of this name is ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful.’


Macho Names for Boys

Macho Ethiopian Names for Boys

1. Aaron – This globally popular and timeless Hebrew name has been on the top 50 list for two decades now. It’s the softness of the double vowel in Aaron that gives it a certain gentleness. In the Old Testament, Aaron is the elder brother of Moses.

2. Abebe – This is a name with an Ethiopian origin and the meaning of the name is “He has Grown”.

3. Abel – Abel belongs to Adam and Eve’s not so fortunate son. But it compensates itself with the positive connotations like ‘ready, willing, competent and capable’. It’s at #124.

4. Abraham -Abraham, the name of the founding father of the Jewish people, is popular with the Ethiopians. This name has been famous right from its conception. The meaning of Abraham is ‘father of the multitudes.’

5. Afework – This Ethiopian name means “one who never speaks evil” or “one who always speaks pleasant things”.  This is a very unique Ethiopian baby name.

6. Ahmed – Ahmed is one of the five hundred variations of the name Muhammad and means ‘greatly praised’. You can also opt for its spelling variant, Ahmad.

7. Ajani – Ajani, meaning ‘the victor’, is a novel twist on the name Johnny. This mid-century name has a retro charm to it. You can shorten it to Aja for the nickname if you want.

8. Alimayu – Alimayu is a distinctive Ethiopian baby name meaning ‘in honor of God’. Its popular bearer is Prince Alemayu of Ethiopia who ruled from 1861 to 1879. Famous actor Wesley Snipes chose this name for his son. You can shorten it to Ali for the nickname.

9. Amadi – This name, derived from one of the Ethiopian languages, feels a lot like the Arabic name, Ahmed. So we believe that it would make an attractive and original choice for people who are considering the name Ahmed. The meaning of Amadi is ‘tree man’.

10. Aman – A very popular name with an Ethiopian origin, this name means “peace”. This is also widely used as a nickname in Ethiopia.

11. Amari -Amari is very popular in Ethiopia for it vowel ending and soft sound. This name is related to words and names in a wide range of languages, like African, Thai, Hebre, and Yoruba, with a myriad of positive meaning. It reached the #265th spot for baby boy names.

12. Barack -This name, popularized by the 44th American president is an African name, meaning blessed. It’s derived from the Arabic name, meaning ‘Mubarak’. Some opine that it’s derived from Hebrew word ‘baruch’, which also means ‘who is blessed’.

13. Chinua – This Ethiopian name comes from the word Ibo, which means ‘blessing of God’. The most famous Chinua is probably Chinua Achebe, the author of “Things Fall Apart”, which is one of the bestselling books of the world.

14. Daniel -Daniel is a perennial favorite name that hovers in the top 20 baby name list. It sounds both modern and classic, familiar, but is no way clichéd.

15. Djimon -Djimon, pronounced as ‘Jee-mahn’ is a familiar Ethiopian name. Its namesake is Djimon Hounsou, the Oscar-nominated actor.

16. Ebo – Ebo is a powerful Ethiopian baby name, meaning ‘born on Tuesday’. You can also opt for its alternative Ibo, which is equally striking, but its meaning is different. Ibo means ‘my people’.

17. Emanuel -Emanuel is the spelling variation of the name Emmanuel, which is more popular in Ethiopia. This name revived in its full glory in the year 2014. The meaning of Emanuel is ‘god is with us’.

18. Ephrem – Ephrem is the Ethiopian variation of the Hebrew baby name Ephraim. It is the name of the second son of Joseph and the founder of an Israel tribe. This Old Testament name is high on the neglected Biblical possibilities.

19. Genet – No one can even guess that Genet is an Ethiopian name. It sounds too much like a French name. Genet means ‘Eden’.

20. Gyasi – Who doesn’t think their child is wonderful? Gyasi is a lovely name and means ‘wonderful baby’. This name has a rhythmic beat and originates in the Egyptian language.

21. Haji – Haji is a traditional Arabic name appropriate for boys born during the time of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim is expected to make at least once in his lifetime.

22. Hakim – Hakim, the variation of Arabic name Hakeem, would make a beautiful name for your son. It’s one of 99 Muhammad approved names of Allah. The meaning of Hakim is ‘judicious’. Its famous bearer is Hakim Abdul Olajuwon, the Nigerian-American basketball player.

23. Jemal – Jemal is the African version of the Arabic name, meaning ‘handsome’. This name is used in the United States for its memorable character, Jamal from “Slumdog Millionaire’. Jemal Pierre Johnson, the English-American soccer player is its namesake.

24. Jonathan – This Old Testament has now started to replace the classic John, which was high on the list for several decades. In the Bible, Jonathan was the eldest son of King Saul.

25. Kaleb – Kaleb is the example of the C starting name given a new lease of time or made different by using K as the beginning alphabet. Around 3000 parents chose this name for their sons in Ethiopia, which speaks volumes about its popularity. Even Kevin Federline named his son Kaleb.

26. Kato – Kato is an Eastern African name, meaning ‘second of twin’. This name gained a lot of attention via the witness Kato Kaelin in the trial of O.J. Simpson. It’s also the name of a fictional character in “The Green Hornet”. You can even spell it as Cato to add more credibility to the name.

27. Kofi – Kofi is an Ethiopian name, meaning ‘born on Friday’. You can say it’s a male version of Afia. Its noteworthy bearer is Kofi Anna, the seventh general secretary of the United Nations. He is also the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize.

28. Kojo – The Ethiopians use the name Kojo for boys born on Monday. It’s also equivalent to the female name Adwoa. After taking a downturn in the last century, this moniker is one the upswing again.

29. Meleak – A wonderful name with a very nice meaning, this Ethiopian name means “The Angel”. Another Ethiopian variant of the name is “Melaku”.

30. Moges – Name your little prince the perfect Ethiopian name. The name “Moges” has a meaning of “grace”, “majesty”, or “dignified aspect”.

31. Nahome – A very handsome name for your little bundle of joy, this Ethiopian name means “compassionate”. This would be a very unique option for your little one.

32. Neberu – Many parents want their sons to have a very strong and powerful name. This is one such Ethiopian name and is perfect for your little baby boy. The meaning of the name is “The leopard” or “the Tiger”.

33. Negasi – If you are looking for a completely unique name that is not heard in many parts of the world, then this is the one. The meaning of this name is “he will wear the crown”.

34. Negus – Negus is a North Ethiopian royal name and means ‘he will be crowned’. It’s an older generation Ethiopian name, which was first used in the 17th century by the royal family of Ethiopia.

35. Nesanet – This name has an Amharic origin and is widely used to name baby boys by parents in Ethiopia. The meaning of the name is “freedom”.

36. Omari – Omari is the Ethiopian version of the name Omar. Just like Amari and Omar, even Omari has been in the top 1000 baby names for several years, primarily because of its namesake Omari Hardwick. Did you know that Omari is the middle name of famous American rapper Kanye?

37. Panya – Panya is the diminutive of the Russian name, Pavel and means ‘small’. This multicultural name sounds extremely pleasing to the American and English-speaking ears. But in the Ethiopian language, this name translates to ‘rat’, which can be a turn-off for some parents.

38. Salana – Salana is the Ethiopian version of the name Solana and means ‘sunshine’. This name sounds extremely bright, warm, and unique to say the least. This moniker saw some popularity in the United States as well. It reached as high as #459.

39. Salim – Salim is an African name, meaning ‘peace’. This moniker is distinguished by its association with the renowned African diplomat, Salim Ahmed Salim. You can also spell this name as Salem.

40. Selassie – Selassie is an Ethiopian name, meaning ‘trinity’. It’s mostly used as a suffix, as in Selim Selassie. Or you can use it as a middle name. This name is enjoying mass popularity internationally as well.

41. Semere – Parents love naming their children with very positive and motivating meanings. This Ethiopian name is one such option. The meaning of the name is “He became successful”.

42. Shango – The name is much more substantial than it sounds. It’s the name of the god of thunder and the ancestor of the Africans. And Shango is also the name of a character in DC comics.

43. Tamru – This is also a very popular name with an Ethiopian origin. The meaning of the name is “miraculous one” or “you are miraculous”, the perfect name for your little miracle.

44. Taye – With a meaning “he has seen”, this Ethiopian name is a very unique option. It is a great alternative for the name Taylor.

45. Tebeb – This is a very beautiful option for your little baby boy. This unique name with an Ethiopian origin has a meaning “Wisdom” or “ability”.

46. Yelekal – This is a very popular name with an Ethiopian root. The meaning of this unique name is “he excels”.

47. Yonas – This is the Arabic version of Jonah, a Hebrew name. The name belongs to a prophet in the Old Testament. This name is perfect if you are looking for a less common form of Jacob or Joshua.

48. Zenabu – A very nice name with an Ethiopian origin, the meaning of the name is “the Rain”. This is a very different option for your little one.

49. Zenebe – Here’s a winning African name that bridges cultures. This appealing name is well used in Ethiopia. You can shorten it to Zen for a cool nickname.

50. Zesiro – Are you having twins or is it your first pregnancy? Then you can consider the name Zesiro, which means ‘firstborn of twins’. This name can be applied to a female baby as well.

Evidently, Ethiopia has a very rich culture. This nation stands very prominent in the comity of nations. You can see from the list that Ethiopian names are quite spectacular. The names are laced with so much grandeur. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to take any one of these as your kid’s name.

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