Some Excellent European Names and their Meanings

Some Excellent European Names and their Meanings.

European Names: Europe happens to be a place with a lot of diversity in all aspects one of such being their naming pattern. European names come in variable forms. Even with a lot of transitions over the years, Europe still maintains a rich array of great names.

From the simple family names that were in vogue in medieval years to the classy names of recent times, European names always hold a thrill. Ranking among the top destinations of choice among immigrants is the continent of Europe. Most people fantasize about dwelling in Europe and probably taking up one of their fancy names.

This could be because of the abounding variety and deep culture of Europe. Also considering the intriguing features of the different countries including their names. If you are one of those attracted to European names, we have made a collection here for you.

Precious European Names for Girls

1. Ava – Ava (or Eve) is the first lady of the Earth and means ‘living one’ or ‘life’. It is also short for Avis which means ‘bird’ in Latin and represents freedom.

2. Abella – Abella is one of the most romantic and the most exotic Spanish names that you can bestow on your darling.

3. Abigail – The wife of David (in the Bible), Abigail is the all-powerful beauty known for her wisdom, and her name means ‘father’s joy’.

4. Anna – Exotic, classic and simple, Anna is the most dominant variant in the Ann family. The name has been used throughout Europe for generations.

5. Ariana – This pretty name has its origins in many cultures around the world, and it means ‘pure’.

6. Audrey – Audrey is one of the European names that have been rising mainly due to its connection to the chic and radiant Audrey Hepburn. The meaning of Audrey is ‘noble strength’.

7. Aurora – Aurora is the Roman ‘Goddess of Dawn’. The name with biblical origins is shared by Princess Aurora in popular fairytale ‘The Sleeping Beauty’.

8. Autumn – The Latin name denotes the blissful ‘Season of Autumn’ between hot summers and cold winters.

9. Brisa – Brisa is a popular name in Portugal and Spain and means ‘breeze’.

10. Belia – Belia is a Spanish name meaning ‘God is my oath’.

11. Boyana – Boyana is a name with Bulgarian and Slavic origin and means ‘warrior’. It is pronounced ‘BoJana’.

Precious European Names

12. Caroline – The name Caroline finds its origins in French, German, English, Scandinavian and other cultures. The name means ‘free man’.

13. Celestina – The beautiful name means ‘heavenly’.

14. Chiara – Chiara, meaning ‘light’ in Italian, is the perfect illustration of the light your baby girl will bring in the lives of many.

15. Charlotte – Charlotte is the recent European royal name to join the bandwagon along with Olivia, Emma, and Sophia. This unique European baby names sound sophisticated yet lush, feminine yet mature.

16. Diane – Diane or Diana finds its origins in The ‘Roman Goddess of childbirth and fertility, the moon and the hunting’. It means ‘messenger of wellness’ in Persian.

17. Dasha – Dasha is a Hebrew name and many meanings, which are ‘God’s Gift’, ‘kingly’, and ‘the sea’.

18. Eliana – Eliana is a rhythmic and poetic name that is beginning to catch along with names starting with El. Eliana means ‘God has answered’.

19. Emma – The feminine name means ‘universal’, ‘all-embracing’ or ‘whole’.

20. Emily – Derived from Amelia or Amelius, the Latin name Emily means ‘industrious’ or ‘striving’.

21. Esmeralda – Esmeralda means ’emerald’ in Spanish.

22. Finola – Finola is the name with Irish origins and means the ‘fair one’ or ‘white shoulder’.

23. Flavia – Flavia finds its origins in the ancient Roman family name Flavius. It means ‘golden’ or ‘blonde’.

24. Gabriella – One of the ‘seven archangels’ and bearer of the good news of Christ’s arrival, Gabriella means ‘woman of God’ or ‘God is my strength’.

25. Galena – Galena is the ‘Greek Goddess of Calm Sea’, It has many meanings, like ‘serenity’, ‘heals’, ‘calm’.

26. Grace – Grace is a popular name in Northern Ireland. Some parents love its simplicity, while others adore its meaning.

27. Hilda – Hilda is old Norse for ‘battle’. The name with German origins means ‘glorious’, ‘warfare’, ‘fighter’ and more.

28. Hannah – It simply means ‘grace’ or ‘God favored’.

29. Illona – Illona is a Greek name that sounds pretty when it rolls off the tongue and looks beautiful when written. The meaning of Illona is ‘torch of light’.

30. Ingrid – Ingrid is an old Norse, German and Danish word, which means ‘peace’, ‘fertility’, and ‘beauty’.

31. Irina – The name Irina, Arina or Erina is popular since ancient times in many cultures. It means the personification of ‘peace’.

32. Isla – Isla in Spanish means ‘island’, and it is also the name of a Scottish river.

33. Isabella – The name Isabella means ‘God’s promise’, ‘God is my oath’ or ‘God is perfection’.

34. Jules – The name with Latin origin means ‘soft’, ‘youthful.

35. June – The Latin name June is derived from Roman Goddess Juno, the protector of marriage and woman. It also means ‘young’.

36. Katherine – The name Katherine or Catherine is derived from the Greek word Katharos and means ‘pure’ or ‘clean’.

37. Keren – The name with Hebrew origins, Keren means ‘ray of light’ or ‘glorious dignity’. The Biblical name also means ‘strength’ or ‘power’.

38. Lillian – Lillian is considered by many parents as a subdued cousin of the popular Lily. It originated as a pet name of Elizabeth but later became an independent name.

39. Lily – Lily is simply the flower that represents innocence’, ‘beauty’, and ‘purity’.

40. Lisa – Lisa is derived from Elizabeth and means ‘devoted or pledged to God’.

41. Logan – This name Logan has enjoyed great success in recent years. It has a rather weird meaning. It means ‘hollow.’

42. Lola – Lola is one of the best French names meaning ‘sorrow.’ The meaning isn’t the most pleasing one, but the name is gorgeous.

Lovely European Names

42. Madelyn – Madelyn or Madeline is an all-time favorite baby girl’s name with the French people. If you want to go the French way, then Madeleine is the original spelling.

44. Mia – Mia means ‘mine’ in Italian and Spanish.

45. Michaela – The name Michaela means ‘like God’. The Spanish and Irish variation would be Michelina and Makayla.

46. Maya – In Spanish, Greek and Hebrew, the name means ‘water’, in Sanskrit it means ‘illusion’, and in Arabic it means ‘graciousness’.

47. Natalya – Natalya or Natalie means ‘the birthday of Christ’.

48. Nora – Nora is short for Honora and means ‘honor’ in Latin. In Greek, it means ‘light’. In The Bible, it means ‘awe-inspiring’ or ‘awesome’.

49. Olivia – The name Olivia means the ‘olive tree’ or ‘extending and olive branch’ or ‘offer of peace’.

50. Oceana – Oceana finds its origin in Greek mythology and means ‘ocean’.

51. Penelope – This pretty name finds its origins in Greek Mythology. aver’. It means ‘weaver’.

52. Patricia – Patricia means ‘noblewoman’ or ‘noble’.


53. Robin – Robin means ‘bright fame’ and ‘shining’. It is also a tiny bird that symbolizes ‘joy’, ‘pleasure’, ‘rejuvenation’, and ‘happiness’.

54. Serenity – Serenity is soft, sweet and far from shrinking. It means ‘peace,’ something that is lacking greatly in the world.

55. Sophia – Sophia or Sofia simply means ‘wisdom’.

56. Samantha – Samantha is a name that means ‘Lord has heard’ or ‘listener’. In Greek, it means ‘flower’.

57. Sarah – Sarah means ‘princess’. In Arabic, it means ‘untainted’ and ‘pure’. It can be written as Sara as well.

58. Solana – Solana is Spanish for ‘sunshine’.

59. Tamara – Tamara is a popular name across many cultures. It means ‘palm tree’ or ‘date tree’ and symbolizes ‘fruitfulness’ and ‘beauty’.

60. Violet – Violet is one of the colors of the rainbow, it’s also a flower and stands for ‘love’, ‘purity’, ‘affection’, ‘modesty’ and ‘faithfulness’.

61. Veronica – Veronica is a Biblical name and means ‘true image’ or ‘bringer of victory’.

62. Yvette – Yvette is a name with French origins and means ‘yew tree’ or ‘archer’.

63. Zoe – Zoe is a name with Greek origins and means ‘life’. Zoey, Zoya or Zooey are the variations with same meaning.

Adorable European Names for Boys

Adorable European Names for Boys

1. Adorjan – The Finno-Ugric language of Hungary makes the English version of the names look unique, fiery, and anything but boring.

2. Adelmo – Though the German language can be a little confusing, its names are very attractive. This is a beautiful German name which means ‘noble protector’.

3. Adrian – This is a Latin name derived from the names Hadrianus or Adrianus. The ultimate origin of the name would be the former river or Adria from the Illyrian and Venetic word ‘Adur’, which means ‘Water’ or ‘Sea’. Another popular meaning is “dark one”.

4. Alban – Alban is an extremely unusual name of meaning ‘white’. It was the name of an early ‘martyr’ in Roman Britain. You can also opt for its alternate spelling Alben

5. Alejandro – Though a classic name of the Spanish pronounced often as ‘al-ay-HAN-droh’, this is a popular variant of the name, Alexander. The name means “Defender of Men” or “Defender of People”.

6. Alex – This is another, shorter version of Alexander. The name has Greek origins and it means “Helper or defender of people”.

7. Andrin – This name has an Eastern European origin. The meaning of this name is “Ruler of the Home” and is a very nice option.

8. Antonio – A very great choice for your little one, the name means “inestimable”. The name has a Latin origin and is very popular.

9. Armand – Meaning ‘soldier,’ Armand has been considered one of the most romantic male names since the first producing of ‘Camille’. Armand is not much heard outside European countries.

10. Baptiste – The name is from the Greek word ‘bapto’ and the meaning of the name is ‘dip’. It is a name growing in popularity.

11. Bence – Bence is a Hungarian variant of Vincent. The name that was used quietly for centuries is now viewed as a seeming stylish name along with the other B names. The meaning of Bence is ‘conquering’.

12. Benito – This is the Portugal version of the name Benedict. This is a very great option if you do not want the clichéd names, Benjamin and Ben. The meaning of this unique name is ‘Blessed’.

13. Caleb – This is a Hebrew name which means “faithful, wholehearted, devotion, brave, and bold”. This is because, in the bible, Caleb follows Moses and leaves Egypt and is one of the followers to reach the promised land.

14. Cillian – Unique and hip, this classic Irish name is a great one that is yet to become very popular. Pronounced as “Kill-ee-an”, this Gaelic name means “little church” or “Strife”. The origin of this name would be from ‘Chaellach’, an Old Irish name.

15. Cosmin – The Greek and the Romanian meaning of this name is “praise” or “in solidarity with life”. This is a very popular Eastern European boy name.

16. Cyrilo – This is a Portuguese name and the distinct rhythm makes the name sound very unique. The meaning of this name is “Lordly”.

17. Elias – This is a charismatic name with its roots being Greek. The meaning of this name in Greece is “Yahweh is God” and is a great name with literary ties.

18. Emilio – This name is an Italian and Spanish favorite. The meaning of this name is “rival” and is a variation of “Emil”. Emiliano is also another variation and means “work”.

19. Enzo – Italian names always come with a natural, sophisticated and smooth elegance, and this one is no exception. It is originally the shortened version of Vincenzo or Lorenzo. It means “estate ruler” and is an Italian variation of the name Henry.

20. Eryk – In Polish, the meaning of this name is “lovable”, just what your baby boy is. According to the Norse, the meaning of the Eryk is “Eternal ruler”.

21. Etienne – This is a very classy and popular European name. It has a French origin and the meaning of the name is “crown, garland”.

22. Evan – Evan, the Welsh of John has a nice-guy feel to it. This European name for babies has been popular in Wales since the 19th century and surprisingly, holds the 24th spot for boy’s names in France. The meaning of Evan is ‘Lord is gracious’.

23. Everett – This is a very unique name because the origin of the name is Anglo-Saxon. The name means “Wild Boar” or “strong”.

24. Ferdinand – This is the name of several popular Spanish and Italian kings and Roman emperors. It is a popular Old German name where ‘Fardi’ means journey and ‘Nanthi’ means venture.

25. Florian – This is a Latin boy’s name and is very popular, stylish, and masculine. Yet, it means “flowering”, but it is very sophisticated and smooth. Originally, the name was derived from “florus”, in Latin.

26. Giotto – This name has a very creative legacy. The name became famous after Giotto di Bondone, a painter from Florence and an Italian architect.

27. Giovanni – This is a very good option if you are looking for classy names. The name has Italian origins and it means “God is gracious”.

28. Grayson – This trendy English name was originally used as a last name it meant “son of a steward”. Now, it simply means “steward”.

29. Gustav – This is a very popular name in Sweden and Germany. The meaning of this name is ‘Staff of the Goths’. And this old European boy name would be a very rare pick for your baby boy.

30. Hector – Many years ago, the name was popularly used among Latinos. It is the name of the hero of the great Trojan War and the meaning of the name is ‘Holding Fast’.

31. Isak – Isak is the Russian variant of the name Isaac. This Hebrew name, meaning laughter leaped into the Top 50, where it has been for the past few years. It even shows signs of heading higher

32. Jack – This is an English Boy baby name and the meaning of this name is “God Is Gracious”. It was a very popular name during the middle ages and was a general term for “boy” or “man”.

33. Jan – If you are a fan of the Nordic culture, then you should consider this one among the European male names. Pronounced ‘Yahn’, it is the Danish version of the name John and means ‘God has been gracious’.

34. Jasper – This is a growing name in British culture. Sophisticated and very masculine, this English and Persian name means “bringer of treasure”.

35. Jules – This is a very captivating and soft name derived from the French. The literal meaning of the name is “youthful” and “downy”. It is a very popular name in France.

36. Leon – If you are looking for an effortlessly cool name, then this is the one. It also has a less-ubiquitous and equally cool alternative, the Greek version of Leo.

37. Levi – This name with a Hebrew origin is a popular one and it means “joined in harmony”. Levi is a famous character from the bible and is Jacob’s third son.

38. Lincoln – The name Lincoln has a Latin origin but also means “Roman colony at the pool”. Another meaning of the name is the “Lakeside colony” and it was the name of the early settlements of the Romans in England.

39. Lotte – People go for this name in many parts of Europe because it is a very chic and classy name. It has German roots and the meaning of the name is ‘masculine’. Another meaning is ‘free man’.

40. Luis – The meaning of this popular name is ‘famous warrior’ and is a very decent option for your boy. The origin of the name is from France.

41. Luke – It is a very popular Greek name for boys and it means “light-giving”. In a district in ancient Italy, Luciana, Luke was an author of the third Gospel of the New Testament. He was a patron saint to artists and doctors and was widely called “the beloved physician”.

42. Marcello – Marcello pronounced, as ‘mar-che-llo’ is one of the most attractive and lush Latin and Spanish names. It is obtained from the ancient name Marcellus, derived from Mars, the god of war. The meaning of Marcello is ‘young warrior’.

43. Matteo – This under-the-radar, cool Italian name is perfect if you are Hipster parents. This name is the Italian version of the name Mathew. The other version of the name is “Mateo”.

44. Mikel – The European form of Michael, Mikel has simplified and streamlined spelling. The meaning of this name is ‘who is like God’.

45. Nathaniel – With Hebrew origins, the meaning of the name Nathaniel is “Gift of God” or “God has given”.

46. Oliver – This English name means ‘The Olive Tree’. The olive tree in biblical terms symbolizes beauty, fruitfulness, and dignity. An offer of peace is signified when extending an olive branch.

47. Oskar – A variant from the traditional name “Oscar”, this name means “Divine Spear” and the “k” instead of “c” makes it a bold choice for parents since it offers a unique twist.

48. Otto – The origin of the name Otto is German. This is a very nice name which means “wealthy”.

49. Owen – This is a traditional Welsh name which popularly means the “well-born”, “young warrior” or “noble”. The name was back in the list of popular names from the 2000s. It has a Celtic origin.

European Names for Tough Boys

50. Paolo – An exotic version of the name Paul, this is a very appealing Italian version. The meaning of this name is “small” and would be a great option for your baby.

51. Phillipe – The name Phillipe is one of the twelve apostles. Pronounced as “Fill-eep”, this is a very classic name and the slight variation in the spelling makes it sound very exotic.

52. Pietro – This Greek variation of the name ‘Peter’ is another appealing option for your baby boy. The meaning of this name is “rock”. The name was derived from “Petros” or “petra”.

53. Raymond – Raymond has been a very dormant name for many years. The name Raymond means “Wise Protector”.

54. Rhett – If you are a fan of Dutch names, then this is a unique option. The name means “Advice”.

55. Rhys – Reese, Reece, and Rhys, all mean the same, but we particularly like Welsh spelling Rhys the most. Rhys is a high ranking name in Scotland, Ireland, and England. The meaning of Rhys is ‘ardor’.

56. Rocco – This is a favorite option among hipster parents. The meaning of this name is “rest” and it has Italian origins.

57. Stefan – Stefan is an elegant, continental name meaning ‘crown’.

58. Theo – This is another form of the name “Theodore” and the meaning is “Divine Gift”. It has Greek origins.

59. Victor – This is a very fashionable English name and several saints have this name. It symbolizes Christ’s victory over death.

60. Wyatt – This name is derived from a personal name in Old English, Wigheard, where “wig” means “war” and “heard” meaning “brave”, “strong”, or “hardy”.

61. Xander – Xander is a sassy Geek name meaning ‘defender of people’. With such a powerful meaning, Xander is bound to be a hit with everyone. It sounds great when you call it too.

You must definitely be smiling with lots of names in your head. Yeah, that’s how cozy European names can be. It’s rather a difficult choice to make among these. ( But I trust that anyone you finally decide to choose will be just fine.

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