Outstanding Exotic Names Very Befitting for Pretty Baby Girls

Outstanding Exotic Names Very Befitting for Pretty Baby Girls.

Exotic Names: There is always this affinity we humans feel towards things that are from other climes. The curiosity that exotic things raise in us is simply unexplainable. We love outstanding exotic names, exotic cars, exotic wears, the list is endless.

Glamorous Exotic Names for Pretty Baby Girls

Interestingly, these exotic things always appear more stylish and unique. They are fanciful and fabulous. In recent years, there has been an increase in the adoption of foreign names and cultures of all kinds. People who admire these exotic names and traditions, domesticate them and use them.

However, some parents who harbor a liking for exotic names always have the challenge of deciding which foreign names to pick. Fortunately, there are abounding exotic names from all around the world and this gives plenty of room to make a choice. Below, Wordingvibes have put up a collection of these exotic names.

Splendid Exotic Names for a Girl Child

Splendid Exotic Names for a Girl Child

1. Aba – If your child arrived in your arms on a Thursday, then you can name her Aba. It means ‘born on Thursday’.

2. Amrita – Amrita is a classic Indian name that you may consider for your child. The name means ‘immortality’.

3. Aviva – Aviva is a Hebrew name option for your child which means “springlike, dewy or fresh”.

4. Bastina – A feminine version of the name Sebastian, Bastina means “inheritance.”

5. Beatriz – An attractive sounding version of Beatrice, Beatriz is a common name among many Hispanic parents.

6. Briony – Briony is a nice and fun alternative name that means “vine” and definitely a sweet name to choose for your little girl.

7. CalitheaA beautiful and stunning name, Calithea means “beauty”.

8. Camilla – Camilla was the name of a huntress who could run over fields without bending a single blade of grass. It also means “noble”.

9. Candie – A variation of the name Candace, Candie is another popular name for your baby and it is exotic sounding.

10. DiamoniqueAfrican American name meaning “diamond”

11. Dita – Czech, German, Latvian, means “wealth and fortune”

12. Dondi – An uncommon name Dondi means ‘lady of rank’. If you are looking for an uncommon, yet exotic name, then Dondi is perfect for you.

Girls with Exotic Names

13. Elandra – Aboriginal, means “home by the sea”

14. Elqenna – The name Elqenna is steadily climbing the popularity charts. It means ‘superior’.

15. Elitsa – Bulgarian, means “little fir tree”

16. Esmaria – Spanish, means “emerald”

17. Esperanza – Spanish, means “hope”

18. Fanaka – If you like tribal names, then you can consider the Swahili name Fanaka. The name means ‘prosperous’.

19. FemiWestern African, Yoruba, means, “God loves me”

20. Francoise – French, means “a french person”


21. Gaia – Greek, means “the earth”

22. Gamela – The baby name Gamela has its origin in Scandinavian and Arabic languages. It means ‘the earnest one’.

23. Giada – Italian, means “jade”

24. Grahaniya – If you are looking for an uncommon yet meaningful name, then Grahaniya fits the bill.

25. Huyen – Vietnamese, means “jet black”

26. Humiya – Humiya is another exotic name to consider for your darling daughter. It means ‘history’.

27. Ianthea – Greek, means “violet flower”

28. Iara – Arabic, means “water lady” or “small butterfly”

29. Ifeoma – The exotic name Ifeoma comes from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. The name is perfect if your daughter is your first child.

30. Imani – Swahili, means “faith”

31. Ines – Italian, Slovene, Croatian, means “chaste”

32. Iyabo – Iyabo is a striking name that you can consider for your baby. It is a Yoruba name meaning ‘reincarnation of her mother’.

33. Julieta – Julieta is a name that exemplifies the qualities of sophistication and simplicity and it means “youthful”. It is an exotic girl name that starts with J.

Exotic names

34. Kady – Kady is a nice variation of the name Katy. It can also be a short form of the name Kadence.

35. Kai -Kai is a name of Hawaiian origin and is a common word that means the “sea”.

36. Krishna – Krishna is a sweet and beautiful name and has ancient origins in Hindu mythology. It is the name of a beloved God in Hindu culture and is a sweet name for your little girl.

37. Layla – A musical name that is popular among parents, Layla is a stylish option for your little girl and it means “born at night”.

38. Lola – A Spanish name that is a great option for a little girl, Lola mean “a strong lady”.

39. Lucia – A lovely and poignant Latin name, Lucia means “light” and is a great option for your little girl.

40. Madeleine – A popular name in France, Madeleine is a great option if you’re looking for a bit of French flair. It means “from the tower.”

41. Maeve – A beautiful name for your little girl. Maeve has its origins in Irish history and it means “she who intoxicates”.

42. Maile – Maile is an exotic-sounding name that sounds similar to Miley, with a little twist.

43. Marisol – An excellent and exotic choice, Marisol is a name that is inspired by the sea and sun, combining elements from both.

44. Maya – A real exotic name with a deep meaning, Maya means “illusion” in Sanskrit and is also the name of the “daughter of Atlas”.

45. Nur – A popular and interesting Arabic name, Nur means “light” and is definitely a rare name for your little one.

46. Odine – The name Odine has a Latin origin and means a ‘wise woman’. It is a form of the German name ‘Ute’.

47. Penelope – Penelope is a popular name that has grown in popularity after actress Penelope Cruz came into the limelight.

48. Putri – An Indonesian name that won’t be heard often among the English-speaking crowd is Putri. It means “princess”.

49. Rae – Another name of Hebrew origins, Rae means “ewe” and is a common and popular name for girls.

50. Regina – Italian, means “queen”

51. Raquel – An attractive name with Hebrew origins, Raquel means “innocent”.

52. Ruth – A soothing and calm name for your little one, Ruth was one of the most popular names in the late 19th Century.

53. Sarah – Sarah is a traditional and exotic name. According to the Old Testament, Sarah was the name of Abraham’s wife.

54. Selena – Selena is a popular name and grew in popularity after the emergence of Selena Gomez. Selena is exotic and means “moon goddess”.

55. Talia – Hebrew, means “dew from God”

56. Tamika – Tamika is a Japanese name with a beautiful meaning. It means ‘child of the people’.

57. Tulay – Tulay is a pretty name with an interesting meaning. It means ‘veil of the moon’.

58. Valentina – Italian, Russian, Latvian, German, Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Roman, means “stong, vigorous, healthy”

TReally Exotic Girls

59. Victoria – English, Spanish, Romanian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Late Roman, Roman Mythology, means “victory”

60. Wanniya – If you want your child to turn into a high-spirited woman, then name her Wanniya. It is an Amharic name meaning ‘spirit’

61. Yara – Yara is an exotic and stylish name of Arabic and Brazilian origins which means “small butterfly” or “water lady”.

62. Zaliki – A slightly different version of the name Zuleika, Zaliki is a sensual-sounding name that means “well born”.

63. Ziva – Hebrew, means “bright, radiant”

Have you sampled these outstanding exotic names? Do you feel the uniqueness they carry? Can you see how befitting they are? You are definitely at liberty to pick anyone for your lovely babies. Actually, standing out with a great exotic name is harmless and special too.

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