Female Led Relationship and the Reality of Our Century

Female Led Relationship and the Reality of Our Century.

Female Led Relationship: You may well be wondering what this concept of female led relationship is all about and why this article is even being written in the first instance. Have you ever come across the acronym FLR? The truth is, our society is just voraciously dynamic.

Female Led Relationship and the Reality of Our Century

Prior to this period, if I am guessing right, just like me, you may not have had any idea of female led relationship. Conversely, you may still understand what this whole concept of female led relationship is all about.

So dear, you will really have to pay attention and go with me on this ride to discover, learn and probably accept our reality of female led relationship in this century.

What is Female Led Relationship?

Evidently, there may not be a universally developed definition of female led relationship, but literally, once a relationship doesn’t follow the traditional male-led relationship criteria, it may be tagged a female-led relationship.

A very highly description is that a female-led relationship is one where the dynamic is unconventional! But basically, a female-led relationship is one where the woman gets to be in charge.

Briefly, female led relationship (FLR) is a relationship where the man does whatever their partnered woman says and proposes and doesn’t have much stake in decision making for the union.

Whenever the operations differ from the generally accepted roles between the man and the woman based on traditional ideas of what a man should do and what a woman should do, then such a relationship may be described as a type of female-led relationship.

What Forms of Female Led Relationship Exist?

Just like most concepts, there are variations of female led relationships. Not all FLR Take the same form or structure and obviously not all FLR operate on the same rules of engagement.

Though, there have been segmented, four most frequently observe types of female led relationship based on the magnitude of control and based on the nature or contributions and roles played by the man and the woman. Let’s consider them below:

i. Low-Key (Lower level FLR)

This is what’s considered the mildest FLR. Here, the man seeks the woman’s opinion and thoughts on a handful of matters, and she is free to give her input on these which are given bearing.

The woman doesn’t really “lead” in the relationship. Still, she does have a bit more power than in a more traditional setup.

ii. Moderate (Moderate level FLR)

Here, the woman’s authority is a little more present. In day to day matters, she may take the lead. But she sets boundaries as to how far she wields that authority.

She may choose not to exercise it in certain aspects of the relationship. She may have the knowledge that she has a certain level of authority over her partner. Still, she may opt not to exercise it. But knowing that she does have that power can lead to more feelings of equality and security.

iii. Formal (Higher level FLR)

In a formal FLR, the woman knows she has the power — and she likes it. It is more established that she has the authority in the relationship.

The simplest way to define this is by saying that traditional roles are generally reversed. The woman is more the head of the household, the main breadwinner, and leads the family.

This may also spill over to intimacy, wherein the woman exercises more dominance. The man is generally happy to take on the more “female” role, and the couple has a good, healthy relationship.

iv. Extreme (Extreme FLR)

When we say female led relationship, we mean totally female-led. Here is an extreme FLR; the woman is the complete authority figure.

She takes charge in every aspect of their relationship, their household, their family, even in her partner’s life. The woman treats the man as on lesser ground than she is, and he is fully submissive and controlled.

This is not considered a healthy relationship.

Guidelines and Rules that Apply in a Female Led Relationship (FLR)

To better understand what a female-led relationship is, some rules that are operational in these relationships can offer you some useful insight.

  • When it comes to household decision-making, the female takes most if not all of the reigns. Her male partner can share his input and his thoughts, and she can consider it.
  • Many of the financial decisions are also in the hands of the female. Her male partner trusts and respects her decisions and how she chooses to handle things.
  • Household chores and tasks are spread between the female and the male, and the male may be the one handling chores like cleaning, cooking, and the like.
  • With her strong position of authority, the female can choose to use that to guide or inspire her male partner to work on self-improvement, like removing vices such as excessive drinking and smoking.
  • The female also takes charge of the social calendar, making decisions regarding the social gatherings and events to attend.

How and When Did Female Led Relationship Begin?

How and When Did Female Led Relationship Begin?

Female-led relationships can be considered an extension or byproduct of the gains that women in the Western world have experienced over the last few decades.

The right to vote, acceptance in the workplace, education rights, the rights for equal salaries, and more – all of these victories have contributed to the shift and acceptance of female-led relationships.

Not only have these changes in society empowered women over the decades, thus making them question their traditional gender roles in a relationship, but they have also allowed men to question their own supposed inherent dominance or superiority over women, and whether this is actually the case.

What Does Women Stand to Benefit of Female Led Relationship?

We will definitely start with what women tend to gain from female led relationships since it is actually their project and campaign. These few points may be attributed to the push for FLR in recent years.

  • Women want to have a fair shot at making decisions and changes when it comes to the household and their family
  • Without the expectation that the man is alone in making decisions and exercising authority, there is less power struggle between the man and the woman, making it easier for the woman to be relaxed and at peace with her partner
  • A woman can end up losing her partner more because she will feel that he gives her the care, attention, and respect she deserves as an equal
  • Some women enjoy the power to control every part of the relationship, from managing the kitchen to raising the kids to even controlling the finances
  • Women might want to be able to change their man if they wish; forcing out old bad habits and shaping them into becoming better partners

What Do Men Stand to Benefit in a Female Led Relationship?

It actually goes both ways you know. The men will also have gains from this concept of female led relationship even though some may feel their natural positioning is being shifted. Let’s look at some of the advantages of FLR to the male folk.

  • Some men don’t like the stress of being expected to make all the difficult decisions without any significant input from their partner. This release from authority allows men to relax more with their partner
  • Unlike previous generations, men now understand and appreciate the worth of their partner more than ever. Men are more willing to see their partners as equals rather than lesser than them, and with this equality comes the natural sense that they deserve an equal say in the relationship
  • Some men may prefer to shed away the breadwinner role simply due to their personality or preferences. There are men who would rather adopt the traditional female role of cooking, cleaning, tending to the home and raising the children, and these men are happy to find partners who would take up the traditional male role
  • There is a distinct lack of tension in female-led relationships as both parties are given at least equal say in important decisions. This lack of tension leads to an overall happier life for the man

Is Female Led Relationship for the General Good?Is Female

Led Relationship for the General Good?

For this particular question, we will leave you to find answers for yourself. You have seen all the information above so you should decide this. But we will provide below some perceived benefits that everyone stands to gain from female led relationships.

  1. Honest and Sincere Interaction: Female-led relationships are built on the foundation of honesty and transparency. These types of relationships require understanding from both partners, and the willingness to adapt to the needs of each individual.
  2. Unconditional support and shared Priorities: As there is more respect, acceptance, and understanding for each other, both partners are able to give full support to each other.
  3. More Ease of Operation: There is usually less emphasis and pressure about who does what and who takes what between the man and the woman.
  4. Heightened Intimacy: Both men and women feel safer and more valued in the relationship, which leads to a deeper connection and fosters a relationship filled with attentiveness, affection, and intimacy.
  5. Safer and More Considerate Decision: In female led relationships, decisions to be taken will likely be viewed in light of how beneficial they are to the whole household.


Negative Turnouts of Female Led Relationship

If you have religiously followed this article, you must have noticed that this concept of female led relationship is a rather recent and new development.

Consequently, as it is with most newly evolved practices, it has not gained popular acceptance. Below is a list of some negative effects and demerits associated with FLR.

  • A woman who is too dominating might walk all over a man or even be abusive.
  • Most persons, especially men have not come to terms with this practice.
  • Men who do more traditional women’s roles may not be as good at multitasking.
  • The dynamic may start to resemble a mother/child partnership, rather than a healthy adult relationship.
  • The pressure of being in charge can be stressful for a woman.
  • A partner who is too needy can become annoying.
  • If a man becomes dissatisfied with the arrangement, he may not feel he can speak up.
  • Social stigmas could lead to negative comments and reactions from friends and family.
  • Higher levels of female-led relationships could lead to a loss in personal identity.

I am certain that you have learned a whole lot about female led relationship. You can go further to accept that it is here to stay, our reality! You can also comfortable enlighten others about female led relationships.

Feel free to share this great article with your friends and acquaintances.

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