First Anniversary Wishes for Him and Her 2020

First Anniversary Wishes for Him and Her 2020.

It’s true that often times One-year wedding anniversaries are underrated. Because many things could have transpired in a year and the adjustments a couple have to make in that first year of marriage are huge, and getting through them is an achievement worth celebrating. The following are some first anniversary wishes to celebrate your spouse. 

First Anniversary Wishes for Him and Her.

First Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband 

  • If we’ve had so many smiles and frowns, twists and turns, and ups and downs in the very first year of our marriage, imagine what the rest of our married life has in store for us. Here’s to a lifetime of crazy memories together. Happy first anniversary, sweetheart. 
  • The very first year of our marriage has made me realize that I’ve married the best husband there is in this world. I’m so glad we tied the knot. Happy anniversary, honey. 
  • A year has flown by, and I didn’t even realize it. Is the rest of our lives together going to run just as smoothly? I hope so. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, darling. 
  • Happy first anniversary to the hottest, cutest, and sweetest husband ever. You rock my world! 
  • Firsts of every kind are always great. The first kiss, first date, first day at school, first day at college, first day at work, etc. But the first year of marriage with you has topped all the other firsts in my life. 
  • Am I dreaming, or has a year of our married life already passed by? Wow, with you around, time just flies! Thanks for being the perfect partner. Happy first anniversary. 
  • Spending one year with you in pure bliss equals a thousand years of experiencing all the other pleasures of life. On our first marriage anniversary today, I promise to be as much of a blessing to you as you have been for me. 
  • Let’s go wild celebrating our first anniversary the way we spent our first night together. Here’s wishing us both a rocking first marriage anniversary. 
  • In the first year of our marriage, you’ve shown me all the good things that I’ve been missing all my life. Wishing us both a happy first anniversary! 
  • Commemorating a first marriage anniversary with you is like looking back at all the years that we’ve spent together before marriage—precious, priceless, and pure. 

First Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife 

  • The first year of being married to you has been magical. Every single day, I couldn’t believe that I was waking up next to the most beautiful woman in the world. I better get used to that, eh? Happy first anniversary, sweetheart. 
  • It’s been a year since our wedding, but it feels like we got married just yesterday. I’m glad I made you mine forever. Happy first anniversary! 
  • They say that the first year of marriage is a sign of how the couple’s remaining life will be. It looks like we’re in for a blissful, exciting, and romantic time for the rest of our days! 
  • Even after one whole year of getting married, I still think that I’m dreaming. How else could I have managed to find a wife as beautiful as you? 
  • If you have brought so much sweetness and love into my life in the very first year of our marriage, I wonder much sweeter the rest of my life is going to become. I love you. 
  • Here’s raising a toast to 365 days of pure happiness, bliss, joy, love, cuddles, and fun. Here’s to history repeating itself in the years to come! 
  • Just like wine tastes better with age, the love that binds our relationship is going to grow deeper and deeper as the years pass by. Here’s a toast to a beautiful marriage and a beautiful wife. 
  • Let’s top off the first 12 months of a wonderful marriage by celebrating our first anniversary. I love you a lot, and, if the first year is anything to go by, our lives are going to be one big celebration of love and romance. 
  • Decades later, we’re going to remember this day when we raised a toast to a beautiful life ahead. And we’re going to pat ourselves on the back for being one of the happiest married couples ever! Happy first anniversary, honey. 

Funny First Anniversary Wishes 

  • I’ve tolerated you for one full year, so I deserve a gift, don’t you think? I’m just kidding; I’d love to tolerate you for a lifetime! Happy first anniversary. 
  • We better party our hearts out on our first anniversary today, because I’ve heard future anniversaries tend to get pretty boring. 
  • Let’s celebrate our first anniversary by not celebrating at all, how about some alone time? After all, I’ve heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
  • Today I’m giving you breakfast in bed, followed by a quick shoulder rub before shower. Then I’m taking you shopping, followed by a romantic dinner and a late-night movie. Enjoy it while it lasts, because anniversaries come only once every year. 
  • I love you unconditionally and I’m sure you do, too. So, I hope it will be fine if I don’t buy you a gift for today and just wish you a happy first anniversary. 
  • I hope you got me something nice on our anniversary today. If not, be prepared for 12 months of annoyance, anger, and nagging. 
  • Enough of the romantic wishes and beautiful poems. The only way to my heart is through chocolates, flowers, and gifts. So, keep your wishes to yourself and shower me with what I really want today. 
  • Let’s not get carried away and celebrate our first anniversary. Let’s wait and see, if we are still together next year, we’ll make our celebrations double the fun. You in? 
  • On our anniversary today, promise me that you will stop arguing with me, you will stop being jealous, you will not be a possessive partner, and you will never annoy me. Happy first anniversary, honey. 
  • Is it our anniversary today? I’m sorry; I forgot. 

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