Can You Firmly Take the Hit from these Football Puns

Can You Firmly Take the Hit from these Football Puns.

Football Puns: Football has a lot of fun for every class of fan. From the incredibly runs, to the defense and all, even down to the intriguing word play. You are sure to get a kick from these great football puns.

Can You Firmly Take the Hit from these Football PunsInteresting Football Puns

Just as the sport and the highlights gets you all excited, so will these football puns catch your attention.

  • The calm before the score.

  • Guard the Yard!

  • How can a long bomb also be a Hail Mary? It makes no sense.

  • Action speaks louder than your coach.

  • Did you hear about the fishing hook that was oversensitive? It was a defensive tackle.

  • Step away from that chicken; it’s a personal fowl!

  • Did you hear about the center that wore hiking shoes? Rim shot.

  • The receiver ran a buttonhook route too well; his pants fell.

  • If a first-round draft pick can be a bust, can a fifth-round draft pick be a boom?

  • Talk with your pads, play with your heart.

  • He who fumbles must be humble.

  • Great Football Puns

  • We can never run out of things to laugh to. Enjoy with these great football puns.

  • Did you hear about the chickens that were football fans? They egged their team on.

  • The fans were having a ball at the game.

  • When do they call “past interference”? When you go back in time and change things, so your team wins.

  • The football players all got together and danced at the Foot Ball.

  • What do you call it when a football player suffers an injury in his last game before retirement? Gridirony.

  • You can practice all you want, but if you can’t play, it’s a lost cause.

  • A football player wears a face mask on Halloween.

  • The refs couldn’t measure for a first down, someone was yanking the chain.

  • Coach wants you to go into the game. He needs a substitute to take a knee.

  • Did you hear about the broken chair at the tailgate? It folds under pressure.

  • How did the defense know the halfback was going to run the ball? He left the huddle crying.

  • Punters like to sing, “I get a kick out of you.”

  • Friends don’t let friends auto draft.

  • Did you see the guy who took the girl’s chip? It was an illegal block.

  • Casper, the friendly ghost, got asked to join a football team because they needed a little team spirit.

  • Did you hear about the fans attending the Super Bowl? They were having a ball!

Creative Football PunsCreative Football Puns

Creativity can also be useful in giving your and enjoyable time. These creative football puns will easily light you up.

  • What do you call a woman hustling a guy at a tailgate party? Backward pass.

  • Does a football player drink penal-tea?

  • Why did the center walk off the field? The Quarterback told him to hike.

  • The ghost of Christmas passes was how Scrooge won the game.

  • I tried to give up football, but I couldn’t kick the habit.

  • Why was the tight end reading a book on the twenty-yard line? It was a red zone read.

  • He led the tailgate in all-purpose garbage.

  • Why was the quarterback such a good player? He was outworking the competition.

  • Football is the only time you can knock somebody out and not go to jail for it.

  • Why did the quarterback scramble for his job? So, he wouldn’t get sacked.

Smart Football Puns

Some word twist and play can be so awesome and clever. Enjoy these  beautiful football puns.

  • What do you call a dozen chubby guys dancing together at half time? Backfield in motion.

  • Our coach is kind of a big dill.

  • Why don’t they serve ice in drinks at my college stadium anymore? The student that had the recipe graduated.

  • The fans were quiet, it was the calm before the score.

  • A boxer is one kind of dog that doesn’t like to play football.

  • I like big punts, and I cannot lie.

  • I’m in a serious relation-chip.

  • All the fans in the stands can chill the game.

  • Why didn’t the skeleton play football? He was caught in the coffin corner.

  • If you can’t play with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

Football Pun Pigskin Humor

Continue to keep yourself in great mood with these humorous line.

  • Local amateur poultry team had their star chicken banned, apparently, he was a professional fowl.

  • I’ve discovered a new kind of back in football, not a running back, defense back, or quarterback. It’s an I want my money back.

  • The away team kicked a field goal, it was a goal new ball game.

  • The Football Coach went to the bank to get his Quarterback.

  • You could tell the hometown fans were out of it; they were getting blitzed all game.

  • Why do dumb fans not eat hot dogs at football games? They don’t know which end to start on.

Amusing Football Puns for Game Day Tags

There are some clever captions you can use that are very punny and sweet. Check out the list below.

  • [Donuts] We’re going the hole nine yards for this game.

  • I’ve been getting blitzed all game.

  • I’m feeling tail-great.

  • I like big punts and I cannot lie.

  • Give me some pigskin!

  • I’m icing the kicker – and by kicker, I mean beer.

  • [Food Spread] This is the line of scrumptiousness.

  • [Chicken] We’re serving this during the game, so you might call it a live ball fowl.

  • I made a snap decision to watch football today.

  • [Bundled Up Guy] This is what you call man coverage.

  • [Chips] This is what I call a chip shot.

  • Football is one habit I will never kick.

  • I may not be the biggest football fan, but I love tight ends.

  • [Drink] That’s a thirst down!

  • No intentional frowning is allowed here.

  •  [Beer] This is my number one draft pick.

  • Kicking off the afternoon in the best way possible.

Football Pun Party Names and InvitesFootball Pun Party Names and Invites

If you are a football freak and you have friends as crazy about the sport as you, you might want to be a little creative with your party names. Consider these smooth football pun party names.

  • Hope you’re wide open on [date].

  • Don’t pass on this party – rush on over.

  • The football won’t be the only thing spiked at this party.

  • Join us for plenty of play action.

  • We’ll have a ball.

  • We’ll kickoff the party with some cocktails.

  • Prepare to be bowled over.

  • Here’s the game plan: [party details]

  • With salsa, cheese dip, and guac, our bowl game is hot.

  • We’re calling your number.

  • This event is sure to be out of bounds.

  • Don’t drop the ball – without you, the party will be incomplete.

Funny Football Pun Exchanges

Laugh out loud with these witty football pun exchanges and riddles.

  • Why did the football referee have trouble measuring the first down? Someone was yanking his chain!

  • He got called for ineligible retriever down field!

  • Did you hear about the football team that drafted a vending machine? They really needed a quarter back!

  • Did you hear about the fumbled exorcism? The guy retained possession!

  • Did you hear about the Heisman Trophy candidate who falsified his rushing stats? The yards were stacked in his favor!

  • Why was McGruff the Crime Dog ejected from the football game? He was called for unnecessary gruffness!

  • Why don’t quarterbacks share puns at the line of scrimmage? Because they produce audible groans!

  • What stat do the Miami Dolphins lead every single year? All Porpoise Yardage!

  • What do Walter Payton and Luke Skywalker have in common? They both did great with a hand off!

  • Why should you never go back in time to alter the outcome of a football game? You’ll be called for past interference!

  • What’s the difference between a punter and punster? A punster gets his kicks with bad puns like these!

  • Why did the quarterback suddenly walk off the field? The coach told him to take a hike!

  • What do you do if a running back swallows the football? You have to get him to cough it up!

  • Why did the kicker finally decide to marry his high school sweetheart? She was a fair catch!

  • What happened when the football coach’s dog ran onto the field during a game?

  • What do you call it when a football player suffers a career-ending injury in his last game before retirement? Gridirony!

  • Did you hear that Notre Dame gave up four interceptions last week? Knute Rockne would turnover in his grave! (

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