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Fortnite Funny Poems that Aptly Depicts the Splendor of the Game

Mostly common among game freaks is the idea of applying some creativity in poetry and other writings to represent our favorite poems. Talking of very popular games is Fortnite games on the front banner. Along with the popularity of the game are very Fortnite funny poems. These poems are scripted with peculiar diction and style to capture the essence of Fortnite games.

Fortnite Funny Poems that Aptly Depicts the Splendor of the Game

Even though Fortnite games just came into the limelight some very few years ago, it has gained large audience and popularity. Some players have developed some amazingly funny Fortnight poems. You will really enjoy these poems if you have some level of familiarity with these games.

Interestingly, Fortnite games have a variety of modes, developed to fit the desires of users. It has many customization tools. The many features of these games make it easy to build inspiration and motivation to write some wonderful poems centered on Fortnite games.

Consequently, we are going to offer you some relevant information about Fortnite games supposing you are not very conversant with it and we’ll proceed to list out a few funny Fortnite poems for your pleasure.

What is Fortnite Game all About?

What is Fortnite Game all About?

Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is available in three distinct game mode versions that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine. Fortnite began from an internal game jam at Epic Games following the publishing of Gears of War 3 around 2011.

Though it was not initially one of the developed titles during the jam, the concept of merging the construction game genre, representing games like Minecraft and Terraria, and shooter games arose, leading to the foundation of Fortnite.

Development of Fortnite slowed due to several issues, including switching from the Unreal Engine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, a deeper role-playing game approach to extend the life of the game, and a switch of art style from a dark theme to a more cartoonish style.

Fortnite Game Modes

There are four major game modes in Fortnite, together offering something for every kind of player. These four modes are: Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative, and Save the World.

Battle Royale

Available on consoles, PC, and mobile, Fortnite Battle Royale is free to download and play! Hop off the Battle Bus to the Island below and battle it out to be the last one remaining. Or team up with friends or other players to outlast other teams. Use the power of wood, brick, and metal to build structures to help you out.

There’s always something to look forward to in Fortnite Battle Royale, including new items, weapons, vehicles, submodes, special events, and “Seasons.” Each new Season brings a distinct theme to the Island, like the past secret agent takeover and giant flood.

Party Royale

Party Royale is a mode within Battle Royale. Instead of battling, Party Royale is an experimental and evolving space that focuses on no sweat, all chill fun. Attractions include aerial obstacle courses, boat races, movies, and even live concerts from top artists!


Included free with Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative puts you in charge of your own Island — create your own games and rules… and invite your friends!

Creative gives you the tools to design games both simple and complex, so make what you want to create. And when you’re not creating, experience games made by your friends or others in the Fortnite community.

Besides making and playing games, Creative is also a great place for just creating your own scenery. Make your Island how you want it to look and enjoy it with your friends!

Save the World

In Fortnite Save the World, explore a vast, destructible world as you and other players team up to hold back hordes of monsters.

In your fight against these monsters — known as Husks — become stronger by finding loot, crafting weapons, and expanding your collection of Heroes. Build a base and fortify it with traps to keep the Husks at bay!

Play Save the World with friends or others in the Fortnite community. You can access Save the World by purchasing a Save the World Pack, which you can find on our website, inside Fortnite, or on your console’s storefront. Save the World is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Crossplay with Millions of Players in the Fortnite Community (MultiPlayer)

Millions of players around the world play Fortnite, ensuring there are always players to join up with — whether you’re outlasting them in Battle Royale, trying out games with them in Creative, or taking down Husks together in Save the World.

This is just like the multiplayer function of most games. Fortnite features crossplay, meaning players across platforms can play together!

What should Parents know about Fortnite?

What should Parents know about Fortnite?

There is a range of parental controls to help you manage your family member’s Fortnite experience, including options for communication, privacy, and playtime tracking. You can also set up parental controls on your family member’s gaming platform and/or epicgames.com for restrictions on in-game purchases.

Learn more in our parental controls guide. You can make a decision about whether Fortnite is appropriate for your family by visiting Fortnite’s Epic Games Store page to view ratings.

Whether you choose to set parental controls or not, Fortnite is a great game for parents and their family members to play together.

With its wide device compatibility, varied game modes, and ability to connect people who are far apart, even those inexperienced with Fortnite can have a good time!


1. Tilted


I like to land at tilted towers,

I always feel like I have super powers,

Sadly it’s gonna get hit by meteor showers.

2. Fortnite: The best of them all

Fortnite is a really fun game.

I play it all the time.

I like to play with my friends.

Fortnite makes everyone happy

When i run around with friends its a lot of fun

When we shoot and kill its exciting

Fortnite is better than all the other games

The map is really big and fun to play on

I can play fortnite all day

Fortnite has the best guns in all of games

Fortnite is the best game in the world

Fortnite is my favorite game

3. I Want More V-bucks

Fortnite is awesome.

I can play Fortnite all day.

I want more V bucks.

So I can buy more outfits.

They make everyone look cool

4. “Fortnite guns”




Fortnites best guns

These are the best guns in the game fortnite

5. Battlebus

This is no

Ordernary bus

You do go on it

To go to work

Or to school


Work and school is

Battle field

And your job is to save the world.

6. The axe

The guy looks like he is going

To climb Mt Everest

But that axe isn’t for ice

It’s for fighting off enimes

And saving the world

Swing he will

If you get in the way of

His goals.

Fortnite Funny Poems

7. Pretty in pink

This pink teddybear

Is not like all

Pink teddybears

You don’t want to take

Her to the hospital

Or to a sleepover

For she has

An additude


A foul mouth

8. Seen

You keep lighting up my screen

But Im always leaving you on seen

I got games to play and things to do

I’m really not thinkin much bout you

I am busy, I got homies

You just ain’t my one and only

9. War ain’t no game, bro!

The Game That Changed My Life

Since Fortnite is incredibly bad,

I turn it off and get real sad.

As I sit there, a thought comes to me,

There’s a better game, but it isn’t free.

With a forceful tone and a loud holler,

I demand my mom to pay 30 dollars.

She buys the game, it’s called PUBG,

The price of this game was worth the fee.

I fight my way to a Chicken Dinner,

I killed 6 men but I’m still a winner.

My mom barged in and yelled at me,

“How dare you game this late,” said she.

I said “Sorry Mom,” and gave her a shove,

She said “Game, game, game, my love.”

Fortnite Funny Poems on Party Royale

10. Re-prioritizing

I hear the electricity fade

The room is lit with the TVs black haze

My body in your arms is no game

But now I’m all you want to play

Apparently, we have included both useful information and some lovely Fornite poems so you will have a complete package. A good poetry can never be out of place no matter what. We want to believe you had fun reading through the funny Fortnite poems we put up.

For more interesting poems keep exploring our pages. Do well to also share this article with your friends.

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