Classic French Boy Names that Exudes Essence and Masculinity

Classic French Boy Names that Exudes Essence and Masculinity.

French Boy Names: Over the years, the French have blessed the world with their epic cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. A lot of things have been drafted from the French. Of particular interest are the French Boy names. These names carry with them a lot of class and style.

Classic French Boy Names that Exudes Essence and Masculinity

Generally, French names have always been intriguing and captivating. French boy names specifically stand out because unlike with other cultures, there is a peculiarity they command and a certain sense of firmness about them.

Realistically, many of us would love our male kids to have these kinds of names. Names that give them this sense of manliness with some splendor attached. French boy names are perfect choices for anyone no matter the background or origin. In this article is a concise outline of excellent French boy names to avail yourself of when naming your male child.

1. Abrielle – Abrielle is a gorgeous name that combines the grace of Gabrielle with the spunkiness of Ariel. It has both French and Italian uses, making it a beautiful, European choice.

2. Alaire – It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this name for your baby boy. It means “joyful,” and isn’t he your bundle of joy after all?

3. Andie – The name means ‘courageous and valiant’. Very masculine! Can also be spelt Andy and a short form of Andrew.

4. Archenbaud – True, it’s sort of a big name for a little boy. But it means “courageous” — something we all want our children to be. You could call him “Archie,” which is pretty much the most adorable nickname ever.

5. Arman – Yes, it sounds Indian and is typically French. It means ‘of the army’. In Hindi it means ‘a long-awaited wish’.

6. Bailey – This approachable, friendly-sounding name means “baliff, steward.”

7. Barry – This name means ‘a marksman or a spear thrower’ and is as traditional as it gets.

8. Baron/Byron – Want your son to have a title? Choose the sign of nobility. Many variants are available like the Indian Bhyron.

9. Beau – Short and beautiful, it would suit a handsome debonair man with inward beauty. Names like Beaufort, Beauvais, Beaumont, and Beaugard are common compounding of names in France.

10. Campbell  – It sounds so preppy, right? This cute name means “beautiful field.”

11. Daxton –  A cool name for a cool dude. You could call him “Dax” — like the funny actor Dax Shepard. This name means “water.”

12. Carlos – This name is popular and indicates a strong and valiant manly young man.

13. Desi -The name is all about your cravings and desire to have a son. In Hindi, it means ‘native to the nation’.

French Boy Names

14. Denver – No, the name is not American. It is French and means ‘from the Anvers’!

15. Desire – Yes! This is an English word with French roots and makes a wonderful unisex name for a boy who grows up desired!

16. Ed -There are many English persons named Ed or variants of the name like Edwards. However, the French meaning is ‘a warrior who is always prosperous’.

17. Emile – This one is very French-sounding, if that’s what you’re going for. It’s a form of Emil, which in the Latin tradition means “flatterer” and in the German means “industrious.”

18. Fabien – Typically French, and means ‘a bean grower’ or ‘farmer’.

19. Friedrich -Also spelt Friederich, and covers Fred, Freddy, it means ‘to be free’.

20. Gerard – The name means ‘to have excellent spearmanship’ and refers to the strong spear.

21. Germain -Typically, in French, it means ‘from Germany’ or ‘an ally worthy friend’.

22. Gustave – Shortened to Gustav, it is very popular and means ‘the royal staff of the ruler’.


23. Herbert – This name is popular and means ‘the famous warrior of the times’.

24. Hamilton – The name is used by the car racer Lewis Hamilton and means ‘from the mountain regions’.

25. Jacques – The French meaning of this name is ‘an excellent supplanter of plans’.

26. Jeanne – The name is unisex but more preferred for baby boys. It means ‘God has been merciful to me’. Try Jean as another variant.

27. Jules – Picture a tiny Jules toddling around…precious, no? This name is the French form of Julius, which means “youthful” in the Greek tradition.

28. Julian -This name means ‘child born of love’ or ‘love child’. Variations include Julien, Julius and Jill.

29. Karl -A hugely popular name all over Europe and meaning ‘manly’ or ‘attractive and masculine’.

30. Lance -This name is from the old ages and means ‘one who wields the Lance’.

31. Marin – Short, simple, yet still just a little bit unique. It means “sailor” — perfect for your little sailor!

32. Maurice – The French description of the dark Moors. Interesting variants are Maurizio, Mauricio, and Maury.

33. Marshall – The English word seems to have originated here. The name means ‘the horses and horse force keeper’.

Nice French Boy Names

34. Napolean -The name means ‘he who originated from Naples’ and is inspired by the famous Napoleon Bonaparte himself!

35. Olivier – Love the name Oliver but worried it’s too popular these days? Consider the only slightly different French version. This is a name that has multiple traditions: In Latin in means “olive tree.” But you may be more interested in the Scandinavian meaning for your little boy: “kind, affectionate.”

36. Raimond – This name is meaningful and implies ‘the man is one who is guarded and wise too’.

37. Remy – In America, this is a unisex name, but it’s much more popular for boys in the French tradition. It means “from Rheims, France.”

38. Seymour – Such a strong and timeless name. It means “prayer.” You could borrow from the well-known Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh and call him “Sy.”

39. Simeon – This is such a great name. It’s similar to the more popular (well, at least here in the U.S.) Simon, which means “he heard” in the Hebrew tradition. Your son will be destined to be a great listener!

40. Sylvan – If you and your partner are nature lovers, consider this name, a form of Silvan, which means “forest dweller” in the Latin tradition. Maybe even call him “Van” or “Vaun” for short.

41. Talbot – This sweet name means “boot maker.” Tally would be an adorable nickname.

42. Vernon – A popular name that means ‘from the grove of Alders’. It has many variations like Vern, Verna, Varnal, Vernay, Verne, Vernia, and Verney.

Amazing French Boy Names

43. Verrill -The name means ‘to be true’ and is used in English as Verily. Other similar names are Verrell, Verrill, and Verrall.

44. Vial – The name means ‘lively’ and also is used as Viau.

45. William – The name used by many kings, means ‘a protector who is completely resolute in his role’. Willie, Will, and Wil make good nicknames.

46. Xavier – This popular name is used for the boy born in January and means ‘enlightenment’. Remember St Francis Xavier?

47. Yves -The very fashionable French name means ‘an archer’. So do Yvon, Ivan, Yvet and Evon. (

48. Warren – This name means From La Varenne in France.

Therefore you don’t have to be at sea as to what name to give your beloved son. French boy names make for befitting choices. Don’t hesitate to go through the list a select a suitable one of your liking.

Sometimes naming a newborn can be such a frustrating endeavor if you don’t have a reliable source to choose from. Relief yourself and your friend from this stress by sharing this article.

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