200+ Boat Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny and Unique

200+ Boat Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny and Unique

– Funny Boat Names –

Are you merely looking for a way to make folks chuckle as they pass your boat? Then these are the funny boat names for you.

200+ Boat Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny and Unique

Make witty puns by combining nautical, fishing, and lifestyle-related themes to come up with a unique name that suits you and your boat while also sending folks on their way a little happier.

Purchasing a boat is a significant investment, and maintaining one necessitates a significant amount of time and effort. 

A boat, like a car, becomes a member of the family in some ways. And each family member is entitled to a proper moniker. (zolpidem)

But where does one begin when naming a yacht or brainstorming ideas? You don’t want anything too corny, yet a serious moniker might not be for you.

Brief History About Funny Boat Names

Thousands of years ago, sailors called their boats after gods, goddesses, or saints in the hopes that they would keep them safe on their journeys. 

The name of a boat was incredibly important since it might mean the difference between having luck on their side and getting lost on the open sea. 

It was thought that the name would influence the success of all future sailing expeditions, thus it was critical to adopt a name that would keep the boat safe.

Sailors began naming their boats after important female personalities (both personal and historical) over time.

And selecting the proper name was always done deliberately and only after much thought.

The custom has been carried on to this day, with individuals naming their boats after significant people or events in their lives.

Why Do Boats Have Names?

You’re undoubtedly wondering why ships and boats have names, and the primary reason is to aid with identification. 

It’s a lot easier to remember which boat you’re talking about if you use its name rather than a physical description.

People can more easily recognize which boat to board and other vessels at sea if they have names. 

Naming your boat is a ritual with a long and rich history, in addition to being practical. It’s also a lot of enjoyable.

Boat Name Uniqueness

You may be wondering if your boat’s name has to be one-of-a-kind. That is very much dependent on where you reside. 

In the United States, for example, names are not required to be unique, but it appears that they are required in Canada.

The addition of digits or roman numerals at the end of the boat name is a frequent solution. If the name “Poseidon” is already taken, names like “Poseidon II” or “Poseidon III” may be available. 

If you want to check up your name, there are several websites where you may do so:

Boat Name Ideas to Consider

Boat Name Ideas to Consider

So you’ve made the decision to buy a boat while silently humming “isn’t she lovely?” Isn’t she amazing?” She is, in fact, she is! 

For some, owning a boat is a fantastic luxury, but for others, it becomes their home. 

Whatever your boat’s intended purpose, it must have a name! 

Here are some suggestions for the best name for your boat!

Female Gender

Have you noticed how I referred to the boat as a female creature earlier? That’s because feminine names appear to have a long and illustrious history! 

Sure, not every boat has a female name, but many do, and it is felt that having a female name helps to strengthen the link with the boat!

Know the Prefixes

If you’re new to sailing, you might not recognize many of the acronyms that appear before a boat’s name and signify the type of vessel it is. 

For instance, the prefix SS stands for steamer, whereas the prefix TB stands for tug boat. 

If you’re going to use a prefix, make sure it’s appropriate for the type of boat you have.

Use Puns

There’s a large sea of pun possibilities when it comes to naming a boat. A good sense of humour is always welcome, and any sailor will enjoy it.

Summon Your Inner Sailor

Set aside all sailor slang and get inside your boat, even if it’s only sitting on a trailer. Embrace your boat and become one with it. 

Imagine yourself doing whatever you want with your boat, and you may just come up with the ideal name for it!

Boat’s Appearance Bio

This may seem obvious, but get inspiration from your boat’s general appearance, whether it’s the color or a distinctive feature.


Few Tips on Picking the Perfect Boat Name

Few Tips on Picking the Perfect Boat Name

1. A boat owner’s sentimental bond to his or her vessel is strong. So, our first piece of advice is to pick a name for someone or something that you adore.

2. Use your favorite music, books, or movies as inspiration. It must be incredibly special to name your yacht after a childhood record.

3. As boat names, use single-word adjectives. ‘Tranquility’ is a fantastic name for a boat.

4. Make it a little funny. To come up with names, use boating and ship jokes.

5. Play with words, including references to the sea and the ocean.

6. Finally, compile a list of all the names you like and choose your favorite.

Are you still having trouble coming up with a name for your boat? Don’t worry, we’ve gathered several lists of boat names particularly for you. 

There are funny boat names, cool boat names, good boat names, ship names, greatest boat names, creative boat names, original boat names, and classy boat names among the boat names available.

Should You Choose a Funny Name?

It’s not as if having a humorous name is required. Instead, it could simply be something cool or intelligent that looks beautiful and functions well for you.

After all, your boat, like you and your family, has its own personality, so it only makes sense to choose something that reflects that and distinguishes yours boat from others.

There are several suggestions and methods to assist you in selecting the ideal name lower down the page.

200+ Boat Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny and Unique

You are free to name your boat whatever you wish.

Giving your boat a name will give it a personality. It can assist other mariners recognize your boat if you go sailing, and it is also a lot of fun to come up with boat names.

You can name your boat whatever you like, which might be daunting at times.

So we’ve compiled a number of lists to assist you in coming up with some humorous pirate names or boat names. 

In this handpicked selection of witty boat names, we’re confident you’ll find the ideal name for your vessel.

We’ve compiled a list of the most dad joke-worthy, punny, and funny boat names for you to chuckle at.

The Funniest Boat Names

Cool and Funny Boat Names You can Choose From

First, there are the basic funny boat names. Every passing boater will undoubtedly chuckle heartily.

  1. Buoyant Buoy
  2. Serendipity
  3. Aqua Life
  4. Mizu Boto
  5. The Wind Ranger
  6. Seas the Day
  7. Jolly Rancher
  8. Snail Pace
  9. The Boat Life
  10. Midlife Crisis
  11. Anchorless
  12. The Diamond Ark
  13. Metal Fish
  14. Epoxy Queen
  15. Sapphire
  16. Gremlin
  17. Sandman
  18. Shenanigans
  19. Tranquility
  20. Breeze
  21. Lady Kriller
  22. American Buoy
  23. Ship-faced
  24. Dock-topus
  25. Shelly
  26. New Kid on the Dock
  27. Eat Cray Love
  28. In Too Deep
  29. Riptide
  30. Nausea
  31. Titanic II
  32. Seasick
  33. Jawesome
  34. Sick and Tide
  35. Ship-faced

Funny Boat Names to Remember When You’re Rich

The boat comes first, followed by the name. The tradition is steeped in superstition and history, but nowadays it’s also a means to flaunt your sense of humour. These  are funny boat names you might encounter on the high seas.

36. Kids’ Inheritance

37. The Codfather

38. Knot on Call

39. Buoyoncé

40. Seas the Day

41. She Got the House

42. Unsinkable II

43. Error 404

44. In a Meeting

45. Last Dingy I’ll Own #4

46. Whatever

47. My Option II

48. Best of Times

49. Ship Happens

50. Baby Got Bass

51. Forward My Calls

52. Whatshername

Cool and Funny Boat Names You can Choose From

Cool and Funny Boat Names You can Choose From

Are you merely looking for a way to make folks chuckle as they pass your boat? Then these are the boat names for you! Make witty puns by combining nautical, fishing, and lifestyle-related themes to come up with a unique name that suits you and your boat while also sending folks on their way a little happier.


54. On the Docks

55. Riptide

56. Zenosyne

57. UltraMarine

58. Free Spirit

59. Shipfaced

60. Holy Ship

61. Carpe Diem

62. Docked and Loaded

63. Sailsman

64. Arabella

65. In Deep Ship

66. Laguna Matata

67. Corny Boat

Classy Boat Names

The snarky names come next. Just keep in mind that your boat name is as distinctive as everyone else’s.

68. Cleopatra

69. The Lady of the Lake

70. Titan

71. SS Opportunity

72. Pura Vida

73. Blue Blood

74. Contessa

75. Amethyst

76. Beauty

77. Marquise

78. Sunny Days

79. Siren

80. 20,000 Leagues

Trendy & Pop Culture-Inspired Funny Boat Names

Trendy & Pop Culture-Inspired Funny Boat Names

Every day, we are exposed to pop culture. How we connect with pop culture reveals a lot about who we are! What kind of lyrics and rhythms get you in the mood is reflected in your favorite music.

The books you read reveal a lot about the tales and ideas you like. There are a lot of boat names there were inspired by Pop Culture, and below is a few of them.

81. The Great Gatsea

82. The Old Man

83. Ariel

84. Jenny

85. The Inferno

86. Gilligan

87. Float On

88. Baits Motel

89. The Orca

90. Frank Ocean

91. Nemo

92. Usain Boat

93. Boaty McBoatface

Yacht Boat Names

It’s nearly a prerequisite to keep up with all the other individuals who enjoy being out on the water on a regular basis if your yacht, sailboat, or other water vessel has a cool, clever, or hilarious name.
Don’t get me wrong: if all you have is a speedboat or a fishing boat, you can probably get away with without naming it. If you own a larger watercraft, such as a pontoon party boat, houseboat, or yacht, however, it’s an unwritten requirement that you must have a nice name.

94. Full Throttle

95. Castaway

96. Seaduction

97. Dreamweaver

98. Expedition

99. Sweet Caroline

100. Full Throttle

101. Castaway

102. Seaduction

103. Dreamweaver

104. Expedition

105. Sweet Caroline

106. Dreamboat

107. Poseidon

108. Wave Runner

Fishing Boat Names

I spent hours and days trying to come up with a name for my pontoon, and the same thing happened when I purchased a new fishing boat. I combed through hundreds of websites, producing a list of the greatest fishing boat names I could come up with.
Below are some of the best fishing boat names ever (at least in my opinion!). I’m hoping they can assist… I’ve divided them into categories such as hilarious, sports, cool, good, and best.

109. Fish Tank

110. Misty

111. All Aboard

112. Pearl

113. Fishin Impossible

114. Yellowtail

115. Night Trawler

116. Fishing for Compliments

113. Lady Kriller

114. Fishy Business

115. Reel Love

116. The Codfather

Unique Boat Names

Unique Yacht

Some of the most boat names, in my opinion, are those named after persons the owner cares about. Naming a yacht after your daughter or wife, for example, is always an incredible way to display one’s affection.

117. Isolde

118. Odysseus

119. Scylla

120. Steadfast

121. Nessie

122. Alexandrite

123. Ashray

124. Beowulf

125. Icarus

126. Eurydice

127. Resplendent

128. Oceania

129. Flo

Hilarious Boat Names For Funny Skippers

Boating isn’t just a hobby for most boat owners; it’s a way of life. It’s no laughing matter whether they’re fishing, yachting, or flinging each other around like rag dolls on the back of a speedboat.

Aside from acquiring the boat, naming the boat is another rite of passage in the maritime world. This is also not something to be taken lightly

Because a boat reflects its owner, and they want everyone on the dock to know its name, it’s on par with naming a child. Others, on the other hand, take a different approach and call their boat something important.

This usually entails being as immature, obnoxious, or improper as possible in true boating manner. Welcome aboard!

130. She Got the House

131. Forced Family Fun

132. Unsinkable II

133. Ctrl + Alt + Delete

134. Error 404 – Fish Not Found

135. In a Meetin

136. A boat

137. Bikini bottom

138. Boaty mcboatface

139. Captain underpants

140. Change the channel

141. Clam dunk

142. Fishizzle my bizzle

143. Forced family fun

144. Full of ship

145. Get shipfaced

146. Poseidon probe

147. Prawn star

148. Reely expensive

149. Rubber ducky

150. Scuba steve

151. Sea señor

152. Sharkbait

153. Sick day

154. Smelling fishy

Feminine Boat Names

Feminine Yacht names

But how can you choose a decent name? While it may appear to be a straightforward question on the surface, things become more challenging when you understand that the ideal boat name is more than just a sound or a slogan; it’s the name that conveys the tale of the boat.

When naming your boat, you must consider a number of factors, including the sort of boat you have and why you are naming it.
The name you choose should reflect your personality and the attitude you wish to project while on the water.
We’ve collected a collection of feminine boat names that will undoubtedly inspire you the next time you need a new name for your vessel.

155. The ultimate woman

156. Tifanny girl

157. Uptown girl

158. Virgin

159. Windy lady

160. Working girl

161. Soul sister

162. Southern belle

163. Southport girl

164. Spice girl

165. Spirit women

166. Steadfast girl

167. Saturday girl

168. Shady lady

169. Skipper’s lady

170. Soul princess

171. Soul princess

172. Pretty woman

173. Princess

174. Queen bee

174. Queenie

175. Ready maid

176. Salty miss

177. Mystery lady

178. Nautigirl

179. Noble lady

180. Offshore lady

181. Oriental lady

182. Merry maid

183. Miss conduct

184. Miss taken

185. Miss-b-haven

186. Mistress

187. Jungle queen

188. Lady helmsman

189. Lady luck

190. Ladybird

191. Liberty belle

192. Dancing queen

193. Debutante

195.Digital lady

196. Dragon lady

197. English lady

198. A good woman

199. Able lady

200. Belle

201. Boss lady

Funny Yacht Names

Funny Yacht Names

While relaxing on your boat while watching the sun set takes on a whole new meaning, coming up with the appropriate name for your watercraft isn’t as simple. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had a hard time coming up with a name for your yacht.

What should be a straightforward task might take weeks to complete, and even if you’ve decided on a boat name, you don’t believe it’s cool or sassy enough to represent you or your boat.

Hopefully, our boat name generator will assist you in coming up with a name for your boat that won’t make you envious every time you look at other boaters who got it right and came up with something unique.

202 Alotta Ocean

203.Bacon in the Sun

204. Best Selection

205. Knot On Call

206. B-Yacht

207. Children’s Inheritance

208. Knot Shor

209. Liquid Asset

210. Miss Conduct


Funny Boat Names Generator

We have a boat name generator for the pickiest of pickers! There are a lot of names to pick from in this name generator.

While we have our hand-picked suggestions farther down the page, you can still utilize this name generator to do the job for you.

Now all you have to do is decide which option is ideal for you and your beloved boat!

211. Scotch Mist.
212. Usain Boat.
213. Dolphin Dancer.
214. The Boat Life.
215. Wicked Woman.
216. Dream Quest.
217. Achieving Average.
218. Around the World in 79 Days.

Funny Pontoon Boat Names

Funny Pontoon

Perhaps it’s too soon, but all of these ingenious boat owners are inspiring us with new boat names.

If you’re naming a new pontoon boat, you might as well have fun with it now that it’s on everyone’s mind!

Here are some of the greatest pontoon boat names we’ve come across thus far! If we’ve missed any, please let us know:

219. A Wave From It All
220. Auto-Toon
221. B-4 reel
222. Blue Toon
223. Break Time
224. Bull Fish
225. Called in Sick
226. Crave-a-Wave
227. Crewless
228. Dances With Waves
229. Dark Side of the Toon
230. Drivin Miss Lazy
231. Eat Drink and Remarry
232. Finally A Wake
233. Fish Tank
23Fishful Thinking
234. For Play
235. For Reel
236. Get Reel
237. Good Toons
238. Harvest Toon
239. High Toon
240. Hot Air Pontoon
241. Knot So Fast
242. Knot Too Shabby
243. Knot Working
244. Lead Pontoon
245. License 2 Chill
246. Liquid Assets
247. Looney Toons
248. Man of the Toon
249. Men Who Stare At Boats
250. Miss Behaven
251. Murphys Lure
252. National Pontoon’s Vacation
253. No Plane No Gain
254. O.Y. Knot
255. Over the Toon
256. Pond Toons
257. Post-it Boat
258. Reel Time
259. Rest A Shore
260. Shenanigans
261. Sick Day
262. Social Networking
263. Sunburn
264. The Incredible Hull
265. Thing 1 | Thing 2
266. Toon Machine
267. Toon Much Toon Soon
268. Tooned In
269. Tooned Out
270. What’s Knot to Like?
271. Y-Knot

272. Dream Quest

Funny Banned Boat Names

273. A Cool Change

274. A Fish Too Far

275. Aida Fish

276. Albavarden

277. Another Bad Hair Day

278. Apocalypso

279. Aquaquack

280. Aquaholic

281. Cant Take It With You

282. Captains Horrid Treasure

283. Chill Pill

284. Cold Behind

285. Crews-inn

286. Daly Devotion

287. Dark Secret

288. Daze Off

289. Devils Whore

290. Direct Deposit

291. Dos Winos

292. El Viento

293. Finale

294. Fish On Iv Ever

295. Fishin Fool

296. Gone Fission

297. H20 Office

298. Hang On Sloopy

299. Here Fishy Fishy

300. Just About Perfect

301. Just Us

302. Kingfish For A Day

303. Knotaklu

304. Lickety Split

305. Life Preserver

306. March Monkey

307. Mary Gale

308. Meant To Be

309. Miss Fitz

310. My Three Suns

311. Nobody You Know

312. Nobody You Know

313. Old As Dirt

314. On Line

315. One Moor Time

316. Pacific

317. Paw-seidon

318. Posideons Death

319. Round Tuit

320. Skimmer

321. South Shore Sun

322. Sturgeon General

323. Sun-day Driver

324. The Good Life

325. Tranquility

326. Viaqua

327. White Noise

328. Wicket Wet Too

329. “Wind” in Spanish

330. Wire We Here

331. Your Ad Here

332. Zephyr

Funny Boat Names From Movies


Boats and ships from the big screen can provide you a lot of ideas for boat names! Perhaps you’d like to feel like Jack Sparrow on board the Black Pearl.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to have some fun while paying homage to Jaws by naming your boat the Orca?

To get started, take a look at our collection of movie boat names below.

333. Albavarden
Movie: Lethel Weapon 2

334. Cotton Blossom
Movie: Showboat

335. Das Boot
Movie: Das Boot

336. Incisor
Movie: Summer Rental

337. Nausea
Movie: The Flintstones

338. Nimitz
Movie: Final Countdown

339. Poseidon
Movie: Poseidon

340. Red October
Movie: The Hunt for Red October

341. SS Essess
Movie: Hot Shots

342. SS Venture
Movie: King Kong

343. Stugots
Movie: Sopranos

344. Suck My Wake
Movie: The Great Outdoors

345. The African Queen
Movie: The African Queen

346. The Belafonte
Movie: The Life Aquatic

347. The Black Pearl
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

348. The Boat
Movie: One Crazy Summer

349. The Damfino
Movie: Several Buster Keaton Movies

350. The Flying Wasp
Movie: Caddyshack

351. The Orca
Movie: Jaws

352. The Surprise
Movie: Master and Commander

Funny Gay Boat Names

353. @eaze (my choice for second best overall)
354. Bee Gone
355. Child’s Play
356. Dock Therapy
357. High C’s
358. Hot Fun
359. ITLDO (a.k.a. It’l Do – took some time to figure this one out – they should have included the apostrophe)
360. Justyn Time
361. Lazy Buoy
362. Lots of Knots (sailboat)
363. Mental Alignment
364. Oh’ Bee Have
365. Pain Killer
366. Panacea (come on folks, at least name it Panasea or Pan-a-see-ya!)
367. Reel Time (fishing boat)
368. Rough Duty
369. Sax Sea Therapy
370. Seas the Day (nice pun, but not original according to the list above)
371. Second Wind (another common, unoriginal name)
372. Sidebar (not bad for a lawyer)
373. Soggy Dog
374. Sol Mate
375. Soul Mateys
376. Starlight (sailboat)
377. Summer School
378. Swift Current (sailboat from Canada)
379. True Blew (sailboat decked out with U of M flags)

Historical Boat Names


There have been some boats that have made history and their names will always be remembered.

Whilst they may not be the best boat names for your own boat, they have certainly made history and are so interesting to read and learn about. If you see SS in any of these names, it stands for Steamship.

1. American Queen (English origin) the largest river steamboat ever built.

2. Bacchus (German origin) a distilling ship built by William Hamilton in 1915.

3. CSS Hunley (English origin) the ship designed to sink Union Navy ships, this was built in 1863.

4. Golden Hind (Arabic origin) this ship was captained by Francis Drake.

5. HMAV Bounty (American origin) this small merchant vessel was purchased by the Royal Navy in 1787.

6. HMS Beagle (English origin) a Royal Navy boat launched in 1820.

7. HMS Victory (English origin) one of the largest wooden warships built to serve two fleets from Spain and France.

8. Mayflower (English origin) a ship that brought English pilgrims to the New World in 1620

9. Nina (Spanish origin) the name of a Spanish ship used by Christopher Columbus.

10. Noah’s Ark (Hebrew origin) this is the ship that saved two of every animal during the great flood in the Bible.

11. Pinta (Spanish origin) the fastest ship used by Christopher Columbus.

12. RMS Lusitania (Roman origin) a British ship that was sunk in 1915.

13. RMS Titanic (Greek origin) the famous cruise ship that sunk in 1912.

14. Santa Maria (Latin origin) a Spanish ship used by Christopher Columbus.

15. SS Edmund Fitzgerald (English origin) this ship was an American Great Lakes freighter. It tragically sank in a storm in 1975.

Fictional Boat Names

A lot of famous ships have graced our screens and the pages of our favorite books. These fictional ships make the best boat names to learn more about. Enjoy this list of the best fictional boat names!

24. African Queen (English origin) from the movie ‘The African Queen’.

25. Albatross (Spanish origin) meaning “pelican” from the movie ‘The Sea Hawk’.

26. Andrea Gail (French origin) meaning “brave” from the movie ‘The Perfect Storm’.

27. Arabella (Latin origin) from the book ‘Captain Blood’.

28. Artemis (Roman origin) from the book ‘Voyager’, this makes for one of the coolest names for a boat.

29.  Aurora (Roman origin) meaning “dawn” from the comic ‘Adventures Of Tintin’.

30. Bebop (English origin) from the manga ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

31. Black Pearl (English origin) from the movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, one of the most famous names for a boat.

32. Blue (English origin) from the anime ‘Blue’.

33. Borneo Prince (Sanskrit origin) means “water” from the ‘Commando’ comic.

34. Britannia (English origin) from the literature work ‘In Search Of The Castaways’.

35. Cornelia Marie (Roman origin) from the movie ‘Deadliest Catch’.

36. Dawn Treader (English origin) from the movie ‘Chronicles Of Narnia’.

37. Dazzler (English origin) from the book ‘The Cruise Of The Dazzler’.

38. Demeter (English origin) from the book ‘Dracula’.

39. General Grant (English origin)  from the book ‘Around The World In 80 Days’.

40. Gone Fission (English origin) from ‘The Simpsons’.


Witty Names for Boats

Witty Names for Boats

Each boat, like persons, has its own distinct name that someone had to choose. 

This is what makes them even more unique, especially for captains, who must often go through a lengthy and important process to choose the right name.

FAQs On Funny Boat Names

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning funny boat names and their answers.

1. What is the most common boat name?

1. Destiny

2. Carpe Diem

2. Serendipity

4. Relentless

5. Aquaholic

2. What does SS mean on boats?

It simply means single-screw ship,’ a name coined to describe the ship’s propulsion system. 

3. Why do boat names start with SS?

It indicates the vessel’s purpose. It tells you that the boat is a Single-screw Ship.

4. Can I name my boat USS?

The acronym USS stands for United States Ship, and it can only be used if your vessel has been commissioned by the US Navy.

5. What does FV mean on a boat?

Fishing Vessel
6. What does RSS stand for on a ship?
Royal Research Ships

7. What does HMS stand for?
His (Her) Majesty’s Ship

8. What should I name my pontoon boat?
The most popular names are those that are amusing or hilarious. It’s an excellent pick if you have a good sense of humor. Here are a few ideas to get you started or as inspiration.
1. Drivin’ Miss Lazy

2. Eat Drink and Remarry

9. What should I name my jet ski?

Jet skis, like boats, can be given names by their owners. According to our research, the following are some of the most amusing jet ski names:

1. College Fun’d.

2. Liquid Asset.

10. What should I name my red boat?

1. The Red Bull.

2. Red Galaxy.

I hope you enjoy this contents? If yes, please share it with friends and loved ones.

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