Exceptional Baby Girl Names Starting with S that are Fitting and Gorgeous

There is something perplexing about the letter S. Maybe it is the strong words it forms of its mere shape. Whatever the case, the letter S carries some peculiar aura. So also, are girl names starting with S. In the social cycle, girl names starting with S tend to be sweet and exceptional. Just imagine how, Sonia, Sophia, and the likes sound.

Exceptional Baby Girl Names Starting with S that are Fitting and Gorgeous

Are you struggling with coming up with a sweet name for your pretty angel, you need to check out these girl names starting with S. The smooth, splendid feel of the letter S gives these girl names more attraction. Many reasons can be advanced for a parent wishing to give a female child a girl name that starts with S.  However, there are some really cute girl names starting with S.

To assist you to make a choice of fitting names for your female kids, this article is focused on listing out girl names starting with S. Going down the list and you will find some interesting names you can choose from.

Lovely Girl Names Starting with S

Lovely Girl Names Starting with S

To give you some freedom with your choice of names for your baby girl, we have these names put together for you. Check them out.

Saabira -A woman who is patient and eduring                   

Saach –  A truthful, beloved and graceful person                               

Saacha – A person who helps and defends people                           

Saachi – A person who is beloved because she speaks the truth                

Saadaat – People who are lords, leaders and superiors                  

Saadet – A person who is generally happy in life                

Saadiya – A person of good fortune        

Saagnika – Fiery, passionate, or with fire                              

Saahira – A wakeful person         

Saahirah – Earth, moon, or spring which flows constantly                              

Saaida – One who is lucky in life                

Saaim – To go without food, to fast                                         

Saaiqa – A lightning in the sky    

Saaj – A worshiper of God           

Saajida – A devoted worshiper of God   

Saaliha – A useful and good person         

Saalihah – A righteous and pious person                                               

Saalima – A safe, secure person               

Saamiya – An elevated woman 

Saana – A place name, the name of the mountain in Finland                                        

Saanjali – A hand that is clasped in a prayer         

Saanjh – An evening, a latter part of the day

Saar-rah – Lady whose charming manner brings joy.        

Saara – noble-born woman, a princess                   

Saariyah – She who is like the clouds at the night sky      

Saasha – A defender of mankind              

Saat – Urdu name meaning moment, time                           

Saatvika – Name of Goddess Durga

Saavini – The name refers to the month of Saavan.         

Saba – A soft breeze      

Sabaa – Muslim name for Eastern wind 

Sabana – She who is from the open plain                              

Sabaya – A morning light                              

Sabburah – A girl with a patient and enduring personality.                            

Sabeeha – A beautiful forenoon               

Sabeen – A cool morning breeze                              

Sabeena – She who is beautiful                                 

Sabeera – A tolerant, patient girl                              

Sabeeyah – A little girl, baby girl                

Sabel – A black, sleek person                                     

Sabela – God is perfection           

Sabelia – Name of an ancient tribe in Italy.                                          

Sabella – God is my vow                               

Sabha – She who is graceful                        

Sabi – A young girl           

Sabia – A catlike woman               

Sabien – One from a tribe Sabine                                             

Sabiha – An afternoon of beauty                              

Sabihah – A beautiful one                                            

Sabine – One who belongs to a Roman tribe person                                        

Sabino – A Sabine person; sober and intellectual                                              

Sabiqa – God-Fearing and Devoted to God                          

Sabiqah – A Sindhi term for past.              

Sabira – One who is of great patience                     

Sabitha – The one who shines beautifully                             

Sabitri – One who is related to sun; a beautiful person                   

Sabiya – One of the morning                      

Sable – The black one                    

Sabohi – A drink in the morning                

Sabooha – She who shines bright                             

Sabooree – One who is full of contentment        

Sabqat – A supreme one                              

Sabra – A name meaning to rest                               

Sabrang – A rainbow      

Sabreen – One who is beneficial                                               

Sabria – One from Cyprus            

Sabrina – Latin name for the River Severn            

Sabrine – A legendary princess                  

Sabriya – She who is patient and kind                     

Saeedah – A sweet, pleasant person                      

Saefugl – A insigtful and dynamic being 

Saeko – A serene child                  

Saesha – The truth of life                                             

Saethrith – An individual who is individualistic and creative                          

Saethryd – An idealistic and energetic individual                

Saethryda – A stable natured and responsible person                    

Saethryth – A reticent and amazing being                             

Saewara – An alluring, well mannered and emotional being                         

Saeyva – A skillful, vigilant and youthful person                                 

Safa – She who is pure and innocent                                       

Safaia – The sapphire stone or the color blue      

Safak – A Turkish girl name

Safara – An African name meaning fire                  

Safari – A journey, an expedition                             

Safeeya – One who fears God    

Safere – One who looks like a bird; beautiful                       

Safeta – Clean or pure                    

Saffi – A wise person                     

Saffine – A jewel, a gem                               

Saffron -A yellow flower                              

Saffronia – English name meaning saffron                            

Safija – Bosnian form of Safiya, meaning clean and pure.                                              

Safinaz – She who is pure                            

Safiwah – A tranquil woman       

Safiyya – One who is a confidante and a best friend        

Safoor – A pious, god-fearing woman                     

Safra – A genuine and pure woman                         

Safranka – Saffron flower.                           

Safun – The feeling of breeze    

Safura – The wife of the Prophet hazrat Musa                                    

Safwa – The finest and the best girl of them all                                  

Safwana – She is like a rock, a stone                        

Safya – One who is a true sincere friend

Sahmina – A sweet smelling scent, sweet breeze                                             

Sahna – A form or a figure                           

Sahndra – From Greek name Alexandra, meaning the defender of men                

Sahoj – One who is strong           

Sahra – A bright flower                  

Sahrahsahe – A black eagle                                                         

Beautiful Girl Names that Start with S

Seaxburh – The bright or shining knife                   

Seaxel – The mighty or the powerful knife                           

SebeeyaA young girl                  

Sebella – Beauty of the sea                        

Sebiya – A young woman                                             

Sebrina – Form of Sabrina                            

Seburuh – An understanding, poised and graceful person                            

Secca – One who is shallow                         

Secga – She who is good with swords                                     

Sedaina – A self assured, naive and intellectual being; graceful                                  

Sedef – A pearl in the shell                          

Sedehanna – God has favored with a victory day                              

Sedemai – The slave of the victory day                  

Sedemaiden – An unmarried young woman from the day of victory                        

Sedemode – One who leads a refined life and is self satisfied                                     

Sedna – Goddess of the sea       

Sedora – A positive, expressive and a master of charm                  

Seely – A very happy person                      

Seemal – A sympathizer and generous person                                   

Seerat – One with inner beauty                

Seersha – One who is free                           

Seetha – A furrow, or the Goddess of Harvest                                   

Sefika – A variant of Shafeeka, meaning merciful and forgiving.                                 

Seghiue – A humble, easy going and pleasant individual

Segrid – A beautiful victory         

Sehar – Early morning or dawn                  

Sehba – Name of white grape wine                                         

Seher – An early morning                             

Seherunnisa – The woman of dawn.                       

Seheve – A stable natured, responsible and calm being                 

Sehrish – A woman with a fascinating and enchanting personality.                                           

Seija – A cloudless sky   

Seiko – A child that is sincere                                      

Seimone – She who is heard by God                                       

Seina – The innocent one                            

Seini – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful                   

Seiras – A person who is honest, charming and reasonable                          

Seiren – A refined star, a smelt star

Shahrbanou – She is the lady of the town                             

Shahrizad – A woman from the free city                                               

Shahrnaz – The town’s most loved one  

Shahwar – A woman worthy of Kings                      

Shahzaadee – A girl who is a Princess                      

Shahzeela – A stunning beautiful woman                             

Shahzeen – A good kind of adoration                     

Shaia – Sister or young girl           

Shaiba – A name is a variety of Artemisia, a Goddess of the moon and hunting                                   

Beautiful Inscription

Shaidah – She witnessed something                       

Shaikha – She is Royal                    

Shailaja – Daughter of mountain (river) 

Shailey – A woman who is admirable                                      

Shaili – A woman with great style                                            

Shaima – One who is good natured.                                        

Shaindel – A little beautiful girl                  

Shainna – God is gracious                             

Shaira – A princess of poetry                      

Shaista – One who is polite and well-behaved                    

Shaivi – One who brings prosperity                                         

Shaize – A beautiful or pretty girl                                              

Shajee’ah – A courageous and strong woman    

Shajeea – A bold and brave woman with no fears                                             

Shakara – A woman who is thankful to God for everything                           

Shakarnaz – She is sweet as sugar                            

Shakayla – A very pretty                               

Shaked – An Almond plant                                          

Shakeeba – A patient woman                                    

Shakeela – Beautiful one                             

Shakeelah – A well formed and beautiful woman                             

Shakernaz – A woman as delicate as sweet words.                           

Shakerra – is honestly grateful for thing in life

Sibell – An oracle, or one who is a Prophetess                   

Sibilia – A woman who is a sibyl, a prophetess                                   

Sibota – A surname that means Saturday                             

Sibri – One who was bold in a victory                      

Sibwine – A friend or companion of a Greek Prophetess                               

Sibyl – She who is a prophet                       

Sibyll – She who tells the fortune            

Sicily – A place name, an island in Italy                                   

Sidar – Kurdish word, meaning shade or canopy                

Siddeeqa – A righteous friend, an honest woman                            

Siddhama – A name of Goddess Durga                                  

Siddhangana – One who accomplishes great things                         

Siddhani – She who is blessed

Siddiqa – She is a righteous friend                           

Siddra – One who is like a star                    

Sidhu – A name of the Sikh clan                

Sidida – A friendly woman                           

Sidonie – One who is like a flower of Saint Denys             

Sidra – A woman of the stars                                      

Sidratul – Cedar of the farthest point.    

Sidsel – A woman with dim sight                              

Sieglind – A soft and gentle victory                         

Sieglinde – Gentle victory                           

Siella – She who is high as a mountain   

Sienna – Reddish brown               

Siera – To be like a mountain

Sini – A poetic name for the color blue                  

Sinikka – One who is like the color blue                 

Sinitalela – Little one from the ashes.    

Sinja – Means merriment                            

Sinjini – The sound the anklet makes                     

Sio – A capable, a sting or charm; attracts life

Siobhan – God is gracious                            

Siofra – One who is like an elf                    

Siomha – One who is like a good peace                                 

Sioned – She who felt the kindness of the God                 

Siopareet – A woman who inspires love                

Siouxsie – A woman who looks like a lily flower                 

Sira – She who comes from Syria                              

Sirah – One who leads a traditional way of life                    

Siran – A girl who is beautiful                      

Siranush – She is a lovely girl       

Sire – A victorious woman                           

Sireda – A wise advice that brought victory                          

Sireen – She who is the wife of a man who is a companion of the Prophet                            

Siren – An enchanter, a woman who enchants men                                        

Sirena – Chamorro word for mermaid.   

Sirikit – A woman with the qualities of a Queen                

Siriol – A woman of cheerful nature                       

Siriom – The sound of the great infinity 

Siriporn – One who is gloriously blessed                               

Sirmata – A trusted, reserved and talented human                          

Sirvat – She who is like a beautiful rose 

Sisel – She who is of sweet nature and appearance         

Sisely – A woman who can’t see                               

Sisi – She who is born on a Sunday                          

Sisilla – A woman without a sight             

Sisley – She who can’t see, a blind one  

Sisse – She who has no sight, a blind woman                                      

Sissota – A happy, creative and happy individual; soft hearted                   

Sissy – little, dear sister                 

Sitaara – One who is like a morning star                 

Sitarah – She who is like the star in the sky    


Solace – A feeling of comfort and peace, solace. An English word name                 

Solana – One who is warm and bright like a sunshine      

Solange – She who is a religious woman                

Solaris – One who is of the Sun 

Soleileia – An enduring and affectionate individual                         

Soleine – A woman with solemnity                         

Solenne – She is like a sunlight                  

Soleste – A woman who is heavenly                                       

Soley – A girl who is like a sunshine                         

Letter S with Corks

Solfrid – She is beuatiful like the Sun                      

Soliesse – She who is like a Sun 

Solin – A beautiful flower garden or parterre.                    

Solita – A little loner. A little girl who enjoys solitude                       

Solja – A place name, a village in Finland                                               

Sollemnia – One who is very religious    

Solomiya – Peace, a woman of peaceful nature.                               

Solveig – She who has the strength of the Sun                                  

Somadha – A woman who feels complete                            

Somaieh – One who is high above others                                             

Somalakshmi – Lustre of the moon                         

Somapika – One who terminates things                

Somatra – Excelling the moon    

Somaya – A soft person, who has a calm nature                

Somerild – One who is a traveler in the summer               

Somoche – A distinguished woman                         

Somprikti – A Bengali name meaning saturation                

Somritdhi – One of great prosperity                       

Somtochukwu – Praise God with me                      

Sonaly – A woman made of gold                               

Splendora – A brilliant, bright woman                     

Spomenka – Croatian name for forget-me-not flower                    

Spoorthi – One who is full of inspiration                

Spoorti – A girl full of enthusiasm                             

Sprig – One who is like a spring                  

Sravanti – She who flows like a river                       

Sreedevi – A name of the Goddess Laxmi                            

Sreva – A good natured woman                

Sreya – Best woman of great beauty and excellence       

Sreyleak – Perfect girl                    

Srijani – A person of great creativity                       

Srividya – She is a Goddess of Knowledge and Wealth                                   

Srutayudha – The glorious battle or war                                

Stacee – An upstanding woman                

Stacey – One who shall rise again                             

Staci – Resurrection

Stacy – One who shall rise again

Stahyana – She who is from a beautiful clearing in the woods                     

Stallionjit – An victorious wild horse                       

Stana – The woman who always remains standing            

Stanburch – Amusing, tidy and social person       

Stangiva – Non chalant, adorable and friendly individual                

Stanguie – One with good business sense and artistic abilities    

Stangyth – A considerate, responsible and reasonable person                    

Stanilde – A woman who is from the lands of stone                        

Stanislava – A woman who achives fame              

Staniue – An organized and affectionate being  

Stanka – Standing In Glory           

Stanuie – One who becomes     

Stanze – One who is a steadfast woman                               

Stark – A surname, meaning a family that is powerful and strong               

Starling – One who is like a beautiful star                              

Stormy – Impetuous by nature  

Stoyanka – Feminine form of Stoyan. It means to stand or to stay             

Su – One who has good luck       

Suad – She who is very glad        

Suave – One who is very smooth              

Subaja – A fortunate victor          

Subarna – Of the colour of gold                 

Subaytah – A woman who is of brave nature                                      

Subbiha – A woman who is very tidy and clean                  

Subhaga – A fortunate person                                   

Subhah – A woman who is bright like the morning                            

Subhana – She who is glorious and famous          

Subhasini – A nice girl who is soft-spoken                            

Subira – One who has a lot of patience                                  

Subrahmaniam – A very worthy jewel                   

Subrata – Devoted to what is right                           

Subuhi – A cold morning breeze                                               

Sucga – A topographic name for a tree stump     

Sucharita – Of good character                    

Sucheta – one with good mind                  

Suchhaya – A woman of great shine                        

Suda – She who is a daughter                     

Sudakshima – Wife of king dilip

Sullen – One who is bad tempered or sulky         

Sullivan – Having dark eyes         

Sulochana – One with beautiful eyes                      

Sultanah – A woman who rules people, a Queen, a female Sultan                                            

Sulwa – Things and people who bring happiness                               

Suma – Born in the summertime                              

Sumaira – A woman who is brownish                     

Sumamah – A name of the plant millet                  

Sumana – A good-natured woman                                          

Sumangli – A very and truly auspicious woman  

Sumara – A woman who entertains                         

Sumati – Good minded                 

Lovely Girl Names that Start with S

Sumaya – She who is high above                              

Sumayra – She is like a little fruit                               

Sumbal – A delicate and frail woman                      

Sumedha – She is a very smart and wise woman                               

Sumehra – A beautiful face                                         

Sumeyye – She who is high above others                             

Sumia – She is the one who is always there to listen        

Sumiko – She is a beautiful child of goodness     

Sumitra – Good Friend; Great friend; One who is a good well wisher                       

Sumiy – A woman of beauty                       

Suml – She is an early distinguisher                         

Sumlina – A woman who is frail and very delicate                             

Summah – She who looks and smells like a beautiful flower                         

Summaiyya – She is a pure woman                                          

Summaya – She who is special and unique                           

Summerset – One who comes from the summer settlement                      

Sumona – A baby girl born in the summertime                                   

Sumra – She who is like a summer fruit                  

Sumrah – A woman who is like a heaven                                               

Sumukhi – A beautiful, stunning girl        

Sura – A woman who travels by night                     

Suraa – A woman of great power and strength                  

Surabhi – Having a lovely fragrance                         

Surabi – A woman of the waterfalls         

Surama – A very pleasing woman                             

Suranga – A divine person                           

Surangana – A celestial lady                                        

Surangi – A colorful woman                        

Suranna – A woman who is joyous           

Surasa – A name of the Goddess Durga 

Suravi – A lady who can be compared to the Sun              

Suraya– A woman precious as a jewel                                    

Surekha – A good line (on the palm)                                       

Surelis – An individual who is responsible and truthful                                   

Surena – She is dangerous and sharp like the knife                                          

SureshiGoddess durga                             

Suri – A girl who is like a red rose              

Suria – To be like a red rose                        

Suriawati – Female sun                 

Surie – She is a princess

Surina – A laughing princess                        

Surintan – Queen or diamond    

Suriya – She is the Sun Goddess                               

Surraya – She who is like the Sun, like the brightest star                

Suruchi – One with good taste   

Sury – She is like the Red Rose   

Suryamani – She who is like a flower of some kind                                           

Suryamukhi – She whose face is like a Sun           

Suryani – She is the wife of the Sun        

Suryaprabha – A woman whose brightness can be compared to the Sun                               

Swonild – A responsible and clever minded person                         

Swoosie – A woman who is half swan, half goose                             

Syala – She who is like a doe                       

Syani – One of cheerful nature                  

Sybbly – One who is like an oracle                            

Sybby – A woman who is like an oracle                  

Sybyll – She who predicts future                                              

Sybylla – She who tells the future                                            

Sydnei – She who comes from a wide island       

Syeda – She who is a mistress                    

Syesha – A modern American name, means wise                             

Syflede – A hard worker who is efficient                               

Syidah – The female leader         

Sylvana – A lady of the woods                   

Sym – A woman who is like a symphony                                

Symona – She who hears everything                      

Symsa – She who is flourishing, blooming             

Synne – She who is of the Sun                   

Synnove – A girl who was the Sun’s gift; To be gifted by the Sun

Syntyche – The person with sweet fragrance and is intoxicating                 

Syretia – A serious, independent and curious being                         

Syssota – A person who is powerful, brave and courageous                                         

Syuzanna – She who is as graceful as a lily flower              

These girl names starting with S have this special feel of splendor and uniqueness to them. Right from the way they sound, you can well tell they are lovely. With these, we believe you will not have any challenge in selecting a suitable name starting with S for your beautiful angel.

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