Tender Girl Names that Mean Soft with Admirable Meanings

Naturally, the feminine class is endowed with a touch delicate and tender appeal. Girls happen to be more desirable and attractive with their feminine prowess of tenderness. With this trait come some sweet girl names that mean soft. Just like the bearers, girl names that mean soft have a lot of appeal to parents. Parents love to express this particular female trait in the kinds of names their kids bear.

Tender Girl Names that Mean Soft with Admirable Meanings

Girl names that mean soft have a fitting attribute because they best describe one outstanding quality of girls. Elegance and grace cannot be separated from girls and this can is quite obvious in these girl names that mean soft. You may not need to look too far for a name to give to your lovely little angel. Simply check out these girl names that mean angel and pick out for her.

Gentle Girl Names that Mean Soft

How would you love your baby’s name to sound? If it’s a soothing, pleasing name you wish for, then you can learn some of these girl names that mean soft.

Aalya – The one who is very smooth soft and serene

Aderyn – A gentle and soft bird

Ahe – softly blowing breeze       

Amabil – Attractive yet impulsive by nature, they are soft hearted often turning dreams to reality           

Amalthea – A soothing and soft natured person also symbolizes the woman who nursed Zeus                   

Amas – The hard working who is raw as well as soft                         

Amicabilis – Bright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heart filled with love and insightfulness 

Amita – The truthful one who is moderate, analytical, unselfish and soft spoken                               

Amor – Bright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heart                

Anana – The fourth child who is blessed with soft and gentle personality              

Arwaa – Softness, lightness                                        

Ashari – A voracious and soft spoken person                      

Ateebah – Something that is soft, gentle and delicate.   

Atubah – One who is soft, gentle and delicate.  

Aura – They are soft and gentle breeze; energetic and optimistic                              

Aure – One who has deep inner sense; soft breeze         

Aurear – Goddess of soft and gentle breeze; gold                            

Aurelie – Latin – Golden Haired; Soft Breeze; Golden; A variant of Aurelia                             

Auria – Soft wind; aura of positivity         

Ayiqueo – One who is soft spoken and has a pleasant personality.           

Ballari – Walking Quietly; One who wilks softly                  

Gentle Girl Names that Mean Soft

Chenille – Soft skinned woman

Clemence – Merciful; lenient; gentle; soft-hearted         

Clemencia – Mild and gentle; merciful; good natured and soft hearted                  

Clemency – Gentle; mild; soft; warm and hearty               

Clementeen – One who is very gentle, kind and soft hearted     

Clementia – One who is soft, gentle, good natured and lenient                                 

Clemento – Merciful; tender; forgiving; soft hearted      

Clemmy – Gentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasant                

Damian – The soft one                  

Deeba – Silk; a soft hearted individual    

Deebasri – One who is as soft as a silk                                    

Delinda – A soft-spoken person; flower

Druti – Softened                              

Emerlinda – this name means the whole universe is soft or tender.         

Emmi – qualities like delicate, soft and friendly.

Ermelinda – soft, tender, whole and universal.                  

Ermelinde – a word which means something which is soft and tender and also whole or universal.           

Eularia – somebody who is very soft spoken or speaks very sweetly.                      

Euletta – a soft spoken or sweet spoken person.                              

Eulia – the name of a saint or a soft and sweet spoken person.                  

Feather – One soft as a feather 

Garbo – Gentle and soft hearted person.                             

Ghayad – The softness of a woman, a delicacy of woman                                             

Gulbadan – Gul means rose flower and badan is an urdu word which means body. Gulbadan means a body which is beautiful and soft like roses.                      

Gulbarg – Gulbarg means the petal of soft rose flower.                 

Gulizar – Gulizar means the girl with cheeks which are soft and pink like rose.

Gulnar – They are soft like a flower and give good smell to others. They are very soft, kind and sensitive.             

Gungun – One who is soft and warm                                      

Gursimrah – They are very religious and obidient to their Guru.They are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religion                

Halimah – Gentle, Soft-spoken, Mild manner                    

Hareer – Silk, softness, It’s the fruit of a tree and is used as a cure                                            

Herlinda – Germanic – Army; Warrior; Soft; Gentle; Friendly; A variant of the name Herlinde       

Hermelinda – Shield of power; Germanic – Army; Warrior; Soft; Gentle; Friendly; A variant of the name Herlinda              

Jenessa – The girl who is easy going, soft and fine looking.           

Jenesse – A gentle or a soft lady                                               

Girls Names that Mean Soft

Jeneth – Old Welsh – White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Smooth; Soft; A variant name of Jennifer                                             

Jennika – Refers to soft, loving and caring person.                           

Jhankar – Say something in a low and soft voice                

Jiniya – it means a flower. People with this name are very soft, generous, kind hearted and love to help other people. They love travelling and are dynamic in nature.                                            

Jionni – it means gracious. People with this name are kind, soft heart and generous. They get fame with the passage of time and are vibrant in nature.                                 

Johanna – Gift from God, God is kind soft hearted and merciful                 

Julienne – they are noble, kind, generous and soft-spoken persons. They love truly and prove to be very useful for other people.                l                              

Komal – Komal means Tender, Soft                         

Kusumkomol – The name means She is Soft as a Flower    


Little Girl on a Sofa

Lamai – One of soft skin and nature, a caring person                       

Lamees – Soft to the Touch                                         

Lamis – Soft to Touch     

Lamisa – Soft                     

Layaan – A softness and gentleness of a woman               

Layan – A tender and soft Girl                    

Layyin – A Girl who is soft and delicate   

Leen – Soft, delicate woman                      

Lenda – Woman who is soft, gentle                         

Limees – Something that’s tender, delicate and soft to touch.                    

Linde – A soft and gentle person with an extremely friendly personality                                

Loveie – A lovely and happy soft hearted individual                         

Malmal – She who is soft                             

Malvina – English – Smooth brow; Friend; Soft; A variant form of Melvina                                             

Mazia – Soft and supple               

Meegan – A soft and gentle female                        

MelbaOld Greek – Soft; Slender; Thin Skinned; Derived from the name of the city of Melbourne                          

Milani – A soft and gentle affectionate touch                     

Mild – Kind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, Patient        

Mridula – A soft person, a tender one                   

Namarta – The softness or gentleness                   

Nariko – A Gentle or soft child                   

Narmin – Soft and gentle girl      

Nasima – soft flow of air               

Nhu – Soft, mild, harmony, passive, concord.                                     

Nuon – Soft and tender

Ofira – Soft and mild blowing. gentle air moving.                                               

Ofra – Light wind moving, soft flow of air.

Beautiful Girl Fingers

Oriane – The soft and mild sound of the water.                 

Pankhadi – Petal; Soft and Tender like a Flower Petal                     

Pankita – Petal; Soft and Tender like a Flower Petal                         

Parand – One who is as soft as silk                           

Pariyat – Flower; Beautiful; Soft and Tender like a flower                              

Parniyan – Soft silk, a dress made of soft silk.                     

Patient – Kind, Soft-spoken, tolerant, Mild-tempered, Patient                   

Pearyl – One who is lives within the soft tissue                  

Phoolan – Flowering; Blooming; Beautiful; Soft and Tender like a flower                

Puji – Gentle; Soft and Tender                  

Raifah – A softhearted girl           

Rakhas – She who is soft and delicate                     

Raqiqa – A delicate and soft one                               

Resham – A woman who is as soft as a silk                           

Rosalynd – A woman soft and tender as a rose’s petal                                    

Rugu – A woman who is soft and tender                               

Ruwayd – One who is like a soft breeze, a leader                              

Ruwayda – A soft wind’s breeze                               

Ruwaydah – She is like the soft, gentle breeze                   

Saba – A soft breeze      

Nice Girl Suckling

Shadleen – Happy and soft hearted women.                                      

Sieglind – A soft and gentle victory                          

Silika – She who is soft as a silk                                  

Sissota – A happy, creative and happy individual; soft hearted                                   

Somaya – A soft person, who has a calm nature                                

SouhilaA woman who is soft to the touch                        

Subhasini – A nice girl who is soft-spoken            

Suhailah – Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing                               

Suhayla – One who is smooth and soft and flowing like a river                    

Suhaylah – One who is smooth and soft and flowing like a river                                 

Tsumugi – Pongee a soft cloth made from threads of silk, Spinning, Request, Beseech   

Uliana – Soft-haired                       

Velouette – A soft spoken woman.                         

Winnie – Fair one, white and smooth, soft, happiness, or fair and pure                                 

Yalina – One who is soft and delicate

Zubaydah – One who is soft bodied.

I don’t think many people love to see a tomboy. Even to hear a girl bearing some kind of strong, rigid name is offensive to most people. Therefore, these girl names that mean soft is adequate for the feminine class.

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