Awesome Girl Names that Start with L and their Meanings

How many girl names that start with L do you know?  Have you ever had the experience of having to choose a name for a girl child? With all the concerns about how fancy, pleasant, and suitable the name should be, it gets so confusing.

Awesome Girl Names that Start with L and their Meanings

As such, some parents simply decide to go with names starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. Accordingly, for this reason, and maybe because of likeness or other factors, some parents prefer girl names that start with L. Some data collected suggest that some girl names that start L have become so popular with very wide usage.

Whatever the reason for parents seeking a girl name that starts with L, they are sure to have a wide array of options to choose from. Thus, from a number of cultures and languages, these compilations of girl names that start with L have been put together. Surely, in the coming sections, you will find some really amazing girl names that start with L.

A List of some Amazing Girl Names that Start with L

A List of Some Amazing Girl Names that Start with L

In the following sections, you will be given a list of special girl names that starts with L.

La – La means The Sun           

La cienega – La cienega means Swarmp                      

Laabha – Acquirement; Acquisition; Gain; Profit                    

Laaek – Laaek means Still Water                     

Laaibah – Laabiah means The prettiest Woman            

Laaka– Carefree, or the lark bird.        

Laalamani – Ruby; Red Pearl; Precious stone              

Laara – Laara means Famous Woman             

Laasya – Smile; Beam; Glow; Grin                   

Laavanya – Beauty; Appealing; Attractive; Good Looking;      

Labangalata – The meaning of the name is Flowering creeper plant                

Labani – Labani means The woman who is full of Grace                   

Labanya – Labanya means Pure Beauty                      

Labeeba – Labeeba means She is Wise and Sensible   

Labhdi – One with heavenly power

Labi – Labi means She Moves in a Slow Manner                    

Labiba – Labiba name means She is a person of Intelect                                

Labibah – The name means She is Quick to Understand           

Laboni – Laboni means Woman who is full of

Labonita – Labonita means Beautiful              

Labronna – Labronna means The One with Brown Hai                       

Laca – Laca is a name that derives from a Town in Normandy                       

Lacee – The name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in Normandy  

Lacene – Lacene was a French Noble Surname, after the Town in Normandy

Lacey – The name derives from French Normandian Town                

Lacia – Lacia means Tender like a Lace          

Lacina – Lacina comes from French Noble Family name        

Lacinda – Lacinda means She is Light 

Lacine – Lacine name derives from a Famous French Noble family who came to England after the Normandic invasion                       

Lacona – Lacona means The Victory od People                      

Laconia – Laciona is a Greek name for the region of Ancient Sparta  

Lacramioara – Lily of the Valley                     

Lacrima – Tear

Lacy – Lacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman Conquest         

Lacyann – The name of the Trench Nobleman           

Lovely Girl Names that Starts with L

Lacye – Place name, derives from France, Normandy

Lada – Lada is the name of pagan Slavic Goddes of Love, means maiden     

Ladeca – The name means a Mainden 

Ladhi – Ladhi means Music, a Melody

Ladina – The name means Domination and Glory      

Ladislava – She who rules with glory. 

Ladli – Ladli means She is Loved        

Ladonn – Ladonna means The Lady               

Ladonya – Lady or woman                 

Lady – A woman who is young and beutiful

Lajni – Lajni means Shy                      

Lajvati – The name means Shy            

Lajwant – The name means Sensitive, Nature 

Lajyabati – Means modest       


Lakecia – Lakecia means Woman       

Lakeesha – Lakeesha means Happy    

Lakelyn – Lakelyn means Beautiful Lake       

Laken – From the Lake                       

Lakendra – Greatest Champion                       

Lakenya – From Kenya                       

Laketia – Woman                    

Lakeysha – Alive and Well; Cassia tree                       

Lakhi – name of Goddess Laxmi                    

Lakhminder – Lord of Hundred Thousand                  

Lakhroop – Most Charming Among Hundred Thousand         

Lakhsha – White Rose; Aim                

Lakhsmi – Wife of Vishnu      

Lakhwinder – Loved by Many; Ruler of Hundred Thousand People  

Lakia – One who is born on Tuesday  

Lakicia – She who is a Favorite among people            

Lakiesha – To be alive and well          

Lakita – The treasure that is found                  

Lakken – A person who comes from the still waters   

Lakmini – Independent                                   

Lakona – A woman who lives near still waters            

Lakota – Allies, a person considered as a friend. Name comes from the Indian tribes Sioux and Lakota        

Lakresha – Profit or profitable

Laksha – The name that represents the beauty and purity of a white rose                   

Lakshaki – The name of the Goddes Sita        

Lakshana – Opportune and andventageous person      

Lakshani – She who is nice with everyone.

Lakshanya – A person who achieves the goals           

Lakshitha – She who is distinguished. 

Lakshmani – Name of the Goddes of prosperity and luck. A person who has a sign or a mark of prosperity and luck                       

Lakyn – She who comes from the lake or a body of water                             

Lala – Slavic – Tulip; Arabic – Intoxication; Wine; English:Spanish – Emerald

Lalacia – New, american female name that means a chatty person     

Names with L

Lalage – Bubbly, chatty nad cheerful person  

Lalaine – A woman who works hard for her independence    

Lalam – As beutiful as tulip flower     

Lalana – A Girl; A beautiful woman; A pretty young lady

Lauracy – One who lives by the laurel tree                           

Laurah – Laurel Tree; Sweet Bay Tree Symbolic of Honor and Victory

Laural – Laural tree, sweet bay tree                         

Lauralin – Symbol of honor and victory; Laurel tree              

Laure – She who is from the bay               

Laureat -The one who comes from town Laurentus        

Laurelin – Land of the valley of the singing God  

Laurena – Sweet bay tree; Symbol of victory                       

Laurentia – From the place of honor and victory                

Lauret – She who is pure              

Laurier – The crown of glory which will never fade away                                

Laurinda – The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.                                         

Laurynn – A laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fame                                             

Lavada – An individual who is purified and clensed, of pure soul                

Lavali – Aromatic flower buds of the plant clove                                

Lavangi – Flower buds of the Clove plant                              

Lavani – Graceful, charming and lovely individual                              

Lavanya – Beauty; Good Looking;                             

Lavaughan – The small or the little of something

Laynie – The Light of telling the truth                                      

Layyin – A Girl who is soft and delicate                   

Lazeena – Comes from Islamic word meaning faith                                          

Le – Chinesee word for joy          

Lea – Person who brings good news                       

Leaann – Beautiful woman

Leal – Faithful, loyal person                         

Leala – Describes someone who is faithful, loyal                

Lealand – From the meadow land; Pasture ground.                         

Lealla – An eternal beauty of the night                   

Leana – Servant of Jonh                                

Leane – She who is in service of John                     

Leanna – From Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman                          

Leanore – The bright and the shining      

Leaundra – Lionlike woman                         

Leaxa – An oath of God or the God is my satisfaction                      

Leba – Beloved woman                 

Lebechi – Look unto God.                            

Lece – Cheerful person                 

Lecea – Person of a noble kind                  

Lechsinska – Woodland spirit

Girl Names that starts with L

Lecia – Joyful person                      

Ledell – Woman who is queenly                

Ledisi – To bring forth, to come closer                    

Ledora – Variation of the name Laurel, laurel tree                            

Leea – Woman with healing powers                        

Leehi – She who is mine                               

Lib – An Oath, a promise made to the God                           

Liba – The one who is the most beautiful of them all                       

Libba – A pledge made to the Heavenly Father                  

Libera – To live life in liberty and freedom                            

Liberta – A felling of freedom and independence                             

Loralee – An alluring woman who sings and lures man                    

Loralei – One whose singing lures man to their destruction                          

Loralie – A siren whose singing lures man to their death

Loralyn – A woman whose beautiful song leads man to destruction                         

Loranda – She who wears a crown of laurel leaves                                           

Loranna – A woman who is honorable and victorius         

Lorca – A place name of the region Navarre in Spain        

Loree – A person young and beautiful as a flower blossom                           

Loreena – A safety of the harbor              

Lorelai – A siren who sings and lures man to their deaths                              

Loreley – A song of the beautiful woman that leads man to death                            

Lorelii – A luring rock in the Rhine River  

Loriel – A woman awarded for her Dignity and Honor

Lu – A light that shines upon a famous warrior                    

Lu lu – A woman whose beauty is compared to a Pearl                   

Lua – A contended, relaxes and joyful individual                               

Luan – An Upspring                         

Luana – An Honorable maiden in the battle                         

Luane – A graceful woman in the battle                                 

Lubaaba – A deepest essence of life       

Lubab – The finest element                                        

Lubanah – Desire and a wish of a man                                    

Lubba – A feeling of deep love                  

Lubena – A state of purity and innocence             

Lubina – Adaptable person          

LublubahAffectionate and delicate person                      

Lubomira – She who loves the peace and the world                                        

Lucelly – One who is illuminated by the light                        

Letter  L

Lucely – A variation of Lucia, meaning light.                          

Lucette – The one who shines with graceful

Lyna – A ray of sun                          

Lynda – A beautiful snake; linden tree                                   

Lyndall – A beautiful lime tree    

Lyndzai – An independent and organized person                              

Lyndzay – One from the island of linden trees                    

Lyndzei – A freedom loving, quick witted person              

Lyrti – A person with great musical and lyrical talent                         

Lysa – The God is my Promise                    

Lysanne – A liberator of people 

Lysbeth – A woman whose god is in the oath                                      

Lysistrate – Releasing or losing the army.              

Lyska – God is my perfection                      

Lyta – A girl with little wings                        

Lyuba – The one who loves         

Lyubov – To love others

Lyudmila – A dear person who loves and feels deeply                    

Lyudmyla – One who is nice to everyone              

Lyveva – A beloved gift                 

Lyydia – One who came form Minor Asian region Lydia                  

Lyyti – A name who is a great and adorable being                             

Lyza – Her life is dedicated to God                            

Lyzbeth – Satisfaction found in the worship of God                          

Lyzette – She worships the God

However, the list above is not exhaustive, but it certainly contains most of the outstanding girl names that start with L. So, if you wish to assign any one of these girl names that start with L to your little angel, you can freely pick one from the list.

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