Popular Spine-Chilling yet Charming Halloween Names

Popular Spine-Chilling yet Charming Halloween Names.

Halloween Names: Certainly, there are many holidays and seasons celebrated in our society today. You would definitely agree that among them, it’s only a few that come with as much fright and scariness as Halloween. Especially with the children, they seem to an abundance of things to scare their souls out of their bodies.

Contrastingly, some people tend to get a thrill from Halloween. They even go ahead to adopt Halloween names for themselves and their kids. Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with this practice. As a matter of fact, it helps to dampen the dread and fear often prevalent with the season.

Charming Halloween names constitute a great naming idea. In place of all the spooky spirit and vibes of Halloween, you can choose to embrace it and celebrate it always by picking one of these amazing names personally or for your wards. Alternatively, you can tag your pet or toy with any of these. You can even pick as a nickname.

Startling Halloween Names for Boys

Startling Halloween Names for Boys

1. Adam – Adam reminds us of the mysterious, creepy, and kooky monster from “The Addams Family”.

2. Alan – Who can forget Edgar Allan Poe when talking about scary and mystery stories? The name Edgar has remained as popular as his works. It has been in the top 200 since the past century.

3. Alaric – Parents typically look for a Holy Grail of monikers, something that is pleasing to the ears, but not too common. Alaric is a character from the series “Vampire Diaries”. This melodic name means ‘noble leader.’

4. Bill – Vampire mania is here to stay. While “Twilight” served the younger lot, “True Blood” delves into the rawer and darker version of the vampire lore

5. Black – Why black? It sounds creepy and mystical without being over the top. And it’s a favorite color of ghosts, goblins, and witches.

6. Blade – Blade is the name of the vampire hunter from the movie of the same name. In the film, Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while she was in the labor with Blade. So Blade was born as a dhampir, a human with a vampire’s genes. The name Blade means ‘wealthy glory.’

7. Casper – Calling your little one Casper, one of the friendliest ghosts in the film industry will make him the best-tempered baby. Casper is the English variant of the name Caspar, meaning ‘wealthy man.’

8. Cullen – The name Cullen stirs up images of everyone’s favorite vampire family. But, what many don’t know is that Cullen is a traditional Irish name, meaning ‘handsome.’

9. Damien – Damien is the name of the character from “The Omen”, the spookiest films of all time. In the movie, a couple adopts a child boy named Damien, who is the devil incarnate. The film released in 1976, but the name rose in popularity after a couple of years. It is now at a respectable rank of #189

10. Dexter – If you are fond of the series, “Dexter” starring the charming Michael C. Hall, then name him after this creepy character. Dexter is a blood-spatter analyst during the day and a serial killer at night.  Dexter is a Latin name, meaning ‘right-handed.’ It has been enjoying a steady popularity rise since the series released in 2006, climbing 396 spots to #545 in 2009.

11. Draco – Meaning ‘dragon,’ the name Draco brings to mind the sneering wizard from the “Harry Potter” series.

12. Draven – A dark undead antihero from The Crow. This name nonetheless means “protector of love.”

13. Edward – Everyone loves “Twilight”, right? Some people were so devoted to the “Twilight” series that they started naming their children after the two main characters, especially Edward. So, even you can consider this classic.

14. Fester – If your baby is bald just like the Uncle Fester from “The Adam’s Family”, give him the name Fester. Meaning weep or sore or ooze, the name is sure to make him stand out from the crowd.

15. Freddy – “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” is one of the best teenage horror flicks of time. Just like the film, the name Freddy also gained worldwide acceptance.

16. Godric – Godric is an uncommon name, meaning ‘rules with God.’ It’s the name of a place (Godric’s Hollow), and the name of a character in (Godric Gryffindor) in Harry Potter. Godric is also the name of a character in “True Blood”.

17. Hannibal – Quite oddly, the name Hannibal comes from a historic Roman general and means ‘grace.’ But Anthony Hopkins gave Hannibal a new meaning through this portrayal of the cannibalistic serial killer in “The Silence of the Lambs”.

18. Harry – The extraordinary boy wizard from J.K. Rowling’s book had a pretty common name. Harry was a common name for the years 1910 to 1950, but that’s before its association with the series. After the release of the film, Harry was no longer ordinary. It jumped 600 spots to become a part of top 100 names.

19. Heathcliff – This nature name conjures the images of the haunting and disturbing moorlands found in some British Isles. It’s also associated with Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights”, which has some supernatural elements in it. And how can we forget Heath Ledger, the actor who played the terrifying Joker in “The Dark Knight.”

20. Herman  – That lovable Frankenstein from The Munsters. There’s also Pee Wee Herman, who is horrifying in his own way.

Some GreatHalloween Names

21. Ichabod – If you want a slightly different moniker for your Halloween baby, go with Ichabod. Ichabod is a character from the book “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. This name has Hebrew origins and sounds rather cool.

22. Igor – Igor, the name of the evil scientist, would make a sassy Halloween themed name for your child. We feel that the name Igor has a menacing feel to it.

23. Jack – Jack reminds us just one thing during Halloween, and that is “Jack-o-lantern”. Besides, it’s also associated with the Pumpkin King from the film “The Nightmare before Christmas”. This strong Halloween baby name will grow pretty well with your little son.

24. Jason – The ski masked serial killer from Friday the 13th. This name was actually so popular in the 1970s, it spawned the baby-naming book Beyond Jennifer & Jason.

25. Jasper – We all know about the friendly ghost Casper, but if you want something that is not too out there, then you can try Jasper. Meaning ‘treasure,’ it I also the name of a character from “Twilight.”

26. Merlin – Merlin is the name of the famous sorcerer from the Camelot myth. It’s a French name, meaning ‘falcon.’

27. Michelle – Do you remember Michael Mayer from the movie “Halloween”? The little boy who was murdered by his sister after trick or treat? His escape from the mental asylum to kill the babysitter gives us chills even today. Despite the terrible deeds of Michael, his name has been consistently performing well. In fact, his name was one of the top two baby names for 50 years.


28. Ned – Television has hosted several scary shows and some even with supernatural elements. One such show is the short-lived “Pushing Daisies” featuring Ned, who could bring back the dead with just the touch of his finger.

29. Norman – The movie “Psycho” came out in 1960, but it still manages to scare audiences as much as it did five decades back. It features Norman Bates, the benign killer. (https://annalee.com/)

30. October – If people can use June and December for baby names, why not October, the month of Halloween? And it is unique too!

31. Orion – Orion, which means ‘son of fire,’ is the name of the mighty hunter constellation in the Greek mythology.

32. Phoenix – Phoenix is the name of the bird that rises from its own ashes and continues to live over and over again.

33. Rune – Rune is one of our favorites. The name comes from the ancient symbols used in magic. It’s a German name and means ‘secret.’

34. Tim – Tim Burton is renowned for his horror and fantasy films like “Corpse Bride,” and “The Nightmare before Christmas”. So, it’s a perfect Halloween-inspired name for your kid.

35. Victor – This classic and respected name is also the moniker of Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s Gothic novel. We love the name for its regal feel and, of course, its reference to Halloween.

36. Vincent – For Vincent Price, an old-time star of classic horror films. Vinnie or Vince could be nicknames or variations.

37. Vlad – Vlad the Impaler was the real Count Dracula. Could also go with Vladimir.

38. Wes – An homage to Wes Craven, creator of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s usually short for Wesley or originally Westly, someone who dwells in the west.

39. Xander – This strong name, meaning ‘defender of man’, would make a cool Halloween name for your baby boy. It is inspired by the character Xander from the show “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer”.

Enchanting Halloween Names for Girls

Enchanting Halloween Names for Girls

1. Alchemy – Halloween falls in the season of fall when the leaves change color from green to gold and red. Alchemy is the secret medieval science that aims to transform metal into gold or look for an elixir of the eternal youth and life.

2. Annie – Annie was the name of the lead character in Stephen King’s novel ‘Misery’. She was the former nurse cum serial killer who tortures a novel writer. The name Annie spiked in popularity after the release of “Misery”. Despite the scary connotation, the name stayed at the top 500 for years and is now at #382. And the name is a classic as well.

3. Arachna –  Meaning Spider Woman

4. Asteria – Halloween is all about magic. So why not select a magical name for your daughter? Asteria, derived from Greek mythology, means ‘like a star.’

5. Autumn – The classic name autumn is synonymous with Halloween the holiday falls in this season. The term autumn derives from the Latin word ‘autumnus’.

6. Blair – Although Blair is a unisex name, we love it more for a girl, as it is uncommon. The meaning of Blair is ‘dweller on the plain” and reminds us of the 1999 movie, “The Blair Witch Project”.

7. Buffy – Scary and supernatural television shows would be incomplete without mentioning “Buffy.” Although the series was incredibly popular in the late 90s, the name did not gain much traction in its starting years. But after the year 2003, the year when the last season was aired, Buffy gained momentum. The name Buffy is a diminutive of Elizabeth.

8. Candy – Halloween is incomplete without candies right. So bring sweetness to your child’s life by naming her Candy.

9. Carrie – “Carrie,” one of Stephen King’s masterpieces, released in the year 1974 and took the baby name world by storm. In the movie, Carrie was the misunderstood outcast in school. So, she used her psychic powers against classmates who insulted her. The name was highly popular in the 70s when the book and the movie were released.

10. Celeste – The name Celeste, meaning ‘heavenly’ conjures images of starry and sparkly Halloween night.

11. Chucky – Chucky is the name of the creepy ginger doll that starred in all of “Child’s Play” films. The first installment of the film came out in the year 1988, and soon Chucky as a name became famous far and wide. But, the popularity of this name was as short lived as the film itself.

12. Clarice – “The Silence of the Lambs” is one of those movies that come to mind when we think about scary movies. In the film, Clarice, an FBI agent played by Jodie Foster, hunts down a serial killer. The name Clarice is adorable and ultra-feminine. It enjoyed great popularity in the 1970s and is not used much now.

13. Daphne – Daphne is the name of one of the core members of Mystery Inc, from the cartoon series “Scooby-Doo”.

14. Elena – Elena is one of the cutest Halloween-inspired names. It’s on the list because one of the most famous characters in the television series “Vampire Diaries” was named Elena.

15. Elvira – Even though Elvira was the mistress of the night in the comedy horror movie “Mistress of the Dark”, her name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘truth.’

16. Glenda – Glenda, the name of a good witch, would make a cool pick for your daughter. Glenda is a Scottish or Welsh name coming from the compound of words meaning ‘holy and good.’

17. Hazel – If you want a subtle, Halloween themed baby names, go for Hazel. The nature-inspired name reminds us of the beautiful fall color that is generally seen at this time of the year.

18. Hermione – Harry Potter is one of those witches and wizards series that can be enjoyed all year round and not just around Halloween. The series did a great deal to impact the popularity of the name Hermione in the United States when the film began in 2001.

19. Janet – “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” a 1975 film became rather popular. To the extent that it is now considered a cult movie. Janet, played by Susan Sarandon, did her best to make the name popular.

20. Katie – Katie, from the movie “Paranormal Activity” became evil only when a demon took over her body. So it isn’t really as devilish as people presume it to be.

21. Luna – The name Luna, meaning ‘moon,’ is frequently associated with Halloween. Luna has double references in the mystical world. It is the name of a quirky witch in the “Harry Potter” series. And, the other Luna is a shape-shifting creature in the “True Blood” series.

22. Marnie – Marnie is the name of a character from the movie “Halloweentown”. The name experienced an increase in popularity in 1999, post release of the film and is still in fashion.

23. Matilda – Do you remember Matilda, the supernatural girl from the movie of the same name? The meaning of this Swedish name is ‘brave in war’.

24. Morticia – Before Esme, Morticia from “ The Addams Family” was the monster mother that everyone wanted to know more about. We loved this name for its uniqueness and sweet sound.

25. Olive – Olive is the name of the perky waitress and Ned’s sidekick in “Pushing Diaries”. The name is a favorite with the celebrities. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher named their daughter Olive.

Spooky Halloween Names

26. Phoebe – Phoebe is the name of the fun and quirky witch from the television show “Charmed”. The meaning of this Greek name is ‘shining one’.

27. Raven – Do you like the color black? Or are you a fan of the Baltimore football team? Or do you adore the classically creepy poem “Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe? Then you should pick the name Raven for your daughter. Either way, this name will be a huge hit. And it’s also associated with fun and quirky character from the series “That’s so Raven”.

28. Regan – Regan would have been just another girl’s name if it were not for the 12-year-old girl possessed by the devil in “The Exorcist”, one of the scariest movies of all time. The name was never really popular, but after the release of the film, it started showing signs of revival.

29. Rosemary – The strange pregnancy dreams of giving birth to an alien or anything that non-baby becomes a reality in the film “Rosemary’s Baby.” In the movie, the newborn turns out to be the Antichrist. The movie may be terrifying, but the name Rosemary is incredibly sweet. It peaked in the 1940s and is still going steady

30. Sabrina – Sabrina, the name of the teenage witch, will give a lovely ode to this spooky holiday. The name is playful, yet has a sophisticated feel- all thanks to Audrey Hepburn, who played the role of Sabrina in the film.

31. Sookie – Sookie, the name of the female lead in “True Blood” was one of the top searched names in the year 2009. The name did not rank on the Social Security list in the past century but made a quick appearance after the premier of the series.

32. Wednesday – Wednesday, from “The Addams Family” is one of the most favorite Halloween’s names. Although the series premiered in 1991, the name of the dark and charming daughter has grown in popularity throughout the 1990s. The best year for Wednesday was 2013.

33. Willow – This slender and grace tree name comes to the willow tree, which loses its tree during fall.

34. Winifred – “Hocus Pocus,” the Halloween film released in 1993, is watched every year in October even after more than two decades. Winifred, the star of Sanderson Sister, is hilarious for the adults and scary to children. The named lightly dipped in popularity but trended upward since 1993.

35. Yolanda – Yolanda references a character from the “Vampire Huntress Legend Series”. It means ‘violet.’

36. Zelda – Zelda is not just the moniker of one of the aunts in the show “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, but also comes from the video game “The Legend of Zelda”, which has been an inspiration for Halloween costumes for years.

What do you think about these names? Did they get you all edgy and jittery or did they actually appeal to you? Actually, there are lots of people who derive so much fun from Halloween. Lots of tricks to try, lots of legs to pull, and enough stunts to display with all the costumes and dresses.

We believe you were blessed by this article. Do well to share with friends and family.

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