Hair-Raising and Blood-Curdling Halloween Party Names

Hair-Raising and Blood-Curdling Halloween Party Names.

Halloween Party Names: The Halloween spirit has to be everywhere – on the party name. Let your invitee feel the air and vibes of the holiday right from your party tags. This is great way to irk their interest and draw attention.

Blood-Curdling Halloween Party Names

Dance Hall Halloween Party Names

It might be that you just to dance yourself to frenzy and just have fun, you can tag your party as such.

Cloak and Corpse Ball

Eye of Newt Boot Scoot

Devilish Disco

Black Cat Boogie

Horror Hoe-down

I Gotta Chilling Dance Party

Gourds and Ghouls Gavotte

Poltergeist Prom

Halloween Hootenanny

Grave Digger Disco

Beyond the Grave Rave

Graveyard Get-down

Deadman’s Dance

Dance Macabre

Monster Ball

Creepy Crawlers Ball

Reaper Rave

Disguise and Demise Dance

Boos and Boogie

Cauldron Bubble Ball

Darkness Dance

Children’s Halloween Party Names

Kids get scared easily. You might want to reduce their freight a bit with the names you give to your Halloween party if you are expecting kids around.

Hobgoblin Hangout

Potion Commotion

Trick or Treat Trist

Candy Caper

Mummy and Boo To-Do

Freaks and Fairytales Fest

Heebee-Jeebee Jamboree

Hocus Pocus Ruckus

Phantom Fest

Davy Jone’s Lock-in

Just for Chops Halloween Party Names

You know that some persons don’t joke with food. If you are planning on filling every stomach and quenching all thirst at your Halloween party, you may need to consider these names.

A Brush with Death- Host your own Paint and Sip Party

The Texas Cocktail Massacre

I Scream Party

The Haunted Pitchfork Dinner

Spirits and Spirits

Wooden Stake Cookout

Zombie Prevention Barbecue

Cocktails and Cadavers

House of 1000 Cocktails

Bogeyman Barbecue

Silence of the Lambs Barbecue

Beverages and Bogeymen

Sleeping with the Fishes Fish-fry

Apparition’s Aperitif

Hungry Like the Werewolf

Scarecrow (Stuff-Yourself) Social

Stupefy and Petrify Fish-fry

Just for Chops Halloween Party Names

Animal Related Halloween Party Names

Animals have always been an integral part of our lives and we love them too as pets. You can make your Halloween party about them too.


Fang and Claw Pub Crawl

Woofs and Witches Walk

Beauties and Beasts Ball

Squawk and Scream Soiree

Fangs Feast

Slither and Squirm Social


Pups and Pumpkins Party

Fangs Fest

Goblins and Goodboys Gala

Halloween Hoot n’ Howl

Pumpkin Halloween Party Names

Pumpkin Halloween Party Names

Pumpkin carving and Halloween are blood brothers as you know. We get so much joy from carving these pumpkins especially at Halloween parties. If there will be so much pumpkin carving at your Halloween party, you can choose to get one of these tags for your party.

Jack-O-Lantern Light Up Night

Princess and Pumpkins Party

Jack-o-lantern Luau

Carve for the Cure- Breast Cancer awareness month

Jack-O-Lantern Jubilee

Carve and Cackle

Pranks and Pumpkins Party

Pumpkin Hunt

Gory Gourds Get-together

Common and General Halloween Party Names

These names can be used for any Halloween party not minding what the high point will be. They are well fitted for any kind of Halloween party.

Cemetery Shin-dig

Bones and Brains Bonanza


Grave Yard Frolic

Horror Holiday

Moonlight Merry-making

Broomstick Blowout

Monster Mash

Séance Soiree

Bad Things Bash

Toxic Equinox


Uptown Funk and Fright

Broomstick Bizarre

Headstone Holiday

Boo-tiful People Party

Ghoul Vibrations Beach Party

Nuthin’ but a Ghoul Thing

Oddities Outing

Goblin’s Paradise

Skeleton Shin-dig (get it?)

Cadaver Extravaganz

Transylvania Turn-Up

Monster Bash

The Black Cat’s Meow

Magical Mayhem

The Enchanter’s Escape

Spellbound Social

Bloodbath Banquet

Spine-Chilling Chill-out

Tricksters Paradise

Witches Brew-ha-ha

Spooky and Kooky Social

Dracula Spectacula

Specter Spectacle

Cackle and Cauldron Celebration

Crypt! Crypt! Hooray!

Catacomb Cantada

The Shadow Shindig

Stayin’ Alive

Fiesta de Fright


Cobwebs and Coffins Celebration

After-life After dark

Macabre Mash

Fright Night Fling

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