35 Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend 2020

35 Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend 2020.

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate all mothers. Being a mom is actually one of the toughest jobs. It takes patience, persistence, kindness and of energy. Obviously, anyone who pours her soul into motherhood deserves all the encouragement she can get. So, for that friend of yours who is a mom, here is a collection of Mother’s Day messages you can send to her. 

35 Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend

Happy Mother’s Day Messages to Friend

  • Nothing can prepare you for being a mom. That’s why I’m so in awe of you. Without a handbook or fancy instructions, you’ve transformed into a strong, caring, determined woman. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. Enjoy this one because your little one is following in your footsteps, and I remember your teenage years! 
  • Dear Friend, you are selfless, kind, and patient. You put everyone else first and always ensure everyone else is looked after. I see you do this day after day. Today, I want to let you know that I have so much respect for you, my friend. Have a truly happy and relaxing Mother’s Day. 
  • Who knew that being a mother would mean taking on so many jobs! Teacher, police officer, cook, and janitor, just to name a few. I don’t know anyone that can do so much, so well. I hope you treat yourself very special today. Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Mother’s Day is about more than just breakfast in bed and bouquets of flowers. It’s about appreciating the hard work that you do every single day, so often unnoticed or insufficiently appreciated. No gift is greater than moms like you. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Motherhood has lots of ups and downs, and I feel so lucky to have been through them by your side. We’ve been scared together, we’ve cried together, we’ve laughed together. Without your advice, I wouldn’t be here today. You’re such a fantastic mom, not just to your kids, but to me, too! Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • As your kids get older and form their own relationships, they’ll know exactly what pure, unconditional love looks like – because they got it from you. You’ve made sacrifices that some people wouldn’t even dream of. Happy Mother’s Day to a very special mom. 
  • You have the kindest heart and the warmest soul, my dear friend. These qualities shine through and make you a fantastic mother. Happy Mother’s Day. I hope it is filled with joy, love, and laughter. 
  • One day of the year could never be enough to appreciate a mom like you. Not just on Mother’s Day, but every day, I’m thinking of you and how hard you work to care for your children. One day, they will know how lucky they are. Until then, take it from me, they are very lucky children. Have a very Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Being a mom is like having a to-do list that never ends: get groceries, pick up the kids from school, feed the kids, do the dishes, do the laundry, and then repeat. I’ve never seen anyone go through it with such grace and ease as you! Happy Mother’s Day to the mom I admire most. 
  • To a great mom and a great friend: Happy Mother’s Day. Everything you do seems superhuman, although I know there are lots of difficult moments. I feel fortunate to be with you through this precious journey. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Your kids are fortunate to grow up with a mom like you by their side. You’ve created the perfect balance between friend and mother. Every lesson you’ve taught your kids is so valuable that I’ve ended up learning from you, too. Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Motherhood is a rollercoaster: there are peaks, and then there are times where it feels like everything is going way too fast. Sometimes it’s scary, and sometimes it’s the best feeling in the world. I’m so happy to be on this rollercoaster beside you, screaming together! Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Whether your kids are one year old, ten years old, twenty years old, or fifty, you’ll always be their mother. You’ll be there for them when they’re hurt, when they’re happy, and when they’re scared. You’ll nourish them with kindness, love and comfort. They’re evolving through life with the greatest mentor in the world: you. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Every day is a new adventure when you’re raising a family, and I know we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Happy Mother’s Day to a strong and beautiful mom. You’re the best! 
  • I’m here to remind you that you’re doing an amazing job and you deserve the utmost admiration for your resilience and strength. Happy Mother’s Day to a rockstar mom! 
  • On our special day, from mom to mom, I want you to know that you are appreciated, loved, and valued. All your efforts are noticed, and let me tell you, they’re magnificent! Happy Mother’s Day, my dear friend. 
  • Mothers are fearlessly loving, devoted, and unconditionally generous. Even on the tough days, remember that these qualities are within you all the time. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Witnessing the love you have for your kids has been a joy for me – to see how you love unconditionally and endlessly is amazing. There are many ways to say “thank you” for everything you do, but I’ll throw in a Happy Mother’s Day as well! 
  • There’s no warm and fuzzy feeling that can top the experience of motherhood, and to see you with your kids gives me just that. Wishing you all the love in the world, and a Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • You’ve accomplished so much by starting a family and devoting yourself to your kids every single day. If anyone deserves a break today, it’s you, so Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • Having kids is a sacrifice not everyone is willing to make, but you and I know that seeing them flourish makes it all worthwhile. On this Mother’s Day, I hope you can laugh, relax, and get pampered! Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Motherhood means adopting many roles, as you know, but sometimes we need to shake them off and relax back into ourselves (if we still remember what that means!). I hope you have some time to rest and recuperate this Mother’s Day. 
  • During both the good times and tough times in motherhood, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. I can see that yours is loving and kind, and that you deserve the best Mother’s Day these little rascals can offer. And if they can’t, you and I will escape and have a make-up day for Mother’s Day where it is a girls’ night out! Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • As a mother, we have to plan ahead and pick our battles every single day. But I hope on this Mother’s Day you enjoy some well-deserved peace and pampering. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • I am so proud of you for being such an incredible mother. It is a joy to witness your journey through parenthood. Your patience, kindness, and love are apparent in everything you do for your family. Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful friend. 
  • We both know that motherhood is priceless, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. In fact, watching you develop into a fearless mom shows me what I one day hope to be capable of – so here’s to you on this Mother’s Day. 
  • There have been many days that I wanted to tear my hair out because motherhood just does that to you. But having you by my side, cheering me on, has been so helpful. Thank you infinitely, and Happy Mother’s Day. 
  • Being a superhero every day can be exhausting, but oh so rewarding. Remember that you’re human and need to rest, especially today. Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most superwomen I know! 
  • Happy Mother’s Day. Of all the days of the year, this is your one day to relax and perhaps even get to use the bathroom by yourself. Enjoy your alone time! 
  • The way your kids run to you and crave being next to you is one of the most beautiful things on this planet. Every day, you show them how to be kind, be brave, and spread joy everywhere they go. You’re such a good teacher – not just to them, but to me, too. I hope you have a relaxing Mother’s Day. 
  • Do you remember when leaving the house took a couple of minutes? Now it takes two bags, four toilet trips, and a cold cup of coffee, but no one makes it look as effortless as you. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. 
  • It is Mother’s Day, so today you are allowed to use, “ask your Dad” as many times as you want. Take advantage of it and enjoy your special day. 
  • Watching your kids grow has been a pleasure, but watching you grow as a mother has been even better (hey, I can rhyme!). You began motherhood afraid and unsure, and now you’ve blossomed into the best mom I know. Happy Mother’s Day! 
  • My dearest friend, you have been a true friend to me for so many years. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to let you know that watching you grow into a mom has been a gift to me. Your happy and adorable children are a great achievement and a credit to all the hard work you have poured into making their lives healthy and full of love. Happy Mother’s Day, my friend. 

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