Captivating Ways to Wish Friends and Family Happy November

Captivating Ways to Wish Friends and Family Happy November.

Happy November: It seems all the eating and drinking comes towards the end of the year. Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas…, so much to celebrate and holidays to observe.

November sure has its own package of activities. Do well to welcome your close persons into this month with interesting wishes. Remind them of the numerous reasons to enjoy amidst all the troubles of life.

Captivating Ways to Wish Friends and Family Happy NovemberComical Happy November Wishes

Check out this compilation of witty November wishes to make your recipient get a good laugh.

  • Turkeys beware: November is here.

  • November is here, which means it’s almost time to break out the fat pants.

  • November reminds me of the many things I am thankful for… such as the fact that the election will soon be over. Happy first day of November, everyone!

  • You gotta love this time of year… that is, unless you’re a turkey. Happy November!

  • Hope your November is unbe-leaf-able!

  • Happy November, people! Every day that it doesn’t snow is something to be truly grateful for.

  • Hope you have a wonderful November free of any thoughts of the awful weather that’s coming our way.

  • I don’t know about you, but I for one am grateful that this awful year is almost over. Happy November, folks!

Heartfelt Happy November Wishes

There’s no feeling compared to reading a sweet, sincere wish from someone. Here are a few beautiful November wishes to share with friends and family.

  • May your November be as sweet as a pile of leftover Halloween candy.

  • May November bring you many things to be grateful for.

  • Happy November! Enjoy the cooler weather and time spent with family.

  • Wishing you a November filled with good friends, good food, and good times.

  • Happy November! Hope this cooler weather puts a little pep in your step.

  • Thankful for November evenings, fall colors, and wonderful friends like you.

  • Happy first day of November, everyone! Hope you enjoy this beautiful fall weather while it lasts.

  • It might not be Thanksgiving yet, but it’s never the wrong time to say how grateful I am for my wonderful friends. Happy November, everyone!

  • I’m thankful for cool evenings and fall colors. Happy November, everyone!

  • Happy first day of November, everybody! Hope your month is turkey-riffic!

  • Happy November. Remember that it’s never too early to start being grateful for your blessings.

  • Wishing you all the best on these last days of fall. Happy November!

  • This cooler weather is a great excuse to cuddle up with loved ones. Happy November, all!

  • Happy first day of November! Hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner!

  • Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas is just around the corner. Happy November!

November Quotes

  • Some of the days in November carry the whole memory of summer as a fire opal carries the color of moonrise. > Gladys Taber

  • November is usually such a disagreeable month as if the year had suddenly found out she was growing old and could do nothing but weep and fret over it. > Anne Shirley

  • “The month of November makes me feel that life is passing more quickly. In an effort to slow it down, I try to fill the hours more meaningfully.” > Henry Rollins

  • “October is its sunset sky; November the later twilight.” > Henry David Thoreau

  • “Now in November nearer comes the sun down the abandoned heaven.” > D.H. Lawrence

  • November is chill, frosted mornings with a silver sun rising behind the trees, red cardinals at the feeders, and squirrels running scallops along the tops of the gray stone walls. > Jean Hersey

  • The month of November makes me feel that life is passing more quickly. In an effort to slow it down, I try to fill the hours more meaningfully. > Henry Rollins

Happy November All

  • Every year, in November, at the season that follows the hour of the dead, the crowning and majestic hours of autumn, I go to visit the chrysanthemums … They are indeed, the most universal, the most diverse of flowers. > Maeterlinck

  • So dull and dark are the November days. The lazy mist high up the evening curled, And now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze; The place we occupy seems all the world. > John Clare

  • In November, the trees are standing all sticks and bones. Without their leaves, how lovely they are, spreading their arms like dancers. They know it is time to be still. > Cynthia Rylant

  • November is auspicious in so many parts of the country: the rice harvest is already in, the weather starts to cool, and the festive glow which precedes Christmas has began to brighten the landscape. > F. Sionil Jose

  • “November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” > Emily Dickinson

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