Happy Sweetest Day Messages for Your Loved Ones 2020 Update

Happy Sweetest Day Messages for Your Loved Ones 2020 Update.

To put it simply, Sweetest Day every October 17, is a day to be sweet by sharing a kind thought, a small gift, or a gesture of kindness. It’s a day to give a card with a sweet message to someone you appreciate. Little gifts of candy and other sweets are shared, as well.

When is the Sweetest Day 2020?

Sweetest Day is always observed on the third Saturday of October, meaning this year was celebrated on October 17

Sweetest Day is now almost synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Folks give flowers, small gifts, love trinkets, and, of course, candy to those they care about most.

But Sweetest Day also has that added emphasis on helping those in need with material gifts as well as giving moral support to those who may not have the easiest lives. Every little bit helps and it’s something to remember on one of our Sweetest Days.


happy sweetest day

Here are some Sweetest Day messages for a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever you call your sweetheart.

  • Happy Sweetest Day! It may not be a real holiday, but my love for you is very real.
  • HSD to someone who makes every day extra sweet
  • I don’t know what Sweetest Day is all about – I just know that the name makes me think of you. Happy Sweetest Day to my sweetheart!
  • HSD to my amazing husband. You are the cutest, kindest, and yes, sweetest guy ever.
  • With you by my side, life is sweet. HSD, baby!
  • HSD to someone who is always the sweetest part of my day.
  • I just found out that today is Sweetest Day. Why didn’t you tell me there was a holiday dedicated to you? Happy Sweetest Day, my love!
  • Happy Sweetest Day! It may not be the most popular holiday, but I’ll take any opportunity to tell you how much I love you.
  • Happy Sweetest Day to my favorite piece of eye candy!

happy sweetest day


  • HSD! to my sweetest.
  • Friends

Here are some platonic Sweetest Day greetings for friends and family members.

  • I wouldn’t trade you for all the candy in Willy Wonka’s factory. Happy Sweetest Day!
  • HSD to the sweetest friend I could ever ask for.
  • Wishing the best Sweetest Day ever to the sweetest best friend ever.
  • Friends like you make life sweeter. HSD!
  • Happy Sweetest Day to all my family and friends. This day is about you because you are truly the sweetest.


happy sweetest day

Finally, here are a few Sweetest Day messages to attach to a gift.

  • Today is Sweetest Day. Because we could all use another excuse to eat more chocolate.
  • Here’s a little something to make your Sweetest Day just a little bit sweeter.
  • Today is Sweetest Day, which means I get to shower the people I love with goodies. Enjoy!
  • A sweet treat for a sweet person. HSD!
  • Here’s something sweet for somebody sweet. HSD!

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