30+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Friend

30+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Friend.

An anniversary celebration is a very special day in the lives of couples since it does not only mark the day they officially came together as a couple but also reminds them of why they fell in love with each other in the first place, which is significant in strengthening their relationship. If you have friends who are celebrating their anniversary, let them know you are happy for them and by sending them these happy wedding anniversary wishes below. 

30+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Friend

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes  

  • You are a dear friend and a wonderful person. Have a very happy anniversary. 
  • You two have great chemistry and good harmony. Your marriage is like a beautiful song. Happy anniversary! 
  • Happy anniversary to two great friends- you two are a match made in heaven. 
  • They say the moon is the reflection of the sun- but your marriage shines as bright as the sun itself. Here is a wish of love and joy for the best couple I know… happy anniversary! 
  • An anniversary is a time to celebrate today’s moments of joy, yesterday’s great memories, and share hopes of tomorrow. Wishing you both a happy anniversary and many more to come. 
  • Wishing you both another awesome year together. Congrats on your wedding anniversary. 
  • Sending you and the wife happy wishes on your anniversary. Happy wedding anniversary. 
  • Send you and the hubby happy wishes on your wedding anniversary. Congrats. 
  • Like the stars that shine in the sky, the love you both share is a beautiful gift to the world. Happy wedding anniversary. 
  • Happy anniversary to my best friend who deserves all the love, happiness, and joy life can give. You’re the best. 
  • Sending lovely thoughts and wishes your way on your anniversary. Congratulations. 
  • May your love and lives together be an everlasting journey. Happy wedding anniversary. 
  • Friend, you’ve been through it all- the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m so glad you finally found the person that loves you for you and makes you happy. You deserve it. Happy wedding anniversary. 
  • Friends like you are phenomenal! It is extraordinary to be acquainted with a couple who show each other unconditional love and patience. On your anniversary, may you know how awe-inspiring your relationship is! 
  • Happy Anniversary to a beautiful couple, who I am proud to call my friends! May this day be a joyful celebration of your union! 
  • Knowing people who are friendly, humorous, and kind is a blessing! Having this day to honor a couple with such rare qualities brings me great joy! Happy Anniversary! 

30+ Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to a Friend

  • Today, you are commemorating your marriage among people who love you and value your friendship! May this festivity be a fitting expression of your worth! 
  • On the date of your wedding, we want to publicly display the esteem in which we hold you. Your marriage exemplifies what it truly means to be devoted to another person! 
  • Happy Anniversary to the most understanding people that I know! The way that you listen to your friends, and the wisdom that you share with all of us is forever appreciated! 
  • May the adoration that you have for each other be everlasting! May warmth be reciprocated on all of your anniversaries! 
  • As your friend, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the unwavering attention that you pay to each other. May the special care that you give each other be at the forefront of all of your interactions! 
  • My friends, you are a couple who complement each other. May the balance in your marriage be continuous! May the coming years be joyful! 
  • Happy Anniversary to an admirable pair! Both of you possess immeasurable dignity and integrity. There could not be two people who belong together more than you do! 
  • Friends, the anniversary of your blessed union has been duly noted! May there be an excess of romantic attachment, that lasts through the ages! 
  • Happy Anniversary to a friendly couple! You are such pleasant people to be around! May this day and every, single one you have together, be joyful! 
  • Dear friend, I wish you to be happily married for forever and ever! Happy wedding anniversary! 
  • I wish you all the joy, happiness, and love a marriage can give. Happy wedding anniversary, my friend, you deserve it. 
  • You two are the greatest – and together you’re even better! Happy anniversary, you guys. 
  • I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Cheers to you on your anniversary. 
  • These wishes come from a deep place in my heart. I wish you both will have an amazing anniversary together. I love you both so much. 
  • Keep climbing the mountain together, they say the top is beautiful. Happy anniversary to the most brilliant couple I know. Congratulations. 
  • I hope that your love grows deeper each year and your happiness together grows too. Happy anniversary! 
  • There is nothing more beautiful to behold than a wonderful marriage between two beautiful people. Happy anniversary, my friends. 

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