Heart-Warming 60th Birthday Invitation Wording 2021 Update

Heart-Warming 60th Birthday Invitation Wording 2021 Update.

Heart-Warming 60th Birthday Invitation Wording: So, this is the year for Super Sensational Sixty! Whether your habit is to party hard or hardly party, a celebration needs to happen. It took 1,893,456,000 seconds to get here! (generic xanax images)

You can gather a few friends with one of our 60th Birthday Invitations, or find the one that best announces your Big Birthday Bash, your Dinner and Dance Party, or your Picnic Pitch-In. Once completed customizing your invite – download it, print it, or simply send it online with easy RSVP tracking.

Your sixties are a decade of reaping the rewards of your industry and effort at work and at home. Have a Spectacular 60th Birthday, and enjoy every second of it!

The best wording for birthday invitations that you can use in your birthday party invitation depends mainly on the age of the celebrated person, but also on the personality, tastes, hobbies, activity area, etc.

General Tips for 60th Birthday Invitation Wording

First and foremost, a 60th birthday party invitation should convey all the critical information that guests need to attend the event. Beyond that, there are a few special considerations for a 60th birthday party that you may want to mull over:

Make sure there are no surprises (for your invitees): If you’re planning a surprise party, be sure to state it clearly and prominently on the invitation.

This may seem obvious, but consider the case of the person who only glances at the invite (not planning to attend) or puts it away and then sees the birthday boy or girl weeks later. It’s all too easy for someone to inadvertently ruin the surprise.

Consider incorporating an old picture: One sure way to grab people’s attention is to include a photo of the guest of honor from his or her youth.

Many of your invitees probably didn’t know the person from that far back and will be delighted to see what they looked like back then. Of course, this is totally optional, especially if you’re already planning to decorate the party room with nostalgia.

Use humor with care: A lot of birthday party supplies for the “big numbers” feature morbid humor (gravestones, etc). For many people, humor is an effective antidote to real fears about aging.

However, others may take offense – and that includes both the guest of honor and any older people who might be on the invite list.

A little mild teasing never hurt anyone, but when in doubt, avoid the really biting stuff that might cause hurt feelings.



Here are some wording samples you can use for inspiration. Keep in mind that some of these examples are abbreviated, and don’t contain all the information you would need for an actual invitation.


You’re Invited To A
60th Birthday Celebration
Join Us As We Honor
Martha Willis
on Wednesday, February 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm
The Steakhouse
1234 60th Street Southwest
RSVP to Alex Smith (123-4567 / [email protected]) by Feb. 1

Look Who’s Turning 60!
Join Us As We Honor
Dave Moore

Join Us As We Celebrate
Angela Dinsmore’s 60th Birthday

Funny 60th Birthday Invitation Wording

60th birthday invitation wording

John Davis is Officially an Old Fart!
Join Us For A
60th Birthday Party

It’s All Downhill From Here…
Join Us For A
60th Birthday Party
In Honor Of
Greg Phillips

60 is the New 40
Yeah, Right!
Join Us in Celebrating
April Allen’s 60th Birthday

Surprise Party

60th birthday invitation wording

Join Us For A
60th Birthday
Surprise Party
In Honor Of
Alan Masterson

Don’t Spill the Beans!
We’re Having A
Surprise 60th Birthday Party
In Honor Of
Michelle Andrews

Shhh… It’s a Surprise!
Join Us For A
Surprise 60th Birthday Party
In Honor Of
Bill Davis

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