Attractive Hindu Baby Girl Names Fast Growing in Popularity and Usage

In most Asian nations, Hindu culture has been practiced for a long time. Hindu is the main culture of a large part of countries like India and Pakistan. Here, Hindu baby girl names also have strong imprints of the culture. As such, Hindu baby girl names are filled with elements of the rich heritage of Hindu culture. Do you any idea of Hindu baby girl names? Or are you one of those desiring an attractive exotic name for your girl?

Attractive Hindu Baby Girl Names Fast Growing in Popularity and Usage

In terms of sweetness and soundness, Hindu baby girl names stand tall in the midst of other names. Frequently, Hindu baby girl names have attributes of spirituality and mythology. This can be attributed to the strong presence of several deities in the Hindu culture. As such, some of these Hindu baby girl names are drafted from mythological sources and represent features or names of these gods.

Consequently, due to the richness and profound nature of Hindu baby girl names, Wordingvibes bring to you a collection of some splendid Hindu baby girl names. Hopefully, if you are fantasizing about christening your kid a sweet Hindu baby girl names, then you can simply go through this list and make a suitable choice.

Wonderful Hindu Baby Girl Names and their Meanings

Wonderful Hindu Baby Girl Names and their Meanings

In the following sections, you will find some really awesome Hindu baby girl names. You will learn a great deal from the meanings of some of these names.

Aabha – Glow, Light, One who shines

Aadarshini – Aadarshini is a Hindi name meaning ‘Idealisitic.’ Aadarshini is perfect for the neo-Indian family looking for a different name for their one-in-a-million daughter.

Aahana – The beautiful and elegant name means “morning beauty”.

Aahi – When you already know your daughter will be the one to rise. This name means “great leader.”

Aahna – Exist

Aakhya – Fame

Aakriti – Shape, your image, beautiful form,

Aaloka – All parents want their children to live a bright life. Aaloka is the perfect name as it means ‘Lustrous.’

Aamani – Was your daughter born in the spring season? Even if she wasn’t, the name Aamani still is a great choice. It means ‘Spring.’

Aapti – Your daughter is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. There cannot be a better name than ‘Aapti’ for your little mean, which means ‘Fulfillment’ in Hindi.

Aarushi – first ray of the sun,

Aashi – Smile, Joy,Laughter,Blessing.

Aashita – The secret to a successful life is to remain hopeful. You can bless your child with the same message with the name ‘Aashita’, which means ‘One who is hopeful.’

Aashna – It means beautiful, smart, intelligent, Devoted to love

Aashrita – Are you looking for a spiritual yet latest baby girl name for your daughter? Try Aashrita! It means ‘One who has taken refuge in the Lord.’

Aatmaja – Here’s an elegant name with a simple meaning. Aatmaja means ‘Daughter’ in Hindi.

Aayushi – one who has a long life,

Abha – The name Abha glorifies your little one. It means “splendour”.

Abhijishya – Today, we all want our daughters to grow up free and fearless. Abhijishya reflects the change in Indian thought and means ‘Independent girl.’

Abhikhya – Another interesting name that you can give a try. The name means ‘Beauty’ in Hindi. It also means ‘Fame.’

Abhitha – Another name for Goddess Parvathi. Also, describes a fearless woman.

Adhishri – Exalted, main

Adia – The name means a special “gift from God.”

Adira – This name means “strong”. It is a very special Indian name and quite common as well.

Advaita – Union of matter and soul, Non duality, Unique

Adya – first, Goddess Durga,The Earth,

Afsa – This is an Urdu word, and it means “pretty”. It is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s wife.

Ahaana – Ahaana is another popular name of today’s generation. It means ‘dawn’.

Ahalya -The wife of Rishi.

Akshita – Permanent, Can Not Be Broken Easily, Secure, Saved, Guarded

Alekhya – painting, Nice, Intelligent, Great Warrior, Which cannot be Written

Alisha – A beautiful and glorious name which means “protected by God.”

Amoli – The name means “Priceless”.

Amulya – Priceless ,Precious,

Amvi – Goddess Amba (Goddess Durga), Mother, Affectionate, Kind, a Goddess

Anahita – Graceful; full of grace

Anika – It means graceful, brilliance or sweet-faced, Goddess Durga

Anitha – The name means “Grace”. Anitha is a special name and is quite unique to India.

Anushka – This is yet another beautiful and common name which means “Grace.”

Arya – It means wise or noble character

Decorated Hindu Gilr

Barkha – Rain, life giving

Bhama – A beautiful Hindu name which means “Light.”

Bhatri – A name for goddess Saraswati

Bhuvika – “Heaven”, it is as simple and magnificent as that.

BipashaIf you don’t mind naming your daughter after the dusky actress, Bipasha is a sure shot winner. It means ‘A river’.

Bishti – “Rainfall”, the word to describe the blessing that she is.

Chahn – This word means “charming”. Your little daughter is a charm in your life.

Chaitali – If your daughter were born in the month of Chaitra (March-April), you could try the name Chaitali. A popular name in Bengal, it means ‘One born in the month of Chaitra’.

Charita – Like all parents, you too want your daughter to become a good human being, above all else. Set her on the right path with the name Charita, which means ‘Good’.

Charu – A cute little name for your darling daughter! Charu means ‘Beautiful’ in Hindi.

Charvi – Charvi is a lot more distinctive name than its derivative Chavi. In Indian mythology, Charvi was the name of Kubera’s wife. It means ‘a beautiful lady’.

Chhavi – A beautiful, artistic name, Chhavi means ‘Reflection or painting’.

Chhaya – Your daughter is your reflection, and the name Chhaya is the perfect name to portray this beautiful emotion. It means ‘Shadow’ in Hindi.

Chinayi – When your daughter is bliss to your life. You can give her this name which means “blissful”.

Chintanika – If you are a spiritual person and want your daughter to walk the same path, opt for the name Chintanika. It means ‘Meditation’.

Chitrani – Rivers are the giver of life. For Hindus, rivers, especially River Ganga, is a divine being. Chitrani means ‘River Ganga’ and is your homage to the divinity of nature.

Dakshata – Skill

Damini – If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, the name Damini should be familiar to you! A powerful name, it means ‘Lightening’ in Hindi.

Darika – A modern sounding name with a traditional meaning! Darika means ‘Maiden’.

Darshana – If you don’t mind a quint name, Darshana will be a good option for you. It means ‘Observation’. A great name for a-would be nerd!

Darshita – Sight, Shown

Dayanita – Dayanita means ‘Merciful’. It is a great name for families with modern sensibilities.

Dayita – Another beautiful name worth a dekko, Dayita means ‘Beloved’ in Hindi.

Devina – Most new parents search far and wide for a name that reflects their Hindu culture but sounds modern and unique. Devina is a good bet for such parents. It means ‘Like a goddess’.

Devishi – Another name steeped in culture and religion but uniquely modern! Devishi means ‘Goddess Durga’.

Dharini – Humble and strong – that’s what our beautiful planet signifies. Dharini means ‘Earth’ in Hindi.

Dhristi – Your daughter changes your world so much that you see things in a new perspective. She is the vision of your life. Name her Dhristi, which means ‘vision’ or ‘sight’.

Dhriti – If you want your baby girl to be courageous, then name her Dhriti. It means ‘courage and endurance’.

Dhuni – The word means “River”. The context of this name can be found in the sacred books as well.

Dishita – Dishita means ‘Focus’. It is a great name that reflects ambition, strength, and farsightedness.

Diti – Diti is a stylish name meaning ‘idea’. Its simplicity adds to its appeal among modern Hindu parents.

Drishya – A trendier option for the more common name Drishti, Dhrishya means ‘Sight’.

Drishya – Drishya sounds like a royal name, isn’t it? The name Drishya means ‘sight’.

Dyumna – A rather uncommon name, Dyumna means ‘Glorious’ in Hindi. If you are looking for a name that is not run of the mill, this is the right choice!

Dyuti – Classy, short, and beautiful, this is the name fit for the queen of your heart! Dyuti means ‘Light’.

Eeshana – The word comes from Sanskrit and takes its roots from the word “Ishwar” which means God.

Erisha – The name Erisha is an elegant word that means “Speech.”

Eshika – It means Arrow or Dart ,Daughter of God

Estaa – It means beloved , loving

Ganika – May your daughter’s life be filled with a million blooming flowers! Yes, Ganika means ‘Flower’ and is perfect for your little one.

Gitashri – Gitashri refers to the ‘Bhagvat Gita’. If you want a name that is drenched with spirituality and wisdom, this is the name you should pick!

Giva – Giva will make an attractive choice for your baby. It has an international appeal to it. It is a variation of the name Jiva, which means a living being.

Grishma – Your little princess has filled your life with light and joy. The warmth she brings is incomparable. Yes, Grishma means ‘Warmth’.

Gunita – Looking for a latest Hindu girl baby name that reflects your culture? Opt for Gunita! It means ‘Virtous’.

Haimi – She is someone mysterious and seeks more to life than what is presented to her. The word Haimi means “Seeker.”

Hansini – When you have a daughter who is as beautiful as a “Swan”, that’s what you name her.

Harini – The name means “Deer”. This is yet another unique name that is so Indian.

Hemali – Because your little one is as precious as gold. Here’s a name that means “coated with gold.”

Hiranya – made of gold and golden Gold,Golden,Wealth,most precious.

Hrithika – small flowing river or stream, One With Kind Heart kind hearted, Heart, Truthful

Ihita – Your baby girl is the fulfillment of your desire for a family. Ihita means ‘Desire’ in Hindi.

Ikshita – Ikshita means ‘Visible’. It is an interesting option if you are looking for a name with the letter I.

Inika – A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl! Inika means ‘Small Earth’.

Ira – Do you want to keep your daughter’s name short and sweet? Try Ira. It means ‘Earth’.

Ishanvi – Ishanvi is a modern variation of the name Parvati. Indian astrologers say that the name helps improve the baby girl’s knowledge.

Ishya – Children born in spring are lucky! What better time for a party than the beautiful months of spring? If your daughter was born in this beautiful season, name her Ishya, which means ‘Spring’.

Ishya – It means Spring

Jagvi – Jagvi means ‘Worldly’. It is a nice name, worth a try if you need to name your daughter with the letter J.

Janya – The existence of your daughter is the evidence of the divine, we are sure you agree! Janya means ‘Life’.

Jeevika – Water, Source of life, Livelihood

Jhanvi – Indian folklore is full of tales of legendary queens and goddesses. In Indian mythology, Jhanvi was the daughter of Yaksha, the wise. The other variation of Jhanvi is Jahanvee and Janvi.

Jignasa – Are you someone who believes that being academically inclined defines success in life? Then, Jignasa will be the perfect name for your baby. It means ‘Academic curiosity’.

Jivanta – Jivanta is a regal Indian name for girls. It is perfect for your little princess.

Jivika – Jivika is one of the most appealing modern names. It means ‘source of life’.

Joshika – A name with a difference! Joshika means ‘Young maiden’ in Hindi. If you are not looking for a name with a deep meaning, this one will fit the bill.

Kaashi – A name which brings the feeling of something sacred. The word kaashi means “pilgrimage.”

Kadambari – This Hindu- Indian name means “Goddess.”

Kaira – Peaceful, Unique

Kaivalya – The name means “Freedom.”

Kajol – The very famous Indian name that denotes “khol/ eyeliner”.

Kalika – A powerful Indian name meaning “Loud.”

Kalka – A name that denotes the goddess “Durga.”

Kalpi – “Imagined” – A name that is as beautiful as its meaning.

Kalya – This name means “pleasant”.

Kamana – When your little one was a long-lasting “Desire”.

Kanika – Atom,seedor gold, Molecule

Kavya – Indian languages are so poetic. Even the word Kavya which means “poetry” sounds poetic.

Kinara – This is a beautiful name that means “’river banks.”

Laasya – Dance, Dance performed by goddess parvathi

Laavanya – Beauty, Grace, Beautiful girl

Lekha – Writing, an ancient Sanskrit word which means a written article or the act of writing

Hindu Girls

Maanyata – principles or assumption

Madhu – This is a quintessential Indian name that means “Honey”.

Madhurima – The name means “A Charm”. That is what your daughter is to you.

Mahi – A rare but beautiful Indian name meaning “The earth.”

Mahika – The beauty of the dew drops early in the morning is something unique. The name Mahika means “ dew”.

Mahima – A powerful Indian name meaning “Greatness.”

Mangalya – The name is as beautiful as its meaning. It means “Something auspicious”.

Manmayi – Another name was given to goddess Radha.

Manvi – A powerful name which means “humanity”.

Maushmi – With the beautiful tropical climate condition in many parts of India, this is a perfect name that means “Monsoon.”

Maya – The word Maya has received so much attention globally when it comes to Indian spirituality. The word means “illusion”.

Menaha – Menaha means ‘Celestial damsel’. It is a pretty name for a baby who will grow up to be a beautiful woman!

Mihika – Mist, Fog, Dew drop

Miraya – Are you a religious person? Then you should consider Miraya. It means ‘Devotee of Lord Krishna’.

Mitra – Mitra has unisex appeal. It sounds feminine enough to work for a girl. Mitra is the name of the Hindu God of friendship.

Mridula – The word Mridula means “gentle”. It is what describes the gentleness of a woman.

Mritsa – A down to earth name, Mritsa means ‘Good Earth’. It is a non-fussy name but does sound beautiful.

Mukta – Pearl, liberated

Myra – Sweetness is the meaning of the word. This name is quite a catch and is used universally.


Beautiful Lady

Nadia – The name means “hopeful.”

Naina – A beautiful Indian name which means “The eye”.

Naini – The name means a girl with a “beautiful eyes”.

Nainika – pupil of the eye, one who has beautiful eyes

Naisha – Naisha means ‘Special’. If you don’t mind a name that is fast becoming common in India, go for it.

Nalika – An elegant word which means “Lotus.”

Namya – A respectful Indian name which means someone who is “Worthy of honour.”

Narmada – When your little one gives you joy, you name her Narmada which means “gives us pleasure”.

Naveena – The name means “new”.

Navneeta – A simple and common name which means “something like butter”.

Navya – A pretty common name, Navya can still hold its own! Navya means ‘New’.

Neha – This is yet another common name which means “love” or even “eyes.”

Neila – Thanks to the celebrities, parents these days are turning to unique spelling for common names to make their babies stand out in the sea of humanity. Neila is a variation of the name Nila and means ‘sapphire blue’.

Neysa – Neysa is a modern Hindu name. It means ‘pure’.

Nima – Nima was the name of the mother of Saint Kabir. It means ‘to adjust’.

Nina – A “little girl”, is what you can call your baby girl.

Nirmala – A beautiful Indian name which means “pure”.

Niru – The word means “strength.”

Nithya – Eternal; Constant; Another name for Durga, Always

Nitya – Nitya will make a unique choice for naming your baby. The name Nitya means ‘regular’.

Niyati – A name which means “fortune.”

Nyra – Rose; Beauty of Goddess Saraswati.

Hindu Girls Names

Oja – Oja is a dramatic and exotic name. It means ‘vitality’. It will provide a fresh spin to the name Oorja.

Ojasvi – Looking for a unique name with the letter O? Look no further! Ojasvi means ‘Bright’ in Hindi.

Olea – The word comes from a genus of nearly 40 species. They are evergreen trees that are grown in many parts of the world, including South Asia.

Omisha – Here’s another winner! Omisha means ‘Goddess of life and Death.’

Oorvi/urvi – Earth

Pala – The beautiful name means “eyelash.”

Pallav – “Bloom”, simple and sweet.

Panna – A name that means “emerald”, for your precious little girl.

Pari – A “fairy”.

Parineetha – The name is a special Indian name which means “married woman.”

Piya – The name means “beloved”.

Prachi – The word means “East” or “Morning.”

Pradeepa – “Pretty”

Pradhi – An Indian name which means “intelligent.”

Pragya – Pragya means “wisdom.”

Prasanna – A very common name which means “feeling of happiness”.

Prisha – It goes without saying that children are God’s gift to parents. The name Prisha signifies the same. It means ‘beloved, God’s gift’.

Radha – Radha is the lover of the Hindu God Krishna.

Ragini – This sweet name means “melody.”

Rajani – The meaning of Rajani is “night”.

Rajasi – Goddess Durga’s name.

Raka – A strong Indian name which means “full moon.”

Raksha – A beautiful name which means “The Protector”. This is a strong name with a powerful identity.

Raktima – Another name for Goddess Durga

Ramani – The word has a simple meaning which is “Woman”.

Ramita – Ramita is a pleasant name meaning “pleasing”

Ramona – Protecting hands” is what this name means.

Happy Hindu Girl

Ramya – When your little girl is a delight, you name her Ramya which means “delight.”

Ranhita – Ranhita means ‘Quick’ in Hindi. It is a pretty name, fast becoming popular among new parents.

Ranya – A little name with a beautiful meaning, that’s Ranya for you! It means ‘Pleasing’.

Rewa – The word Rewa means “Swift”.

Richa – This name has the meaning “to praise”.

Richana – With the meaning of “Creation”, the name Richana sounds strong and powerful.

Rina – The word means “gem”.

Rishika – A name that means “Holy”.

Rishima – Rishima means ‘Moonbeam’. The perfect name for your beautiful as the moon daughter.

Ritika – of a stream, Movement, Of Brass, Bronze, One who Keeps Traditions

Riya – Today, many Indian parents are opting for the name Riya for their darling daughters probably due to the glamorous Bollywood star Riya Sen. The name means ‘singer’.

Roma – Another name for Lakshmi.

Roop – Roop is a name that carries a captivating charm. It means ‘looks’.

Roopam – The meaning of the name is “Beauty.”

Ruhi – This name means “Soul.”

Ryka – The name Ryka means ‘born out of a hymn or prayer’. It is a unique name for your baby.

Saachi – When you want to name your girl something powerful, you can call her Saachi meaning “truth”.

Sadguna – An Indian rare name meaning “good virtues.”

Sadhana – A powerful name which means “worship.”

Sadhika – Another name of ‘Goddess Durga’, Sadhika is a great name for parents looking for a spiritual name with a modern twist.

Safa – Safa means “innocent” and pure”. Something very special to a baby.

Sagar – The common Indian word for the endless “ocean.”

Sagareka – “The waves in the ocean.”

Sahana – When you want, you need Sahana. The name means “patience.”

Sahi – The name Sahi means “To have faith.”

Saira – A Bird, poetess, princess

Sajni – The word means “beloved”.

Samidha – This name means “an offering”.

Sangeetha – A melodious name meaning “song.”

Sanu – This name is quite unique and means “young.”

Shay – A graceful name which means “courteous.”

Shea – “Fairy palace.”

Shefali – As beautiful and pleasant as a “Flower”.

Shia – A glorious name that means “bright.”

Shivanshika – part of Lord Shiva,

Sila – Sila means “reunite”. The word is very special with a unique meaning.

Sneha – A common name which means “love”.

Suvarna – Your little one is precious, and suvarna means “golden”.

Taahira – “modesty”

Taamana – “A deep wish or desire”.

Taana – The special and sweet name means “encouragement”.

Talika – Nightingale

Tanika – Rope, Apsara

Tanmayi – This is a special name meaning “ecstasy.”

Tapasi – A unique name which means “ascetic.”

Tara – The word comes from Tarana which means “daytime.”

Taral – The name Taral means “flowering.”

Tarana – The name means “daytime”. This name brings a sense of warmth and hope.

Tarani – A “raft boat.”

Taya – The name means “perfectly formed”, like your little who is so perfect in your arms.

Taza – A simple and unique name which means “A cup”.

Tiya – The word is simple and sweet. Tiya means“parrot”.

Tulsi – “Tulsi plant”. The tulsi plant is very special to India and has quite a great significance to it.

Hindu Girls in Traditional Attires

Udita – One who has risen, grown and risen

Umika – This is another name for the goddess Parvathi.

Urmi – If you are looking for a word that is powerful, then Urmi it is. The meaning of the word is “Wave”.

Vaani – Speech

Vahini – Flowing”, like the river flows

Vaidehi – A very popular name, Vaidehi means ‘Sita’. It is a good name for parents looking for a historical name for their daughters.

Valini – The sight of the night sky swarmed with stars can fill anybody with wonder. But you have a beautiful star of your own now! Name your little one Valini, which means ‘Stars’.

Vamika – This is another name for Durga.

Vanya – Vanya is one of those ultimate, super cool names. It means ‘gracious gift of God’.

Varada – The name means “daughter.”

Varsha – “Rain”

Vasudha – Here’s a name close to nature. Vasudha means “Earth.”

Veda – Veda is a name with religious resonance. The Vedas, as most of you know, are the sacred scriptures of the Hindus.

Vedanti – ooking for a name that reflects the Hindu religion at its purest? If yes, then Vedanti is a good option for you. It means ‘Knower of Vedas’.

Vedika – Vedika is a traditional name with modern charm. It means ‘consciousnesses’.

Venya – When you want to describe how you had wished for a little daughter, you name her Venya. The name means “wished for”.

Viti – “Light”

Vritika – The name Vritika derives from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘thought’. The modern Hindu names for girls are perfect for your little one.

Yami – “lightness in the dark.”

Yana – “Gift from God”

Yani – The name means “Peace.”

Yara – “Little Butterfly”

Yash – This name means “glory” or “fame.”

Yutika – Multitude, Flower

Zara – The name Zara means “princess”, and it is perfect for your little princess.

Zia – The name Zia brings light and means “light.”

Zoe – Zoe means “life.”

Zoya – “Love and care” in one word. Zoya is a rare name that is so pleasant yet powerful.

Maybe you haven’t had any experience with Hindu baby girl names. So these names might sound and seem quite strange. However, getting to know their meanings and if possible, how to pronounce them, will certainly change your perspective. Hindu baby girl names are amazing and lovely.

In your opinion, how fitting do these Hindu baby girl names seem? You can freely share this article with your friends.

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