Hippie Names that are Quite Lighthearted for Innocent Kids

Hippie Names that are Quite Lighthearted for Innocent Kids.

Hippie Names: My dear, if you have ever witnessed stiff regimentation or strong restrictions either at home or work, you will agree the hippie lifestyle is the best. No rules, no conventions, no high expectations, these are what the hippies stand for. These guys even go-ahead to construct hippie names.

Hippie Names that are Quite Lighthearted for Innocent Kids

Conversely, hippie names project maximum freedom. They preach liberalism. These names advocate for spontaneity. No need to try to follow a regime. People just need to be free. This freedom, the hippies expressed in their names too.

Wherefore, are you planning for your kids to have all the fun? Do you want them to take on life without fear or restrictions? Have you thought of free-spirited hippie names to give to give to your child?

Truthfully, you will be giving your kid such a priceless gift by christening them with hippie names. They will feel so valued and respected by being given the chance to make their choices. So, look below if you any such plans as we have compiled this awesome list for you.

Free Hippie Names for Girls

1. Blossom – Blossom is one of the cutest and freshest hippie names in our opinion. And it’s definitely quirkier than Lily or Rose.

2. Bluebell – Bluebell is an adorable nature-inspired baby name for your daughter. Geri Halliwell also chose this air-like name for her little princess. And, it’s certainly much more attention-grabbing than Lily.

3. Breeze – The name Breeze is ideal a girl with a calm and gentle soul. It conjures images of a dream who likes to take long walks all by herself.

4. Celeste – With its ethereal meaning (“heavenly”) and it’s soft sound, Celeste conjures images of a doe-eyed, curly-haired, peace-sign-flashing, hippie-dippie freak.

5. Cloud – Your little girl is like your Cloud, giving you a silver lining amid dark times. Cloud is a hippie name that is inspired by nature and Her gifts.

6. Cayenne – If you can have Saffron, Clove, and Coco, then why not Cayenne. We think Cayenne is a fun and spunky name. Even Porche named one of its SUVs after the spice. But let us tell you beforehand, a girl named Cayenne will have a mind of her own.

7. Carly – Carly Simon is the singer and songwriter who once married James Taylor. She is still famous for her songs “Anticipation” and “You’re so Vain”. The name Carly is a fresh alternative to Carla.

8. Clover – This sweet tasting and smelling flower, considered a symbol of wealth, comfort and long has for long been a favorite with the hippies. This nature name is more frequently given to boys than girls and sounds even trendier when expressed with a long ‘lo’ sound.

9. Cypress – Another one for nature lovers, Cypress is a beautiful tree that also acts as a unique name for your little girl that she will love to be referred to as.

10. Dahlia – Beautiful, lovely and bright – qualities that are similar to the Dahlia and your little girl.

11. Daisy – This is the perfect name for your daughter who loves to stay chirpy and happy always. Daisies are beautiful flowers and this is a name that will stick out from the rest.

Free Hippie Names for Girls

12. Dawn – Dawn is a name that brings with it a promise of a better tomorrow that’s bright and absolutely lovely for you.

13. Dream – Well, she did make your dreams come true, so why don’t you just go ahead and call her that!

14. Echo – A name that will remind everyone your little girl won’t just fade away into oblivion, Echo is a cool-sounding name for a little girl and will ensure everyone remembers her. It means ‘reflecting sound waves back to the listener.’

15. Feather – If your baby is light as a feather and lovely, Feather is the perfect name for her! It’s short and sweet and memorable at the same time.

16. Gardenia – The Gardenia is a beautiful shrub with lovely white and yellow flowers. Gardenia is a sweet name that evokes happy feelings at all times.

17. Gracious – Your little girl has to be thankful and gracious in everything she does. That’s why what you name her is a reminder.

18. Gratitude – Let her name be the catalyst for you to show how much she means to you.

19. Gypsy – A girl with the name Gypsy is sure to have an eclectic and go-with-the-flow personality. This name signifies someone who wants to take her path through life.

20. Harmony – This is a name that will hopefully bring you a lot of peace later on in life. Harmony is a lovely name that brings with it a sense of music and well…harmony!

21. Heather – Heather is another great name and it is a lovely purple flower that stands out from the rest.

22. Heaven – When Nevaeh can crack into the top 50 names, but can’t Heaven? We think it’s the most ethereal and angelic hippie baby name for girls

23. Honest – Couldn’t get a name that’s more honest, could you? This is a name that will raise eyebrows in pleasant surprise and is definitely a hippie option for your little girl to grow with.

24. Indigo – Although the New Age concept of indigo children with supernatural abilities wouldn’t appear until the ’70s, flower children started giving this colour name (derived from a bluish-purple Indian dye) to their kids in the ’60s.

25. Janis – If it weren’t for psychedelic rock icon and Woodstock headliner Janis Joplin, this moniker might sound a tad uptight. But Joplin sure blew that image to smithereens.

26. Juniper – Sweet and delicious, Juniper berries are a popular and memory-evoking snack. Also a great name for your girl.

27. Kai – A lovely name of Hawaiian origins, Kai means ‘sea’ and is a simple and powerful name for your little one.

28. Karma – The peaceful and inclusive nature of Buddhism made it very appealing to the hippie set, and its fundamental principle of karma – which basically states that what goes around comes around – makes for a groovy name.

29. Light -A girl named Light is bound to have a carefree attitude and a sparkling personality. A girl with this name can also lead her revolutionary group in college.

30. Love – The purest emotion for the purest little girl in your life. Love is a wonderfully hippy name you could choose.

31. Meadow – Another non-conformist nature name, Meadow makes it impossible to think negative thoughts – just rolling, dew-covered, fragrant, soft green fields. Aaaaaah.

32. Petal – She loves you; she loves you not? Of course, she does! Petal is a truly hippy name for your little girl and is definitely a memorable option.

33. Petunia – Lovely flowers that evoke a sense of happiness and serenity, Petunia is definitely a name you could consider.

34. Radiance – The light that shines bright in your life, this is a great name for your little one and is definitely hippie in nature.

35. Rain – If your daughter brings with her feelings of happiness and hope, Rain is a great option for you to consider.

36. Rainbow – If she brings in colour to your life, Rainbow is a great option for you to consider.

37. Rebel – A pretty badass and hippie name, Rebel is one name that evokes a sense of pride and respect, no matter where your daughter goes!

38. Raven – Raven is a beautiful, deep, and confident name that has resurfaced in the recent years, all thanks to the Disney show, “That’s So Raven”. This name is still a popular choice for the parents.

39. Robin – Robin is a lovely bird and definitely an option for your little girl, if you want her to grow up into a sweet and caring person.

40. Saffron – One of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron might sound a bit uppity these days, but in the ’60s it was kinda out-there to call your kid this. Some might not be able to get past the association with British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, though.

41. Serenity – This peaceful virtue name evokes the calmness of mind and tranquillity of spirit that was (and still is) so highly sought-after by bohemian types.

42. Sequoia – The name Sequoia is a perfect modern-sounding nature name for a baby girl. Sequoia is the giant evergreen tree found abundantly in Northern California. This name would suit a girl who is freethinking, spirited, and outdoorsy types.

43. Sierra – Sierra is one of the most used place inspired, hippie name for girls. It’s been a fashionable choice since the year 1993 when it entered the top 100 list. You can even credit its popularity to the PepsiCo’s release of their soft drink ‘Sierra Mist’.

44. Stella – Do you think a girl named Stella would be anything less than bright and beautiful? The other variations of this lovely name are Stella, Etoile, and Estrella. All the forms are just bold and sassy.

45. Summer – This nature name is derived from the Old English word sumor. It is in vogue, along with Autumn and Spring. This name peaked the charts in 1977, because of Suzanne Somer’s performance as Chrissy Snow on “Three’s Company”.

46. Tulip – Lovely, pink little flowers that will surely bring a smile to someone’s face and tulips are definitely an option to stand out from the rest.

47. True – Pure and true are two virtues which will stand out among the others, so you could opt for this as well.

48. Venus – A planet that’s associated with female energy, Venus is a beautiful option for the girl around whose life yours revolves around.

49. Willow – The ancient willow tree has been used in alternative medicine for thousands of years. It has recently gained popularity as a girl’s name thanks to Pink and Will Smith giving it to their daughters.

Liberal Hippie Names for Boys

Liberal Hippie Names for Boys

1. Arlo – Shaggy-haired folk singer Arlo Guthrie was known for protesting social injustice through music in the ’60s. His name sounds cool and laid-back to this day.

2. Arrow – Arrow is a sharp and stylish name that brings with it a feeling of battle.

3. Atlas – Let the world know your boy’s name no matter where he travels. Atlas is definitely something which will grab everyone’s attention for being unique.

4. August – If you’d like to name your son after a month, do it after August as it is memorable and popular, all across the world.

5. Bear – This name suddenly lumbered in the baby name list, probably because of Bear Grylls. The name may sound aggressive, but there is always an option to channelize in a positive way.

6. Birch – This moniker brings to mind an image of tall, but graceful white-barked tree. The best-known bearer of this name is Birch Evans Bayh, the state sponsor of the Equal Rights Amendment.

7. Buzz – On July 21, 1969, Buzz Aldrin was the second human ever to walk on the moon. Well, Buzz can also refer to the result of a common pastime in the ’60s – if you get my hazy drift.

8. Cash – A name that means ‘hallow’ in Hebrew, Cash is also a cool-sounding name that sticks out from the rest.

9. Cedar – An ode to the beautiful tree, Cedar is a great option for a potential baby boy name. Cedar is a great name for anyone who likes nature.

10. Damien – This is a name that means ‘to tame’ and it is definitely a rare option for your little boy’s name.


11. Dharma – Dharma is a translation of the ‘right way of doing things’ and is a popular hippie boy name.

12. Dusky – A nice name for a beautiful time of the day, Dusky works as a great hippie name.

13. Echo – Hello, hello, hello! Are you there, there, there? The risk with a ‘unique’ sobriquet such as this one is that people (namely employers) could assume there’s not much substance to the person who carries it.

14. Elm – Sticking with the nature theme, Elm is a leaf that is a great option for a middle name.

15. Ezra – This is a famous Jewish name which means ‘help’ and it will stand out for sure. Ezra is also the surname of George Ezra, a popular singer.

16. Fallon – This is a name with Irish origins and it means ‘leader.’ Boys with this name will definitely stand out from the rest.

17. Harper – This name is a popular hippie boys name and means ‘the harp player.’ Though traditionally a boy’s name, it has now become a gender-neutral, unisex name.

18. Hawk – A name of English origin, it means ‘bird of prey.’ It is a popular hippie name for boys.

19. Huckleberry – This was a 19th-century slang word for ‘humble,’ so its a great hippie name option.

20. Indigo – A chart-topping name that will give your boy an edge over the others.

21. Indio – This is a desert town in California and is a great name for a boy. Robert Downey, Jr named his son Indio after the town.

22. Jerry – A cool hippie name if you combine it with a cooler middle name or surname.

23. Joaquin – Joaquin is a cool-sounding hippie name for sure. It is of Hebrew origin and means ‘lifted by Yahweh.’ The Hebrew name of God is Yahweh.

24. Karma – As he sows, so shall he reap. This hippie boy name means fate or destiny.

25. Kobe – A legendary name of a legendary player, Kobe is a great tribute to the basketball icon, and definitely one everyone will remember.

26. Krishna – A super-popular hippie name of Indian origin, Krishna represents love and joy and it translates to black or dark.

27. Lake – Now, that’s a name that stands out from the rest. It brings with it an effect of serenity and calmness. It’s also unique enough to catch the attention of anyone who says it out loud.

28. Leaf – Remember when Joaquin Phoenix was known as Leaf? That’s because his parents were hippies. His siblings were River, Rain, Summer and Liberty. Enough said.

29. Liberty – Liberty is a nice free spirit boy name you can choose for your little one.

30. Luca – Exotic-sounding and definitely something that’s hippie.

31. Marley – Reggae legend Bob Marley was one of the most iconic figures of the ’60s with his spiritual music and no-worries attitude. You could opt for Bob too, but it’s just not the same.

32. Milo – A unique and Bohemian name, Milo has German origins and is said to translate to ‘soldier.’

33. Nirvana – Who wouldn’t want their kid to achieve it?

34. North – This is a great name as it serves as an inspiration to move forward.

35. Orion – A name of a powerful hunter in Greek Mythology and the brightest constellation in the sky.

36. Peace – You don’t get much more free-spirited than this – although there’s the distinct possibility your 21st-century kid could resent you for it. Another similar option is Pax, which also means “peace” and was chosen by Brad and Angelina for their son.

37. Prairie – This is a great option as it evokes memories of a large grassland.

38. Quest – Quest is definitely a high-octane name for boys who want to discover their own path.

39. Quinn – A name that represents intelligence, Quinn is a great option.

40. Reed – This popular hippie boy name means ‘red’ and was used to name babies with red hair or a ruddy complexion.

41. River – The second Phoenix sibling name to make it on this list, River is unusual but not so much that strangers will stop and stare when you call your child at the park. It sounds crisp and refreshing.

42. Rock – The Rock is a macho and stylish name for a child. It is also the name of one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

43. Rowan – Rowan is a tree connected to Celtic lore with protecting and healing properties.

44. Sonny – Bringing to mind ’60s husband-and-wife pop duo Sonny and Cher, this moniker has a distinctive peace-and-love feel to it. While the livelier spelling Sunny is more commonly used for girls, there’s nothing stopping your from bestowing it on your little lad.

45. Sparrow – Another entry that’s bending the gender lines, Sparrow used to be thought of as a female name until Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave it to their son. It’s a bold choice that’s sure to attract attention – let’s just hope it’s the positive kind.

46. Spock – A hippie name that evokes happy memories for any Star Trek lover.

47. Twig  – If you’re a hippie, Twig is one name you just have to go with!

48. Wolf – While it sounds inspired by an animal, Wolf is a wildly hippie name to choose.

49. Xerxes – A name that sounds powerful even before they meet the person. It is of Greek origin and means ‘ruler of heroes.’

50. Zappa – A cool and unique name, it is taken after the legendary musician, Frank Zappa. It is of Italian origin and means hoe or mattock, both farming instruments.

51. Ziggy – This a funky name that will catch everyone’s attention. It is a short version of the German name Sigmund, but has gained popularity as a hippie boy name.

Honestly, life doesn’t have to be all serious and boring. Take some heat off your kids by choosing unfettered hippie names for them.

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