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Successful Tips on How to Approach a Girl at a Bar 

Successful Tips on How to Approach a Girl at a Bar.

Have you been at a bar enjoying, having the time of your life and suddenly your eye catches a beautiful lady in front of you and you really want to approach her but you don’t know how? Read below to find some successful tips on how to approach a girl at a bar that will help you. 

Successful Tips on How to Approach a Girl at a Bar

How to Approach a Girl at a Bar 

  • Look your best 

We live in a world where everyone says not to judge a book by its cover and then they do so anyways. Looks do matter. As much as we all wish we weren’t shallow beings, physical appearance does leave an impression on us. Therefore, you want to look good when approaching a girl at a bar. This doesn’t mean dressing really fancy. It just means you’re clean, groomed, and wearing decent attire. It’s a plus if you smell really nice, too 

  • Don’t tell her she’s hot 

Just don’t do this. If she’s a good-looking girl, she’s always complimented in this way and it’s boring, overused, and just shows you want some ass. Avoid compliments that are based on her looks. Girls want to be appreciated for so much more than that. 

  • Be yourself 

I know you’ve heard this a hundred times already, but it’s true. We don’t want some guy trying to be someone else when they’re talking to us. We want men who are unapologetically themselves. Show us who you are and we’ll appreciate it. 

  • Don’t get super drunk before approaching 

Never, ever have a ton of drinks before trying to approach a girl at a bar. It’s understandable if you need some liquid courage, but getting wasted is a big no-no. It’s really unattractive and women don’t want some drunk dude slurring pickup lines at us. 

  • Make sure she’s not waiting for someone 

Don’t just randomly walk up to the first girl you see right when you see her. Wait a few minutes and see if she’s actually there with another guy. You never want to start an incident with someone else over a girl just because you didn’t pay attention.  

  • Don’t use a bad pickup line

Speaking of pickup lines, don’t use them. Most of them are really bad and if you do find a good one, there’s no saying if the girl will actually like it. If you do have to use one in order to break the ice, make it a funny one. This way, it’ll be clear that it’s a joke and she’ll laugh with you about it. 

  •  Send over a drink

This is a really old way of getting the girl to approach you. But it works. Even if she doesn’t come up to you, you can go up to her shortly after to make sure she enjoyed the drink. It’s basically your way in. 

  • Don’t talk about how much money you make 

The fastest way to get a girl to walk away from you is if you try boasting about how much money you make. First of all, that’ll only attract the kind of girls that just like you for your money. Second of all, it’s trashy and unattractive. Women don’t really care how much you make. But if you talk about making a lot, she’ll see you as a douche. 

  • Introduce yourself 

Instead of dropping a horrible pickup line that she’ll most likely hate, just introduce yourself. Tell her that she caught your eye and you just wanted to say hi. This is simple and it doesn’t suggest you just want to get in her pants.  

  • Don’t talk about yourself only

It’s okay to mention a few key things about who you are, but we don’t want to sit there while you talk about yourself only. That shows no interest in us. So, ask a girl questions after you approach her! Show her that you want to get to know her as a person and she’ll be more likely to open up. 

  • Compliment something other than her looks 

Instead of going for the obvious, “your eyes are so beautiful,” say something about her interests. This can be hard to do without talking to her, but if she has a cool t-shirt on, mention how much you like her style. This earns you major points.  

  • Don’t approach when she’s around other guys 

Knowing how to approach a girl at a bar is as simple as knowing how many guys are around her. Some women often go out with their boyfriend and his friends. If you make one of them angry, you may just make them all angry. So, avoid this at all costs. 

  • Make sure she’s not surrounded by friends 

If she has a big group of girlfriends all around her, then she probably isn’t out to meet guys. Believe it or not, some girls just want to have fun with friends. 

  • Don’t be touchy-feely right away

Don’t touch a girl you just met. It’s very weird and creeps us out. We don’t want a guy coming up to us and then proceeding to put his hands all over us. It’s uncomfortable and we’ll want to walk away as quickly as possible. Keep your hands to yourself until she initiates any form of contact. And even then, be cautious. 

  • Smile at her from afar 

If you lock eyes with a girl you are attracted to, just give her a smile. Not only does this clearly show her that you’re interested, but it’ll also allow you to gauge her reaction. If she smiles back, go over and talk to her. 

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