10 Tips on How to Solve Crucial Relationship Problems

10 Tips on How to Solve Crucial Relationship Problems. 

No relationship is perfect, there are bound to be problems and challenges but the approach taken to resolve them is what really matters. This article will highlight on some crucial relationship problems and how to solve them. Keep reading to learn more. 

10 Tips on How to Solve Crucial Relationship Problems

How to Solve Crucial Relationship Problems 

  • Lack of trust 

Lack of trust is a major problem in any relationship. It isn’t always related to infidelity; it can be anything else. If you find yourself constantly doubting your partner or wondering if they’re truthful with you, it’s time to tackle your trust issues together. Relationship problems will keep coming up when there is lack of trust in a relationship. 

Solution: Be consistent and trustworthy. Never lie to your partner. Showing empathy and respect for your partner’s feelings also helps to build trust. 

  • Overwhelm 

When life gets too much, you get overwhelmed. Maybe you’re in the midst of going after a promotion at work. Maybe they’re dealing with a troubled teenage son or daughter. Whatever the reason, your relationship soon takes a back seat. Then relationship problems keep building up. 

Solution: Talk to each other about what’s happening, and about what kind of support each of you needs.  Lean on each other instead of getting so caught up in other issues that they drive a wedge between you.  

  • Poor communication 

Poor communication leads to misunderstandings, fights, and frustration. It also leads to one or both of you feeling unheard and invalidated, and can quickly build into resentment and other relationship issues. 

Solution: Communication is a skill like any other, and learning it can make all the difference to your relationship. Learn how to listen without judging or interrupting, and how to get your point across without attacking. Work your way towards the solution by understanding what communication style would work better for both of you. 

  • Not prioritizing each other 

It’s so easy to take your partner for granted, especially when you have a lot of things going on. Before you know it, the only time you get together is over a hurried family dinner, or while trying to get out the door in the morning. 

Solution: Make time for each other every single day. No matter how busy you are, carve out fifteen or thirty minutes; that’s just for the two of you to talk and spend quiet time together. 

  • Money stress 

Money is a leading cause of stress in relationships.  Maybe there’s not enough. Or maybe there is enough, but they spend it while you prefer to save. Perhaps you feel they’re too tight with the purse strings. 

Solution: Put those good communication skills to work here and have a serious talk about money. Figure out a budget that you both agree on and stick to it. Work out a financial plan for your future and take steps towards it together.

  • Different intimacy needs 

Problems with your sex life are stressful and can have a big impact on your relationship. If one of you isn’t happy or you’re finding you have widely different intimacy needs, it’s time for a serious talk. 

Solution: Carve out time for intimacy. Arrange for someone else to take the kids once a week, or make the most of any time you have alone at home together. Sex keeps you feeling physically and emotionally close, so make sure you are both happy with your sex life. 

  • Lack of appreciation 

It doesn’t come as a surprise to you that bad bosses compel good workers to quit? Up to 75% quit their job not because of the position itself, but because of their boss who never expressed appreciation. Being taken for granted is one of the fundamental reasons for breakups. 

Solution: Appreciation is what keeps us motivated and committed, both in our work and our relationships. Remembering to compliment or notice the things our partner shows, we are grateful and increases the overall satisfaction with the relationship. Saying thank you goes a long way. 

  • Children 

Having kids is a blessing, but it requires a lot of dedication and effort. This can cause a strain on the relationship when partners disagree on the way they want to raise children, address problems that occur, and spend family time. 

Solution: Talk to your partner about why they think something should be done differently and share your reasoning. Often, we are repeating or trying to avoid patterns we were raised by. Get together and spend some time understanding where the need to do things a certain way is coming from.  

  • Overinvolvement 

When we find the person, we love we want to share everything with them and to have them do the same. However, this can lead to the feelings of losing one’s individuality, feeling of freedom, and a sense of accomplishment. 

Solution: What does it take for you to be your own person while being their partner? Think of areas that you want to keep to yourself that give you a feeling of achievement and freedom. It might be a hobby or doing sports. Talk to your partner, so they don’t feel rejected by this new change and introduce it gradually. 

  • Infidelity 

What each of us defines as infidelity and where we draw the line can differ. Infidelity means various things for different people. Infidelity can encompass, besides the sexual act, flirting, sexting or kissing. When infidelity has occurred, trust is broken, and a person can feel betrayed. This can snowball into many other issues and problems. 

Solution: Talking about what infidelity is for you, and your partner is important. They may hurt you inadvertently because, for example, they don’t find flirting a problem. When something has already occurred, there is a choice to be made. A couple can try to regain trust and rebuild or end the relationship.  

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