Adventurous Hunter Names to Inspire Courage and Bravery in kids

Adventurous Hunter Names to Inspire Courage and Bravery in kids.

Hunter Names: There are many things that prick our interests. One of them is hunting. Great deals of hunter names have been developed over the years. These hunter names must have been prompted by the mystical, gallant, and brave endeavours associated with hunting.

Adventurous Hunter Names to Inspire Courage and Bravery in kids

Also, the adventurous nature of hunting must have contributed to the interest in the usage of hunter names for kids.

Consequently, You can help your kids’ confidence and inner strength just by the kind of names you christen them. Hunter names are examples of these kinds of names. There can be so much inspiration to draw from these names. The unabashed valor and grit displayed by hunting characters in stories, fables, and in reality are worthy factors in favour of adopting their names.

Therefore, Motivate your kids and offer a good sense of self-worth and self-esteem by giving them any of these dogged names. Below, we have put up a collection of fearless hunter names. A child of any sex can take up any one suitable enough. But we have spared you the stress by categorizing the names for you.

Gorgeous Hunter Names for Baby GirlGorgeous Hunter Names for Baby Girl

1. Arnakuagsak – Arnakuagsak is the goddess who was given the responsibility of ensuring that the hunters caught enough food to sustain themselves. She is considered equivalent to Canadian goddess Sedna, but is worshiped primarily in Greenland. The variations of this name include Arnarquagsag and Arnakua’gsak.

2. Artemis – Artemis is the name of one of the key figures in Greek mythology. This ancient goddess of the hunt, wilderness, childbirth, and animals, is Apollo’s twin sister and one of the 12 deities residing in Mount Olympus

3. Atalanta – Atalanta is a virgin huntress and the beloved of Meleager in Greek mythology. She is Iasus, Schoeneus and Mainlo’s daughter.

4. Auryon – Auryon, a new risen American ‘huntress’ baby name, has made her way and how! There’s something aristocratic about this name, since it’s borne by just a handful of girls.

5. Bendis – Bendis is the Thracian goddess of hunt and moon, identified with the Greek goddess Artemis. Just as Artemis, Bendis was a huntress, but is accompanied by maenads and satyrs on a red stemless cup.

6. Brielle – Brielle may sound like a modern name, and a short form of Gabrielle, but it’s a standalone name and means ‘hunting grounds’. The name was traditionally used in Mexico, but is now far beyond the community. Brielle is also the name of a seaport in the Netherlands.

7. Britomartis – Britomartis, a Minoan mythology figure, who passed through the Mycenaean culture into classical Greek mythology, is the goddess of hunting and mountains. She is the mountain nymph whom the Greeks recognize as the ‘invisible’ patroness of Aegina. The people of Crete worshipped here as an aspect of Potnia, the ‘mistress’.

8. Cyrene – Cyrene, the daughter of Hypseus, was a fierce huntress. Nonnus referred to her as a “deer-chasing second Artemis, the girl lion killer.” She didn’t fear to wrestle the lion when it attacked her father’s sheep. It’s said that she was a nymph, not a mortal. The name Cyrene is extremely usable and is sure to stand the test of time.

9. Dali – This short and sweet name is associated with the goddess of the hunt, Dali. Goddess Dali is also associated with the horned beasts of the mountain.

10. Devana – Devana, the Slavic goddess of the hunt, is equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana. And not just her duties, even her name is similar to Diana. The name Devana is derived from the Slavic word, meaning virgin or maiden.

11. Diana – This crowd pleasing name is associated with the Roman goddess of moon and hunt. And of course, it’s Prince William’s mother’s name as well. The name hovered around top 100 in the 90s but has dipped down to 295th spot now.

12. Diane – Diane, a variation of the name of the Roman Goddess of hunting Diana, sounds and feels regal. But unfortunately, it has been overshadowed by Diana, probably because the ‘e’ ending has a mid century feel to it.

13. Fianna – If you’re a non-conformist parent and don’t care about naming trends, you can opt for Fianna, meaning ‘warrior huntress’.

14. Flidais – Flidais, a member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, is the goddess of animal, hunting, and woodlands, somewhat similar to Roman goddess Diana and Greek goddess Artemis. As the goddess of wild beasts, Flidais rode deer chariot, and as the goddess of the domestic herbs, she possessed the magical Cow of Plenty.

15. Kacela – The international usage of Kacela, meaning ‘hunter’, makes it an interesting choice for hunt inspired baby name.

16. Kainda – If you want the bad boys to stay away from your daughter, pick the name Kainda, which means ‘hunter’s daughter’. Though a tough meaning, Kainda sounds like a delicate, feminine, and sweet name.

17. Mielikki – Mielikki, referred to as the wife or daughter in law of Tapio, is the Finnish God of the hunt and forest. It’s believed that she played a crucial role in the creation of bear. Mielikki was a skillful healer. She could heal the paws of animals who escaped traps or fell from the nest. The name Mielikki is derived from the Finnish word ‘mielu’, which means ‘luck’.

18. Neith – Neith, the name of the Egyptian goddess of the hunt, as mentioned in Rich Riordan’s Kane Chronicle’s series, would make a unique name for your little princess. The meaning of Neith is ‘divine mother’.

19. Nerrivik – In the Inuit mythology, Nerrivik is the sea Mother, the patron of hunters and fisherman and provider of food for the Inuit people. It’s believed that Nerrivik married the storm god, who once produced sea storm when the relatives of Nerrivik were hunting. In the process of saving her people, Nerrivik lost one of her hands.

20. Nujalik – Nujalik is the goddess of hunting on land in the Inuit mythology. The fierce sound and even fiercer namesake make Nujalik one of the most popular names in Canada.

21. Pakhet – Pakhet, also called Pachet or Pehkhet, is the goddess of war and hunt. This regional lioness deity is associated with those who hunted near the water present at the boundary of the desert. She is depicted as a feline-headed woman, killing snakes with her sharp claws.

22. Sedna – Sedna, also known as the Mistress of the Sea or Mother of the Sea, is the goddess of marine animals and sea hunting in Inuit mythology. Sedna is also known as other names such as Takánakapsâluk, Takannaaluk, and Arnapkapfaaluk.

23. Skaði – Skaði or Skade, is the goddess associated with skiing and bow hunting. She was married to Njoror, one of the gods, as a part of the compensation for killing her father.

24. Winda – Winda is one of those baby girl names that sounds darling on a little girl yet ages perfectly into adulthood. The meaning of Winda is ‘hunter’.

25. Zarola – Zarola is a classic and gorgeous name, but is ignored by most of the sections of society, probably because it’s not very commonly heard. But we think it is quite accessible for kids of our generation. The meaning of Zarola is ‘hunter’.

26. Zambadi – The meaning of this unusual name is a hunter. If it sounds a bit different, then you have the option to shorten it as Zamb.

Superb and Heroic Hunter Names for Baby BoySuperb and Heroic Hunter Names for Baby Boy

1. Actaeon – Actaeon is the name of the hunter in Greek mythology who was transformed into a stag and later devoured by his own hounds when he saw goddess Artemis taking a bath.

2. Apsat – Apsat is one of the pantheon of hunting deities in the mythology followed by the people of Georgia. He’s also a patron of birds and fish, which stems from the fact that the eagle, being a fishing bird, is associated with both water and sky. The name Apsat is derived from the Abkhaz word a-psaåf, which means ‘bird’.

3. Arawn – Arawn is the name of the Welsh God of hunting. This name is apt for your son. It sounds cool and at the same time very easy to pronounce.

4. Aristaeus – Aristaeus, who was the son of Apollo and Cyrene, was a renowned Greek God of hunters. He was also famous for discovering many relevant arts.

5. Artemas – It is one of the famous Greek mythological names meaning gods of the hunt. If you wish, you can shorten it a bit. It is among the popular mythical hunter names.

6. Canowicakte – It means a forest hunter. It is a bit difficult for pronouncing and spelling. But if you love the name, you can shorten it to Canoe for easy pronunciation.

7. Cernunnos – It is the traditional name of the horned God of the hunter as depicted in Celtic mythology. It may sound a bit difficult but worth giving if you are passionate about hunting.

8. Chace – The name was respelled from the name Chase by Crawford, you can use it as a variation of the name Chase or think it as a combination of Chase and Ace.

9. Chase – Hunting is never complete without chasing. Therefore it makes an excellent addition in the list of hunter baby boy names. The meaning of chase is the hunt.

10. Chasen – Chasen which was a popular last name is now given as the first name. Its essence is the same as Chase, and it follows a two-syllable name. Isn’t it an amazing hunter baby boy’s name?

11. Cocidius – The meaning of this name is “mythical hunter God”. It is one of the bold names and is perfect for sophisticated parents for their boys.

12. Fowler – It is a surname that was most commonly used for “wild bird hunters”. It makes a perfect name and is easy for pronouncing and spelling as well.

13. Gahiji – The name Gahiji is very beautiful as well as evocative. It originated in the Rwanda language. Its meaning is a hunter and is less common. It can be a fantastic pick for your son.

14. Grosvenor – It means “a great hunter” and obtained as a surname from one of the members of the Norman-French Family. It has an upper-class vibe.

15. Hearne – It means mythical hunter. It is gaining popularity even outside the British and American culture. It looks excellent with maximum surnames.

16. Hunt – It is a straightforward name and a little blunt. It was popular but now not much as compared to Hunter. Hunt can be kept as a nickname.

17. Huntington – If you are looking for a proper name for your son’s birth certificate and future resumes, then this makes a fantastic name. Its meaning is hunter settlement and makes an apt baby boy name.

18. Huntley – The significance of this name is “hunter of the meadow”. It is renowned because of its alliance with Brinkley news partners.

19. Khonvoum – Khonvoum is the name of god of the hunt in Banbuti Pygmy. He holds a bow that is made from snakes. It is a very bold name but a bit difficult to pronounce.


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20. Lelantos – The name of the son of Ceous and Phoebe is the God of air and hunters calibre for stalking prey. The name was obtained from the Greek words “length” that means escape unnoticed. It is a kind of biblical name.

21. Makya – This is a short but bold name which means “eagle hunter”. It is very popular among American communities. This is an amazing hunter baby boy’s name.

22. Nodens – Nodens is Celtic God mostly associated with hunting. It is one of the highly accessible names among those searching for names meaning hunting.

23. Nyyrikki – It is the name of the God of cattle and hunt. It was his responsibility to supply small animals to hunters. It will make a mighty name for your son.

24. Odin – It is the name of Thor’s father. It appears in several forms like the leader of the wild hunt. It was quite popular in Norway.

25. Opochtli – It sounds a bit difficult, but it signifies a definite meaning. It is the name of the fishing and hunting God in Aztec mythology. You can use it by shortening it.

26. Oringo – It’s an African name which means “he who loves hunting”. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an informal name meaning hunter.

27. Rigel – It’s a beautiful name of the blue star that shows the hunters left foot in Orion constellation. If you are searching for an out of the box name, then this one of best.

Evidently, stoutness can be inherent as well as developed. Names can play very significant roles in your kid’s life. These hunter names would definitely offer your kids the inspiration they need to lead a courageous life.

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