Indisputable Signs That Your Guy Really Wants To Marry You

Indisputable Signs That Your Guy Really Wants To Marry You.

Are you looking to find that seemingly elusive sign that confirms that your man wants to marry you? If you think that your partner is entertaining the idea of marriage, look for these signs to clue you in.

Signs That Your Guy Really Wants To Marry You

When in a long-term relationship, sometimes it gets difficult to decipher the subtle signs that a significant other is sending.

Guys come up with all sorts of stories these days about marriage, when truly they actually want to do damage. As a lady you should be smart to read between the lines and see the vivid signs.

But it all lies in your hands to act and take the needed decision. It is not about dragging the horse to the water, it’s whether the horse really wants to drink.

He Makes Future Plans

There may be discussion about a vacation and it is a long way down the road and he wants to be sure that you are the one that goes with him.

He may also talk about a home that he would like to buy or he might be considering moving abroad or somewhere else and wants your input.

He is thinking about the future and making plans to include you or even asks your opinion on these things. This is a good indication that he wants you around for the long haul.

He Invites You to Every Occasion

Family events, holidays, work events, and any other social event other than ‘guys night out’ is an opportunity for you to go out and hang out more with his family, friends, or co-workers and mingle.

He is proud of the person you are and wants to share these occasions with you and isn’t afraid for those closest to him to see you around him all the time.

You may even get to the point where you don’t need an invitation…you are just expected to go. This is a good sign!

He Hints About Marriage

A television show might come on where there is a couple and he might just say something about, “Well, when we’re married…” then that is a pretty good sign you are the one.

There are some things he might just mindlessly hint that involves being married or getting married. He might ask you what your thoughts are on it or he might just make subtle hints that are positive about marriage.

There’s an Increase in Touch

It will almost feel like when you first started dating. Your man will be way more touchy-feely, touching your arm while you’re cooking or taking the time to massage your neck while you’re working.

He Has Married Friends

When a guy notices that all of his friends are settling down, then he is going to start changing his mindset too.

There are fewer guys’ nights out and more group dates with married couples and maybe even their kids. When they start settling down, they all start to gradually settle down.

He Does Not Stare At Other Girls

He might be attracted to other women but he is going to be respectful to you. No more cat calls or trying to get another girl’s number.

He may take a glance and that is okay but you can hang with him and even say, “Yeah, she was cute,” and he knows that you don’t see another girl as a threat to your relationship. His gawking days are over.

  He Wants To Live Together

He is so over living with messy, slobby guy roommates and doesn’t want to spend his time being a bachelor at home all the time.

It’s you he wants to come home to. This is a pretty huge step and is generally the one right before the proposal.

He actually wants to share his space with you. He is ok with your tampons in his bathroom or your fresh flowers on the table.

He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

When you have met the friends and family, it shows that he is proud of you and wants to show you off. Approval from friends and family is something that he wants and he will introduce you to them and invite you to events with them just so they get to know you and will love you a much as he does.

When He Refers To Something In The Future, You Are Always Included

No matter how many times he talks about the future, he always wants your input. Whether he likes your input or not is another story. The thought that he wants to include you in some of the decision making is a pretty good indication that you are in this relationship as a lifer.

He Likes Staying With You

He doesn’t always want to go home. He wants to spend his Saturday nights at home eating popcorn or making homemade pizza with you.

You are the one he has chosen to spend most of his time around…not someone else. He doesn’t complain but instead, he enjoys it. It’s his idea even.

You Are a Critical Factor On His Important Life Decisions

If he is considering a big move, taking a job somewhere else, wanting to travel the world for a while, wants to go back to school…you are always the one he goes to for an opinion or encouragement.

He wants to be certain that you are going to be the one who is there with him when he makes those tough life decisions.

 He refers to your “children”

You might see children out in public that are cute or are being brats. He might just happen to sneak in a little tidbit of, “Well, our kids are…” He might even be ok talking about different parenting styles with you.

How were each of you brought up? Did you get spanked for being bad? How much money did the tooth fairy leave you? He is thinking ahead.

His Things Become Your Things

He doesn’t mind you coming into his place, if you don’t already live together. He is ok if you have the remote control even! He doesn’t care if you wear his sweatshirts.

You buy things for each other and don’t expect the other to pay the other back. You are sharing and you don’t even have to ask.

He Sticks Around During Hard Times

You may be experiencing medical issues, a death in the family, or just some personal struggles. He doesn’t have to stay around to help protect you and make sure that you are going to be ok. He wants to.

He is showing you that you can lean on him when you need him. He is completely emotionally invested in you and wants you to know that he will always be there for you, for better or worse.

He Misses You

You will feel like nothing can get in the way when your man has made the decision to make time to see you. When he makes a promise about plans, he will follow through, and this is a great sign.

On the flip-side, if he is always calling to break plans, this means you are not at the forefront of his mind. Someone who does this is not feeling committed at all.

He Opens Up to You

If your man opens up about something that’s upsetting or bothering him, this means that he trusts you and your opinion has value to him. This is a level of closeness that is definitely leading down the path to marriage.

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