Irish Boy Names that are Remarkably Cute and Bold

If you have been following recent trends, you will agree that there is a huge rise in the popularity of Irish boy names. In terms of uniqueness, profoundness, and depth, Irish boy names stand out. Statistically, Irish people have inhabited many countries and places around the world. Accordingly, they carry with them their amazing names and cultures which are quite enticing.

Irish Boy Names that are Remarkably Cute and Bold

Consequently, many people are becoming quite attracted to Irish boy names because of these valuable traits. Do you know any ranking Irish boy names? Are you considering naming your boy in Irish? Then you really need to follow through with this article.

Thoughtfully, this article is designed to bring to your notice some fantastic Irish boy names and their immense meaning. Here, there is a compilation of the most intriguing Irish boys’ names that are quite attractive and carry deep significance. If you are fond of exotic names then you really need to consider these Irish boy names.

List of Some Special Irish Boy Names

List of Some Special Irish Boy Names

1. Aaron – Having Hebrew origins, Aaron is derived out of Aharon which means ‘the exalted one’.

2. Abban  – Means ‘monk’. There was a 6th century saint of that name.

3. Adam – Adam is one of the oldest names around derived out of ‘Adama’ which means ‘red earth’.

4. Adan –  Aidan, which means “fiery,” is one of the most popular names for boys, and who can blame all the parents of all the Aidans: It’s a darling name. But if you want something a bit different for your baby boy, consider this equally darling version.

5. Aiden – This classic Irish boy’s name has experienced a resurgence in the past 10 years, perhaps thanks its association with one of Carrie’s leading men on HBO’s Sex and the City. It means “little and fiery,” making it especially apt for the spunky tots. 

6. Ailill –  A ‘sprite’ or other-worldly being. Ailill Molt was an early Irish king.

7. Ainmire – Means ‘mighty lord’. Aedh Ainmire was a 6th century king of Tara.

8. Alan – Alan is a popular Irish name. The name means ‘noble’ and has variants such as Allan and Allen.

9. Alex – Alex is derived out of the name ‘Alexander’. The name means ‘defender of mankind’.

10. Alfie – Alfie, short for Alfred, comes from the old English word ‘Elfred’. It is the words aelf (elf) and raed (counsel) compounded meaning ‘wise counsel’.

11. Alpin – And it conjures up lovely outdoorsy images of forests and mountains. It means “attractive.”

12. Amhlaoibh – A Norse name which became an Irish one, from ‘Olaf’. McAuliffe is a reasonably common surname.

13. Angus – Angus means ‘one strength’.

14. Anlon – Means ‘great champion’. It was a common name in the O’Brien clan but little used otherwise.

15. Aodghan – Means ‘little fire’. More common now as a surname.

16. Aongus or Aengus  – From ‘aon’ meaning ‘one’ and ‘gus’ meaning ‘strength’ or ‘vigour’. In Celtic mythology Aengus of the Birds is the god of love or of youth and vitality.

17. Ardál – Means ‘high valour’.

18. Banan –  Means ‘the white one’.

19. Bard – A balance of poetic and strong, “Bard” means minstrel or poet, and it sounds solid as a rock.

20. Barry – Meaning “fair-haired,” this name is associated with Saint Finbar, the patron saint of Cork.

21. Bearach – Means ‘sharp’ or ‘spearlike’. St Barry was a disciple of St Kevin at Glendalough.

22. Ben – Ben is short for Benjamin which has Hebrew origins. It means “son of the right hand”.

23. Benen – Meaning: Mild, name of Irish saint

24. Berkeley – Meaning: The Birch Tree Meadow

25. Blaine – Blaine means ‘slender’ or ‘angular’ in Irish.

26. Bradan – Pronounced as “bray-dawn”, the name Bradan means ‘salmon’. In old Irish, it signifies ‘wisdom’.

27. Brady – Meaning: Broad Meadow or Large-Chested

28. Brandon – This name derives from the Irish “Bréanainn” which comes from the word “brenhin” meaning prince.

29. Brayan – Brians is a popular name (which means “strong, virtuous and honorable”), but not as many Brayans (an alternative version).

30. Brendan – At least 17 saints bear the name Brendan, but perhaps the most famous would be Saint Brendan the Navigator. One of the rumors about the Navigator is that he was the first European to set foot on American soil, a thousand years before Columbus. Anglicized form of the Irish Breandan, meaning prince.

31. Brennan – Admittedly the meaning of this Irish name for boys (“descendant of the sad one”) is a bit of a downer…but this less popular take on Brendan has a ring to it, and can easily be turned into a girl’s name by dropping the final ‘n.’

32. Brian – This name means high, noble, and strong. From Gaelic ‘brigh.’ The name has been incredibly widespread in Ireland, in honor of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland.

33. Brin – The word ‘bri’ means hill. Therefore the name Brin in context means ‘high/noble and strong’. It is pronounced as “breen”.

34. Brion – Brion is a variation of the name Brian. It is thought to mean ‘honorable’ and ‘strong’.

35. Brody – Meaning: From the muddy place

36. Buach  – Means ‘victor or conquerer’.

37. Burke – Meaning: Burg or fortification

38. Cace –  A one-syllable Irish boy’s name meaning “brave in battle” is perfect for your tiny force-to-be-reckoned-with!

39. Cairbre – ‘Strong man’. It occurs frequently in Irish mythology, most notably as Cairbre Nia Fer, who was a King of Tara killed by Cuchulainn. His brother later had a hand in killing Cuchulainn.

40. Calhoun – An Irish name meaning “from the narrow forest,” makes a beautiful nature-inspired name for your little boy.

41. Callahan – Callahan is an old Irish name which means ‘bright headed’.

42. Callum – The Gaelic form of the Latin “columba,” which means “dove.” It can also be translated as “the servant or disciple of Columba.”

43. Canice –  Canice is itself an Anglicisation of ‘coinneach’ meaning ‘attractive one’. St. Canice, a 6th century saint, founded the church in Kilkenny which gave the city its name – Kilkenny in Irish means “Canice’s Church”.

44. Caoimhín – St. Kevin’s monastery at Glendalough in County Wicklow, with its round tower, is one of Ireland’s most famous monastic sites.

45. Caolan – This name means “slender” from the Gaelic word “caol.”

46. Carbry – Carbry is another old Irish name which also means ‘charioteer’.

47. Carlin –  This name means “little champion” — appropriate, no? You could call him Carl or even Carley for short.

48. Carson – Carson has an Irish-Scottish origin and means ‘son of the marsh dwellers’.

49. Cashel – Pronounced as “Cash-ill”, the name means ‘castle, stone fort’ in Irish.

50. Cass – Short, sweet, and powerful. This is a short form of Cassidy, which means “clever” and “curly-haired.”

51. Cathal (ka-hal) – Meaning “strong in battle.” Derived from Gaelic “cath” (battle) and “val” (rule). It was the name of a 7th century Irish saint.

52. Cavan –  It’s similar to Kevin — but, well, different, too. It means “handsome.”

53. Cearbhall –  Means ‘victorious warrior’. Cearbhall O’Dalaigh was president of Ireland from1974-1976.

54. Cian (kee-an) – This name means “ancient,” or “enduring.” In the Irish legend, Cian Mac Mael Muad was the son-in-law of Brian Boru, both of whom were killed in the Battle of Clontarf.

55. Ciarán Ciar – means ‘dark’ and the ” at the end indicates ‘small’ so the name means ‘little dark one’. There are several saints of this name in Irish history.

56. Cillian (kill-ee-an) – This name has several known meanings, including “war,” “strife,” and “bright-headed.” The word cille also means “associated with the church,” so the name is often associated with the word “church” or “monastery.”

57. Clancy – Clancy is a rare name that means ‘red-haired warrior’.

58. Collin – This name means cub or puppy from the Gaelic word “cailean.” It can also be used as a diminutive of the name Nicholas, which means victor or victorious people.

59. Colm (collum) – This is the Gaelic variation of the Latin “columba” meaning dove.

60. Colman – Means ‘little dove’, sometime taken to mean ‘peacekeeper’.

61. Colum – Bestow this Irish name meaning “dove” on your peaceful bub.

62. Conan – From the word “con” meaning hound or wolf. Some say the meaning can also be “swift-footed warrior.” With the suffix “-an,” it means “little warrior.” According to Irish legend, Conan Maol (‘Bald Conan’) was part of the Fianna warrior band.

63. Conchobhar – Means ‘lover of hounds’. Conor MacNessa was one of the most famed Kings of Ulster.

64. Conn – In Irish legend Conn of the Hundred Battles was a high King of Ireland and a forebear of the O’Neill clan. The name is still quite widely used in Ireland.

65. Connelly – Connelly means ‘love, friendship’.

66. Conor – Usually translated as “lover of hounds.” It can also mean “high desire,” as derived from the Irish word “coachuhhar.” Conchobhar MacNessa was the king of Ulster; according to the legend, he was born on the same day as Christ.

67. Cormac – The Irish baby boy name seamlessly lends itself to two nicknames (Cory and Mac), but is particularly notable for belonging to renowned novelist Cormac McCarthy (who actually was born Charles!). It’s a name from Irish mythology that shows up in Harry Potter but has never made it into the US Top 1,000… yet, anyway!

68. Cory – Meaning From the Hollow

69. Craig – This popular name comes from the Gaelic word “carraig” which means rock or crag.

70. Cronan –  ‘Little brown one’. St Cronan was a 7th century abbot who founded an Abbey and a school at Roscrea, which is still in existence to-day.

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71. Cullen – The name has Gaelic origins and means ‘holly tree’.

72. Daithi – This is an old Irish name that means “swiftness” or “nimbleness.” Daithi, the last Pagan king of Ireland who ruled from 405-426 AD, had 24 dons.

73. Dara – This name comes from “daire” and means “fruitful” or “fertile.” In the Irish legend, Daire Mac Fiachna, who owned the Brown Bull of Cooley, refused to sell the bull to Queen Maebh, which was thought to be the reason for the fight between Ulster and Connacht.

74. Darby – Darby ‘free one’ in Gaelic.

75. Darcy – The Name Darcy has French and Irish origins meaning ‘the dark one’ or ‘the fortress’.

76. Darragh – Some translate Darragh into “fruitful” or “fertile,” and some translate the name into “dark oak” or “oak tree.” According to the Irish legend, Daire Mac Fiachna owned the Brown Bull of Cooley, and his refusal to sell it to Queen Maebh was part of the cause for the fight between Ulster and Connacht.

77. Darren – Likely derives from the Gaelic name Darragh, meaning ‘little oak.’ The oak tree is a powerful symbol to the Celts, representing nobility, strength, vitality, and wisdom.

78. Declan – Declan is pronounced as “day-glawn” and means ‘son of prayer’.

79. Dermot. – Sure, it rhymes with Kermit (and it’s technically an alternate form of that name), but it’s more suited for a baby boy. It means “free from envy.”

80. Derry – Meaning: The People’s Ruler

81. Devin – Devin has Irish origins and means ‘poet’. However, it is not the same as Devon.

82. Diarmaid – This Irish name means ‘free from envy’.

83. Diarmuid – This name means “without enemy.” It has been the name of kings, heroes, and saints. In Irish legend, Diarmuid was the lover of Grainne, and the most beloved member of the warrior band the Fianna. “Dermot” is the Anglicized version.

84. Dillon – Dillon means ‘loyal’. It is also spelled ‘Dylan’ outside Ireland.

85. Donal – “Ruler of the world” is the implied definition of this name, from “domhan” (world) and “all” (mighty).

86. Donell – This name is similar to the more old-fashioned names Donald and Don while still sounding a little more modern. It’s a form of Donnell, which means “brave” and “dark.”

87. Donnacha – name means “brown-haired warrior.” Derived from the Gaelic “donn” (brown) and “cath” (battle). Brian Boru’s son Donncha was a High King of Ireland until his death in 1064.

88. Donovan – In Gaelic, this name means ‘dark’.

89. Duncan – While the name has its origins in Scotland, it has been extensively adopted by the Irish. In Gaelic, it means ‘dark warrior’.

90. Eamon – Eamon is an old Irish name that means ‘keeper of riches’. It is pronounced as “aim-on” and has derivatives in Edmund and Edward.

91. Eoghan – “Born of the yew tree.” Often associated with the Greek name “Eugenes.”

92. Eoin – Pronounced as “oh-in”, the name is often understood as ‘well born’. Eo also means Yew, and the name is also translated as ‘Land of the Yew’.

93. Faolan–  Meaning: Little Wolf

94. Farrell –  This sweet name means “heroic” and “courageous” — everything you’re likely hoping your son will eventually be.

95. Fergal – This name comes from Fearghal, and means brave, courageous and valorous.

96. Fergus – Fergus is an old Irish name, meaning ‘strong man’.

97. Ferris – Meaning: Rock

98. Finbar – Meaning: Fair-Haired

99. Finn – Finn is the anglicized derivative of the Irish name Fionn which means ‘fair, white, clear’.

100. Finnegan – Meaning: little fair one


101. Fintan – Fintan can be divided into two. Fin means ‘white’ and ‘tan’ means ‘fire’, so the name can be translated to ‘white fire/heat’.

102. Fionn – Meaning “fair-headed,” “white” or “clear.” Other translations include “small blonde soldier” and “handsome.” Fionn MacCool was a central character in Irish folklore and mythology – he was the leader of the warrior band “The Fianna.” Known for being brave, handsome, wise, and generous.

103. Flynn – Flynn means ‘son of the red-haired one’ and has deep Irish origins.

104. Galen – This lively name means “little” and “lively.” And for short? You could call him Gael.

105. Gallagher – Meaning: Descendant of Foreign Helper

106. Garret – Garret in Gaelic means ‘spear strength’.

107. Grady – Grady is a popular boy name with Irish Origins meaning ‘noble’ and ‘illustrious’.

108. Gulliver       – Gulliver is a popularly known name that means ‘glutton’.

109. Harry – Harry means ‘home ruler’ or ‘army commander’.

110. Hugh – The name Hugh has ancestry in Irish, English and German cultures and means ‘mind, intellect’.

111. Hugo – Hugo has Irish, French and German origins, meaning ‘heart, mind, intellect, spirit’.

112. Ian – Ian is originally the Scottish form of John. It means ‘God is gracious’.

113. Ivo – Ivo has ancestry in Irish and German cultures and the name means ‘yew wood, archer’.

114. Jake – Jake has its origins in the biblical character Jacob. It means ‘seizing by the heel, supplanting’.

115. Jamie – Jamie is a nickname for James. It is also common as an independent name. It means ‘supplanter’.

116. John – John is one of the oldest and most widespread names with Hebrew Origins. It also means ‘God is gracious’.

117. Jonathan – Jonathan is also a name with a Hebrew origin. It means ‘Yahweh/God has given’.

118. Jordan -Jordan is an old name with Hebrew origins. It means ‘to flow down, descend’.

119. Kai – Kai means ‘sea’.

120. Karl – Karl has its origins in the German culture where it means ‘a man, peasant, freeman’.

121. Kayden – Kayden can ‘companion’ or ‘friend’.

122. Keegan – Meaning: Son of Egan

123. Keenan – Keenan means ‘ancient’.

124. Keir – Meaning: Dark, Black

125. Keith – Keith means ‘the wind’.

126. Kellen – Kellen has both Irish and German ancestry and means ‘slender’.

127. Kermit – Kermit in old Irish means ‘free man’.

128. Kerry – Kerry means ‘dark’ or ‘dark haired’.

129. Kevin – Kevin means ‘handsome, kind, comely birth’.

130. Kian – Kian is a derivative of the name Cian from Celtic origins, which means ‘enduring’.

131. Killian – Killian is a pet form of the name ‘Ceallach’ with Irish origins. It means ‘war, strife’.

132. Korrigan – This is a form of Corrigan, which means “spearman.”

133. Larkin – Meaning: Rough, Fierce

134. Lennon – Lennon has Irish origins and means ‘small cloak or cape’. It can even mean ‘little blackbird’.

135. Leo – While Leo is an old Latin name which means ‘lion’.

136. Liam – Liam is an old Irish name that originates as a pet name for ‘Uilliam’. The name means ‘resolute protection’.

137. Lochlann – Lochlann is an old word which means ‘place of the lakes’.

138. Lorcan – This name can mean either “silent” or “fierce.” Lorcan was the name of Brian Boru’s grandfather as well as two kings of Leinster. It was likely used as the nickname for a “brave warrior.”

139. Lucan – Lucan is an Irish derivative of the name ‘Luke’, which means ‘man from Lucania’.

140. Mack – Meaning: Son of.

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141. Maguire – Maguire is a relatively popular Irish surname which means ‘son of the beige one’. It is also being used as a first name.

142. Marcus – Marcus is thought to mean ‘dedicated to Mars’, or ‘warlike’.

143. Martin – Martin comes from the Latin word ‘Martinus’. It means ‘of Mars or war-like’.

144. Mason – Mason means ‘one who works with stone’.

145. Matthew – Matthew is a highly popular name, which means ‘gift of God’.

146. Max – Max is a pet name for Maximilian, which means ‘the greatest’.

147. McCoy – McCoy is a an old Irish name which means ‘fire’.

148. Michael – The name Michael has Hebrew origins. The name means ‘who is like God?’

149. Morrissey –  The literal meaning is “descendent of Muiris”—in other words, it’s based upon an Irish last name. But the three-syllable stunner has major rockstar cred thanks to British star Steven Patrick Morrissey who is known by the singular moniker.

150. Murphy – Murphy is a highly popular Irish name that means ‘sea warrior’.

151. Nathan – Nathan has Hebrew origins and means ‘gift’.

152. Neil – Neil is derived out of the Gaelic word Niall. Neil in Irish is thought to mean ‘a champion’ or ‘a cloud’.

153. Nevin – Nevin means ‘holy’.

154. Niall – This name can either mean “champion, passionate, or vehement” from the Gaelic “niadh,” or “cloud” from the Gaelic word “neall.” Niall of the Nine Hostages was a 4th-century king of Tara.

155. Noah – Noah comes from the Hebrew word ‘noach’ which means ‘rest, comfort’.

156. Nolan – Nolan is old Irish for ‘champion’.

157. Odhran – Means “little pale green one,” derived from the Irish “odhra” (pale green, sallow), plus a diminutive suffix.

158. Odhrán – Odhrán means ‘little pale green one’.

159. Oisin  – Meaning “little deer.” In Irish mythology, Oisin was a poet-hero, son of legendary warrior Fionn MacCool and the goddess Sive. His mother was turned into a deer by the Dark Druid, and she raised him in the forest for seven years; when his father found him while hunting, he recognized the boy as his own son and gave him the name “little deer.”

160. Ollie – Ollie is a loving short form of the name Oliver with French origins. It means ‘olive tree’.

161. Oran – This name means white, light, or pale. Some believe it to mean sallow, pale green, or “little pale green one.”

162. Oscar – Meaning “deer lover” or “friend of deer” as derived from the Gaelic “os” (deer) and “cara” (friend). In Irish mythology, Oscar was the son of the poet Oisin, and the grandson of the hero Finn MacCool.

163. Ossian –  Your “little deer” would be lucky to grow up with such a unique Irish boys’ name hailing from old folklore.

164. Owen – Owen is thought to be of Welsh meaning ‘lamb’ and also Gaelic meaning ‘youth’.

165. Padraig – Gaelic form of the Latin “Patricius” meaning “nobly born.” Patron Saint of Ireland.

166. Patrick – Patrick is the Anglicized form of the Irish name Padraig, from the latin Patricius which means “nobly born.” The patron Saint of Ireland.

167. Paul – Paul has Latin origins, meaning ‘small’, ‘humble’.

168. Phelan – Pronounced as “Fay-lan”, this Irish name means ‘wolf’.

169. Phillip – Phillip means ‘lover of horses’.

170. Piran – Piran is an ancient Irish word  which means ‘prayer’.

171. Quinn – Quinn is an Irish name which can mean ‘intelligence’, ‘chief leader’ or ‘descendant of Conn’.

172. Rafferty – Meaning: Abundance; prosperity

173. Redmond – Meaning: Wise Protector

174. Rian – This name means “little king” or “kingly.” Diminutive of the Irish word for “king,” which is “rí.”

175. Riley – This Irish name means ‘courageous’.

176. Roan – Meaning Little Redhead

177. Rogan – Think you’ll be having a little ginger-haired baby boy? Then consider this name, which means “redhead.” Awww.

178. Ronan – This is a very old name meaning “little seal,” derived from the diminutive form of “ron” (seal). There were twelve saints named Ronan as well as an ancient king of Leinster.

179. Rooney – Meaning: Champion; leader

180. Rory – Rory is a strictly Irish name derived from Ruairi, meaning ‘rust-colored, red’.

181. Ros – Ros has old Irish origins and means ‘prominent’.

182. Rowan – Meaning: Little Redhead

183. Ruairi  – This name means “red-haired king,” from “ruadh” meaning red, as in the red-colored hair of foxes.

184. Seamus –  Parents who are considering “Sean” might opt for this Irish baby name twist instead. Interestingly, Seamus is a derivative of James, so it’s also a subtle way to pay tribute to a James in the family.

185. Sean –  Sean is the Irish cognate of the name John, and means “God is gracious.” It can also mean “wise, old.”

186. Senan  – This name means “little wise person,” “old” or “ancient.” Derived from Sean with a diminutive suffix.

187. Shane – One of the most Irish-sounding names on the list, this is one of the many variations of the name Sean, which is a form of John, which is actually Hebrew for “God is gracious.” Phew! Bottom line? It’s a cool name.

188. Shaun – Shaun is derived from Seán. It is also an Irish version of John meaning ‘God is gracious’.

189. Shay: This Irish baby name is a phonetic, modern spelling of the classic Shea or Shai; “the stately, dauntless one.” A great pick for a middle name, Shay also makes a solid one-syllable first name.

Irish Boy Names

190. Sullivan – This Irish name means ‘black eyed one’.

191. Tadhg – This name means “poet” or “bard” in Irish. It was the name of an 11th century King of Connacht.

192. Tiernan – This name means “little lord.” Tiernan O’Rourke was a 12th C. Irish king.

193. Torin – Torin is an old Irish boy name which means ‘chief’.

194. Torrence – This is a bold name meaning “knolls.” Toren would make a really good nickname.

195. Tristan – Tristan means ‘tumult, riot’.

196. Tully – Meaning: Flood, Peaceful, or Hill

197. Tynan – Meaning: Dark, Dusty

198. Tyrone – Tyrone is an Irish boy name meaning ‘land of Eoghan’.

199. Ultan – Meaning: Man From Ulster

200. Veren – Meaning: Great Hero

201. Zach – Zach comes from the Greek word Zacharias meaning ‘rememberence of God’.

Is the coming baby a boy? Why not decorate his life with a splendid exotic name like any of these Irish boy names? Evidently, you will not have any regrets doing so as these Irish boy names are simply classic.

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