Musical and Melodious Korean Girl Names with Awesome Meanings

Musical and Melodious Korean Girl Names with Awesome Meanings.

Korean Girl Names: One striking feature of most Asian countries is how smooth and sweet their names tend to be. Koreans names especially those for girls, usually come out with many clamorous attributes. You can’t help being drawn to the sound of one of these Korean girl names.

Musical and Melodious Korean Girl Names with Awesome Meanings

Admittedly, Korean girl names are similar to that of other prominent, close nations like China. Korean writing language is a variation and derivation of Chinese character, called the Hanja. Both Korean nations use names that are depicting their core values systems and beliefs.

Consequently, a brief scanning of these Korean girl names will give you a good idea of Korean cultures and important attributes. These names are simply lovely. Coupled with the beautiful sounds they make, you won’t get bored of hearing these names from time to time. You can even pick one for your pretty baby girl.

Fanciful Korean Girl Names

1. A Young – This two-syllabic word means ‘refined’.

2. Aera – This lovely Korean name means ‘love’.

3. Ae-Cha – The name Ae-Cha means “affectionate daughter”.

4. Ae Ri – Meaning ‘gains, advantage, profit, and merit’.

5. Ahnjong – Ahnjong means ‘tranquillity’.

6. Ara – Meaning ‘beautiful and good’.

7. Areum – Meaning ‘beautiful’.

Fanciful Korean Girl Names

8. Bae – This lovely short name means ‘inspiration’.

9. Bitna – This slightly unusual Korean baby girl name means ‘shining’.

10. Bo-a – This short name signifies an ‘elegant, refined and a treasure’.

11. Bom – Meaning ‘springtime’.

12. Bong Cha – Bong-Cha means the ‘ultimate girl’.

13. Bora – Bora – means ‘purple’ colour.

14. Byeol – Byeol means a ‘star’.

15. Chin-Sun – One who seeks honesty and goodness in everything

16. Cho – This short name also means ‘beautiful’.

17. Choon Hee – This two-syllabic word means ‘a girl born during spring’.

18. Chun Hei – Meaning ‘grace’ and ‘justice’.

19. Chung Cha – This means ‘noble daughter’.

Korean Girl Names

20. Dae -This sweet short name is a popular one among south Koreans, and means ‘a great one’.

21. Doh – This South Korean baby girl name means ‘an accomplished one’.

22. Dasom -The name Dasom means ‘love’.

23. Eui – This three-letter name means ‘righteousness’.

24. Eun Ae – This sweet name means ‘grace and love’.

25. Eun Hye – Meaning ‘grace’.

26. Eun Jung -This two-part name means ‘grace and affection’.

27. Eun-Kyung – The name means a ‘gracious gem’.

28. Ga Eun – This name conveys ‘kind and beautiful’.

29. Gi -This short two-letter name means ‘the brave one’.

30. Goo – This unusual name means the ‘one who completes you’.

31. Gun – Meaning ‘strong’.

32. Gyeong – Meaning ‘respected one’.


33. Hana -This cute name means ‘my favourite’.

34. Ha-Neul – Meaning ‘the sky’.

35. Ha Yoon – This two-syllabic name is a combination of Ha, meaning ‘summer’, and Yoon, meaning ‘allow’.

36. Hwa Young – The two-syllabic name means ‘beautiful flower’.

37. Hye – The short name means ‘intelligent woman’.

38. Hyeon – This South Korean baby girl name means ‘person of virtue’.

39. Hyuk – Hyuk means ‘radiant’.

40. Hyun Ok – The name suggests ‘wisdom’ and as beautiful as a ‘pearl’.

41. Iseul -This is a native Korean name. It means ‘morning dew’.

Beautiful Korean Girl names

42. Jae – This popular name means ‘respect’.

43. Jae Hwa – This means ‘rich and prosperous’ and ‘respect and beauty’.

44. Jee – Meaning ‘the wise one’.

45. Jeong – Meaning ‘silent and chaste’.

46. Ji Hyun – Meaning ‘virtuous, worthy’ and also ‘wisdom, intellect’.

47. Jin Ae – This two-syllabic name means ‘truth, treasure and love’.

48. Joon – Meaning ‘talented’.

49. Ki – Ki is a short name that means ‘one who has risen’.

50. Kwan – This single element name means ‘strong girl’.

51. Kyong – Kyong means ‘brightness’.

52. Kyung Mi – Many combinations are available with Kyung, meaning ‘honour’. Meaning ‘beauty’ with honour.

53. Kyung Soon – The two-syllabic name means ‘honoured and mild’.

54. Mee – This is another short, popular Korean name meaning ‘beautiful’.

55. Mi Cha – Mi Cha means ‘gorgeous’.

56. Mi Young – Mi Young means ’everlasting beauty’.

57. Mi Hi – Another combination with Mi, meaning ‘beauty’; Meaning ‘joy and beauty’.

58. Min – Min means ‘sharp-minded’  and ‘quick response’.

59. Mun Hee – Mun Hee means an ‘educated and literate’.

60. Nabi  – Nabi means ‘butterfly’.

61. Nari – This short name means ‘lily flower’.

62. Nam Kyu – This is a popular name in Korea and means ‘southern’. This probably is to suggest that you are from the south of the Korean peninsula.

Lovely Korean Baby

63. Seok – This sweet name means ‘like a rock’.

64. So – So in Korean means ‘smile’.

65. Soo – If you add another alphabet, the meaning changes to a ‘charitable and noble person’.

66. Soon Bok – This two-syllabic name means ‘gentle and blessed’.

67. Soo Min – This is another combination word which means ‘excellence and cleverness’.

68. Sook – The name Sook means ‘pure and natural’.

69. So Young – Meaning ‘eternal, beautiful and prosperous’.

70. Sun Hee – Meaning ‘pleasure and goodness’.

71. Soo Jin – This is another combination with Soo, which together means ‘treasure, excellence and truth’.

72. Whan – Meaning ‘always growing’. It can be fame, wealth, reputation, etc.

73. Wook – Meaning ‘Sunrise’.

74. Woong – The name with double ‘o’ means ‘grand, magnificent’.

75. Yeong – Meaning ‘courage’.

76. Yon – This short name means ‘Lotus blossoming’.

77. Yong – This favourite Korean baby girl name means ‘the perpetual and brave one’.

78 Young Mi – The name means ‘prosperity, eternal and good looking’.

79. Young-Il – The most prosperous of all.

80 Young-Soon – Mild and flowery

81. Yun Hee – Meaning like a ‘Lotus flower’ and ‘pleasure’.

82. Young – Meaning ‘valiant’.

83. Yun-YeongBrave hero, forever

It’s my guess that producing those names must have given you a real thrill. Korean girl names tick a good number of boxes. There’s absolutely no harm in enjoying them and actually taking one for your kid if you so please.

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