100+ Most Influential Latin-American Women in History

– Latina Women’s – 

We are not only inspired by them but we are also inspired by them. Through their leadership, these latina women’s continue to impact and inspire people around them.

Latina Women's

These women have made significant contributions to Florida international university, politics, entertainment, and even space exploration.

We’ve got the lady who created the original words to Puerto Rico’s national song, child care who battled for school desegregation, and a Latina novelist who was the first person from Latin America to earn a Nobel Prize.

Furthermore, a Latina was the first female Surgeon General of the United States, and a Latina is one of the greatest female golfers of all time.

Most Influential Latina Women’s in History

Below is a list of the most influential latina women in history

1. Beatriz Acevedo

Beatriz has devoted her professional life to empowering and opening opportunities for the next generation of Latino leaders. Beatriz began her media career at an early age, first on the radio and then on television.

She won three Emmys, one MTV music award, and a media reporter award for her work, among many more. She later became a tech media entrepreneur as the Co-Founder and President of mit.

She also serves on a number of boards and is an advisor to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s tech council as well as Annenberg’s foundation tech initiative, PledgeLA.

2. Claudia Zapata-Cardone – Latina Women’s

Claudia is enthusiastic about educating and inspiring women and people of color about the flying profession through outreach initiatives and organizations.

She is a member of Women in Aviation International, Latino Pilots Association, Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, and International Society of Women Airline Pilots, among others.

3. Stephanie Zapata Moore

Stephanie serves as Vistra Energy’s executive vice president and general counsel, advising the company’s leadership team on legal, regulatory, and corporate governance concerns, as well as directing the corporate secretary’s office and heading the legal and compliance staff.

She was vice president and general counsel of Luminant, a competitive electricity production business of Vistra Energy and its precursor Energy Future Holdings, prior to her present position.

4. Anilu Vazquez-Ubarri

Anilu is a recognized expert and leader in the fields of human resources and diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Anilu leads the company’s Human Resources department and offers assistance and advice to leaders throughout TPG’s portfolio of more than 200 firms as a Partner and Chief Human Resources Officer of TPG, a major global alternative asset firm.

She also serves on the TPG Executive Committee. Anilu spent 11 years at Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. before joining TPG in 2018, serving in a range of roles, most recently as Chief Diversity Officer and Global Head of Talent.

Latina Women's

5. Rocio Van Nierop – Latina Women’s

Rocio is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Latinas in Tech, a dynamic non-profit devoted to empowering and uniting Latinas in the technology industry.

Rocio formerly worked at Prezi as the Director of Product Marketing, where she spent several years introducing the company’s products both domestically and abroad.

Prior to joining Product Marketing, Rocio was the General Manager of Prezi Latin America, where she helped to make Prezi one of the most innovative and successful presentation platforms on the market.

6. Ana Valdez

Ana is a marketing, media, and political consultant based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Mexico City and has studied and worked in Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

She works every day with the LDC’s extraordinary board of national business leaders to present a genuine image of the Latino population in the United States.

7. Consuelo Valverde – Latina Women’s

Consuelo Valverde is a serial entrepreneur who now works as a venture capitalist. Her motivation is to make a lot of money while also becoming a positive force in the world.

She is the Founder and Managing Partner of SV LATAM Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm focused on entrepreneurs that use science and technology to impact society, the environment, and health on a global scale, with a special focus on Latin America.

Consuelo started her first tech firm when she was 21 years old.

8. Nina Vaca

Nina is the Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a Latina-owned global workforce solutions provider that has twice been voted the country’s fastest-growing woman-owned business in the previous six years.

Nina has been acknowledged as a leader in the workforce solutions market on several occasions, with her name appearing on the Global Power 150 – Women in Staffing list every year for the past six years.

9. Sindy Benavides

Sindy Marisol Benavides is a Honduran-American immigrant who has lived the united states dream and now dedicated her work to ensuring that countless young people, women, and immigrants do as well.

She formerly worked with LULAC as Chief Operating Officer and National Director for Civic Engagement and Community Mobilization, Voto Latino as Vice President of Field & Political Operations, and the 2012 Kaine for Virginia Senate campaign as Northern Virginia Political Director.

10. Jacqueline Guichelaar

Jacqueline is in charge of developing a digital architecture to help Cisco speed up its digital enterprise transformation.

She is in charge of running and developing Cisco’s worldwide workforce’s technological infrastructure, digital platforms, corporate security, and business applications so that they may flourish and be productive.

Guichelaar formerly worked at Thomson Reuters as the Group Chief Information Officer, where she oversaw a technology department that supported the company’s digital strategy.

11. Marisa Moret

Marisa has worked as a lawyer, advocate, and strategic advisor to businesses, entrepreneurs, and government officials for over 25 years. She is in charge of supervising a 200-person team that manages diverse media and policy initiatives.

Marisa worked as Chief of Staff to San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera for nearly a decade before joining Airbnb. The firm is regarded as one of the best municipal legal firms in the country.

12. Jess Morales Rocketo

Jess is the Executive Director of Care in Action and the Director of Civic Engagement for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, where she leads political advocacy campaigns for the 2.5 million domestic workers in the United States.

She is the co-founder of Supermajority, a new women’s political action organization, and the Chair of the Families Belong Together Coalition, a movement to abolish family separation and incarceration.

13. Christine Montenegro

Christine Montenegro, a partner with Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, is one of the most prominent Latina litigators in the country.

She was particularly important in helping Harbinger Capital Partners, a significant stakeholder in LightSquared, devise a novel legal strategy in its case against Dish Chairman Charles Ergen.

14. Jennifer Molina

Jennifer Molina is a multilingual political communications consultant who has worked on campaigns at the national, state and municipal levels.

She formerly worked as the Latino Media Director for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and as the Communications Director for the California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.

15. Claudia Mirza

Claudia Mirza has overseen the company’s extraordinary transformation from a language translation firm to a global provider of multilingual business solutions such as interpretation, staffing, contact centers, learning services, and localization.

The firm has grown to become an award-winning, fast-growing, worldwide corporation under her guidance, with a 5-year growth rate of 1,267 percent (from 2012 to 2016).

16. Alicia Menendez

Saturday and Sunday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. ET, Alicia Menendez hosts MSNBC’s “American Voices with Alicia Menendez.” She’s also the host of the “Latina to Latina” podcast and the author of “The Likeability Trap.”

In October of this year, Menendez joined MSNBC. Prior to joining the network, Menendez worked as a correspondent for PBS’ “Amanpour & Company” and presented “Alicia Menendez Tonight,” nightly news and pop culture show on Fusion.

17. Meredith Mendes – Latina Women’s

Meredith serves on the firm’s Operating Committee as Chief Operating Officer, Principal, and member of the Operating Committee.

She is in charge of investment operations, financial operations, client operations, technology, business process improvements, administration, facilities, and compliance.

Meredith is working to strengthen the firm’s distinctive investment solutions and wealth management services by delivering strategic quality support services, scalable platforms, and process improvements.

18. Erica Mason

Erica Mason has extensive experience as a litigator and adviser. She routinely defends employment claims before state and federal courts and agencies across the country as national and regional employment counsel for her clients, including successfully litigating five sexual harassment class actions against the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and dozens of class and collective actions against privately-represented individuals and groups.

19. Maria Martinez

Maria oversees the company’s operations and transformation, as well as the creation of high-value experiences for customers, partners, and staff.

Martinez is in charge of the Strategy Execution, Customer Success, Renewals, Customer & Partner Experience, Security & Trust, Supply Chain, IT, Services, and Transformation divisions of Cisco.

Maria has more than 35 years of leadership experience in a number of technological areas, including software, services, hardware, and networking technologies. She is a transformative leader and engineer at heart.

20. Betty Manetta

Betty worked in corporate America for nearly 20 years, especially in the telecommunications business, until founding Argent Associates Inc. in 1998.

During her professional career, she worked in technical assistance, sales, human resources, and quality management and control on a national and worldwide level. Ms.

Manetta, who was named one of the top STEM 100 executives in the country, thinks that genuine corporate success is inextricably linked to community achievement. She is dedicated her dedication to lifelong study and social responsibility.


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21. Monica Lozano

As president and CEO, she collaborates with organizations and leaders across the state to ensure that education routes are perfectly matched for college completion.

She is dedicated to the goal of providing equal access to bachelor’s degrees and a better life for California’s low-income and minority students.

22. Diane E. Lopez

Lopez earned her J.D. from Columbia University Law School, where she was an editor of A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual, a publication of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review. Lopez is a magna cum laude alumnus of Mount Holyoke College.

She went on to work for O’Melveny & Myers after graduation, where she spent eight years specializing her career in commercial litigation. She advises Harvard on a range of commercial deals, with an emphasis on strategies to safeguard and manage the university’s intellectual property holdings.

23. Sandra Lopez

Sandra is in charge of collaborating with the sports and media industries to bring the next generation of immersive media experiences to future fans. Her team is responsible for overseeing Intel Sports’ business, marketing, and business development operations.

Lopez is also a co-chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. She formerly oversaw and supervised Intel’s New Technology Group’s fashion wearable division.

Earlier in her Intel career, Lopez performed different responsibilities within corporate marketing, including director of new business marketing and consumer marketing.

24. Maria Lensing

Maria is in charge of McKesson’s technology stack vision, strategy, and architecture, which are critical to the company’s data and digital technology portfolio.

Her duties also involve a significant emphasis on engineering design and operational excellence in order to maximize performance levels.

Maria is focused on empowering McKesson through the digital platform that her team builds and maintains. She has vast and consistent leadership experience.

25. Maria Teresa Kumar

With actress Rosario Dawson, Mara Teresa co-founded Voto Latino, a grassroots political group. Their group was created to inspire and empower younger Latinx voters, as well as lobby for more inclusive political involvement. (www.stellardental.my)

Voto Latino conducts creative digital campaigns and programs to boost voter registration and civic participation in Latinx communities, using media and technology as a core element.

26. Ivonne Kinser

Ivonne has held leadership positions in multiple corporations representing multi-billion dollar brands, as well as top advertising agencies such as Lintas, McCann Erickson Worldwide, and The Richards Group, where she worked with well-known brands in almost every category over the course of her 20-year marketing career.

She joined Avocados From Mexico as Head of Digital Marketing in 2014, and in just four years, she has established the company’s digital practice from the ground up, based on digital transformation concepts.

27. Sandra Hernandez

Sandra was the CEO of The San Francisco Foundation for 16 years before joining CHCF. She formerly worked for the City and County of San Francisco as the director of public health.

She also co-chaired the Universal Healthcare Council of San Francisco, which created Healthy San Francisco. It was the first time in the United States that a municipal government sought to offer health care to all of its residents.

Sandra was named to the Covered California board of directors by Governor Jerry Brown in February 2018.

28. Carolina Janicelli

Carolina is a member of JPMorgan Chase’s new Community Impact Team, which is in charge of implementing local initiatives to enhance the firm’s $30 billion Path Forward Commitment to racial justice.

She works across the firm’s business divisions to design strategies based on community feedback and needs, assuring impact and progress toward the aim of closing the racial wealth gap.

Carolina has a comprehensive grasp of the drivers of value and wealth development, which are fundamental components of economic fairness, thanks to her expertise in investment banking covering Latin American firms and two decades in private banking.

29. Cynthia Hudson

Cynthia is responsible for all areas of CNN’s Spanish-language media operations, including newsgathering, editorial content, programming, production, operations, and staff for CNN en Espaol 24/7 television news networks, CnnEspaol.com, and CNN en Espaol Radio.

Hudson launched CNN Radio Argentina in the first quarter of 2019, a radio network that is available in 120 cities and 23 provinces in Argentina. In April, she launched Proyecto Ser Humano, CNN en Espaol’s multi-platform anti-discrimination campaign (The Humanity Project).

30. Maria Hinojosa

Maria Hinojosa has spent the last 25 years helping to reveal America’s unwritten tales and bringing unsung heroes in the United States and throughout the world to light.

Hinojosa founded The Futuro Media Group in April 2010 with the goal of producing multi-platform, community-based journalism that gives a critical voice to the voiceless by utilizing the power of independent media to convey stories that are often missed or underreported by traditional media.

Hinojosa has enlightened millions of Americans about the fastest growing population in our country as the anchor and executive producer of the long-running weekly NPR broadcast Latino USA, as well as the host of the Emmy Award-winning chat show Maria Hinojosa: One-on-One from WGBH/La Plaza.


31. Lina Hidalgo – Latina Women’s

Lina is the Harris County, Texas, County Judge. She is the first Latina and first woman elected to the office of Harris County Judge.

Lina was born in Colombia and raised in Peru and Mexico, where her parents were given jobs, before immigrating to the United States in 2005.

Lina is a proud product of Houston public schools, and she was the first in her family to attend college in the United States, as her parents had hoped. She earned a political science degree from Stanford University the same year she became a US citizen.

32.Jessica Herrera – Flanigan

Jessica Herrera-Flanigan is a senior executive who has worked in the technology, media, security, sports, and government contracting sectors on corporate affairs, public policy, crisis management, regulatory, legal, and social impact.

She was the Executive Vice President, Government & Corporate Affairs, and President of the Univision Foundation before joining Twitter. She was also a partner at Monument Policy Group, where she was in charge of the firm’s technology, media, sports, and crisis communications divisions.

33. Jaime Herrera Beutler

Beutler was first elected to Congress at the age of 31 to represent the 3rd District in Southwest Washington. Jaime’s legislation has been passed into law by both Democratic and Republican administrations, earning her the title of Washington state’s most effective Member of Congress.

She is also the first Hispanic to serve as a congressional representative for the state of Washington. She co-founded the first bipartisan Maternity Care Caucus in Congress and has been a strong advocate for maternal and child health.

34. Miriam Hernandez Kakol – Latina Women’s

Miriam is the worldwide leader of the Management Consulting practice, and she plays a key role in developing and implementing the company’s strategy, as well as maintaining the company’s double-digit growth rate.

She is responsible for quickly implementing projects and programs that affect KPMG’s market relevance and capacity to deliver innovative solutions, hence boosting trust and accelerating growth.

She formerly oversaw the US firm’s Global Customer and Operations division, which focuses on providing industry-specific solutions for Fortune 500 customers’ front and middle office difficulties. She was in charge of a team of nearly 2,000 partners and experts in this position.

35. Esther Aguilera

Esther Aguilar is a social entrepreneur and turnaround expert with experience driving scale-up, innovative transformation, and high-performing teams. As President & CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), she oversaw the organization’s expansion for 11 years.

Previously, he worked as a principal at the Dewey Square Group, a senior advisor to the US Department of Energy’s Secretary, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ executive, and legislative director, and a policy analyst at the National Council of La Raza (now UnidosUS).

36. Johanna Fuentes

Johanna is in charge of the company’s global communications strategies. She collaborates closely with the CEO and top management to ensure that the companies messaging matches its basic principles while also advancing its commercial goals.

Johanna and her team are also in charge of the company’s global media relations, public relations, executive communications, crisis management, corporate responsibility, and charity.

She works cross-divisionally as Warner Bros.’ senior communications executive, ensuring alignment and consistency of messaging across the company’s film, television, videogames, consumer products, home entertainment, and studio operations businesses, as well as DC, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and TCM (Turner Classic Movies).

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37. Michelle Freyre – Latina Women’s

Michelle is in charge of the company’s entire strategic vision, which includes innovation, product development and marketing, as well as all aspects of customer and digital interaction.

She collaborates closely with members of the global Clinique leadership team to maintain brand momentum by ensuring global consumer relevance and emotionally engaging with customers throughout their beauty experience.

38. Betty Francisco

Betty Francisco is a successful businesswoman, investor, and community activist. She is seen as a formidable convener and changemaker who is unafraid to promote Latinx and new majority leaders.

Betty was named to Boston Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in Boston in 2020 and 2018, and the Boston Business Journal’s Power 50 – Extraordinary Year Extraordinary People in 2020.

Betty is the founder and CEO of Boston Impact Initiative, a social impact investment firm that uses integrated capital to bridge the racial wealth gap in Eastern Massachusetts.

39. Nancy Flores

Flores is in charge of all technology projects within the organization, including software, infrastructure, application development tools and procedures, operations, and cybersecurity.

She also oversees the company’s healthcare technology products, as well as data and analytics. Flores formerly worked at Johnson Controls (JCI) as CIO, where she was in charge of information technology, cybersecurity, and analytics.

40. Rosanna Durruthy

As the diversity leader at organizations including Cigna, Vivendi Universal (Seagram), and Merrill Lynch, Rosanna has wide, cross-functional human resources leadership expertise in attracting and developing high-performing individuals.

Rosanna’s focus at LinkedIn is on enabling all workers, members, and customers to reach their full potential.

41. Dorene C. Dominguez – Latina Women’s

Vanir Group of Companies, Inc. and its subsidiaries Vanir Construction Management, Inc. and Vanir Development Company, Inc. are chaired and led by Dominguez.

According to Engineering News-Record, Vanir is ranked No. 26 in Program Management and the No. 1 Woman/Hispanic owned PM/CM business in the country.

Dominguez finds and recruits Latino and first-generation students to Notre Dame in collaboration with Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment Don Bishop. Dominguez developed The Dominguez Dream in honor of her father, which encourages youngsters in impoverished neighborhoods to excel in reading and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).

42. Sara Del Valle

Sara Del Valle is a Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she heads an interdisciplinary team that uses diverse data streams and mathematical, computational, and statistical models to identify, explain, and forecast infectious illnesses.

Her group has lately been looking into how large-scale data analytics, such as satellite imaging, Internet data, and climate data, might be used to supplement established approaches to infectious disease modeling.

43. Maria Cuba

Maria is a Senior Diversity Business Partner at Airbnb, where she is responsible for cultivating diversity and inclusion.

She formerly worked as the Global Diversity Lead for Airbnb’s Experiences platform, where she focused on ensuring that all communities had equal access to opportunities and representation through servicing and onboarding hosts from all demographics.

44. Pilar Cruz – Latina Women’s

Her division is a part of the Animal Nutrition and Health Enterprise. Pilar began her career at Cargill in 2002 as a Corporate Strategy and Business Development Associate. Her operational experience began in 2006 when she was named General Manager of Cargill Meats Canada’s Beef Business.

She went to Oklahoma City in 2008 to lead the animal feed company in the South Central United States. She relocated to Costa Rica in 2011 to head Cargill’s integration of Picasa, a Central American poultry purchase.

She came to Nicaragua in 2012 to oversee Cargill’s poultry business, and after one year, she was named President of Cargill Meats Europe.

45. Catherine Cortez Masto

Catherine Cortez Masto, a Las Vegas native, has dedicated her career to fighting for Nevada’s working families. She was Nevada’s Attorney General for two terms, and in November 2016, she made history by becoming the first woman and Latina ever elected to the United States Senate.

Her membership on five Senate committees allows her to continue to advocate for Nevadans’ most pressing concerns.

46. Ana Corrales

Ana Corrales is Google’s Devices & Services business’s Chief Operating Officer. She’s in charge of bringing Google’s consumer hardware products to life, which include Pixel smartphones and laptops, among other things.

Ana leads every aspect of how products are delivered to people around the world, with a background in business and engineering.

She oversees the end-to-end product development process, IT systems, and infrastructure, managing the supply chain to build quality products, and overseeing hardware sustainability efforts.

47. Nanette Cocero – Latina Women’s

Nanette is in charge of an international business and is in charge of developing and delivering novel vaccinations that address critical and life-threatening disorders, therefore assisting in the protection of communities all over the world.

She oversees a worldwide team of 1,500 employees and a diversified vaccination portfolio targeted at saving lives at all stages of development. Nanette and her team also collaborate with governments, civic groups, and pharmacological companies to advance global public health.

48. Noramay Cadena

Noramay Cadena is a former nonprofit executive, entrepreneur, and investor. She is the Managing Director and Cofounder of Make in LA, a Los Angeles-based early-stage hardware accelerator and startup fund.

Since its inception in 2015, Make in LA’s venture fund has invested over $1.5 million in seed-stage firms that have raised over $25 million and generated employment in the United States and abroad. Cadena worked for The Boeing Company for almost ten years before co-founding Make in LA.

49. Denice Cora-Bramble – Latina Women’s

Denice is the first and only woman or a person of color to hold this position.

She oversees primary care and specialty ambulatory site clinical operations in the tri-state area, including specialty care locations, emergency departments, community health centers, pediatric practices, school-based health centers, mobile medical units, and nursing services in DC Public Schools and Public Charter Schools.

Dr. Cora-Bramble also serves as the National Chief Diversity Officer at Children’s. Cora-Bramble earned a Bachelor of Science degree from George Washington University, then went on to Howard University to complete her medical and pediatric residency studies, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration with a specialty in Medical Services Management.

50. Leila Cobo

Leila is a Latin music expert who has conducted in-depth interviews with artists such as Shakira, Maluma, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Lopez, and Rosala.

She is perhaps the first U.S.-based journalist to prominently cover Latin music on a daily basis as Billboard’s VP of Latin music, and she has been instrumental in transforming the coverage and perception of Latin music in the United States.

51. Julie Chavez Rodriguez

Julie is the current head of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and an American political rights activist.

Rodriguez worked in the Obama administration from 2008 to 2016, first for the US Secretary of the Interior and then for the White House Office of Public Engagement. Senator Kamala Harris named her as her state director in 2016.

52. Laura Catena – Latina Women’s

Laura Catena is an Argentinean scientist and physician who founded the Catena Institute of Wine and is the managing director of Bodega Catena Zapata (Est. 1902). The Catena Institute is committed to the preservation of the Malbec grape and the advancement of Argentine wine.

 Bodega Catena Zapata has risen to new heights under Laura’s guidance. The family winery received six 100-point wine ratings, was named the world’s most rewarded winery three years in a row by VIVINO WINE STYLE AWARDS, and was named Drinks International’s WORLD’S MOST ADMIRED WINE BRAND in 2020.


53. Carmen Castillo

Carmen founded SDI in 1993 as a technology staffing firm, and the company quickly signed a small contract with IBM.

Carmen became aware of supplier diversity and minority certification as her company grew, and she quickly became SDI certified as both Hispanic and woman-owned.

SDI grew its business portfolio over time to encompass payrolling, independent contractor compliance programs, and Procure-to-Pay and Source-to-Pay solutions for the supply chain’s tail end, becoming one of the world’s largest, if not the largest, MWBEs.

54. Kim Casiano

Casiano has substantial board expertise and over 35 years of experience and insight on the U.S. Hispanic market and Sonia Sotomayor is the first Latina woman to serve on any of the top five “Fortune 100” business boards.

Kim is a member of the Ford Motor Company and Mutual of America boards of directors. She has previously served on the boards of Mead Johnson Nutrition Company and Scotiabank of Puerto Rico.

She is also a member of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Board of Advisors and the Marketing and Public Relations Committee of the Board of Directors in Tampa, Florida.

55. Ilia Calderón – Latina Women’s

Ilia Calderón is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who cohosts Univision’s primetime news magazine Aquy Ahora and coanchors Univision’s flagship nightly newscast Noticiero Univision.

She is the first Afro-Latina to anchor a major Hispanic television network’s national weekday evening newscast, having previously coanchored three news desks for Univision and two for Telemundo.

56. Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo is a stand-up comedian who made television history in 2014 when she became the first Latina to produce, write and star in the network comedy “Cristela.” Cristela was also the first Latina to play Cruz Ramirez in a Disney Pixar film when she played her in “Cars 3.”

Aside from comedy, Cristela devotes her time to advocacy, working with organizations such as Special Olympics Texas, People for the United Way, Planned Parenthood, LUPE (La Union del Pueblo Entero), and Define American to fight for issues such as immigration, universal healthcare, and lower-income communities.

57. Nellie Borrero

Nellie strives to raise awareness and understanding of the value of accepting diversity as a thought leader with extensive worldwide experience. Nellie began her career at Accenture in 1986. She is regarded as a beloved and profoundly devoted advocate for change, for women, for minorities, and for people, having developed the first position for Diversity initiatives.

Nellie occupies a critical leadership role as Accenture’s Global Inclusion & Diversity Managing Director and is a driving force behind the company’s diversity initiatives.

The introduction of a worldwide development program for high-performing women, as well as the design of career advancement programs for women across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas, are among Nellie’s most recent innovations.

58. Vanessa M. Benavides – Latina Women’s

Vanessa is in charge of activity planning, supervision, and coordination throughout Kaiser Permanente markets to ensure successful compliance with regulatory requirements and regulations.

She leads the development of strategies to embed ethics and compliance into the core design and operations of the organization, fostering a work environment where employees and physicians do the right thing to protect our members, patients, and the communities we serve, in collaboration with leadership across the organization.

Benavides reports to both the chair and chief executive officer of Kaiser Permanente as well as the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Boards of Directors.

59. Patricia Arvielo

Patty is the co-founder and President of New American Funding, as well as an award-winning entrepreneur. She leads the company’s sales and operations efforts as a first-generation Latina with more than 36 years of experience in the mortgage sector.

In addition, Patty launched the company’s Latino Focus and New American Dream initiatives to improve the home loan experiences for Latino and African-American homeowners. Patty is also a sought-after keynote speaker at mortgage conferences all across the country.

60. Linda Alvarado

Linda Alvarado has 35 years of expertise in commercial development, government and institutional general contracting, construction management, design/build, and program management contracts.

Linda Alvarado made history as the first Hispanic (man or female) owner of a big-league baseball organization, continuing a trend of breaking non-traditional roles. Her position as a co-owner of the Colorado Rockies is particularly important since it was the first time a woman was involved in a bid for Major League ownership.


61. Arcilia Acosta – Latina Women’s

Arcilia Acosta is a mother, a philanthropist, and a nationally famous speaker. CARCON Industries and Construction, a full-service construction enterprise, is her company’s president and CEO.

Southwestern Testing Laboratories (STL Engineers), a geotechnical engineering and building materials testing business, is also founded by her. Arcilia was elected to the Magnolia Oil and Gas Corporation board of directors in May 2017 and to the ONE Gas Incorporated board of directors in July 2018. (NYSE:OGS).

Arcilia was named to the National Women’s Business Hall of Fame in 2014. She is a Harvard University Business School Corporate Governance Program graduate and a Texas Tech University graduate. Ms. Acosta was appointed to the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in March 2016.

62. Victoria Alonso

Victoria worked her way up through the profession, first as a PA and then spending four years at Digital Domain, a VFX powerhouse. Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Andrew Adamson’s Shrek, and Marvel’s Iron Man were among the films she worked on as a VFX producer.

For Kingdom of Heaven, she received the Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for finest supporting visual effects/motion picture. She eventually joined Marvel as executive vice president of visual effects and post-production, co-producing Iron Man and reprising her work in Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.

63. Anne Alonzo

Anne is a well-known worldwide food and agricultural leader who has had a long and successful career in the public, non-profit, and business sectors. Anne was the President and CEO of the American Egg Board (AEB), the egg industry’s marketing arm in the United States.

Anne was the Administrator of the Agricultural Marketing Agency (AMS) in the US Department of Agriculture before joining the AEB (USDA). Anne has also worked at Kraft Foods as Vice President, Global Public Policy and Corporate Affairs.

Anne was the first woman to chair the World Cocoa Foundation while working at Kraft Foods (WCF).

64. Priscilla Almodovar – Latina Women’s

Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer are Priscilla Almodovar.

This 1,200-employee corporation has spent $61 billion in communities around the country to address rental housing solutions, racial justice efforts, and access to financial goods over the course of its 40-year history.

Almodovar was a former Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase, where she was in charge of the commercial bank’s national real estate divisions, which concentrated on commercial real estate and community development.

She was previously the President and Chief Executive Officer of the housing finance and mortgage agencies in New York State.

65. Miriam Rivera

Miriam Rivera is the co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a leading seed-stage venture fund concentrating on IT firms in Silicon Valley.

Ulu uses decision analysis to improve VC returns and eliminate cognitive bias. Miriam was formerly vice president/deputy general counsel at Google, when she joined as the second attorney.

66. Diana Trujillo

Diana works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an aeronautical engineer from Colombia. She is now in charge of the engineering team at JPL that is in charge of the Perseverance rover’s robotic arm.

Trujillo hosted the first-ever Spanish-language NASA transmission of a planetary landing on February 18th, 2021, for the Perseverance rover landing on Mars.

Trujillo joined NASA in 2007, working on the Constellation program at Goddard Space Flight Center and human and robotic space missions at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

67. Blanca Treviño – Latina Women’s

Blanca has been the President and CEO of Softtek since the year 2000. Softtek has grown to become Latin America’s premier provider of information technology services under her leadership.

Blanca has earned international prominence as a booster of the IT services sector in and from emerging nations during the course of her 30-year career with Softtek.

68. Pili Tobar

Pili is a Guatemalan-American political strategist in the Biden administration, serving as White House Deputy Communications Director. Tobar formerly served as America’s Voice’s deputy director and as an advisor to Senator Chuck Schumer.

She joined Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign as the communications director for coalitions in July 2020.

Latina Women's

69. Sonia Sotomayor

On August 6, 2009, Sonia Sotomayor‘s nomination to the United States Supreme Court was approved by the United States Senate. Sotomayor was the first Hispanic Supreme Court judge, appointed by President Barack Obama.

She is the third woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court as an associate justice. Sotomayor has been associated with concern for defendants’ rights, appeals for criminal justice reform, and passionate dissents on matters of race, gender, and ethnic identity, including Schuette v. BAMN, Utah v. Strieff, and Trump v. Hawaii, throughout her time on the Supreme Court.

70. Myrna Soto – Latina Women’s

Myrna leads the firm’s enterprise vision, strategy, and initiatives to secure people, vital data, and intellectual property, both within the company and for thousands of Forcepoint clients across the world.

She also acts as a global leader and champion for the creation and implementation of strategic initiatives that help Forcepoint maintain its position as the industry leader in user and data protection and the trusted cybersecurity partner of choice for global companies.

71. Julieta Schuster – Latina Women’s

Julieta is a Business Technology professional with 19 years of global experience with Procter & Gamble.

Her Procter & Gamble overseas experience includes employment in Venezuela, Latin America; Toronto, Canada; Frankfurt, Germany; and Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Julieta is the division CIO for the Global Feminine Care, Family Care, and P&G Ventures businesses in her current position.

72. Tanya Saracho

Tanya has been a showrunner on Starz’s “Vida” since 2018. She’s also written for HBO’s “Looking,” “Girls,” and “Devious Maids,” among others. Tanya currently owns Ojalá, a new production firm she founded.

73. Maria Elena Salinas – Latina Women’s

Maria Elena is a journalist and newscaster who speaks Spanish. She was previously a co-anchor of Noticiero Univision, Univision’s nightly newscast, and Aquy Ahora, the network’s news magazine.

She has conducted interviews with heads of state and national leaders from all around the world, including every US president since Jimmy Carter. In 2007, Salinas co-hosted the first Spanish-language presidential debates on Univision, which featured Democratic and Republican contenders.

Salinas is a radio analyst and a syndicated writer in addition to her work as a broadcast journalist.

74. Claudia Romo Edelman

Claudia is a diplomat who is both Mexican and Swiss. She is a Latina Social Entrepreneur, a Global Mobilization Expert, a Marketer for Social Causes, an Advocate, and a Change Catalyst. She founded the We Are All Human Foundation, as well as the Hispanic Star and Global GoalsCast.

She has over 25 years of marketing and advocacy experience with UNICEF, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

She has launched hundreds of successful campaigns and programs, including the Sustainable Development Goals, Product (RED), and the SDG Lions. She is multilingual. Claudia is a motivational speaker and media commentator, as well as a proponent of fairness, diversity, and inclusion.

75. Lili Gangas

Lili aims to build new, more inclusive tech innovation ecosystems in her community and throughout the country. Her work focuses on tackling serious social and economic injustices in disadvantaged areas by combining technology, racial justice, and action-driven collaborations.

Tech advocacy issues such as closing the Broadband Access & Adoption, Future of Work(ers), Responsible Technology, and Ecosystem Building as they relate to innovative models with cross-sector partners are among her areas of focus and interest.

76. Kim Rivera – Latina Women’s

Kim is presently the CEO of HP, Inc.’s special advisor. She is an accomplished public business executive with experience in technology, health care, and consumer products.

She’s worked on business and go-to-market strategies, negotiated and integrated big acquisitions, and navigated complicated corporate governance, compliance, and regulatory concerns. She was President, Strategy and Business Management, and Chief Legal Officer at HP most recently.

77. Maria Rivas

Rivas is a pharmaceutical executive, a seasoned corporate board director, and a board-certified endocrinologist with training in the United States.

Rivas has built, led, and changed high-performing worldwide teams of up to 2000 medical, research, safety, and compliance specialists in over 90 countries at S&P 500 and multinational corporations.

She has introduced multiple blockbuster drugs in a variety of therapeutic areas and overseen annual budgets ranging from $0.5 to $1 billion. Rivas’ work has improved the products’ value propositions throughout their lifecycles, influenced patient outcomes, and improved the firms’ reputations.

78. Elena V. Rios

Rios has held several positions in both sectors, including health policy research and administration and medical school recruitment.

She has served on the UCLA School of Medicine Admissions Committee and the California State Bar Examiners Committee, as well as a number of government-sponsored research projects, including the White House National Health Care Reform Task Force in 1993.

79. Aleida Rios

Aleida is a member of BP’s worldwide operations senior leadership team and sponsors the company’s Supplier Diversity Council and Gulf of Mexico Women’s Leadership Council, which encourages gender diversity and networking opportunities.

She is also a member of BP’s Million Women Mentors leadership council, which encourages workers to mentor girls and young women interested in professions in science, technology, engineering, and math.

80. Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón – Latina Women’s

Dr. Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States of America, has Julissa Reynoso as Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff. She is also co-chair of the White House Gender Policy Council in her current position.

Julissa was a litigation partner at Winston & Strawn before being nominated to the Biden-Harris Administration. She was also a member of the Columbia Law School and the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs faculties.

81. Pilar Ramos

Pilar is in charge of Mastercard’s legal, regulatory, government, and franchise affairs in North America. She was formerly a senior vice president in charge of worldwide public policy and regulatory strategy.

She managed a global team throughout these markets and oversaw MasterCard’s engagement on public policy and regulatory topics with governments and other important stakeholders in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

82. Monica Ramirez

Mónica is committed to reducing workplace gender violence and attaining gender parity. She has worked in direct service and advocacy on behalf of farmworkers, Latinas, and immigrant women in particular.

She also has a long history of advancing women’s leadership and political power, notably as the founder of LatinasRepresent, the nation’s first nonpartisan movement dedicated to enhancing Latina representation and involvement in public leadership roles.

83. Laura Quintana

Laura focuses on social responsibility, implementing ground-breaking projects that equip students to engage in the digital industry and link them to job possibilities.

Her skills in scaling and driving impact enabled her and her team to more than quadruple the size of the Networking Academy in only three years, serving more than 2.1 million students yearly in 180 countries.

84. Ana Pinczuk – Latina Women’s

Ana leads the Product Management and Engineering teams at Anaplan, which are in charge of the company’s product strategies, software and technology engineering, and cloud platform.

Until August 2018, Ana was President and General Manager of HPE Pointnext, HPE’s $7 billion+ services division. Ana was formerly the Chief Product Officer of Veritas, where she was in charge of a $2.5 billion product organization.

Ana worked with Cisco for 15 years, where she held positions such as SVP, Global Services Sales, Services COO, and SVP, Global Services Support.

Latina Women's

85. Belinda Pestana

Belinda is a tax partner at Ernst & Young LLP’s Financial Services division, where she manages the Americas’ Business Tax Services practice. She has over 26 years of expertise dealing with some of the world’s greatest corporations and wealthy individuals on a variety of tax issues.

She has provided tax strategy and planning assistance to multinational banks, investment banks, asset management businesses, private equity funds, and associated management organizations.

86.Sonia Perez

Sonia Pérez is in charge of creating AT&T’s corporate projects’ overall strategic direction in her area of Louisiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

She is dedicated to involving the state, local, and federal government ecosystem in the creation of Smart Cities to address difficulties by implementing 5G broadband speeds so that all consumers may benefit from a connected environment.

87.  Gina Orozco Mejia

Gina Orozco is the vice president of gas engineering and system integrity for Sempra Energy’s regulated California utilities, Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E).

Gina is in charge of gas engineering and system integrity, as well as engineering support, programs, operations training, asset management, R&D, geographic information systems, and operations technology tasks.

Previously, Orozco served as vice president of gas distribution at SoCalGas and SDG&E, where he oversaw gas distribution operations, maintenance, construction, resource management, local engineering, and planning for a staff of about 2,300 personnel.

88. Beatriz “Bea” Perez – Latina Women’s

To support the firm’s new growth strategy and journey to become a whole beverage company, Bea oversees an integrated team spanning public affairs and communications, sustainability, and marketing assets.

Bea’s job entails aligning a diversified portfolio of work with essential business goals in order to assist companies, communities, customers, and partners all across the world.

She continues to be in charge of the company’s sports and entertainment assets, which include well-known collaborations with the Olympics, Special Olympics, and FIFA.

89. Elisa Garcia

Elisa has over 30 years of expertise advising management and boards of directors as a C-Suite executive and attorney.

Garcia has guided her clients through a variety of business, governance, and legal issues, as well as government investigations, mergers and merger integration, international acquisitions and investments, debt refinancings, domestic and international labor issues, and legislative and regulatory matters, thanks to her broad experience in all aspects of international business and corporate law.

She has experience with activist campaigns, CEO succession, Board refreshment, and ERM and ESG plans and reporting. She is known for her practical but innovative approach to issue solutions.

90. Carmen Palafox  Latina Women’s

Carmen Palafox is a Partner at MiLA Capital, a Los Angeles-based seed-stage venture capital firm focusing on investing touchable technology.

She was Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, where she grew the company from $75 billion to $300 billion in assets under management.

Carmen is a firm believer in capital markets’ ability to stimulate development and innovation. She likes advising business owners on financial and strategic planning issues.


91. Yvette Ostolaza

Yvette is a member of Sidley’s Management and Executive Committees, as well as the Dallas office’s managing partner, worldwide co-leader of the Litigation practice, and a member of the firm’s COVID-19 Task Force.

She represents international clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts in the United States.

She coordinates and handles cases in a number of arbitration venues, and she is a member of the AAA’s Roster of Neutral Arbitrators for commercial litigation issues, as well as the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution’s CPR Panel of Distinguished Neutrals as an arbiter.

92. Ramona Ortega – Latina Women’s

Ramona is the founder of Mi Dinero Mi Futuro, a complete online financial planning tool and daily email committed to helping Latinas to manage their money confidently and develop wealth in the Latino community.

For millions of Latinas, MDMF’s culturally distinctive approach makes financial problems personal, accessible, and applicable. Crain’s Business has named Ramona one of the Most Notable Women in Personal Finance.

93. Ellen Ochoa

From 2013 until May 2018, Ellen Ochoa served as the Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. When she traveled on a nine-day mission on the shuttle Discovery in 1993, she became the first Latina in space.

She’s traveled in space four times and logged approximately 1,000 hours of flight time. She now serves on a number of boards, including the National Science Board, where she is the Chair.

94. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a third-generation Bronxite, educator, and organizer who represents the Bronx and Queens in New York’s 14th district.

Ocasio-Cortez grew up witnessing the realities of escalating income disparity in New York, which inspired her to organize her neighborhood and run for government on a progressive platform, rejecting corporate PAC money.

 Alexandria studied Economics and International Relations at Boston University and graduated with honors. She also got the opportunity to serve in Senator Ted Kennedy’s office at this time.

95. Elizabeth Nieto – Latina Women’s

Elizabeth joined Spotify in March 2021 as the Director of Equity and Impact, overseeing Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Campus & Diversity Talent Acquisition, Sustainability, and Social Impact.

Elizabeth was formerly the Global Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Amazon, where she worked directly with the company’s most senior management to establish and implement the DEI strategy.

Elizabeth was the Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for MetLife from 2012 until she joined Amazon. Elizabeth worked at Marsh, Inc. as the Global Head of Talent, Learning, and Diversity from 2010 until 2012.

96. Veronica Muzquiz Edwards – Latina Women’s

Veronica is the CEO of InGenesis, one of the leading workforce solutions organizations in North America, with over half of the Fortune 100 corporations as clients.

She was voted chair and leader of the US Delegation for the ISO Technical Advisory Group creating global healthcare management standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 2017.

97. Alicia Garza

Alicia is a writer and an activist. She is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s Special Projects Director, and the Black Futures Lab’s Principal.

Garza was the San Francisco Bay Area Executive Director for People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) in 2009.

In 2011, Garza was on the board of directors of the Right to the City Alliance (RTTC), an Oakland-based organization that fights gentrification and police brutality. The Black Lives Matter Movement was founded in 2013 by Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors.

98. Ileana Musa – Latina Women’s

Ileana Musa is in charge of the segment and strategy for Morgan Stanley’s International Client Advisors and international clients, ensuring that they have access to solutions, research, and thought leadership to help them achieve their financial goals and leave a legacy.

She serves on the Morgan Stanley Foundation Board of Trustees as a trustee. She is a member of the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) and the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) and the Florida International University Honors College advisory boards.

99. Rachel Gonzalez

Rachel joined Starbucks in April 2018 and is now responsible for legal and regulatory affairs, global security, ethics and compliance, as well as serving as a counselor to the board of directors and executive leadership. She is a member of the senior leadership team and reports to Kevin Johnson directly.

 Gonzalez formerly oversaw a worldwide team responsible for human resources, corporate communications, legal strategy, regulatory affairs, corporate compliance, and government relations at Sabre Corporation. Sabre hired her as Executive Vice President and General Counsel in 2014.

Gonzalez formerly worked for Dean Foods in Dallas, Texas, as Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary. Gonzalez formerly worked at Affiliated Computer Services as Senior Vice President and Group Counsel.

100. Lili Gil Valletta- Latina Women’s

Lili co-founded CIEN+ and CulturIntel after a successful corporate career that included a 10-year stint at Johnson & Johnson.

Her company, which is based in New York City and has offices in Colombia and Mexico, is a recognized expert in big data market research, business consulting, and cross-cultural marketing, assisting Fortune 500 companies in successfully tapping into diverse markets and turning cultural trends into profits.

101. Dolores Huerta

Huerta is a labor leader and civil rights, campaigner. She co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez and fought relentlessly to guarantee farmworkers obtained US labor rights. In 1972, Huerta, now 90, created the phrase si, se puede (yes, we can).

102.Eva Longoria

The award-winning actress, who began her career as a beauty pageant winner, has had a hugely successful career in Hollywood, producing multiple series. She’s involved in politics and served as a co-chair for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

 Longoria is a staunch supporter of immigrants and has spoken out against anti-immigration laws in the past. She launched the Latino Victory Project to urge Latinx voters to cast ballots.

103. America Ferrera

Ferrera is a former actress who is now an activist. She’s working with a number of charities that help at-risk kids, and she co-founded Harness, an advocacy group that strives to bring communities together via discourse in order to inspire action and change.

She frequently provides her support to Democratic lawmakers, and she recently co-founded She Se Puede with Eva Longoria to provide a platform for Latinas to share their stories.

104. Zoë Saldaña – Latina Women’s

The Afro-Latina actor, director, and producer have had a long and illustrious career in which she has played a variety of well-known roles.

She utilizes her celebrity to bring attention to the queer community and the need for varied representation in the entertainment industry.

105. Sylvia Rivera

Rivera was an outspoken advocate for transgender equality. She sought to get the word “T” included to LGBTQ+.

She worked as a community organizer in New York City, co-founding STAR, which assisted LGBTQ+ homeless adolescents, and participated in Gay Liberation Front marches.

106. Chita Riva

Riva is a triple threat and one of Broadway’s most well-known actors. She is a dancer, singer, and actor.

She was the first Latina to be honored by the Kennedy Center, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and won two Tony Awards.

107. Sandra Cisneros

The award-winning novelist has made a significant contribution to Chicana writing. She is a poet, novelist, short story writer, and essayist.

Her writing focuses on activism and Latinx culture, and her best-known narrative, The House on Mango Street, is one of her most well-known works.

108. Raffi Freedman-Gurspan – Latina Women’s

Freedman-Gurspan was the first openly transgender person to work at the White House, when she was selected by President Barack Obama to serve as the chief liaison for LGBTQ issues.

She was an outspoken champion for the LGBTQ+ community in the US government, especially for transgender persons of color.

109. Lizzie Velásquez

The motivating speaker fights for the rights of Latinos with disabilities. She was born with a rare congenital disorder that causes a variety of health consequences, including an inability to acquire weight.

She was abused online, but she overcame the abuse to become an anti-bullying ambassador.

110. Berta Cáceres – Latina Women’s

A successful grassroots campaign against a planned dam on the Gualcarque River was spearheaded by the award-winning Indigenous environmental campaigner.

The Lencas revere the river, and her actions ensured that her community had access to water, food, and medicine. Her killing in 2016 provoked an international outcry and spotlighted the high prevalence of environmentalist deaths.

FAQs About Latina Women’s

Below are frequently asked questions about Latina Women’s

1. What are Latino females called?


2. What does it mean to be a Latina woman?

a woman or girl who is a native or inhabitant of Latin America

3. Is Latina same as Hispanic?

While Hispanic and Latino are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings

4. Is Mexico considered Latin America?

Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico

5. Is Latino and Mexican the same?

“Latino” can refer to people from Cuba, Puerto Rico, South America, and other Spanish-influenced countries including Mexico regardless of race and ethnicity while “Mexican” specifically refers to the country of Mexico.

6. Where do Latinas come from?

Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, French-speaking Caribbean nations, Central or South America (though English-speaking regions)

7. Are Filipinos Latino?

Filipinos are classified as Asian rather than Hispanic

8. How do you pronounce the name Latina?

Phonetic spelling of latina. l-aa-t-EE-n-aa. lati-na.

9. What’s the rarest girl name?

▸ Ezlynn

▸ Mavery

▸ Zavia

▸ Jadis


▸ Fia

▸ Nolani

▸ Aston

10. What Spanish girl name means beautiful?

Mirabella, means “beautiful”

11. What is a beautiful Mexican girl name?

▸ Fernanda

▸ Guadalupe

▸ Isabella          

▸ Juana

12. What is the most popular Spanish girl name?

▸ Isabella

▸ Camila

▸ Valeria

▸ Mariana

▸ Gabriela

▸ Sara

▸ Daniela

13. What’s a good middle name for a girl?

▸ Maeve

▸ Alice

▸ Wren

▸ Rose

▸ Willow

▸ Mae

▸ Sage

▸ Claire

14. What is a unique girl name?

▸ Annalise

▸ Calista

▸ Enya

▸ Allegra

▸ Avalon

▸ Aaliyah

15. What does Camila mean?

Helper To The Priest

16. What is a cool Spanish name?

Baby boy names popular in Spain and Latin America include

▸ Hugo

▸ Pablo

▸ Alvaro

▸ Mario

▸ Manuel

▸ Javier

Unique Spanish baby names attracting attention in Spain and Latin America include

▸ Alba

▸ Carmen

▸ Laia

▸ Triana for girls, along with

▸ Dario

▸ Thiago

▸ Gonzalo

▸ Izan for boys.

17. Is Mia a Spanish name?

Mia has roots in Latin languages like Spanish and Italian, as well as Hebrew

18. What is the most common name in the world?

▸ James

▸ Robert

▸ John

19. What’s the most popular girl name?

▸ Olivia

▸ Emma

▸ Ava

▸ Charlotte

20. What is the most common female middle name in America?

▸ Marie

▸ Anne

▸ Lynn

▸ Elizabeth

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