Hilarious Leaf Puns that may Leaf you Falling and Dropping

Hilarious Leaf Puns that may Leaf you Falling and Dropping.

Leaf Puns: We all have our preferences when it comes to seasons, some of us are fonder of the fall season.

If you are familiar with this season, you will agree that there is always a lot of fall. The fall is not just for the leaf, you can laugh yourself to a fall too with these leaf puns.

Hilarious Leaf Puns

Common Leaf Puns

Treat yourself ground filled humor with these one liner leaf puns. I hope the fall doesn’t get to you.

Leaf me alone!

Don’t leaf me!

Take a leaflet.

Don’t stop be-leaf-ing.

That leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Foliage is power.

You can’t judge a book by its clover.

I can’t be-leaf my ears!

Call me on the te-leaf-one.

My new leaf blower doesn’t work anymore, it sucks.

I’m shaking like a leaf.

You better leaf right now.

Don’t leaf me hanging.

Leaf Pun Greetings

You can make your love ones autumn not so cold by sending them these lovely leaf pun greetings.

Crisp air, fall fairs, color everywhere… hope this autumn leaves you feeling refreshed.

Just wanted to leaf you with my best wishes for fall. Orange you glad the leaves are turning? I’m so happy, I could yellow ’bout it.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall – hope you do too!

You can’t help but enjoy this time of year – it’s autumn-matic!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I be-leaf in you. Have a great fall!

Hold onto your nuts – fall is here!

Lovely Leaf Puns

Check out these grand leaf puns plucked out for you.

Just wanted to leaf you with my love and best wishes for the season ahead.

You don’t like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able.

Don’t leaf me hanging.

Be-leaf me, I’m pine.

Do you beleaf in magic?

Ca-leaf-ornia is a state on the west coast of the United States.

It leafs a bad taste in my mouth.

You can get lots of vitamins from cau-leaf-lours.

I wood never leaf you.

I’m a bit confused, can you please simp-leaf-y that? E-leaf-ants are herbivores.

I fernly be-leaf you.

Absent without leaves.

Do you have the right qua-leaf-ications? No shop-leaf-ting.

I’m going to turn over a new leaf.

Be nice or leaf.

Jel-leaf-fish have stinging tentacles around the edge of their bodies.

I’m in disbe-leaf.

Phew, what a re-leaf!

Of the highest quali-tree.

The Great Barrier Leaf.

Leaf Pun Sayings

Leaf Pun Sayings

Just for the fun of it, we can have a good time with these random fall sayings.

After a good summer fling, it’s time to fall in love.

Grinning jack o’ lanterns, cute little ghosts and goblins, puppies playing in piles of leaves… this is why they call it Aww-tumn.

With all the pumpkins around, autumn is definitely the most gourd-geous season.

Don’t stop be-leafing in the wonder of fall.

If money really did grow on trees, in fall we’d all be raking it in.

Comical Leaf Puns about the Fall

Leaves get scared of the fall because they will need to leaf their bases. Laugh a little with these fall puns.

What’s green, has leaves and a trunk? A plant going on holiday.

I think I’m falling for you.

What do you call the pile of foliage that appears on forest floors in autumn? The great barrier leaf.

Don’t be afraid to fall.

We’ve had a falling out.

I used to make loads of money clearing leaves from lawns. I was raking it in.

I saw a leaf that was in the shape of a chicken. Apparently it’s from a poultree.

That’s a fall-acy.

Surprised to see a tree in autumn walk away from his forest. He was absent without leaves

Do you have anything to fall back on?

How does an Elephant get down from a tree? Sit sits on a leaf and waits till autumn.

Someone handed me an information sheet etched on something that had fallen off a tree. I think it was a leaflet.

You’re so lovely, even the leaves fall for you!

The best time to stop eating pancakes is when maple leaves.

There’s a leaf bank on a tree near me. If it’s successful they may open another branch.

You really autumn know by now.

If money did grow on trees, we’d all be raking it in during the autumn.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Hope this autumn leaves you feeling refreshed.

Pride comes before the fall.

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